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If anyone has some suggestions of how to get those clothes really smelling good let me know. How about using Purex Crystals. I am going to buy some at Target or Walgreens this week. I read that it has great scent without the softener. Plus, you put it in at the beginning of the wash cycle with your detergent. Rory, my clothes do not have any odor or bad smell, but it is not fragranced. Although, when you walk out into my laundry room it smells real good. I used some peppermint oil and followed the directions that Matt gave in his recipe. I think it will have to be in the softener.

Well, I did it!! Just like you said and it is wonderful!! Nice and smooth. Also, today I mixed some peppermint essential oil with distilled water to make air freshner. All I can say is my house smells so clean and fresh. Thanks so much for awesome advice and all the great recipes. Yes, I want to make my own powdered laundry soap. I was wondering if anyone out there has used essential oils to scent the laundry soap? If so, how do you get it to mix in without clumping. Just mix in drops in each batch and mix. Go back and mix again every 15 minutes for an hour; it should be fine.

Hi Allison, I would store it in a container with a lid to keep it from clumping in humid weather. Do you have to store this in a sealed container, or could you store it in an old laundry detergent box? Do you think humidity would adversely affect the mix? Ivory brand soap is microwaveable! This piece of information WILL save your sanity.

No more grating soap by hand. I always have a problem with this dissolving so I turned it into a liquid solution. Melt the soap in four cups of water and remove from heat. Add twelve more cups of warm but not cold water to cool it down. Then add the borax and baking soda. The baking soda will react to hotter temperatures but the soap will re-solidify if you let it get too cold before all the water is added. I was having problems with the soap dissolving in my washing so I only care about having that dissolved ahead of time.

Hi, just made a double batch of this laundry soap excited to do a load of laundry now and was wondering if it matters whether you need to use hot or cold water when you wash the laundry? Fabric softer is not recommended to be used on bathing suits compression garments like under armour anything high in elastic or nylon softer causes the thread to relax and actually stretch out rib t shirts are the worst to give softer to they will actually lose there shape. So sometimes soap and bleach is NOT the issue Downey is…….

Did you get holes in your clothes before, and now with homemade soap you do not? Slowing trying to replace one thing at a time in my personal care and cleaning regimen. Thanks for recipe on homemade detergent. Question: How does it affect delicate fabrics and will it fade colors over time more than commercial detergents? I bought some oxiclean and mixed about a scoop and a half in with my latest batch.

So far so good! Also as far as delicates goes I havent had any problems. I do use vinegar in a Downey ball and I love that it makes my clothes soft but not greasy like I felt the conventional fabric softener did after several uses. If you already have soft water, try replacing the washing soda in the recipe with baking soda. Perhaps something else added with the hydrogen peroxide would deliver even better results! Does anyone have recommendations for soaps other than Ivory, Fels-Naptha, or Zote?

The reason is that they all have fragrance in them and it makes me break out in hives, just like Tide! I saw a few suggestions for Dr. I have a front loading machine…Where do I put the powdered detergent?

Does DIY laundry detergent work?

In the top tray or directly into the drum? I was even struggling to find vinegar in any quantity, and ended up getting that off the net — this stuff used to be cheap and easy to find! Not tested on animals. My only concern now is the source of the palm as it can be a major player in deforestation.

You can get oliva soap from holand and barret made from only olive oil ,water amd mineral salts. I use 1 bar grated finely,which makes 2 cups of soap,2 cups soda crystals,2 cups of baking soda and a few drops of essential oil for a nice scent. The other thing to try is putting this batch in a larger container with a tight lid and roll it back and forth to mix it well.

Use vinegar in the rinse to get rid of any residue on the clothes. Good for you for trying this! Thanks Colleen and Matt! I remembered I had a little pulse blender for my protein drinks. So I used that a little at a time and it worked a treat!! Feels good to accomplish stuff like this. Help please! Is there anyway to fix this or do I just ditch this mix and try with the Ivory soap. The Fels-Naptha is way too strong smelling and I have eczema so I think the Ivory soap will work better for that. Thanks for any feedback.

Try putting it in your blender in small amounts at a time. I think I will just try the ivory soap in the microwave trick. Or maybe borrow a blender. Thanks for this site! Yeah, borrow a blender or something, try not to waste the batch. Thanks for the kind words, getting started in DIY Natural is awesome! If you use Ivory soap, you can actually microwave it. This makes it so much easier to grate into a powder. Hello I am curious how you use the powdered laundry soap in a HE washer, the detergent fill area seems to be made for liquid.

