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To finish any great endeavor you must first start. This may not be the start of a new business but could simply be the start of a new idea, a new path or a new way. The success journey is the process of working through each step to arrive at the next one, with each step motivating and inspiring you to press on without fail. The beginning of any process is the most creative. Always be striving for more, always be building and expanding your career and yourself as a person, not just as a success. The more you grow yourself, the more you grow the totality of your life.

Hold an image of where you are in any given area of your life, right now. Now envision where you want to be: happier, richer, more successful, fit, healthier, in love. To get from where you are to where you want to be, become acutely aware of the choices you make each day that lead you away from your desired goals. Become conscious of every single choice you make today, so you can begin to make choices that fall in line with the direction of your dreams for tomorrow. To win you have to begin.

If you cannot find them, make them. Take initiative. When you are passionate about what you want nothing will stand in the way of you getting it. List the action steps you need to take to get to where you want to go, to do what you want to do. Make these goals as tangible as possible. One successful goal achieved will build your motivation to achieve the next goal in front of you, and so on. Will these steps all be the right ones? Maybe and maybe not. Once you start putting yourself into motion all steps taken are a gift because each right or wrong step will provide you knowledge and direction.

Few things prompt a person to follow through like accountability. You have to create ways to make yourself accountable and to push through any habits of laziness or doubtful thinking. One of the ways you can do this is to share your goals with others who can help motivate you to stay on task. When you tell others about what you intend to do, it puts a more intense pressure on you to keep working at it. Another option is to get a business coach who can request evidence of your weekly progress.

Pairing up with someone acts as a living deadline to keep you moving. Track every action that pertains to an area where you want to see progress, whether it relates to finances, health, career, or relationships. Whether you are working with someone or going at it independently write everything down, every day without fail with no excuses or exceptions. Tracking your progress and missteps is the path to building success.

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The process forces you to be conscious of your decisions. This type of movement results in producing a very powerful side effect. You start attracting like-minded people into your life and into business ventures and ideas. If you want to be around growing people become a growing person. This puts you in a position to begin building a network of like-minded people who help each other succeed. Get committed. Be willing to pay for your personal growth, financially and otherwise.

Be consistent. Keep your every thought, word and deed focused on accomplishment. Be creative. Visualize your desired outcomes at all times. Involve yourself in multiple forms of personal development to feel a sense of accomplishment in every tangible area of your life. Study the people in business you admire. Read their books, attend seminars, hire a business coach, see a therapist and employ a personal trainer.

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Try and meet with those whom you admire in person, if possible. These people and the knowledge they have are gifts to your personal growth. Spend time each day in preparation for these meetings and interactions. There is nothing more telling to the levels of success you can achieve then possessing a teachable spirit. When you do what you want to do it will be more difficult than you ever imagined.

You have to be the authority over your own emotions to make success happen. You may have had no idea how much time it would take for you to be effective. You may not have expected to have as many demands placed upon you or your life as there have been, or you may not have realized how long you would have to keep paying the price for your success. I was trying to be successful with my franchised food business before but it only end me up worrying more and caused a lot of fight between me and my husband.

This is an excellent article. I particularly like your main point that success is an event, not a person. Success must not be the focus. Over the years, I find that when pessimism strikes me things really go awful. There must be some sort of magnet with the kind of outlook one has. Great post Steve, this is the first time I have visited your blog. Inner Success is so much more gratifying than the Success others see. Steve, I would love to contribute whatever I can to your upcoming article.

Let me know if I can expand on the story. What a geat post.. Starting from the inside-out is — in my opinion — the way to go.

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Sonia: Nice distinction Sonia. Brian: Really great point Brian. I love my widescreen TV and comfy armchair, and I love a nice holiday for example. Thanks so much for the comment. Latoya: Thank you! Brandon: Not sure I agree when you say that success is a mindset. The mindset is one of being willing to engage with something that matters and not letting setbacks throw you off track. And every single one of us is affected by confidence, successful or not.

Thanks for your comment Brandon. Susanna: Really sorry to hear about your situation. That sucks. With that said, confidence is about trusting yourself to make decisions with implicit trust in that decision. And then trusting that you can make another decision. Lyndi: Hehehe, yeah, embarrasment can be part of it. Janice: Exactly right Janice, I believe that confidence is the quality that allows you to make life simpler, more graceful and more fun. Nothing wrong with retreating or regrouping sometimes, but never forget your ability to make a decision that serves you well.

Thanks for the comment Kevin! You probably have all heard about being parachuted into the middle of Arizona with a map to Phoenix. That is all well and good, but first you need to know where you are at. That is the part of having self confidence and knowing yourself. But you still need dreams and goals. These are your map. There is a self indulgent tendancy to dismiss goals and dreams. I want to be Successful. But not Poor. I never thought trying to be successful could keep you poor. Interesting blog. Thanks for sharing.

If success is an event and I like this idea then one of the blind alleys on the way there is comparing yourself with others. That motivates me. I have never thought this before, the difference between succes and succesful. Once you reach your goals, you set new ones and strive to achieve those goals — achieve success — and so on and so forth. Hence, for me anyway, success is merely a dangling carrot for people.

We all need motivation, and what better than to be motivated by the success illusion. Thanks for reminding us of the importance of defining YOUR own success. Hello Steve. Focusing on being a more confident person than being a more successful person. Thank you, Steve. Wonderful post!

