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Photographer J Henry Fair is best known for his Industrial Scars series, in which he researches our world's most egregious environmental disasters and creates images that are simultaneously stunning and horrifying. His photographs captivate audiences, as they more closely resemble abstract paintings by Georgia O'Keeffe and Jackson Pollock than the disturbing scenes of actual reality that they depict. Additionally, Mr. Fair's work travels around the world in fine art exhibitions at major museums, galleries, and educational institutions. Louis Massiah, the Executive Director of Scribe Video Center, located in West Philadelphia, has a history of working with Haverford and Swarthmore faculty and students in film and cultural studies.

For this residency, students worked with Massiah to understand the role of cinema in the diaspora. The crux of the residency was a documentary project about Massiah himself as the resident artist , and his work teaching students about documentary an cinema. Louis Massiah is an independent documentary filmmaker whose films often explore historical and political subjects. His award-winning works, which have been seen widely on public television and at film festivals internationally, include W. Currently, Massiah is producing Haytian Stories , exploring the history of the year relationship between the United States and Haiti.

At Scribe, he has facilitated and executive produced over two hundred documentaries covering major issues and concerns facing urban communities. Massiah has also designed Precious Places Community History Project , a citywide oral history portrait that is composed of short documentaries produced with neighborhood organizations in Philadelphia and throughout the region.

This residency partnered education and music students with Play On, Philly , a local music education nonprofit targeting at-risk youth. Education students studied how the program worked, while music students engaged with participants of Play On, Philly. POP students were able to meet with college advisors, tour the campus, and sit in on classes. Play On, Philly!

POP is an innovative education and social initiative that provides opportunities for personal development to children through the study of music. Inspired by the social development and music education program of Venezuela called El Sistema, POP seeks to enrich the lives of Philadelphia youth by providing daily musical instruction in communities that have little access to music education. Established in at St. Francis de Sales School in West Philadelphia, POP started with youth, ages six to thirteen, with the goal of making a significant and sustaining impact on their lives. By expanding gradually, the program is able to stay flexible to curriculum adjustments and responsive to community needs.

We strive to engage the entire community through partnerships, community events, and a season of thirty performances in venues across the Philadelphia region. Judy Irving's residency had a particularly broad reach, touching students in political science, anthropology, filmmaking, and environmental studies. A documentary filmmaker noted for her work on environmental issues, she was able to speak both to the content of her work in films such as Dark Circle and The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill , as well as her techniques.

This was especially apparent when we screened a rough cut of a still in-process film, and gave students the opportunity to provide feedback. In addition, Irving and students from film courses at Swarthmore and Haverford visited the Schulykill Center for Environmental Education to explore the human relationship to nature and the perspective of the filmmaker.

Judy Irving is a Sundance-and-Emmy-Award-winning filmmaker whose previous credits include The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill , a feature documentary about the relationship between a homeless street musician and a flock of wild parrots in San Francisco, and Dark Circle , a feature documentary about the nuclear industry. In his time on campus, he worked with Arabic students on each campus, gave a very well attended lecture, presented a short exhibition of his work, and held workshops on each campus. Zakariya also held meetings with Special Collections at Bryn Mawr to review Arabic manuscripts, and held two meetings with interfaith organizations in the area.

Mohamed Zakariya is an Islamic calligrapher, artist and maker of custom instruments from the history of science. Born in California, he began the study of Islamic calligraphy in Tangier and London in His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the world and he is well-known for his lectures and workshops. This particular residency represented our efforts to extend the residency model—as we envisioned it at the time—to its logical conclusion, and originated in a desire to build programming that exported themes being explored in the Cantor Fitzgerald Galleries exhibition Other People's Property , by conceptual artist Hank Willis Thomas, to the campus and community at large.

Because the exhibition examined themes of race and commercialism, often in athletics, we developed panel discussions around the same issues. The first discussion consisted of a panel of academics, including experts in the history of race in sports, race in America, and race as it appears in marketing, and included Hank Willis Thomas. The second discussion involved actual sports practitioners to speak on the issue of race, sports, and commercialism.

