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Affirmative Spanish Commands

Spanish subject pronouns are both similar to and different from their English counterparts.

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This same distinction with regard to degree of formality occurs in the plural form as well. Once again, the difference lies in the degree of formality conveyed by the speaker. However, the vosotros form is used primarily in Spain.

Note: usted can be abbreviated Ud. In many ways, Spanish is more gender-specific than English.

Using Personal Subject Pronouns in Spanish

We find evidence of this in the subject pronouns. Consider the following statement, which could have been made by your Spanish teacher, while standing before the class:.

En ingles: tú, yo, él, ella, ellos, nosotros.

They are studying French. Then, just eliminate the first two letters es from all the forms of the estar preterite.

Spanish Subjunctive Guide

Now you have the correctly conjugated preterite of tener. Do you remember the tip I gave you about conjugating the tener preterite in the indicative mood?

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The same happens here! Many people include all kinds of wrong verb forms in this category. However, the only accepted verb forms of the tener imperative are the following:. If you acquire new vocabulary, you learn it subconsciously as a result of meaningful interaction with the target language.

Subject Pronouns

Answers: 1. Need more practice? Clozemaster will expose you to real Spanish and exercises that will require you to fill in missing information. In Spanish, tener is used to indicate possession.

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Tener is also used in many idiomatic expressions. Tener is a stem changing verb. The stem of tener is ten. At times, the stem ten changes to tien or tuv.