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PROG MAGAZINE UK - ISSUE #88 June 2018 - PINK FLOYD Roger Waters

Refusing to be restricted by the new wave label, his catalogue already boasted the beautiful "Alison" on his debut album. Costello was no angry aimless punk; he is a career musician. Plastic Bertrand []. Plastic Bertrand's delivery stood out as a unique song that is often shrugged off as a novelty hit. While its lyrics made little, if any sense, it was a deft track that mixed an irresistible pop hook with traces of disco and a punk attitude. It meshed styles in an innovative way that was ahead of its time. Gloria Gaynor [].

The release of Gloria Gaynor's "Never Can Say Goodbye" is widely regarded as the point at which disco was an official music trend. It topped Billboard Magazine's inaugural Disco Chart. There had been other disco songs prior, most notably the 1s "Rock The Boat" and "Kung Fu Fighting", but Gaynor became the genre's first star. Disco had a regrettably lengthy list of one-hit wonders. Gaynor was crowned its queen early on, until she was succeeded by Donna Summer.

Gaynor's remake returned the Clifton Davis-penned song back into the Top In the UK, it reached 2. Alice Cooper []. Alice Cooper's "Only Women Bleed" has often been misunderstood, in part because of his on stage horror persona. Closer examination unwraps a song dealing with domestic abuse. The ballad was included on his 'Welcome To My Nightmare' album. At the time, Cooper was the master of "shock rock". His concerts had integral elements of theatre. In this way, Cooper was a trendsetter. It may have distracted listeners from the tender empathy contained in "Only Women Bleed".

Sadly, the song's theme remains a pertinent issue to this day. Saturday, February 27, TOP albums - Feb. Stealers Wheel []. The group seemed to possess enough potential for great success, but is largely remembered now for the hit single "Stuck In The Middle With You". It has been re-discovered by younger audiences thanks to its use in the Quentin Tarantino film 'Reservoir Dogs'.

Rafferty went on to score a global smash in his own right with "Baker Street" in Squeeze []. Squeeze known in some territories as UK Squeeze defined English songwriting, featuring a diverse range of themes and characters. Chris Difford's lyrics will move any listener. The song is relatable storytelling within an obviously British context. Ian Dury []. Stiff Records had a unique roster of punk and new wave acts.

Ian Dury was one of its successes. The British singer incorporated not only elements of punk and new wave in his music, but also disco, jazz, rock and funk. Rock 'n Roll was intertwined with sex and drugs and many performers became casualties of the lifestyle. Dury's song is delivered with wit. Thin Lizzy []. Phil Lynott wrote the song. His vocal style is confident and masculine. The guitar work draws the listener in. It is no wonder it has grown into a staple track on rock radio stations since.

Steve Harley penned this defining 70s song which packs so much into its 4 minutes. The music maintains interest with the changes. Throughout, the backing vocals add flavour and a sense of fun to the track. In Britain, the single reached 1. It was also a major hit in parts of Europe. Janis Ian [].

Few compositions are as raw and frank as "At Seventeen". Janis Ian's lyrics ring true as she conveys every word. Jethro Tull []. It was a key influence to the evolution of prog rock. Pivotal member Ian Anderson stars on the track. The Buggles []. The Buggles' hit is included here because it kick started Trevor Horn's impact on the music scene. The duo failed to repeat the success of this worldwide debut smash. By the following year, The Buggles had ceased to exist.

Jim Croce []. The full potential of Croce's talent was never to be realized. In September , the rising star's life came to an end in a plane crash. The single was issued in November. Joe Jackson []. His catalogue boasts jazz, pop, jump blues and rock. Like Elvis Costello, Jackson's music soon defied labelling. Friday, February 26, Ofra Haza. Ofra Haza had already enjoyed success in Israel prior to her appearance at Eurovision. Coming second out of 20 nations, her profile increased significantly. By then, she was a cherished Israeli star.

Israel's runner-up position in repeated the country's 2nd place the previous year. Today: 1. This countdown concludes today. The Beatles. Two simultaneous countdowns related to the Fab Four. Priority was given to original compositions, but some cover versions demanded inclusion.

Songs are ranked in terms of sales, musical impact, influence and sustained quality. George Harrison. Ringo Starr. May 10 Larry Williams singer, songwriter, producer, piani - wrote many Rock n Roll classics, with The Beatles and others covering his songs - b. May 13 Richie Valens - b. May 18 Big Joe Turner blues singer, songwriter - b. Rex - b. May 20 Joe Cocker - b. The Father of Progressive Radio. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in as a non-performer, one of only three disc jockeys to receive that honor.

