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You see volenti used again. Can someone tell me the meaning of this phrase? If you will it, everything is possible, spoke a soft voice from the back of the room. The professor looked sharply in that direction, about to chastise a student for speaking out without raising a hand, but found the answer had not come from a student. I do not recognize you from the normal retinue of the castle.

You are? Professor Grymm asked. The voice came from a female ghost dressed in white, who appeared to be sitting at an empty desk in the back of the room. Claudia Savage.

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I was just passing through, reliving old times, and heard a question I felt I could answer. I see. So you were a prior student here, I presume? Yes, I was here over a hundred and ten years ago. I was in House Salali, as are many of the students in this class. The ghost smiled and waved at some of the students. As you undoubtedly remember, once you are assigned to a house, you are part of that house forever; therefore, I shall give House Salali one demerit point, because a member of that house spoke out in my class without permission. The ghost and the professor stared at each other for several seconds, during which the ghost floated forward until she was mere inches in front of him.

He continued, If you are thinking that as a phantasm, you are beyond my control, remember that this is my class and you have housemates, who will pay the price of any impertinence on your part, Miss … er, Mrs. She crossed her ghostly arms to show him her mind was set and he was not getting the better of her.

If you will it, everything is possible.

The Soulkeepers (The Soulkeepers, #1) by G.P. Ching

I could banish you in a flash, if I so wished. This ghost was not to be intimidated. Look up Claudia Victoria Friend, graduate.

I believe you will find me listed as graduating with top honors and with a higher GME score than anyone else for one hundred eighty three years prior— or any year since. I also know some banishment spells that even work on Grand Master Sorcerers, but luckily for you, I am not normally the vindictive type. With a faint smile at him, she turned toward the students and said, I will see you all later.

His eyes followed her, and for several seconds stared at that spot on the wall in silence. On the far right-hand corner of his desk were several books. His gaze went to one of those, and then he looked up at the students as though unexpectedly remembering he had a class waiting. Class dismissed. You may all take an early lunch. Students promptly forgotten, Professor Grymm reached for one of his books. At only twenty minutes into the class period, this was highly unusual.

Kevin looked at Billy, who shrugged and jumped up. Everyone else was trying to make a quick exit for the same reason. This was not like Grymm. If anything, he usually held them over an extra few minutes, thinking his time with them was more important than anything else they could possibly be doing. Sometimes red-haired, freckle-faced Freddie Flynn would pretend to be Professor Grymm, making a meager attempt at a posh upper-class British accent with exaggerated pauses.

Do you—think you can simply—die in my—class? Think again—young man! I have not yet—dismissed—you, so dying is quite—unacceptable. Once I have finished—my ten-thousand-word—dissertation—reflecting upon my own—greatness, then I—may dismiss you. Only then, may you step—outside my—classroom and do your—dying. This always brought giggles to everyone. I need to ask Professor Grymm something about the homework he mentioned earlier, Amy Levine, the girl with the jet-black hair, told the others as she turned back to the classroom. I bet she screws things up for the rest of us. Within the classroom, Amy saw the professor looking intently at a book.

Is she in there? Amy asked. Professor Grymm snapped the book that he was reading shut. You are still here, Miss Levine? To what do I owe this … delightful honor? For once, his voice did not sound like he found it anything but delightful. I have a copy, myself. Professor Grymm looked angry at first, but the look faded and his gaze went back to the book he had slid down to his lap.

Yes, she is. He looked up at Amy.


I know you will look it up later anyway, so I may as well tell you now. Her score was higher. His voice rose slightly. Higher than mine. Her score was a full percentage point above mine. Ninety-nine-point-seven percent on her GME. At ninety-eight-point-three, I was in the top two percent of everyone through all the centuries, who ever took the exams. She was in the top half of a percentile. He looked downcast. His superiority was the one thing he valued over all else, the lifeboat to which he clung. He had just met and argued with someone who had scored higher on the Grand Master Exam, the ruler by which he measured everyone.

That she was a ghost mattered little. One of his favorite sayings was that anyone who argues with their intellectual superiors is simply showing their foolishness. Now he was the one who had argued with his superior. I wonder how she died, he said, not in a sneering, superior way, but almost like a small boy who had just been scolded. I know about that, sir.

She told us what happened. I can tell you that story if you would like to hear it, Amy offered. Meanwhile the rest of the class had made their presence known in the Great Hall, filling plates with choice foods and tankards with cinnamon-spiced apple cider and exotic teas from all over the world. It was some time before Amy appeared. Professor Grymm entered as well, and seemed to have a smile on his normally sour face. He walked straight to the head table in his normal fashion, but Amy stopped by the Salali tables to tell them something that brought a cheer.

What was that all about? Kevin asked her as she came to the Nashotah table where he sat. There were ten long tables in the Great Hall for the five houses. As you entered, the two tables on the far right belonged to Nashotah House. He was embarrassed.

Billy choked out between mouthfuls. He took up his drink and gave a toast. You are such a sloppy eater! He actually had his own robes now and no longer had to borrow one from Kevin as he had two years before on that first day of school. Leave it alone. I was saving that! Billy growled. To make his point, he picked up a crumb from his lap and popped it into his mouth, while giving her a wide smile.

keeper the abrasax chronicles Ebook

I just have to try it. Kevin, Billy and Patty all agreed to go along. I think the one at the library is the closest, Amy stated. The ghost appeared to think this over carefully. Those are two very different questions. None of you has been joining me in any fun games lately. All right, I will tell you this.

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His life has been a constant carousel of tragedy and disappointment, including his love life. Of course, applying the term love to Garth's conquests is a gross misuse Gate of Souls. Magical animal companions of sorcerers. Keepers of spells and secrets. Most important, devoted friends Most important, devoted friends for life. When one such familiar, Mellypip, bonds with the young sorceress Runa, he shares in the wonders of magic.

Together, Mellypip and Runa train His Soul To Hold. Soulless and exiled from Heaven the Dark Knights have not abandoned their duty. For millennia For millennia they've battled demons, protecting human kind from Lucifer's servants. Less than a year ago hundreds of demons escaped Hell world-wide, stretching the Knights resources to Keeper of Souls.

Carmen Kennedy finally feels normal. Enrolled in college, she's making a few friends and taking Enrolled in college, she's making a few friends and taking life one day at a time. Her days are filled with classes, studying, and attempting to be more social, while her nights are filled with The Keepers of Himal.

A journey of discovery across Earth's highest mountains to the deepest valley of the soul.

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By deciphering Nature's message, Reid learns the nature of time, our relationship to Orb, and what lies ahead. Mankind must now take responsibility for their It is powered by blood from a Blood Keeper or Blood Vessel and can be used to turn the souls of mobs into friendl y spectral versions. These spectral mobs will not attack you even if you attack them and will spawn with half health. Destroyed: A greek mythology tale about soul mates in a paranormal love triangle Soul Keeper Series Book 2 Nov 15, Kindle Edition. FREE Shipping on eligible orders.

Available to ship in 12 days. More Buying Choices. This story has an original premise, beautiful scenery, lovable characters, jaw clenching action, and a book load of mystery to keep the pages turning until the very end. Chings writing is brilliant and some aspects of the" The Soulkeepers" are reminiscent of one of my favorite authors work, Anne Rice.