Thanks John. Either put it in the bottom of the washer first, before water and clothing, or take off the top part of the deterrent fill area. And for those of you into cloth diapering, this is cloth diaper safe! Not sure about when you use Ivory, but Dr. I got Zote soap at a hispanic grocery store.

The bars are large, though; 14 oz. Do you use the whole bar for a batch? Mine ended up still looking like coconut after I stirred, so next time I will freeze and run through blender before mixing. Thanks, Matt and Betsy, for all the great ideas! Hey Matt, I wonder about this too. The Zote bar is 14oz while Fels Naptha is 5. Do you know? HOW were the amounts of each ingredient figured out? It baffles me to see liquid recipes using so much water…it seems like it would be such a weak cleaning solution after adding 10 gallons of water.

The answer is to use about 4. This recipe came from a lot of trial and error on our end. We live in Red Deer, AB. About an hour and a half north of Calgary. I will have to check the health food stores here. We have a Once Upon A Child here too. Good to hear Jenn! We only have Sunlight laundry bars here in Canada. I would love to try the fels naphtha sometime though. Where abouts in Canada are you Colleen? Our machine has a plastic piece that can be slid down in one slot for liquid and another for powder.

When I first tried this detergent, I too found a lot of the soap left in the dispenser. Once I changed the plastic piece to where it showed for powder, the leftover soap was not a problem. Hope it helps! I am sold on the Naptha bar. I had a pillow sham that was dingy looking in my downstairs bedroom we always seem to lay on that side of the bed. When they came out of the wash I was comparing them and thought well it still looks dingy but this one is nice and white , then I realized the dingy one was the one I had not rubbed with the Naptha, it now looked bad next to the other.

The laundry detergent is Great now!! Ok I was so excited to try this…Here is what I got clothes looked ok smelled fresh , actually smelled like Naptha but the problem is most of the Naptha is still sitting in the soap dispenser I have an HE machine. I see that this works great for High Efficiency front-loading machines as well as regular machines… but I happen to have a HE top-loader.

Any difference? Not enough water for my taste! I have been wondering about the adding of the Oxi-Clean agent. Does it fade out your color clothing? Has anyone added a bluing agent for whites? This is the first time I have used the Oxi Clean. Some people have suggested it, so I decided to try it. Some people have used Baking Soda too, but have found that it has bleached their clothes somewhat in spots.

Next time I will just stick to the three main ingredients. I just made a batch and all I did was use the shredding disc on my Cuisinart, and grated the Fels Naptha soap, then took off the disc and put in the regular blade, and mixed the grated soap with the washing powder and borax. Worked perfectly! Oh one more question! Has anyone tried using a meat grinder to chop up the soap?

I have a grinder on my kitchen aid mixer and was curious if that might work…. I have 4 kids and hubby builds lawn mowers and other equipment lots of grease so I typically make a tripple batch. My container isnt air tight and I have never had problems. As for the grinder, I use my food processor. I cut the bar of soap into chinks and freeze it for a few.

Works great. Let us know how the grinder works! Can you make up as much as you want at a time? I thought it would be nice to make a a few batches at one time and throw it all in together. Is it okay to do that with this?

7 Homemade Laundry Detergent Recipes for HE Washers

Will it stay fresh as long as it is in a sealed container? I love this recipe! Walmart didnt have any washing soap so I used unscented hypoallergenic dove soap with moisturizer. The hand grate I had was small enough but it took wayyy too long so I ended up taking a metal spoon and scraping the soap. I got longer but thinner pieces and it still ended up powdery. I have heard the moisturizer leaves build up. Walmart normally carries Zote or Fels Namptha in the laundry isle.

The build up from dove can make things look dingy. I would make sure to put vinegar in the rinse to help remove the residue. Hi Nicole — I agree with Jess regarding the moisturizer leaving a build up on your clothing. Also, rather than grating your soap whichever you use , first cut it into about 8 squares, freeze for a few hours and then put in a food processor if you have one.

Sure saves a lot of time. Hi Toni — you might try cutting the bar into 8 pieces, freezing for a few hours and then putting it in the food processor. No grating and no need to use the microwave. I was wondering if you can use any bar soap, or if it has to only be 1 of the 3 that was mentioned? My sons skin is highly sensitive, and therefore he cannot use Ivory at all. Quick question??? We have a 5lb tub of soda ash we use in out pool is that the same thing as washing soda? Can I use it I have an bunches instead of buying more Washing Soda?