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Like you say, we will all experience both successes and failures. Conversely, confidence and success are a self-perpetuating cycle.

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Janice, that may be ring true in many respects. I think the point I am trying to get at is that success is a subjective trait. Somebody else may view you as successful, although you may think otherwise and still be striving for success. A person who is deemed to be successful by one person will not necessarily be seen as successful by another. In my opinion, success comes when you are satisfied with your contributions to the world, and are happy with where you are and where you are headed. To MarkAtkinson; thank you for your further comments, and I see what you are meaning.

Success is subjective, as you say. This has been an interesting blog post and comments page! Very thought provoking, thank you Steve. Mike: Dreams and destinations, sure. Confidence is the quality that allow you to trust yourself to make a meaningful journey and deal with whatever happens along the way. The focus has to shift and then you can move freely. Thanks Sam. Janice: I really like and have noticed it in my work — the journey is what matters, not necessarily the destination.

It opens up so much possibility but does it with grace and simplicity. Mark: I agree — success is really a values-based interpretation of where you are. Excellent post. Have confidence and belief on what you know will work. We should embrace failure, because by failing, we will succeed. People are so caught up in what others are doing and how they are doing it that they forget to join in the game themselves.

I think most of the bloggers out there are not taking actions and that separates them from other successful bloggers. Steve, Thanks for reminding us that failures are mere events not who we are. One thing I take from leadership experience is the fact that decisions are made every day, some result in success and some not so much. The trick is to improve your average. I like the focus on self confidence. The more decisions you make, and right ones, the more confidence you build. Thanks again for guest posting. It gets you off your butt. It strips away fear.

It Motivates. It impacts the bottom line. And the more decisions you make, the more confident you get. Thanks for the great tips. I think success is when you know you are in a place of peace with yourself and you can accept any outcome of whatever you are doing with the mindset that no matter what happens you can handle anything. Andrea, I sort of agree with you. I believe that success occurs when you are flexible enough to allow for possibilities. In my opinion, this is my favorite post on this blog.

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I must really commend your effort to produce this great piece, Steve. You have got the power of choice. Nothing happens to you without your consent. They have personalized it. They dwell on their past glories and refuse to move ahead because they have not paid attention to the events that brings success, hence the essence of constantly seeking for the development of our self confidence. The man who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been. I love the emphasis that success and failure are events, not people.

Making this distinction should make it easier to make positive, self-growth based decisions after said event. All of which will be a great confidence booster. Confidence needs to be connected to the events that are occurring around you, but not controlled by them. There where the difference is.

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  • To be honest I think that confidence can be built no matter how a decision turns out — the evidence is that you made a decision, followed through and dealt with whatever happened. Seun: I was quite pleased with it too, and so pleased to hear you rate it so highly! You make a really good point of how a lot of successful people define themselves by their success and get lost as a result.

    Mike: Absolutely. Natural confidence never exists in a vacuum. All True.

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    Without it, you will struggle, as others can perceive any lack of self-belief. Fear — recently listen to a STAR mention they still had a fear of poverty. It seemed incredible that it was true. This person has a lot of money. So it does show it may never go away but it need not stop you. I enjoyed reading this and found it helpful in getting clear about what success means to me and to put my focus and energy on WHY I am a Core Energy Coach. This pointed me in a clearer direction about what success and confidence means. I have been concentrating more on success than building my confidence.

    Now I see that confidence leads to success. Thanks for sharing this post. You really highlighted valid points and how success and confidence coexist. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar. Is it about launching a product and having people buy it? Is it about having respect from your peers and mentors? Is it about doing what you love so you can care for your family? Success does not eliminate worry or fear Being successful does not change how your brain works.

    Success is limited by confidence Perhaps most important, any success you might experience is limited by your self-confidence. Take confident action Confident action is about making deliberate choices. Reader Comments 93 Thought-provoking end-of-the-week post. Hi Steve, These are all great reasons why success for itself is not the right focus. I think we should listen to our own definitions of success and not let others define it for us.

    Otherwise, like you say, you will be constantly striving and never arriving. Thanks for the reminder that I am on track. Oops, I meant in the newsletter, not actually from the website. Thank you for a great thought provoking post. I should be enjoying the process too. But we always get impressed by seeing successful people. Hey Steve, By developing the confidence anyone can achieve any level of success. Have a great weekend… Josh.

    Haha classic. Hi Steve, Your points are right on — especially about confidence and the external factors. Enjoy your day! Excellent post Steve. Celebrate the milestones then keep on climbing. Thanks for the share and motivation for the day! Best, Todd. John: Happened to a friend of mine. Just kidding. Steve Benedict. Steve, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post! Very thought provoking article. Two thumbs up! Great article, and I do agree with some of your points.

    Thanks a lot for this eye opening article. This is truly one of the most powerful and wise article I ever read. Kevin: Thanks my friend. Nicely said. Mckinley: Thanks! Ron: Awesome, thanks Ron. Jodi: Hehehe, I heard that too — an awesome quote. Randall: Thanks for feedback Randall — appreciate it. Todd: Will do — thanks! Agree that success is defined by your personal sense of confidence and satisfaction. Hi guys, I want to be Successful.

    Kind regards, Sam X.