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How do I receive revelation?

Psalm Psalm 41 Psalm A [ a ] Contemplation of the sons of Korah. Footnotes: Psalm Heb. Maschil Psalm Lit. I see the face of God Psalm Lit. Cross references: Psalm : Ps. Revelation Revelation 1 Revelation 3.

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Cross references: Revelation : Rev. Bible Gateway Recommends. View more titles.

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Psalms in the Book of Revelation

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General revelation

Click the button below to continue. Close this window. Learn more today! Brocklehurst expects Jane to prefer the Psalms over Revelations, Daniel, Genesis, Samuel, Exodus, Kings, Chronicles, Job, and Jonah, most of which involve a great deal of masculine adventure, both in terms of exploits abroad and military defense at home.

Psalms 82 | NET Bible

In contrast, although the Psalms record a great deal of adventure and violence , the psalmist is usually the supplicant in need of defense. He calls out to God to protect him from his enemies who surround him from every side. The role of the Psalmist, therefore, is more in line with the Victorian conception of the role of the female rather than the male.

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It is to this that Mr. Brocklehurst so strongly objects.

While Jane certainly finds herself in need of help and protection after she flees from Thornfield, I do not think that by doing so she has surrendered to Mr. When Jane first arrives at Lowood School, her conversations with Helen Burns indicate that she does not yet know what she believes about God.

What Islam Teaches About the Gospel, Torah, Psalms, and More

What is God? Reed may have given Jane, and despite or maybe because of Mr. Helen Burns greatly influences Jane, however, and as Jane matures it seems that she, more and more, lives out the kind of faith first shown her by Helen Burns. When Jane faces the pain of leaving Rochester, she turns to God not as an abstract religious teaching, but as a friend, as strength, as her hope, and as her refuge.

When Jane relies on God to lead her through the difficulties she faces after leaving Thornfield, she does embody the psalmist, but I would argue that she does so because her understanding of the character of God has changed, not because she has embraced Mr.