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Which means holding yourself in love whenever you need to. You will radiate love and that is how everything falls into place without saving the world, without fixing anything. Calm down, relax, let go.

Learning to Surf, Spiritually Speaking | Unity

Especially on days when you feel sick and dizzy. What can you do? Push through it harder the old way , or just let go, accept this is going to be a day of rest, sleeping, surfing the internet, taking a slow walk in nature. You do not lose or waste time like this, you add time and value if you are in a state of acceptance and peace, no matter the circumstances. What is wrong about silence and emptiness? It is winter for a plant, until it one day starts to bloom again. Those are natural cycles and rhythms.

You can be proud of yourself. But, before you toss your board under the bed and dedicate yourself to a life of self-flagellation by surf mat, try to view the footage as an opportunity to straighten your shit out. Because all of us look like a t-rex trying to hump a doorknob the first time we see ourselves on film…. Hire an experienced copywriter today!

How to Manifest As Your Higher-Self with Guided Meditation

Contact me here or see my CV here. Surf Culture.

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What are waves?

Surf Humour. I saw footage of myself surfing and now I'm sad. Surfing for freelancers. Surfing better. Learning to surf.

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Surfing is a bitch. Share on Facebook. The basic idea is to give pro coaching package and training techniques from an intermediate level and above. Through multi video analysis, drills and other techniques your development will go through the roof. Stuck at a certain level and never have the time and support to push trying to conquer a powerful backhand snap?

I am sorry for your pain - A letter from your higher self

The numbers are limited to 6 - 8 to be fully mobile for surfing multi surf spots. Dawnies and Lates.

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One break eases off, we pack up and move onto the next best break. Same for swell. The minimum level you will require is to already stand and turn both ways, plus can catch a fair few waves. The better you are the more you get out.

Why are Surfers so Laid Back?

Mutli angled filming from the ocean and from shore for daily analysis and critic.