I Love this stuff and I use straight vinegar in the rinse cycle our clothes look, smell and wear much better without all the extra additives. I had never heard of everclear until I signed up for your updates. It is the same as the washing soda and so very much less expensive. Like you, I use the straight white vinegar in the rinse cycle and love the results. It removes any residues that might be left from washing.

I have been doing some research so I can begin making my own homemade laundry detergent. I am concerned to see so many recipes include Borax which is considered a toxic poison….. Ok people stop using google you can find nothing but negative stuff if you google. So this is not met to sound rude but probably will. Borax is a salt that is used in boriac acid now boriac acid is a nasty one BUT it is one of the best antifungals out there mix it and soak you toes in it it works way better then taking a pill the dr gives you that will kill your liver. Everything has good and bad sided to it.

Do you eat cucumbers?? Sometimes you have to take the lessor of the evils Borax is safe enough for cancer centers to use around cancer patients. The amounts of Borax used is very little and with a vinegar rinse you get rid of the build up it can cause try getting rid of a build up on clothing from Tide! Tide I loved it used it put its ingredients pollute our waters and if you have a septic tank OUCH There are lost of stuff we eat and drink daily that can be toxic to others I have a dog who has seizures from chemicals I would not sprinkle borax on the carpet to rid it of fleas with him but I have and if ya have bed bugs this will kill them too even all natural products have toxic issues i nature the cure grown next to the cause in out over used to chemicals to rid the world of the cause we have killed the cure Poison ivy with in 3 feet of it you should find the plant to cure it but we have killed it with the use of chemicals this is one reason why saving rain forest is important so we can go and replant the cures.

BUT even the cure for ivy has issues of it own and what it will kill. So you have to weigh the good and the bad and make informed decision based upon facts and not google web sits. So the only option that counts os what is right for you and your family weight all the options yourself and then you decied. Forgot to say this: Any suggestions for how to improve this recipe naturally would be great.

I have very hard water, my Mother in Law tried it and found no difference, but she has soft water. I also use vinegar in the rinse cycle, which gets out any residual soap. I have a question and am kind of confused. Just wondering. I want to be sure I am understanding this correctly.

My family has sensitive skin issues so I have to be very careful as well. Thank you!!! I was wondering how it works only using 1 tbsp. I personally think this is yet another area where the repairmen are pulling your leg…you do need less powder than the horrid liquid…but considering side load HE low water washers have been around before liquid detergent was marketed to us.. I would say its likely a crock…here goes the big corporations tied in with Tide making sure you cant do the green economical route. Our HE washer has different sections in the dispenser for liquid soap or powdered soap so it must depend on the brand of machine.

We have several bars of Ivory soap so I will try that next to use them up. The first batch I tried microwaving the soap with not wonderful results. The next batch I grated the soap first, then put it in the food processor with the other ingredients to blend it well and found it mixed well. My co-worker makes her own powder detergent and was using it in her HE washer for about a year, it broke down the repairman came out and told her that she cannot use this in her HE that it will void the warranty.

That he sees this problem all the time. The HE washer instructions specifically say not to use powder detergents.

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  • Homemade Natural Laundry Detergent Powder.

OK my Personnalphshlizemn it say like this.. I finally submitted to making the recipe but instead of making it a powder, I make it a liquid by using the same recipe but adding 3 gallons of water to the mix. I initially started using Zest bar soap, it was ok but not a fresh enough smell.

So my next batch I tried Dove bar. Not a good idea as I had everyone in the household complaining of a stinky smell, not a fresh smell. This is an actual laundry soap bar that is soft and glycerine like. It had a pleasant smell and was easy to cut up and melt on the stove. I added the water and within 5 hours it solidified to a soft form. Well, I should have guessed that. BUT, all I needed to do was add more water to the bucket and stir it up. It had the best smell, very clean and fresh. My first load came out smelling so wonderful. I cant believe it took me three batches to figure it out, but has been very fun making it.

I have told everyone in the laundry isle at wallmart how to make this. I wish I had this recipe when my kids were little. But never to late to learn. I have been making the liquid version of the homemade laundry soap and using is in my HE front loader. My last batch, I doubled the soda and borax, and for some reason I had a solid form on the top of the bucket about an inch thick. I tried mixing it in, but hard to break up. Today my washer was oozing water, I checked and the soap has not been dissolving and left all the chunks in the top of the washer. Has anyone ever had their soap do this, and how can I prevent it.

