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There are 2 downloads available, that have roughly the same size: Windows installer Edit An installer is available for Windows users, to simplify the steps and reduce the support due to bad mod installations: Launch the installer. Here are the major features of the mod: New bookmarks Edit Historical characters and dynasties for the timeframe have been added. De jure setup Edit The de jure setup models the political situation of Which modules should I activate?

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Edit Currently there is one required module the main one named "WTWSMS" and five optional sub-modules which should be activated based on the portraits pack you own. Where can I find the latest official version? Does the mod require any DLC? Edit No. Is the mod compatible with all DLCs? Edit Yes, it is compatible with every DLC as with any mod that is updated for the latest patch. Can save-games be exported to Europa Universalis IV? Edit As mentioned in Mod compatibility it is compatible. Is the mod compatible with any other mod?

Edit See Mod compatibility What languages is the mod available in? The flags are weird, black and mixed up, what should I do? Edit You need to clear your flag cache. Why do I get the old Mediterranean Portraits? Edit Since the old Mediterranean Portraits are available freely, they are used by default for users who do not have the Mediterranean Portraits DLC and the dedicated sub-mod. Edit This is an issue that we are aware of, and is caused by lacking dynasty names for certain cultures. What is "East Welsh" and why is it in this mod? What areas does the "Imperium Romanum" region required to restore the Roman Empire correspond to?

Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning?

Edit The Imperium Romanum is a custom region, covering the respective two halves of the empires from How do I reconquer areas outside the region of my half of the Roman Empire? Edit In order to have access to Reconquest CBs covering the entire "Imperium Romanum" region the other half of the Roman Empire needs to have fallen and you need to use the "Last Roman Empire" decision once that has happened.

Why do Isaurian rulers like Emperor Zeno not have access to the Roman legions? Edit The only characters who can hire and use the legions are those of the Romance group. Why are Hellenic rulers not able to rebuild the Circus Maximus? Edit The Circus Maximus decision in its current form was designed with a Christian rebuilding in mind, as the original conditions were written without the possibility for them to do it. Why is there a Republic of Pisa? Edit Pisa never declined like many other Roman towns, so it retained its Decurion Senate, 2 Duumvirs, and republican nature while the rest of the municipium declined into hereditary institutions.

Why do the kings of Vandalica also hold the kingdom of Alania? Edit This is for historical reasons, as the Alans migrated westwards with the Hunnic pressure and ended up integrating the Vandalic coalition that migrated to North Africa. Why is the Hellenic religion present in Italy and Greece at start?

Edit The Eastern Roman Emperor Leo I still had to post laws in to deal with the large number of pagans in the empire. How come "Ashurism" is still present at start? Edit The Assyrian Pagan religion is still present in a few provinces, representing the polytheistic groups that partially survived in the area.

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What does the Punic culture represent? Edit The Punic culture is present in a few provinces at start, such as Malta and a Balearic island, representing the Punic Diaspora. Why is Iceland inhabited by Irish characters at start when it hadn't been colonised at that point? Edit The characters in Iceland are based upon the Papars , who were Irish monks.

Why is there a de jure empire of Armenia? Edit The Empire of Armenia was added following requests for a Caucasian empire. Edit Holy wars are entirely disabled before the Rise of Islam. Why is the Rise of Islam currently disabled? Edit The version of Islam that is present in the mod files is only for testing numbers, and is not intended for usage in a public release. Is the Great Schism in the mod? Edit Church councils in general is a feature that will be expanded upon as the mod is developed, and while the Three-Chapter Controversy and Henotikon are represented more will come.

Why have you added so many provinces to the North African desert? Edit The main goal of the provinces additions was to expand the map into Africa to include the Gaetulians and Garamantes and to give better borders to the Languantan and Austorani. Is Tibet being a wasteland intended?

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Edit Tibet is currently a wasteland as in pre How do I proceed in order to join the team, contribute or test the mod? Edit Even without modding experience, it is possible to help with the development, become a tester, or make historical contributions for this mod. The last of the governors, Syagrius sought to take control of the collapse of Rome as an opportunity to restore the Empire, under his rule. Initially attempting to garner favour in the East, Zeno's decision to give the Western Crown to barbarians in Italy led Syagrius to shun the East forever, a short forever considering his conquest by the Franks.