For this panel, we invited a college athletics coach, a division I college athletic director, a professional sports agent, and a sports journalist. Hank Willis Thomas is a photo conceptual artist working with themes related to identity, history, and popular culture. He received a new media fellowship through the Tribeca Film Institute and was an artist in residence at John Hopkins University as well as a fellow at the W. DuBois Institute at Harvard University.

He has exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the U. Shari Frilot brought with her broad experience in cultural place-making, curating, and filmmaking. She engaged with students on issues of sustainability, as well as gender and sexuality as portrayed in film. She was able to speak both to the scholarly study of these subjects, as well as the practical production of film.

Frilot also maintains a career in festival programming, occupying a distinguished position on the curatorial vanguard through her pioneering development of immersive cinematic environments. As co-director of programming for OUTFEST — , she founded the Platinum section, which introduced cinematic performance installation and performance to the festival. She is the curator and driving creative force behind New Frontier, an exhibition and commissioning initiative that focuses on cinematic work being created at the intersections of art, film, and new media technology.

She engaged with English students to develop their understanding of graphic narrative as a storytelling tool, in addition to working with fine arts students to understand the role of narrative in imagery. She also made herself available to the tri-co community at large and the public through a public lecture and workshop. She's also the co-writer of the graphic novel Life Sucks. Previously, she published Soundtrack and Mirror, Window Fantagraphics Books , two collections that gather stories and drawings from her omnibus comic book Artbabe, which she published between and They live in Brooklyn, New York, with their two children.

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The class visits would consist of close readings of the texts and screenings of films, followed by discussions of the films as they reflected the readings. Mark Rosenthal is an American screenwriter and film director and long-time writing partner of Lawrence Konner. Rosenthal made his debut with the pilot Cassie Co. Star Trek VI co-writer Leonard Nimoy later alleged, in his book I Am Spock , that Konner and Rosenthal actually had nothing to do with the finished script, but the studio gave them credit for political reasons.

Rosenthal co-wrote with Konner and directed The In Crowd Their latest films were Mona Lisa Smile and Flicka. Here he reveals what the films original intentions were supposed to be, the many deleted scenes and was highly praised by Superman fans. Joseph Gangemi is a screenwriter and novelist. Born in Wilmington, Delaware, he graduated from Swarthmore College in His latest film, Eliza Graves , will be released in Mathematician and choreographer Karl Schaffer spent three weeks on campus working with students from Math, Education and Dance.

During this time he and the students challenged the idea of math as a static subject. This event also featured Swarthmore and Bryn Mawr students performing in a dance piece choreographed by Karl. Karl Schaffer has co-directed the Dr. Schaffer and Mr. Stern Dance Ensemble for the past 20 years.

Schaffer and Stern have received five National Endowment for the Arts Access to the Arts awards for their cross-disciplinary performance work linking dance and mathematics. The latest grant will fund an extended choreographic residency by Schaffer and Stern in Puerto Rico in Award-winning British obituary writer Tim Bullamore came to Haverford to discuss the role of the obituary in contemporary literature.

He made contacts with students and faculty from multiple departments and consulted on a large-scale art project at Temple University. Tim Bullamore is an award-winning British obituary writer. He has written obituaries for kings, princes, musicians, actors, explorers and heroes for all the major British newspapers and appears regularly on BBC radio.

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  2. The Mask of Night: Fifth Nick Revill.

Christine Sun Kim, a hearing-impaired sonic artist, and Carmen Papalia, a visually impaired conceptual artist were slated to have their work presented in a gallery exhibition at Haverford. However, through the Mellon grant we brought them both here at different times to engage with students on multiple campuses. Christine worked with students to explore the idea of sound as currency, while Carmen led participants on a sight-deprived tour of campus as a way of examining sense experience. Each artist worked with students on multiple campuses.