I do not want to waste ingredients and ruin another batch. Any suggestions??????? Hi, I just wanted to comment. I make it in large quantities to last longer and I add a bottle of the Purex Crystals just for scent. Also, a little trick I learned about the Ivory soap and this only works with Ivory as far as I know If you put it on a paper plate in the microwave for about seconds it will expand it looks like a science experiment but take it out and let it cool.

This makes it perfect to add to your laundry detergent. No shredding! I love that! Hope this helps. I must say that I am surprised that the vinegar doesnt leave a smell. I washed and dried my first load. However I still had a little static when they were dry…am I maybe not using enough vinegar or do you still use a fabric sheet?

Hi Charity. The vinegar seems to take care of the static most of the time. Just leave it in the dryer all the time. Has anyone tried a different bar soap such as Dial? It is an antibacterial soap. I have never made the detergent before just thought if there is a musty smell problem if this would help: I clean my front loader regularly by running a bleach cycle. It seems to help just a little bleach does the job. I understand from others with front loaders that using vinegar about 1 cup in a cycle will get rid of the musty odors that can accumulate.

Also, it is better to leave the door ajar after finished washing. I do this with my top loader as well to avoid moisture retention in the machine. My skin. I would fill the Downey ball with whatever amount it holds. I also use the 2nd rinse option on my machine. Hi Charity — I think the vinegar is both cost effective and better to use. It removes any residue that might remain and softens as well. Did I understand the comment from Julie to mean it is damaging on swim wear, etc. Does anyone know if this type of laundry soap can be used on Lululemon and Under Armour workout clothing without ruining them or the wicking ability?

I have a question. I am going to use a borax free detergent because I am doing cloth diapers and I am currently pregnant. But can I add a soap to a detergent that is Washing Soda, baking soda, and oxygen cleaner? Or is it even necessary? I am new to this, but I just can pass up the savings and how much better it will be for my kids.

I use this recipe, borax and all with my cloth diapers and have no problems at all. I used it all while I was preggers and just as with anything, dont breathe it in when you mix it I still try not to. Occationally to strip the diapers I add a tsp of Dawn dish detergent instead of bleach. Good luck!!

Liquid Laundry Soap- Homemade Natural Cleaning Products #10 1/2

I bought several different kinds and was wondering if the color would mess anything up or should I stick with the white or pink colored ones. It has to be true soap. Make sure it says that on the label. After that, I also had someone share this tip with me: place your bar of soap regardless of what kind on a plate and put it in the microwave for minutes all microwaves are different, so just watch it. The bar of soap will expand times its normal size. Now you can run the washer with cold water saving energy!

Great tips. Even better than using the microwave on the soap, cut the bar into about 8 pieces, freeze for a couple of hours or more and then put into a food processor. This works great! Hi Victoria — It works great in cold water — just dissolve the powder in a cup or so of warm water first, then add to washer. Thats fabulous and thanks for the tip, I cannot wait to try this! My daughter loves it! Has anyone tried this with lye soap? My mother makes her own lye soap and has been for years.

We are wondering if she did a bar with scent but no colour if it could be grated and used? We have already been using the soap as a stain remover…better than anything on the market truth be told…so thinking it might be good. Any thoughts? Lye soap works best, in my opinion. I like a plain lard soap for laundry soap.

You can break that up and it turns into very fine flakes. It perfect to use instead of grating! Only microwave half a bar at a time if you have a smaller microwave!!! Definitely worth trying if you have a food processor. I use only 1 Tbsp. I use the Fels soap. Somehow, at least in my mind, that would work better than just plain bathsoap.

I have a top loader super size I can wash a king size quit in it so I use 2 Tb spoons in a front loader u use less as u have less water then a top loader. Just wondering if only a Tbs really works for ordinary laundry? Oh my! I just made a double batch of this laundry powder in a matter of moments.

I took 2 bars of Ivory soap, cut into 8 squares each bar and froze them all for an hour or so. I tossed that into my food processor with 2 cups of Soda Ash to start and it whizzed up so quickly and easily. I then added the 2 cups of Borax and pulsed for a few seconds to blend that in. Another user posted that they had frozen the fels-naptha and that had worked well, so I gave it a try. Thanks for the tip!!! Actually, it was probably more like 2 hours that I froze them. Next single batch I made I only froze them for just under an hour and, while it worked, it worked better and faster frozen longer.