May 28 T Bone Walker - b. Williams The Plasmatics - b. May 1 The U. It was published quarterly. The cost was 15 cents an issue. The magazine was, initially, edited by men writing under female pseudonyms, and it closely followed the style of more traditional movie magazines such as Photoplay. Its longtime editor in chief, former fashion model and subscriptions clerk Gloria Stavers, transformed the magazine from a standard general interest movie magazine into a major fan magazine that focused on the pre-teen female as its primary readerbase.

Stavers was the editor in chief from until She chose to cater to that particular demographic because of the many fan letters she had read from girls aged nine through 12 who were writing to popular celebrities in care of the magazine. Oldham, who worked for The Beatles, helps shape the Stones' rebellious image. The Fab Four were not filmed because a financial agreement could not be reached. Their last song is 'I'm Down. The single was released failed to chart in the U.

In it was named the 22nd greatest hard rock song of all time by VH1. This was the first marriage for them both and the only time Elvis was officially married. She gave him a plain gold band. Priscilla's maid of honor was her sister, Michelle. Joe Esposito and Marty Lacker were duel best men, but the rest of the "Memphis Mafia" were conspicuously absent because they hadn't been invited.

Lisa Marie Presley was born exactly nine months later to the day. He is a conscientious objector to the Vietnam War, and is eventually exonerated. It would reach 1 in the US and 2 in the UK. The LP would take six months to hit the charts and over a year before the single 'Let it Ride' became a Top 25 hit.

Ron Wood has joined the band, though not officially at this point. They are supported by Thin Lizzy. Nicholas Hall in Poplar, London. Paul Civic Center In St. Paul, MN. In three weeks time he also became the first Western solo pop performer to tour Russia.

Jethro Tull - A New Day Yesterday - BBC Radio Session, 1969

The founder of Fleetwood Mac had released a solo album called 'The Visitor' in Although the critics loved it, 'The Visitor' ended up losing a lot of money, as did Fleetwood's real estate investments, leading to eventual financial ruin. It didn't help that he was spending thousands of dollars of cocaine a month. The judge cited the 1st Amendment and dropped all charges.

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It reached 11 on the Billboard Top Albums chart. The video, directed by David Fincher, features Betsy Lynn George as a teenager who knocks at her neighbor's door and asks to play a tape, before stripping to the music. It was their last album with Troy Gregory on bass guitar, as he left in to join Prong. Campbell later called off the engagement but they remain friends to this day.

It was released five years earlier. The carriage house where the Nirvana guitarist died had been demolished. The exhibit featured 70 paintings by the former Beatle, including a piece called 'Bowie Spewing' McCartney's representation of a young David Bowie. Taken to a New Zealand hospital Richards receives treatment for a concussion. What would possess Richards to climb a palm tree? Reportedly, the accident occurred after drinking vodka all day and rum at night with fellow Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood. He is released from the hospital a couple days later.

The two-disc set features an interview with Santana and behind-the-scenes footage. As the title indicates the tome focuses on how Coop's love of golf helped him kick his alcohol dependency. He gives feedback to the remaining six contestants, who present their own renditions of Bon Jovi songs. It's an online computer program that generates personalized music for users. The Who guitarist began developing the concept in conjunction with the group's aborted earlys project Lifehouse, and used the program to write the song 'Fragments' for the band's 'Endless Wire' album.

A judge in Surrey, Canada, gives Kroeger the minimum sentence for his offense. The foundation is dedicated to helping young people battle addiction and other adversities by harnessing the influence of entertainment industry professionals who have confronted similar crises. The episodes are part of a three part installment titled 'Wishology.

It is the first track off the group's self-titled album. Paramore headlines the first day and Weezer the next. This is Paramore's fifth appearance at the festival but first as a headliner. It's also Weezer's festival debut. On a stage decorated with automatic weapons, he tells the audience they should ratchet up their efforts to publicize gun rights. You need to talk hunting all the time.

The gun community should be all about public relations. Rock delivers the keynote address at the Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner despite protests over his use of the Confederate flag in his shows. The film is in theaters three days later. While at the hospital, he signs autographs. The campaign runs for a month. The suit claims the hotel owners "actively encourage" guests to believe the hotel is associated with the band, in order to sell t-shirts and other merchandise. The Nashville-based company says it will be "re-focusing the company on the manufacturing of world-class, musical instruments.

The caravan tour starts in Hershey, PA. As for 'Folsom Prison Blues,' a 'live' version of the song that was recorded at the prison itself would be a hit all over again in Blues,' It was his first post-Army movie. It was the first album ever to make it to the top that quickly. Sullivan would later say that he received "thousands of calls complaining" about The Stones.