Her drawings, sculptures and performances have been featured in various exhibitions and programs, among them Recess Activities, Inc. Additionally, Kim has been an educator at the Whitney Museum since and is actively involved in developing the programming initiatives for deaf audiences. Carmen Papalia makes experiential projects about access with regard to public space, the art institution and visual culture. His current work creates the opportunity for participants to explore the entry points to experience that are often overlooked, and to engage in non-visual methods of knowing and interpretation.

His upcoming projects include a series of art objects that can be experienced non-visually and a performance in which he will develop a walking map with the help of a marching band for Grand Central Art Center in Los Angeles. Read "Caning In the City" on wordgathering. In addition to class visits, Price took great initiative and actively sought out and worked with student groups outside of classes. In addition, she held regular meetings with students about projects related to her residency and sustainability. The projects resulted in a series of art actions across the tri-colleges and caught the attention of a large cross-section of students, faculty, and staff.

Jenny Price received her Ph. She is a freelance writer and she gives tours of the Los Angeles River on her own and as part of the Los Angeles Urban Rangers, an art-performance educational group. She recently began writing a satirical environmental advice column called "Green Me Up, J. In a collaboration between Computer Science and Dance, Linda Caruso Haviland organized a series of class visits, workshops, and panel discussions that examined the intersection of dance, robotics, and computers.

Artists from Philadelphia dance company, Carbon Dance Theatre visited the Bryn Mawr campus to lead workshops and participate in discussions, and at the residencies conclusion, students went to see a performance inspired by the work of the residency. Hit enter to Search all of Haverford for search.

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  • Spring Lisa Stevenson: Era un Lunes Spring Era un Lunes co-directed with Eduardo Kohn is an experimental ethnographic film that brings us into the lives of a group of Colombian families who flee across the Ecuadorian border to escape the ongoing violence in their country. Events Screening: Era un Lunes rough cut April 10, p. Spring Led by Isaburoh Hanayagi, this workshop introduced students to the movement and dance of Kabuki theater.

    Events Kabuki Workshop April 10, p. Marshall Auditorium.

    Events Open Rehearsals April 9—13, Noon—6 p. Fall Jaamil Olawale Kosoko: White State Black Mind Fall Performance and other forms of creative practice can reimagine or reframe the world, but how does performance as an activist practice help us foreground and work through structural and systemic forms of violence and oppression, in particular as these relate to Black identities?

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    Photo: Andrew Amorim. Faculty Christina Knight Visual Studies. Faculty Thomas Devaney English. Events A Poetry Reading February 2, — p. Spring A guinea pig becomes a shark. Spring In this lecture demonstration, visiting artist Jessi Knight and Haverford professor Christina Knight discussed how their dance theater company knightworks approaches art-making as a tool of social practice and intentional community design.

    Events doomsday : a lecture demonstration with knightworks dance theater April 5, — p. Photo: Kevin Reminton. Fall Poet Alice Notley visited campus, giving a public reading of her own work as well as delivering the lecture "Homer's Art " and meeting with students studying creative writing. Events A Poetry Reading November 17, p. JT Waldman: Reading Comics and Religion Spring Throughout spring , comic book creator and digital designer JT Waldman will work with students in "Reading Comics and Religion," a team-taught course taught by Yvonne Chireau Religion, Swarthmore and Ken Koltun-Fromm Religion, Haverford which explores how notions of the religious arise in comics and graphic novels that visually depict narratives of and about the sacred.

    Events Public Reading Thursday, February 25, p. Photo by Johanna Austin. Photo by Caleb Eckert ' Photo: Antoine Tempe. The weeks of January 26, February 16, March 23, and April 13 Photographer and multimedia artist Zoe Strauss is expert at documenting and memorializing hidden pains and joys in everyday life.