My parents have a front loader and all their towels and clothing have a musty smell and they do not use this recipe. It is their washer. I agree, you have to get it cleaned up and get rid of the mold that is growing in your machine and leave the door cracked so it can air out and dry properly. I had this problem too. When I switched back to Tide the smell went away. And the smell was in all of my clothes. It really made me sick. It is from ur washer you need to add 2 cup vinegar to hot water run empty load then add 2 cup vin to the rinse this should clear up the issue also on a top loader u should always keep the lid open my friend keeps her front loader door cracked open too for they get smells real fast.

This issue is that this recipe is soap only. It still comes out cheaper and the smell problem is gone. My OCD husband used to close it every time he passed by, and our clothes started smelling bad. Never have had another smell problem. I just have to make sure I do an extra rinse if I use vinegar ory little one gets a little rash. Ive used Dawn to strip them and it worms great. My favorite soap is Kirks Castile. I cut it into thirds, freeze it for about a half hour, then pulse it in my food processor. Works like a charm! When my sons were small, I would rinse the diapers twice. I would add one cup of apple cider vinegar to the final rinse.

They never had diaper rash. I used 2 TBS of detergent and vinegar for the rinse. They always smelled clean. Other than having to sun bleach some bm stains gonna happen… I never had any issues with stains or smells. FYI one suggestion made on the other site was to use regular old school Dawn liquid to strip diapers when needed.

Can soneone tell me where to find these items?? I went to 5 stores yesterday and no one had Borax, Zote, OR washing soda. I want to try this, but I cant waste days and gas looking for this stuff. I get mine at WalMart also. I can find the Zote but not the Zote flakes there so far anyway. Our local Walmart also carries Zote but not the flakes here either.

I live in Anaheim, CA. Save a lot has it all. I use the Zotes I like the smell of it over another. However, you smell nothing after the vinegar rinse. Any suggestions on what to add to up the fresh ness? The link for the dish detergent Matt gave you will give you the perfect recipe for that. Have not made this soap yet but have added 20 Mule Team Borax to laundry to get body odor smells out of clothes. I use Yardley lavender or lemon verbena, no complaints from the hubby so far on the smell! You could try that:. Do you think the Yardley lavender or lemon verbena work well to clean the clothes?

As well as the Fels-Naptha? You can try using more washing soda in the mixture, that should help. There are some different recipes out there. I do a liquid recipe using the same ingredients. Dissolve grated soap in 4 cups water in pan over medium heat on stove. Stir until washing soda and borax are dissolved. Mixture will begin to gel quickly. I then use a funnel to pour the laundry detergent into two empty detergent containers this recipe makes 2 gallons of detergent — perfect for two empty detergent containers.

I put the lids on after the mixture cools. You can add essential oils after it cools if you want more scent. You will need to shake the mixture before each use. Just my opinion. Hey you may have your answers already but what I do is grind it all together in my little processer for about 10 mins or more. Seems like the longer you grind the better the bar soap becomes covered in the washing soda and borax. I use Zotes I got at save-a-lot grocery store it was 99c for a huge bar.

I band ivory soap from my house years ago because it was to drying for our skin. Happy washing. Oh an important thing to remember is to use straight vinegar to the rinse for a reall clean chemical free laundry. I just tried this for the first time and WOW! I usually just use some detergent but everything usually feels kinda residuey not a word but it should be; I actually had to do a few more washes than usual cause it got out more dirt than the other stuff too! I stirred a whole lot more than 5 minutes and even got in there with my fingers to squish it up. I cam back to the article and it looks like you may have a smaller size grater than I do.

Either way it still works wonderfully chunks or soap or not! You might want to try mixing it all together in either a food processor or a Ninja blender…makes the particles all very fine. I agree. I first used my food processor to shred the cheese — err, soap, using the shredding disc. Then poured it into a bowl with the other powders, and put in the regular blade and poured everything back in and ground it for about a minute or less until it all turned into minuscule pieces.

Worked great — no need for freezing, microwaving, or grating by hand. Actually, the clean up took longer than the actual making of the washing machine soap. Wear a mask when blending it all up bad for asthma 3. The Fels-Naptha bar smells like Pine Sol! Hi, I was checking out your laundry powder recipe and would love to give it a try, I have also read all the comments but still have a few question.