Las 16 mejores bandas de todos los tiempos

Pepper' album, he became convinced that 'Smile' would be seen as second best. The actual album wouldn't be released to the record buying public until May They recoded 36 takes of the song, which included Billy Preston on piano. The show was recorded for the forthcoming album 'Ummagumma. Greenbaum would later tell Rolling Stone magazine, "I'm just some Jewish musician who really dug Gospel music. I decided there was a larger Jesus Gospel market out there than a Jehovah one.

Thousands of arrests are made, many to bystanders who have nothing to do with the protest. At the foot of the Washington Monument, where much of the action is taking place, Jonathan Edwards performs his new song, 'Sunshine. Springsteen played a short set for him in his office; Hammond was so impressed that he arranged a real audition that night at the Gaslight Club in New York for other Columbia executives.

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Bruce passed the audition. Originally, the album was to be titled 'Terminal Romance. Black children, upset about inferior education, adopt the song as their anthem. The government says the song is "prejudicial to the safety of the state. Ahh,' enters the LP chart where it rises to 2. It reached 22 on the Billboard Top Albums chart. The honor is named after the Cardiff, Wales born entertainer Ivor Novello and has been presented annually by the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors since A' following the Rodney King riots.

Petty had written and recorded the song only a day before. The two men had had a confrontation in August of which ended with the fatal stabbing of Aarseth. Vikernes was convicted at the trial and was sentenced to 21 years in prison; however he was released early in May of on probation and currently continues to do business as Burzum, with several albums released since then. He still has fans. It later eclipses that total with sales of well over 20 million. The first stop is in Salt Lake City. The band also turned over a list of thousand Napster users to the company, who they accused of copyright infringement.

They are distraught over the label's financial condition and commitment to its artists. He was airlifted to Auckland's Ascot Hospital for observation, where he underwent a brain scan. PJ's 8th self-titled studio album contains the single 'World Wide Suicide. It starts in Seattle and ends three weeks later in Boston. The album debuted at 1 on the Billboard chart. Selling , copies in its first week the album is the second CD from the Boston group to debut at 1. They also serve up an acoustic set. Delp committed suicide, two months earlier, on March Jon Bon Jovi had previously advised each contestant on their performance.

It's the group's 6th song to reach 1 on the survey. Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello makes a brief cameo as a terrorist-and meets an untimely demise. He's Insurgent 5 in the movie and his guitar work is heard on the soundtrack. Seether and Candlebox also are on the bill.

The two-week Hear The World Ambassadors exhibition is part of an initiative to raise awareness of hearing loss. It's the Jazz Fest's 40th anniversary. He was one of 14 tourists to examine photos and documents in the National Trust-owned home, where Lennon grew up with his aunt Mimi and uncle George. And please, always listen to KoRn responsibly. John Fogerty, Brad Paisley, Vince Gill and Keith Urban are among those who lose guitars and other equipment that is held in a storage facility.

The companies are fined. According to Maryland's protection division, Springsteen fans looking for tickets on Ticketmaster's website were misled and directed to the TicketsNow resale site where tickets were sold at inflated prices. It sells , copies during its first week. The Men at Work flute player died two weeks earlier on April 19, at his home in the Melbourne suburb of Carlton North. The second gave me a chance to work for my DJ son Roman, who contributed some of his electronic dance music," says Perry.

The episode is titled 'Dune And Gloom. Hanneman died of liver failure in a Southern California hospital near his home in Los Angeles. On May 9, , the official cause of death was announced as alcohol-related cirrhosis. Hanneman and his family had apparently been unaware of the extent of the condition until shortly before his death. The guitarist had been suffering from necrotising fasciitis, a flesh-eating disease that he is believed to have contracted from a spider bite in I reached a point where I need to focus on other things," says Seward.

Live music fans can undertake a variety of social actions, ranging from signing petitions to calling their representatives, to earn points they can use to win free tickets to concerts. Drummer Lars Ulrich throws out the game's first pitch. The song is from the group's debut album, 'Polyester Zeal. The performance includes stories from Tyler's childhood to life with Aerosmith.

The complaint alleged that the hotel also plays Eagles' music and sells T-shirts that refer to the hotel as "legendary," which leave consumers with the impression that "they have visited the Hotel California made famous by the Eagles. The Eagles' iconic song was released in Several of the estimated 5, teens in attendance are injured and Freed will later be charged with incitement of a riot and destruction of property.