    February 16—20 Wellesley College Book Arts Program Director Katherine Ruffin will give students a hands-on acquaintance with one of the fundamental material elements of ancient literary production and one of the instruments of the survival of ancient literature, and will contextualize this experience in the larger context of book studies and book arts. March 16—April 9 Leticia Obeid examines the dynamics of globalization from a Latin American perspective, using video to explore how mass mediated sounds and images affect individual emotional lives and memories from afar. April 6—12 What accounts for our preoccupation with food?

    April 27—May 1 The process of artmaking is often thought of as involving sudden flashes of inspiration leading to immediate production. Mustapha Akrim Mustapha Akrim is recognized as one of the most promising young artists in Morocco today. February 26—March 1, Caroonist Kevin Huizenga will work with students to transform the textual to graphic through analysis and illustration of Chinese lyric poetry.

    February 4—April 30, Mellon Creative Resident jesikah maria ross collaborates with faculty and students from three disciplines—Chemistry, Political Science, and Documentary Film—to explore the presence and quantity of different kinds of waste polluting the Delaware River, with particular attention to how globalization affects the river ecosystem. Options for on-site lodging and other amenities are included, if available, as well as details of other nearby attractions that travelers may wish to include in their itineraries.

    He resides in the San Francisco area. She lives in Austin. Vequist and Daniel S. The series will embrace diverse subjects and disciplines, including business and trade, resource management and policy, science, history, engineering, and tourism, and the editors welcome works written for professional, scientific, scholarly, and general audiences. John W. Tunnell Jr. Barrera, and Fabio Moretzsohn Walking along the beach and picking up seashells is a favorite pastime enjoyed by millions of people every year. This field guide covers three hundred of the better-known or more common seashells found on Texas coastlines, and anyone interested in identifying and collecting shells along Texas bays and Gulf coast beaches will find Texas Seashells an essential companion.

    With more than detailed and data-rich color photographs, each species with at least two views, Texas Seashells is sure to make shell identification fun, quick, and easy. A glossary is also included for technical terms not defined in the text. Although this field guide is for seashells found along the Texas coast, it will also be useful in other regions of the Gulf of Mexico and western Atlantic Ocean. JOHN W. NOE C. Coastal Texas. Field Guides. This classroom resource provides clear, concise scientific information in an understandable and enjoyable way about water and aquatic life.

    Spanning the hydrologic cycle from rain to watersheds, aquifers to springs, rivers to estuaries, ample illustrations promote understanding of important concepts and clarify major ideas. Aquatic science is covered comprehensively, with relevant principles of chemistry, physics, geology, geography, ecology, and biology included throughout the text. Emphasizing water sustainability and conservation, the book tells us what we can do personally to conserve for the future and presents job and volunteer opportunities in the hope that some students will pursue careers in aquatic science. Texas Aquatic Science, originally developed as part of a multi-faceted education project for middle and high school students, can also be used at the college level for non-science majors, in the home-school environment, and by anyone who educates kids about nature and water.

    Natural History. In a dazzling tribute to the Texas coast, conservationist and lawyer Jim Blackburn has teamed with photographer Jim Olive to provide the most intimate and important portrait yet of Texas bays and of those who work for their wise use and preservation. The Book of Texas Bays is a personal account of legal battles won and lost, but it is also a fine work of natural history by someone who has a deep spiritual connection to the Texas coast and all it has to offer.

    For the new paperback edition, Blackburn looks back in a preface that takes stock of what has and has not been accomplished since the book first appeared. Nature Photography.

    Tuttle Residencies | Center for the Arts and Humanities | Haverford College

    In this complete and approachable manual on grape growing in Texas, Jim Kamas asks the essential question all potential growers need to answer: Why do you want to plant a vineyard? Well-illustrated text offers chapters on site choice and design, rootstock and fruiting varieties, pruning and training strategies, canopy and floor management, and disease and pest control. Kamas thoroughly explores grapevine horticulture, including the systematics, morphology, nutrition, and water needs of the genus Vitus. Finally, he addresses the issues of equipment and infrastructure before closing with some advice about vineyard-winery relations.