If not could anyone please let me know of a good alternative to Downy that will keep my clothes soft and static free? Many thanks!! I was wondering if anyone has tried microwaving Dr. I hate to waste a bar of soap if someone else has already experimented. I would think if you used a soap that you knew he wasnt allergic to it would be worth a little try…you never know how people will react to certain things though so maybe make a small batch and give it a go on one of his tshirts…I am allergic to all kinds of weird things but I can do this as long as I use a soap I am not sensitive to…I use kirks coco castille its unscented…good luck.

Leanna- Thank you. I went and got all of the ingredients today. Thanks again. I am so excited to try this detergent recipe BUT, I have one question.

Would I need to use the all natural bar soap to avoid the perfumes? But, besides that even if you were to use your dry weight from tablespoons to oz it would still be very off. Even with the increase of air displacement from shredding the soap. I have been using this with Kirks Castile soap on cloth diapers and have had no problems with absorbancy. So far I have had no problems with absorbancy or smell! Ps to Matt and Betsy: Thank you for posting this recipie on your site. It made cloth diapering even MORE affordable I have only purchased 2 packs of disposables, when she was too small for thw cloth ones still and on top of the cost benefit I dont have to worry about what is in my detergent.

I do have sensitive skin myself and had tried everything comercially available…with little luck. I have had no reaction to this at all! Sorry for the rant…. Cloth Diaper Detergent soap free 1cup of oxiclean, 1cup of borax 1cup of washing soda 2 tablespoons for an average load gets them super clean. I microwave the Fels Naptha for about a minute and then in smaller segments to get it to puff up as the water is driven off. After that I run the whole mix through a food processor to blend all the ingredients and get a more uniform mix.

You might want to look for a generic brand of OxiClean. Microwave a bar of soap for 90 seconds in a glass bowl.. Once you remove from micorwave it will cool and then crumble into a fine powder if you just mash with a fork… add to your other powdered ingredients and voila! Sandie, I microwaved the Fels-Naptha and caution against it. I left it in too long 1 minute and it burned to a literal, black crisp and filled the house with a horrible, noxious cloud of fumes.

The weather here was hot that day and we had the ACs running. Even so we were forced to open the doors and let out all our cool air just to get relief from the terrible fumes. I had to set the burnt soap plate outside too until the odor went away so I could bring it in to wash. Learned that lesson the hard way! However, I have since learned to open the Fels, let it sit out a few days to dry out and run it throught the food processor. Then, of course, the processor gets thouroughly cleaned. My man has moderate to severe psoriasis, and this detergent does NOT irritate his skin Hallelujah!

It does get all of our clothes very clean even the very active 7 yo boy clothes!

What goes into homemade laundry detergent?

After the first full batch, I bought the Kindle version of the DIY Natural Cleaners book and am so happy to have a chemical free, super clean house that smells great! Thanks Matt and Betsy! I use the homemade washing power in my front loader with vineger in the bleach section and my clothes have never been cleaner!! Love it thanks so much for sharing and helping the environment! Ivory had perfume in it so that could be an issue but my daughter has senestive skin and as long ad I add vinugar to the rinse it gets rid of said and perfume residue but u can by soaps with no fragrance in it make sure it is soap and not a beauty bar like dove it had cream in it.

And she is the only one who seems to be reacting to this recipe. I have so far only tried Ivory. Does anyone know if the other soaps mentioned are known to be better on sensitive skin? I mean, I guess it could be the Borax too? Any suggestions or ideas? I will definitely need to try the coca castile. Happy Tuesday, Cassie. I actually had to take the bar outside to grate it! My clothes came out clean and fresh. I loved the results. You changed my life! Do you use the entire bar of Fels-naptha for this recipe? Just curious because it seems much bigger and stronger than a bar of Ivory.

Hi Cassie — let us know if the microwave trick works with the Fels-Naptha. Also how do you use the powder in an HE washer? Do you disove it first? Sorry I am just full of questions.

Cooking Directions

I am very excited to try this I just wanna be sure I do it right. This stuff is great! I guess I need to complete my sentence, I do not know how much of the liguid to use in my he washer? I have read 2 spoonfuls or 1 cup? Homemade powdered detergent, 2 tablespoons. I use this recipe and it works really well. I however have issues with course powdered detergents so I put it in the blender and made it a fine powder which dissolves in hot or cold water with no problems at all.

Smells awesome going in and the clothes are not perfumed they just have a really nice fresh clean scent! I made the homemade liquid laundry soap and I love it so far. However, for some reason I still have little bits of soap in the detergent. Has anyone been able to get the liquid detergent completely liquid with no soap pieces? I thought I had the soap shaved pretty fine, maybe I need to make it even more fine??? I made the detergent in January and am still using it!

