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Years later, as she began her journey in public health, she started to see disparate differences in the health and well being of women and girls. Through her own struggles and life experiences, Theresa has discovered resources and skills that have helped her lead a healthier life. The start up funds for SyC came from a childhood accident and it's her way of giving back and making something good out of something painful.

She hopes SyC's programs will help foster resiliency, confidence, and overall wellness in girls for generations to come.

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Tax ID Our Mission. She hopes SyC's programs will help foster resiliency, confidence, and overall wellness in girls for generations to come. Tax ID Our Mission. OUR vision.

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Girls Group is a FREE after school program that combines physical activity and a social-emotional curriculum to promote overall wellness for girls at a critical time in their development. Theresa M. Where are you going to go?

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What are you going to do? What gift are you going to give?

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Well, if you do what any sensible, stressed person would do, you would google specials events, ideas, and excuses; check these out:. Notice all of the fun things that are in this first advertisement for a community run. Cheers to all of you athletes! Now, if the first advertisement made you feel more judged and pudgy than loved, this second one if for you!

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What a convenient and lovely time! Ok, So we have the activities down High Five! KeyTip outside of the 1, tips that we share as the crew : In Spanish, because of the masculine and feminine categorizing structure, sometimes when people want to talk about both distinctions, they combine the O and the A with the power of technology and use the symbol!

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So, who are you with today? This final advertisement will help us see the types of people you could possibly invite to our flawless suggestions. This advertisement translates to: What is your sentimental situation? We hope that this list simplifies your Facebook status and that it is not as complicado as before!