Can you prove Zeno wrong, repel the Franks, and take what is rightfully yours? When Rome collapsed, most lands were overrun by the barbarians, or at least assimilated into their administration. You on the other hand, had garnered estates so massive in the Iberian mountains, became too big to fail, and persisted where others did not. Unfortunately, where you could escape the gaze of the Roman Empire, you historically didn't escape the territorial ambitions of the rising Visigothic Kingdom. Historically, you will succeed against the pagans and the Arians, but ultimately succumb to the ambitions of the Great Justinian.

Will you survive in this land of countless cultures and religions, and keep Africa in the Latin World? You attempt to reach out to the Byzantines would fail, and historically you would be overrun by the Sassanids in A. Will you survive, and create a thriving, Nicene empire in the East, or will the fledgling Patriarchate of Mazandaran be submerged in the Fires of Zoroastrianism?

Can you change history and survive what inevitably seems to be going to lead to the fall of the WRE?

You, the deposed former Emperor, still rule from Dalmatia, and are at the moment planning an invasion to take back Italy. Will it succeed? While you would later sire a son of your namesake, one of the greatest philosophers of the Middle Ages, you currently stand amongst the prestigious house of Anicia, a powerful plebian house in the Old Republic which in past has placed Emperors like Olybrius and Petronius Maximus on the throne. Would you one day restore the Western Roman Empire to Italy?

In a different light, and while the Roman Senate still persists, there is another path for Rome amidst the last century of turmoil. There is yet hope for a clever, opportunistic Senate to attain freedom, liberate Rome, and reform the S. Once you win the initial war, will you be able to defend the Eastern Roman Empire against the barbarian hordes?

Or will the religious turmoil and Germanic invaders at your borders doom you to the same fate as the Western Roman Empire? Born a humble peasant, you were the last Eastern Roman Emperor to speak Latin as their mother tongue. You managed to best the Sassanids in war twice and went on the greatest territorial expansion of the Empire, taking North Africa, half of Spain, and even Rome. You commissioned and oversaw the construction of the Hagia Sophia and were also responsible for legal and religious reforms that would be the foundation of the Eastern Roman Empire -- feats for which you and your wife, Theodora, were canonized.

The Day the World Stopped and Spun the Other Way

Yet a century after your death, all your conquests would be swept away save for some holdings in Sicily, the intricate bureaucracy of the empire would leave the law as confused and contradictory as when you found it, and your religious reforms not only failed, but they planted the seeds for the Great Schism.

Can you reverse the fortunes of Rome? Can you reforge the Roman Empire? Or will your ambitions shatter the Empire? Centred in the ancient city of Carthage, you kingdom is unique for its ardent efforts to make Africa an Arian stronghold. Persecuting the Nicenes and Manicheans, you would historically lose land to Berber rebels, and lead to the decline of the Kingdom. Will you choose to preserve this Germanic stronghold in Africa? Perhaps take on the mantle of the local Donatist Carthagian heresy to continue opposing the rulers of Rome, and claim the heritage of old Carthage for the vandals?

Originating from the East Germanic Scirii tribe, your career in the Roman military was a bright one. However, with the seizure and usurpation of the Western Roman Empire by ex-Magister Militum Orestes, an integrated Roman general not unlike yourself, the Germanic foederati of Italy, as well as a large segment of the Italic Roman army, united under your banner and crowned you rex Italiae - the King of Italy. You have proven sympathetic to Roman law and customs.

Italy still prospers, but its existence is threatened by weakness. While sanctioned by the Emperor-in-the-East, Zeno, to govern Roman Italy in his stead, he might grow to disfavor you and seek to reunite the Roman Empire. In addition, the Ostrogoths to the east continually encroach upon your lands, seeking to see the Italian Peninsula in flames. You have protected the Roman Italy for now, but how long will it last?

