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Who is the carat caper, and who will solve the crime to make this night of mystery the night of beauty it was intended to be? Dress in your fanciest evening gowns and suits.

This is a museum unveiling, after all, and only the finest will do. Tonight will be an evening of high fashion and suspenseful mystery, with one thrilling conclusion.


Leave us a few clues about your upcoming event. Our mystery party planning experts will be right back in touch! Talk to a real person Current Status: Available. Thaddeus was able to figure out that there was a fifth Horseman, but he didn't know who.

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Dylan said that there was an organization called the Eye that was supposedly a group of truly great magicians. He has a theory that perhaps Thaddeus debunks other magicians because deep down, he wanted to be part of The Eye but was never invited in. Thaddeus said that The Eye is fake, and the fifth Horsemen must be someone with an obsession--but also with connections. He said that the Horsemen had always been one step ahead of him and the FBI. He then realized that the fifth Horseman must be working from inside the FBI.

Dylan, somewhat giddy, left without much explanation, leaving Thaddeus asking "Why? It is revealed that Bradley is the leader of the Eye and was Shrike's partner. The two played the roles of the idealist Shrike and the realist Thaddeus. Thaddeus also states that he had goaded Lionel to perform his revival performance, which they had rehearsed beforehand. But, much to his lament, they had not planned on the safe being faulty.

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Dylan Rhodes, Shrike's son, asks why he did not reveal the truth to him when he framed Thaddeus. Thaddeus claims that he felt guilty, but he later states that he is proud of him and the Horsemen and that they have completed their training. He then leaves the room, announcing his retirement. He advises Rhodes to choose a successor and directs Rhodes and the Horsemen to a secret chamber accessible through a massive spiral staircase behind a curtain.

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Thaddeus Bradley. Debunker Magician formerly Grandmaster of the Eye formerly.

Thaddeus Bradley

The Four Horsemen formerly. Morgan Freeman. Categories :. Cancel Save. Biographical information.

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