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Les volumes

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Résidence de Kalorama

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ÉCOLE DES BEAUX-ARTS DE MONTRÉAL | École de dessin, de peinture et de beaux-arts à Montréal

Direction : Rodolphe Stadler. Paris, Galerie Stadler, , p. In fact, something resists his interpretative hypothesis. Something, or rather some one: the god Apollo, to whom Deleuze is at great pains to attribute even the smallest legitimacy. And for good reason! For Nietzsche, as for Schopenhauer before him, the full and whole experience of the totality of life, meaning the sum of all the joys and all the sufferings experienced by the living, is utterly unbearable, impossible to live.

But in contrast to Schopenhauer, Nietzsche concludes from this that it is impossible to continue to oppose life i. Refusing to consider the link and tension between Dionysus and Apollo, Deleuze is forced to caricature their relationship. The irreducible element of suffering in every process of individuation, the necessary product of this insurmountable tension between limit and excess, is unfairly presented as a relic of Hegelian dialectics and its Christian roots 19, All of the texts I studied in researching Nietzsche et la biologie confirm this interpretation of Ariadne.

In them, Nietzsche systematically associates life and memory, memory and organization. Indeed, all life begins with both the passive suffering from an element that affects it and with the active reorganization of that element within its memory. Like the tragic stage, organic memory implies a twofold condition: passive exposure to something that exceeds it the absolute flux of becoming and the active reorganization of this wound by the assimilating forces of identity the artificial production of stases.

It is this twofold condition which produces the labyrinthine and plastic folds of memory, woven out of all these tensions between the old and the new. Like those between Dionysus and Apollo, the tensions between passive exposures to alterity the flux and active reorganizations by identity the stases remain, for Nietzsche, insurmountable. They lead him to argue that every living being, because it is suffering , because it suffers from the excessiveness of what happens to it, is already a subject that produces conscience, fictions, and necessary representations.

No, in the sense that the Nietzschean philosophy of the body is wholly guided, up to and including the philosophy of the eternal return, by the necessity of the incorporation, organization, and assimilation of the flux into the stases of the organism which, alone, enable the transition from pure difference to individuation. What is still to be understood is the emergence of Ariadne, that human animal who loved and was loved in return by Dionysus. On condition that living bodies learn to incorporate the flux of becoming, on condition that they learn to organize it within the lines and folds of their memory, to the point of loving it, to the point of wanting its eternal return to the identical.

And this, to conclude, is what leads me to what Nietzsche considered to be the greatest political question: the question of education, of training, of the collective creation of organs of memory. My hypothesis is that the philosophy of the eternal return, rather than corresponding to an ontology of difference, is a response from god and from man i. Whereas, up to this point, their purpose was to filter the flux, stabilize and slow it down to allow us to incorporate it and learn to love it, from now on they would expose us without mediation to the chaos of its contradictions, of its differences and accelerations.

ARJAC d'. ASSY Pierre d'. Lyon, mars Chasselay, 06 juillet — Paris, 24 mai Il confond les deux versions. Gabriel Bacquier. BADA Angelo. Lille, 27 mars — Epouse Paris le 16 mars Jeanne Grandjean Epouse Lydia Lipkowska. BAN Viorel. Epouse en Antonietta Fricci, soprano. Roanne, 25 juillet Bayonne, 22 septembre — Paris, avril Toulouse, 03 octobre —.

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Encore, s'il avait assez d'ambition pour jouer un emploi secondaire Chapuis gagne Lyon, 21 octobre —. Rouen, — Paris, 01 octobre Marseille, 29 juin — Cannes, 10 octobre Rennes, — Paris, 27 octobre Auxerre, 20 mars — 16 novembre Boris Christoff dans Boris Godounov Boris. Bordeaux, 09 juin —. Lourdes, 04 juin — 22 juin Servian, 23 juin —. Lourdes, 08 novembre — Paris, 04 novembre Colombes, 13 janvier Revin, 16 avril —.

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C'est un des meilleurs premiers prix des concours du Conservatoire Avensan, 10 septembre —. Belle voix. Artiste d'avenir. Toulon, novembre Pauvre artiste! Saint-Quentin, 31 octobre —. Paris le 07 novembre Jeanne Marie Massin. Roubaix, 22 juin —.

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Montpellier, 26 avril — Paris, 26 mars Il chantait pour son plaisir, en amateur. Professeur au Conservatoire, il prit sa retraite en Saint-Denis, 23 juin —.

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Lyon, 28 mars — Moscou, juin Neuilly-sur-Seine, 05 juillet Saint-Quentin, 26 mars —. L'Ile-Saint-Denis, 04 octobre —. Epouse Tina Dubois-Lauger. DUC Joseph-Valentin.