    He is also coauthor of The Texas Peach Handbook. Adams Photography by William D. Adams, and Deborah J. Blending memoir, cultural history, and a literary perspective, Facing It bears witness to controversies like Tellico and Chernobyl, global warming and local drought. But rather than merely drowning readers in waves of ecological angst, M.

    Jimmie Killingsworth seeks alternative images and episodes to invoke presence without crippling the hope for survival and sustenance in places and communities of value. In deft, highly accessible prose, Killingsworth takes the reader through a Cold-War childhood, an adolescence colored by anti-war and ecological activism, and an adulthood darkened by terrorism and climate change. Inviting us on walks through tame suburbias riddled with environmental abuse and wild deserts and mountains shadowed by industrial development , he celebrates the survival of natural beauty and people living close to the earth while questioning truisms associated with both economic advancement and environmental purity.

    Above all, this book invites the reader to face it: to look with wideopen eyes on a new nature that will never be the same, but that continues to offer opportunities for renewal and advancement of life. A Walt Whitman scholar and award-winning author, nature writer, and Texas Master Naturalist, Killingsworth has written or cowritten eleven books. Nature Writing. Literary Nonfiction. All decisions should respect the memory of the previous three generations and account for the well being of the next three. We stand in the middle, thinking of how our actions and attitudes can both reflect ancestral values and shape our legacy for the future.

    Jimmie Killingsworth invite authors from a variety of disciplines to set aside their narrow specializations and speak to a wide audience in their own voices on what it means to make a lasting and positive contribution in the new nature. The commercial world of South Texas between and provided an attractive environment for many seeking to start new businesses, especially businesses that linked the markets and finances of the United States and Mexico. Entrepreneurs regularly crossed the physical border in pursuit of business. But more important, more complex, and less well-known were the linguistic, cultural, and ethnic borders they navigated daily as they interacted with customers, creditors, business partners, and employees.

    Drawing on her expertise as a bankruptcy lawyer, historian Alicia M. Dewey tells the story of how a diverse group of entrepreneurs, including Anglo-Americans, ethnic Mexicans, and European and Middle Eastern immigrants, created and navigated changing business opportunities along the Texas-Mexico border between and Connecting the Greater West Series. Borderlands Studies. Western History. Texas History. Business History. Power and Control in the Imperial Valley examines the evolution of irrigated farming in the ImperialMexicali Valley, an arid desert straddling the California—Baja California border.

    Bisected by the international boundary line, the valley drew American investors determined to harness the nearby Colorado River to irrigate a million acres on both sides of the border. Colonization in the valley began with the construction of a sixty-mile aqueduct from the Colorado River in California through Mexico. Initially, Mexico held authority over water delivery until settlers persuaded Congress to construct the All-American Canal. Control over land and water formed the basis of commercial agriculture and in turn enabled growers to use the state to procure inexpensive, plentiful immigrant workers.

    For seven decades the General Electric Company maintained its manufacturing and administrative headquarters in Schenectady, New York. At its core, GE culture posited that engineers, scientists, and craftsmen engaged in a team effort to produce technologically advanced material goods that served society and led to corporate profits. Scientists were discoverers, engineers were designers and problem solvers, and craftsmen were artists.

    Colecciones recomendadas

    Her research demonstrates how business and community histories intersect, and this nuanced look at race, gender, and class sets a standard for corporate history. Number Twenty-four: Kenneth E. Montague Series in Oil and Business History. History of Technology. Everette Lee DeGolyer wore many hats—and he wore them with distinction. Though not a geophysicist, he helped make geophysics central to oil exploration. Though not a politician, he played an important role in the national politics of energy.

    “On Monuments: Place, Time, and Memory”

    Though trained as a geologist, he became an important business executive. DeGolyer left his stamp on oil exploration and his name on a number of philanthropic institutions, including the DeGolyer Library at Southern Methodist University. Wilson belongs to a group of Chilean artists who were intimately shaped by the political turmoil and repression in Chile in the s and s and who have become self-exiled artists working outside of Chile but who are still tied to the political period and to its issues and concerns.

