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Discover how to gently change deep rooted habits. This will enable you to think very differently about those old foods that have been holding you back from successful weight loss, and stalling your progress over and over again. There are 12 modules that build on the power of the previous one.

Each module is carefully created to cover all aspects of your weight loss journey. The therapy is always deeply relaxing and comforting, and available for you to enjoy at your leisure in the comfort of your own home. Email me on the link below if you want to ask anything about the programme…. Give it a go — it has changed the way I think about food. The modules will have all you need to progress through your weight loss journey, at a pace that complements your lifestyle.

This unique, on-line programme is carefully designed to give you easy, sustainable weight loss… Are you?? Is it time to use a brand new way? I want to start my weight loss today! I am looking forward to losing more weight whilst eating 'normal'" Ruth. You won't regret it" Saffron Bradshaw. Let me show you how to drop the pounds minus the stress to your body and your emotions of being on a calorie-restriction diet.


Can you tell me a little more? You will get the best techniques and help available, and I will guide you through the whole process, from start to finish. So you can get cracking with your weight loss, right now…today! Uncover how your cravings rule your eating habits. Notice your body changing from the first couple of weeks. Enjoy your meals again! Are you an emotional eater or addicted? Sugar, sugar, sugar!

Learn an awesome self-help technique to demolish Cravings. Fitting weight loss easily into your life. The No 1 Insurance Policy to wipe out evening grazing. End Impulsive Eating. Master Motivational Power-Techniques. Re-discover and reduce your own natural appetite. Get your confidence back!

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Asking for what you need. Feeding the family, and other relatives!

Lose It!: The Personalized Weight Loss Revolution by Charles Teague

Planning your work-day for success. Conquering the kitchen doughnuts, meetings biscuits, and cake bake Friday! Dealing with colleagues who bring in sugar. Fitting exercise in if you want to! Skinny Days and Skinny Weeks. Keeping motivation sky high. Little Wins and Tweaks for big leaps. Making exercise count if you want to! Managing holiday eating.

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Dealing with special events. Buffets, meals out and take-away nights. Several studies indicate that just a single ingestion of capsaicin has the ability to activate brown fat thermogenesis. Other compounds have been identified that also induce brown fat thermogenesis, either by directly stimulating noradrenaline release or by activating the adrenergic receptor sites found within brown fat. Several other thermogenic compounds can directly influence brown adipose tissue capacity to increase intercellular UCP-1 production.

Enhanced thermogenesis is the beneficial result. Overall, there has been an abundance of scientific evidence that demonstrates thermogenesis increases energy expenditure while it decreases body fat levels in adults. While increased fat loss and energy expenditure are two key elements in the battle against body fat, their enhancement will likely initiate homeostatic mechanisms that conserve bodyweight by triggering hunger, resulting in increased food consumption.

This will not only be counterproductive in achieving further fat loss, but may also contribute significantly to regaining some or most of the lost weight. Consequently, the barrier to success that food craving and increased appetite represent must also be addressed if the loss of body fat is to be maintained. Although the scientists at AML appreciate the role that stimulants have in promoting fat loss and exercise performance, they are cognizant of the disruption they can have on our circadian rhythm, including the sleep-wake cycle.

It is while we sleep that the growth and repair of our overused muscles take place. Sleep is also when most weight loss occurs. It is well known that human health is enhanced when diets are rich in essential vitamins and minerals. These micronutrients promote and sustain a wide array of the metabolic processes required for the maintenance of proper physiologic function. Meeting the minimal daily requirements of many nutrients allows us to stay healthy. In general, the more calories burned during exercise results in more body fat burned. So, you might assume, based on this knowledge, that burning as many calories as possible with more cardiovascular exercise would improve your physique more rapidly— making you more ripped and muscular in no time at all.

However, the assumption that cardiovascular exercise optimally promotes the development of your physique and will make you lean and muscular more quickly has not been observed clinically.

In fact, extensive cardiovascular training diminishes anabolism and increases catabolism, and so it will inhibit your ability to increase muscle and preserve lean body mass. On the other hand, high-intensity interval training HIIT burns plenty of calories and body fat without promoting muscle breakdown. In addition, recent research has confirmed the role of HIIT in increasing the levels and activity of the transcriptional co-activator peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma activator-1 alpha PGC-1 alpha.

This conversion of WAT into a BAT-like cell resulted in significant increases in total-body energy expenditure and promoted more efficient fat burning. This fantastic nutritional strategy also describes other thermogenic spicy foods and healthy fats that have the ability to stimulate thermogenesis and help the body burn fat. After earning his Ph. That research contributed seminally to understanding the function of the incredibly important cellular energy sensor AMPK— leading to numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals including the journal Nature. Michael is currently a scientist working at the New York Structural Biology Center doing contract work for the Department of Defense on a project involving national security.

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Bostrom P, Wu J, et al. A PGC1-alpha-dependent myokine that drives brown-fat-like development of white fat and thermogenesis. Nature ;, My Cart. References: 1. What do these New Concerns!

Which Is It? The Mediterranean Diet to the Rescue! Mar 13 New Study! Cellular Swelling Enhances Muscle Growth.