My recipe makes 10 gallons of the liquid version of the recipe. I have to boil the bar of soap in water on the stove, add to a 5 gallon tote with the powder ingredients and add copious amounts of water to the tote. It does gel up nearly solid. From that concoction, I dip out 2 quarts of the gel and pour into the gallon jugs and finish filling those up with water.

So in all it creates 10 gallons. A solution I found to that was I keep vinegar in a spray bottle at my washer and spray the entire underarm area. Works like a charm to neutralize the smell and also seems to work great as a fabric softener. So, I no longer purchase fabric softeners anymore! If you go to the Duggar family website, there is recipes for fabric softeners, dish detergent, and wash detergent. Wow, Shannon, you remind me of my grandma!

She was raised through the Depression Era, and that lady was my hero. Thanks Aimee. It even seems to make my clothes softer, especially the jeans. However when I started using this, I mixed with Oxy-Clean as was in the original recipe. Is it not necessary or might it be harmful? God bless. I am curious about the Oxi-Clean. How much do you put into the mixture? Thank you! I use a cup of Oxi, along with a cup each of borax and washing soda and the Fels Naptha.

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However, around here Oxi-Clean is about 20 cents an ounce, so I checked the shelves and the generic version I got was about 5 cents an ounce. The ingredients are the same as Oxi-Clean. I have pretty hard water here and it helps. I have been reading about putting Ivory in the microwave for 2 minutes to create flakes instead of having to grate it. I cannot say Patti, I have not tried it and cannot remember if others have mentioned success or failure with it. After it cools it breaks apart into fine particles then I go the extra mile place it in a ziplock baggie, roll it with a rolling pin into a powder.

Blends very well with my other ingredients. Dana, I have the same question. I have only used the Fels-Naptha soap and I want to try Ivory, since it is cheaper. I wandered if anyone has compared the effectiveness of the two and seen any difference. Same ingredients, just used boiling water and melted my soap. I used Dove soap. I have 2 questions.

One is I notice that the smell in the armpit area is still there after washing, kind of the deodarent smell. Any suggestions on what to do? So I am wondering if my clothes are actually clean. But I did see some fading when added right away…so I put in my clothes then fill the washer with water first before adding the detergent. Since then, no problems. I made this for the first time last week and it works great in our HE washer. I did try one other suggestion that worked great and is fun to boot.

I put the ivory soap in the microwave for about 2 minutes on high. It poofs up like cotton candy and when it cools it flakes apart. How to dark colors hold up? However, I do use white vinegar in my Downy ball in every load. It removes any soap residue, softens AND sets the dyes. Essential oil starter kit can be purchased here. It was like it woke up the old fabrics…with or without bleach. I too wash mostly in cold water, but have found that I have to rewash once in a while because the fels naptha is stuck to the clothes. Great info here, love your site, and always look forward to more ways to become more self reliant and save money, have a great day, Cassie.

I agree with you Cassie. I have gotten a lot of wonderful ideas on this site. Thanks so much Cassie and Amber… your support and encouragement are more helpful than you can imagine! God bless! I mix it a cup of hot water then add after the tub fills and right before I put the clothes in. I made the liquid version using Fels-naptha instead of ivory and ended up having to add more hot water to it because it was jelled almost solid. Otherwise it works great! I love that I am saving a ton of money and that it is better for the environment. Thank you so much for posting this recipe!!!

I appreciate the further digging for facts. Onward with corrected information! See this page. They list it as a on a scale to 10 because they make no differentiation between borax and boric acid; the two are NOT the same. How does the dry version work washing in cold water? I have made the liquid but dont like melting the soap. I would rather use this dry version but wash almost all myi loathes in cold.

Hi Sara — I use cold water a lot of the time and I just dissolve the powder in a cup or so of hot water, then add to washer. Hi Sara! I start the load with warm water and add the detergent. When it appears to be dissolved, I switch to back to cold. I used a bar of fels naptha with the borax and washing soda, and even though it never totally powdered, I stir a little before I scoop and it works great! The soap shreds dissolve just fine in the hard water I have, and the laundry comes out smelling just clean, no heavy perfume smell, that, and it can sit in the washer for a day or two and not get the mildewy smell I used to get after an overnight with my other detergent.