    School of Creative Arts

    From a working class family that struggled financially, Wilson nonetheless was able to study law, which facilitated her successful immigration to the United States in She moved to Texas and in Austin found a cultural oasis that permitted her art to blossom. Now, after some thirty years of artistic work in Texas, she is recognized as a major Latina artist, whose influence extends beyond US borders.

    A crusader for justice and against oppression, she paints and draws in various media and has become an inspiration for younger artists concerned with not only political repression and inequality but also individual fear and despair. Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries across the United States. Light thoroughly conveys the charms of the art and the artist, noting that his sense of humor clearly showed through pieces such as the conch shell entrance wall at the Eddingston Court apartments in Port Arthur and the fountain embellished with human faces at Memorial Park Cemetery in Memphis.

    She resides in San Antonio. Color painting. Brandimarte and Angela S. This poignant and vivid record of the great mansions and public buildings of the historic island city by the late Houston architect is credited as being a catalyst in the preservation and restoration movement in Galveston. The Galveston That Was probes the present on the same level as the past.

    It disquiets and unsettles us, asking us to establish ourselves, wherever we are, by building what we care about and caring about what we build. His photography has been featured in major exhibits around the world. Howe This ambitious book tells a richly detailed story of Houston home life and culture from the settlement of Harrisburg and Houston in the s and s to World War I, when rapid economic development and modernization began to spell demolition for many notable nineteenth-century houses and public buildings. The authors discuss landscape and horticulture, the development of domestic architecture, the evolution of home interiors, and domestic life, and its influence on the social and cultural fabric of the city.

    She is a member of the Junior League of Houston and is active in numerous other civic and cultural group. She now resides in Beaumont, Texas. Gift Books. Following their rampage through Southeast Asia and the Pacific in the five months after Pearl Harbor, Japanese forces moved into the Solomon Islands, intending to cut off the critical American supply line to Australia.

    But when they began to construct an airfield on Guadalcanal in July , the Americans captured the almost completed airfield for their own strategic use. The Japanese Army countered by sending to Guadalcanal a reinforced battalion under the command of Col. Kiyonao Ichiki. The attack that followed would prove to be the first of four attempts by the Japanese over six months to retake the airfield, resulting in some of the most vicious fighting of the Pacific War. William H. His website is www. World War II. Marine Corps. Military History. Palmer, Walter L. Weible, George C. Marshall, and John J.

    McCloy mounted a sustained and vigorous campaign to establish a system of universal military training UMT in America. Fearful of repeating the rapid demobilization and severe budget cuts that had accompanied peace following World War I, these leaders saw UMT as the basis for their postwar plans. As a result, they promoted UMT extensively and aggressively. Taylor illustrates how army leaders failed to adapt their strategy to the political realities of the day and underscores the delicate balance in American democracy between civilian and military control of strategy. This story is vital because of the ultimate outcome of the failure of the UMT initiative: the birth of the Cold War draft.

    Cold War. Since ancient times, wars have inspired artists and their patrons to commemorate victories. When the United States finally entered World War I, American artists and illustrators were commissioned to paint and draw it. The eight men—William J. Aylward, Walter J. Duncan, Harvey T. Dunn, George M. Harding, Wallace Morgan, Ernest C. Peixotto, J.

    Andre Smith, and Harry E. The AEF artists saw their role as one of preserving images of the entire aspect of American involvement in a way that photography could not. World War I. Whether scaling the seemingly insurmountable cliffs of Pointe du Hoc with his advance assault troops during the Normandy invasion, restoring integrity to the Texas Land Office, or overseeing transitions in an academic institution with hallowed traditions during a time of contentious cultural change, James Earl Rudder — forged a legacy of wartime gallantry and peacetime leadership that commands continuing respect.

