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Upside Down. Craig Carothers. Majutsu No Niwa. Bobby Susser. Walking in the Green Corn. Grant-Lee Phillips. Where Miles Become Meaning. New York: J. Lane, The Bodley Head. Austin has created a fast paced, suspenseful tale, full of twists and unexpected turns, and a love story that will touch your heart. It reveals sadness, joy, hope, and deep, hidden needs—physical, spiritual, and emotional.

Enchanting reading! This is a story for real women. Savor every word! I gratefully thank all the wonderful people who have advised, assisted, and encouraged me in this project. Clare, for the best way to wake up on an Irish morning…a kitchen session.

Tea and Irish traditional music. It felt like a scene right out of one of my novels. Special gratitude to Mary McCleskey and John Kane of Finglas, Dublin, for the great gourmet food and making me laugh until my sides hurt. Much of the help and inspiration for this series comes from the many hours spent sitting in pubs and homes of Irish friends, listening and playing the traditional music of Ireland. Thank you all for tolerating a violinist learning the fun of fiddle tunes and sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm.

Once upon a time in the West Counties of Ireland, the voice of the wind moaned up the cliffs and across the fields in an ancient, plaintive song. Sleep would not overtake him. Not this night. His wife lay beside him, restless in her dreams. Beautiful Muirghein. He believed she was, as her name testified, born of the sea. Whether rumors surrounding her were true or tale, she owned his heart. Her pulse beat inside his chest. He could not live without her. But the vast deep called to her.

Of this he was as certain as the moon and tides. The floorboards creaked as he stood and dressed in breeches and a linen shirt before climbing the ladder in the corner to reach for the package he had secreted between the layers of thatch. A child whimpered in her sleep. Mara, his youngest, lay snuggled, a rag doll adorned with pink shells picked from the strand, clutched in her delicate hands.

She was the image of her mother, Padraig thought, as his eyes roved from her dark fall of waves right down to the lightly webbed toes on her pretty feet that poked out from beneath her quilts. It was the only safe resting place for the treasure Padraig now held tucked beneath his elbow. In his work shed, a pot of hot tar waited atop the peat fire. Out from under the carefully piled turf bricks, he pulled a box, a small casket built of hardest wood.

Carefully painted with the same tar he used to seal the moisture out of his currach , this box was sturdy enough to last long past his mortal life and into the future of his clan. The sky opened and, as though the angels wept, rain washed over him as he hurried toward the tower on the cliff. A lone whitethorn tree, young and tender, bare of its springtime flowers now that summer was at her peak, guarded the entrance to the stone house of his chieftain. Padraig found a shovel and dug as deep as he could at the base of the tree, being careful not to damage the roots.

When the space was deep enough to cover the box, he unwrapped his parcel and caressed the silken fur. It had her scent still after all these years. The perfume of the sea, wind, and sand. The feel of her, alive and warm. His tears fell and wet the surface of the pelt like a baptism marking an end as well as a beginning. There would be no turning back. With a prayer that she would forgive him, Padraig tucked his precious cache, more valued than any golden hoard, into the watertight box, sealed it with additional tar from his bucket, and nested it in the ground.