Do you know how many ounces the bar soap should be? Please please be extremely cautious with this if you have small children in the house. Borax is extremely toxic. Use gloves when mixing this as it can cause contact dermatitus and can be dangerous if it gets into an open wound or cur….. Tips Each homemade detergent pod will wash an average size laundry load.

They can be used in both standard and high-efficiency washers. If you have a large load, just add two pods. Place the pods in the drum of the washer before adding water and loading in clothes. This will give them the maximum exposure time to water so they will dissolve correctly and thoroughly. As with commercially manufactured single dose products, be sure to keep these away from children. It is essential to label them properly so they are not mistaken as food. Continue to 5 of 11 below. Or, you can do this in an electric blender. Add the denatured alcohol and essential oil if using , mixing very well.

Pour the mixture into the large preserving jar. Leave the jar overnight and it will set to a firm jelly. Tips To use, rub a small amount into stains or dissolve one tablespoon of wool wash in lukewarm water. Swish or soak the garment in warm water following all the steps for hand washing and then rinse well. Continue to 6 of 11 below.

You can purchase a commercially made bleach pen or make your own. Bring to a boil, stirring continuously until mixture becomes translucent and pudding-like. Let cool completely. Add bleach by the tablespoon until you have the consistency and strength you desire. The gel will thin a little bit after sitting. Place in a clean, empty squirt bottle and clearly label.

Tips Make in small batches. The product will lose potency after three months. Bleach solution can be used to create designs on colored fabrics. Continue to 7 of 11 below. What You Need Epsom salts magnesium sulfate Essential oil s in the scent s you choose Resealable plastic storage container Here's How To one cup of Epsom salts add 10 drops of essential oil. You can add more drops of oil if you like a stronger scent or less for just a hint of fragrance. Stir the oil into the salts well and store in an air-tight container. Tips When you're ready to do a load of laundry, add one-fourth cup of the scented salts to the washer along with your laundry detergent.

Add the salts directly into the washer drum—do not use an automatic dispenser. The scented salts are safe to use in both standard and high-efficiency washers. As with any cleaning or laundry product, be sure to label your scented salts and store them out of reach of children. This laundry fragrance enhancer makes a great gift. Present it in a pretty container with a coordinated measuring scoop. Be sure to include the directions—and maybe the recipe. Continue to 8 of 11 below.

Add 1 cup water to jug, stir or agitate to dissolve the baking soda. Add remaining 3 cups of water. Slowly add the 3 cups of white distilled vinegar. Do not pour quickly or the baking soda and vinegar may react and fizz out of the bottle! If you would like, add favorite essential oil for fragrance. Tips Safe for use in both standard and front load washers. Add the mixture directly to the washer's fabric softener dispenser.

Adding essential oil for fragrance is optional. The baking soda and vinegar do the actual fabric softening by helping to remove any detergent residue. Even if you don't add the oil, you won't smell like a pickle! Continue to 9 of 11 below. Add one tablespoon of corn starch and shake well until cornstarch is dissolved. If you like a heavier starch for shirt collars and cuffs, just add one teaspoon additional corn starch to the water until you get the stiffness you desire.

Tips To use your homemade starch, give the bottle a shake before each use. Store in the refrigerator between ironing sessions. Always use the steam feature of your iron when using homemade starch. Let the starch absorb into the fabric for at least 30 seconds before ironing. White marks on clothes when ironing means you are probably ironing too soon after applying the spray starch. It's also possible that you may need to add a little more water to your homemade mixture.

Continue to 10 of 11 below. DIY Fabric Refresher. If you like the convenience but not the price of these sprays, you can make them at home. What You Need 1 cup baking soda Hot water 10 to 12 drops of your favorite essential oil ounce plastic spray bottle Here's How Pour baking soda into a spray bottle. Add hot water to fill the bottle. Add drops of essential oil—as much or as little as you'd like. Shake bottle well to dissolve the baking soda. Tips Shake bottle well before each use. If the spray nozzle is clogged, simply rinse under hot water. Hold the spray bottle at least 8 to 12 inches away from the garment or fabric.

Spray lightly in sweeping motions. Do not over wet fabric or spray too close as it may leave residue on the fabric. Allow the fabric or garment to dry thoroughly before using. It should hang in a breezy spot, away from direct sunlight. Putting on a damp garment can result in excessive wrinkling. Storing a damp garment can lead to mold or mildew. Continue to 11 of 11 below. DIY Dryer Balls. Read More. The Spruce uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.