Your nation will find itself historically desired by the Franks and Goths, but a strong leader can lead Burgundy to glory, and create a Kingdom worthy of the Valois-Bourgogne. Even your brothers in faith, the Italians and Goths seek to subject the Rygir to their rule. Rugiland against the world. In fact, you are heading to your greatest glory, as under Eon and his descendants, all of Yemen would fall under Axumite conquest. Will you parallel this great achievement, and defy history by maintaining the Axumite Empire from the Cushites, the Himyarites, and one day, even the Caliphs?

Betrayed by the traitorous Sassan, your dynasty was dethroned and expelled from Persia. Now you are forced to pay them tribute. But there is hope yet, however slim. Can you profit from Sassanid instability, and reclaim the Empire of your forefathers? A Great Fortress in the Mountain. A General, who in greed, betrayed home and faith for a chance of glory. Formed by a rebellious Sassanid General, and a bastion of Christianity in the region, Sarir would survive into the 's by successfully hiding while playing off Byzantine and Persian, Iberian and Arsacid, Khazar and Arab.

Will you instead forge a more glorious future, and force all of Caucasia to recognize the power an authority of the Golden Throne. Still though, they posses their old language, along with the remains of their ancient religion, the worship of Mandulis, a corruption of Egyptian polytheism and Beja traditions. Historically, the growth and spread of Nobatia and Makuria would displace and assimilate the Blemmyes and the culture, but it is not too late to blaze forth and create a powerful Beja Kingdom for all the world to see.

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Whether for Mandulis or Christ is your decision. It was the Jutes though, who would herald the re-Christianization of England, it was the Jutes who would adopt Roman customs and become the most "civilized" of the Germanic invaders. Can you lead the Jutes to dominance in England, and preserve your culture and nation from the barbaric Saxons and Angles? Bernicia, duchy of Edit Esa Ingving , High Chief of Bernicia, May : Though the true Kingdom known as "Bernicia" would not be historically formed until the 6th Century, the Angles of this land are the oldest of all, being brought not by the Britons, but by the old Romans themselves, seeking mercenary fighters to man Hadrian's wall.

You are the oldest of the Anglo-Saxons, granted your Kingdom by Rome itself. Will you allow these new interlopers to destroy your fragile state? Can you repeat history? Alamannia, kingdom of Edit Gibuld Chrocus , King of Alamannia, May : Your ancient kingdom was forged from a fusion of countless Germanic tribes into one great, unite Kingdom of the "All-men".

Enemy of Rome, your kings would earn the title turbarum rex artifex, "King and Crafter of Unrest" for the trouble your ancestors caused the Empire. Now, the powerful nation of the All-men is in peril, as a changing Europe threatens to unseat them from power. Mastering Altaic horsemanship and even taking countless Hunnic wives, the Thuringians became a potentially dangerous fusion of Germanic and Steppe cultures. Potentially, because of their soon conquest by the Frankish armies. Gepidia, kingdom of Edit Gunderit Comnurund , King of the Gepids, May : When the Germanic peoples united to overthrow Hunnic rule once and for all, it was the Gepids who rose up and conquered all of Dacia.

Their powerful state would dominate Pannonian politics, and the fantastically wealthy Gepid kings would make many attempts to destroy the Ostrogoths and add their lands to their growing Kingdom. Can you defeat both the Ostrogoths and Lombards and maintain a lasting Germanic presence in the Carpathian Basin? As the Easternmost of the Goths, ruling over one of the oddest religions in the game, will you make Crimea a Gothic dominion, or will you head further east in search of the final Gothic home?

You are also unique as the last of the Germanic peoples to maintain the Ancient worship of Nerthus. Religion and minor flavour to come in later update Will you persevere against all odds and make Awioniz a power in the world? A difficult Feudal Elective of various religions, maintaining any kind of stability is a challenge.

This can change though, as a later, Islamic influences Masmuda can choose to abolish the confederacy, and form either the dreaded Almohad, or form their own religion and destiny as the Barghawata. Better Looking Garbs. Europa Universalis 4 Save Converter. Autocephaly , Excommunication , Pilgrimage.

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