    Rudder: From Leader to Legend pays tribute to a man who exemplified leadership, vision, and courage. Hatfield has crafted a carefully researched and well-written book. Relying on memoirs, trial transcripts, debriefings, declassified government reports, published analysis, and media coverage, plus conversations, interviews, and correspondence with several dozen former prisoners, he provides a detailed account of their captivity and offers valuable insights into an ongoing issue: the conduct of prisoners in the hands of enemy captors and the rules that should govern their treatment.

    He served 22 years in the United States Army and has written extensively about military affairs. Latham's research contributed directly to the posthumous nomination of Chaplain Emil J. Kapaun for the Medal of Honor. Korean War. The opening campaign of the US-Mexican War transformed the map of each nation and shaped the course of conflict. Armed with a broad range of Mexican military documents and previously unknown US sources, Douglas Murphy provides the first balanced view of early battles such as Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma.

    He reassesses previously covered territory and also poses new questions. Why did Mexico establish its defenses south of the Rio Grande while claiming territory north of the river? In confronting these questions, Murphy shows that the campaign was a complex chess match with undercurrents of political intrigue, economic motivations, and personal animosities as much as military action.

    He also serves as an adjunct professor of history at the University of Texas at Brownsville. Mexican War. Military History, Texas. Haecker and Jeffrey G. Three case studies in the rising career of Lyndon B. Johnson show this in action: LBJ's formative experience as a New Dealer directing the National Youth Administration NYA in Texas; his key role as senate majority leader in breaking the deadlock to secure funds for the Lake Waco dam project; and the cumulative effect of his Great Society policies on urban renewal and educational reform among the Mexican American community in Waco.

    Robert Harold Duke's careful analysis in LBJ and Grassroots Federalism also offers a unique insight into a transformational period when the federal government broke down barriers and opened doors to the engagement of African Americans and Mexican Americans in community planning processes and social policy. Holding a PhD from Western Michigan University, he has previously served as a public school educator, both in the classroom and as a superintendent. Political Science.

    Harris, James W. Riddlesperger Jr. At the apex of progressive reform in Texas from to , Thomas M. Closely associated with former Texas Governor James Stephen Hogg, Campbell played a central role in reviving the Hogg reform movement and building a strong record of progressive laws in areas such as social welfare, public education, and tax reform. At the same time, she provides new insight into the inner workings of the Texas Democratic Party at the turn of the twentieth century. She resides in North Richland Hills, Texas. Texas Political History. History of the Mesilla Valley, — William S. Decade by decade and city by city, Bryant charts the growth of cultural institutions and patronage as he describes the contributions of artists and performers and of the elites who support them.

    Bryant focuses on the significant role women played as leaders in the formation of cultural institutions and as writers, artists, and musicians. The text is enhanced by more than fifty photographs depicting the interplay between the people and the land and the culture that has resulted. His studies have included regional architecture, art, and cultural institutions. He resides in Bryan. Kiser has a brisk writing style that makes the book both enjoyable and exciting.

    If the quality of his first work is any indication, other books by this young man will soon enhance the shelves of Western history. Civil War. Sophie Burton and F. Todd Smith In The Howling of the Coyotes: Reconstruction Efforts to Divide Texas, Ernest Wallace was among the first to chronicle attempts by radical reconstructionists to divide the state, a move their critics derisively referred to as the "howling of the coyotes. This is social history at its best and deserving of a place on reading lists in Louisiana history courses.

    They both live in Dallas, Texas. Ethnic Studies. Southern History. Edited by Ashley M. Smallwood and Thomas A. Jennings New research and the discovery of multiple archaeological sites predating the established age of Clovis 13, years ago provide evidence that the Americas were first colonized at least one thousand to two thousand years before Clovis.

    These revelations indicate to researchers that the peopling of the Americas was perhaps a more complex process than previously thought. The Clovis culture remains the benchmark for chronological, technological, and adaptive comparisons in research on peopling of the Americas.

    The contributing authors presented earlier versions of these chapters at the Clovis: Current Perspectives on Chronology, Technology, and Adaptations symposium held at the Society for American Archaeology meetings in Sacramento, California. In seventeen chapters, the researchers provide their current perspectives of the Clovis archaeological record as they address the question: What is and what is not Clovis? Waring Jr. Archaeological Laboratory in the department of anthropology at the University of West Georgia. Waters, Charlotte D. Pevny, and David L.

    Lepper, Dennis Stanford, and Michael R. Edited by Kelly E. Graf, Caroline V. Ketron, and Michael R. Waters As research continues on the earliest migration of modern humans into North and South America, the current state of knowledge about these first Americans is continually evolving. Especially with recent advances in human genomic studies, both of living populations and ancient skeletal remains, new light is being shed in the ongoing quest toward understanding the full complexity and timing of prehistoric migration patterns.

    Providing an up-to-date view of the current state of knowledge in paleoamerican studies, the research gathered in this volume, presented by leaders in the field, focuses especially on late Pleistocene Northeast Asia, Beringia, and North and South America, as well as dispersal routes, molecular genetics, and Clovis and pre-Clovis archaeology. Growing up, we typically spend more time with our brothers and sisters than we do with our parents. In an age of divorce, mobility, and alienation, the sibling bond is often the only one that really lasts.

    War: A Primer for Christians provides a concise introduction to the main approaches that Christians have taken toward war and examines each approach critically. Given that brothers and sisters are such a fundamental aspect of human existence, it is remarkable that they have received so little in-depth attention in the field of psychology. Some Christians have supported their country's wars as crusades of good against evil. Others, as pacifists, have rejected participation in or support for any war. Still others have followed the just-war tradition in holding that it can be justifiable under some conditions to resort to war, but that then Christian love must limit the conduct of war.

    Abramovitch looks at the developmental sequence in the sibling relationship as brothers or sisters struggle to find their place with each other, concluding with a very personal account of his own relationship with his brother and sister. He is the founding president of the Israel Institute of Jungian Psychology and a professor in the department of medical education at the Sackler School of Medicine in Tel Aviv University.

    Analytical Psychology. In an updated preface and new afterword, Allen explores aspects of current international relations that have a special bearing on the context of war. His book is also a primer in the further sense, that it will prime the pump for further discussion and debate as to when wars are just and how a nation might keep the means employed under restraints.

    There are more people reading and researching the history of the state than ever before. It is a tale of grand designs, high hopes, deep holes, politics, fishing, follies, foibles, and environmental change. Additionally, the spread of groundwater irrigation amid the discovery of the limits of Ogallala Aquifer spurred regional interests to tap the Canadian. This book is a valuable addition to the water history of Texas and the American West and to the growing body of worldwide regional water histories.

    Combining traditional historical sources with hydrology, climatology, and geology, Red Water, Black Gold complicates the traditional story of top-down water management as well as telling the thus-far untold story of the Canadian River in Texas. In Red Water, Black Gold she combined her expertise in western and environmental history with a personal depth of knowledge gained from growing up in the Canadian River watershed and the ten years she spent flying over the region as a pilot.

    Environmental History. Bryan, whose monumental collection of Texas art is the source of this traveling exhibition, determined that he would collect only those artists who had actually participated in the settlement of Texas—not artists who imagined the events after they were history. Thus, as editor Michael Duty observes, Deep in the Art of Texas constitutes not just a tour of Texas artists, but a virtual tour of the romantic history and vast geography of the state itself.

    Recognition that art is an essential part of Texas culture came late. List this Seller's Books. Payment Methods accepted by seller. AbeBooks Bookseller Since: 17 March Stock Image. Condition: Very Good Hardcover. Save for Later. About this Item Signed by Frances Downing on title page. Number Six in the series. This is an unused book with a dust jacket that shows some shelf wear.