Rock and Roll became demonized in Boston, and the city did not host another Rock concert until , when The Beatles came through. The Maharishi's lectures on spiritual enlightenment bomb and the tour falls apart. He claims a fan gave him the drugs and that he had no idea what they were. Only 6 showed up. Hallon, Led Zeppelin played 'Four Sticks' live for the only time in their career. They also play 'Misty Mountain Hop' for the first time in concert. Despite the band believing the album's opening track, 'Backwater,' was the most suitable candidate for release as a single, the only track to actually be released as a single was 'Break the Rules,' in April , and it reached in the UK at 8.

The show is McCartney's first U. More people would buy the soundtrack than bothered to see the film. The record stays on the chart for weeks. It reached 73 in the Billboard charts. Originally recorded as a duet with Chaka Khan, her record company wouldn't grant her a release to work on Palmer's label, Island Records, and her voice was removed. The album peaked at 2 on the Billboard chart. It reached 6 on the Billboard Top Albums chart.

Early prognosis is good but it doesn't last. Assistant City Attorney Jerry Baik declines to identify the other drugs. It reaches on the Billboard charts. Experience Hendrix, the business entity that oversees Hendrix's musical legacy, brought the action to halt the unauthorized use of the late guitarist's recordings. Cool J and The Streets. The shows raise money the Daisy's Eye Cancer Fund, which supports children stricken with retinoblastoma.

Healey, who lost his sight as an infant due to the disease, passed away March 2 at age It's the group's first trek since ' The ban follows comments made in a Parade magazine interview where Elton claimed Jesus was a "super-intelligent gay man. This is the gallery's first photo exhibition solely on Jagger. Flying home to their estate in East Sussex, England after a day in London, the McCartney's were not aware of how close they came to crashing at the time.

Formerly known as Palmetto Playground, the recreational area is near Yauch's childhood home in Brooklyn Heights. Yauch, aka MCA, died of cancer in '12 at age Metallica performs the National Anthem and throws out the ceremonial first pitch. Their invention was meant to replace Thomas Edison's phonograph and featured wax-coated cylinders which were considered an improvement over the phonograph's tinfoil cylinders which had been delicate and difficult to remove.

It would climb to 7 in the US and 16 in the UK the following Summer, eventually selling over 2 million copies. Vincent has said that he wrote the words to the song after being inspired by a comic strip called 'Little Lulu. Elvis never plays Europe. It will enjoy a 78 week stay and top out at 2. US disc jockey Murray the K heard the track and encouraged Atlantic to release it. Hopkin later married record producer Tony Visconti. Neil Young reacted to the senseless slayings by writing and recording the song, 'Ohio.

Days later, over colleges are closed as four million students protest. The Kent State campus remains closed for six weeks. The show was moved from the Orpheum Theater, a smaller venue due to the high ticket demand. Earlier in the day, he gave a rare interview to Jean Rook of the Daily Express. Even though the recordings on The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl were between twelve and thirteen years old at the time of release, the album reached 1 on the New Musical Express chart in the U.

The album has yet to be released on compact disc in either country. Just a few weeks later, both quit and the band had to be revamped. It's for their double album, 'Out Of The Blue. Opening for Public Image Ltd, the group was bombarded with bottles and other debris. It reaches 5 on the UK charts. They divorce in He was just In , he was inducted posthumously into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Butterfield developed his drug addiction after suffering from several surgeries to relieve his peritonitis, a serious and painful inflammation of the intestines.

The guitarist was killed in a helicopter crash on 27th Aug after a concert at Alpine Valley Music Theater in Wisconsin, after playing of the dates. Angela signed a gag order when she divorced Bowie that kept her from talking for 10 years, and was taking advantage of the opportunity. The band later takes the stage at the iconic Hammerjacks.

The album won the Grammy award for Best Metal Performance. The carriage house where Kurt Cobain died had been knocked down during refurbishment. It had already ben released in Japan on October 28, The band had passed on the names of all those they considered to be "stealing" their material over the internet in the latest development in an ongoing battle over the protection of music copyrights on the web. The deal allows music purchases to earn air miles while miles can be traded for music downloads.

Help USA provides services to the nation's homeless. According to reports the 'victim' harassed Kroeger by shouting "Nickelback sucks. He receives on-going physical therapy at another facility. As the U. The ruling stipulates that the dispute must be decided through arbitration. May 5 The Billboard, a magazine for the music and entertainment industries, began weekly publication after six years as a monthly. It became his first million-seller, and was the best-selling single of The lyrics were based on a newspaper article about the suicide of a lonely man who jumped from a hotel window.

I became his first major hit. As an operatic rock ballad, it was a sound unheard of at the time, described by the New York Times as expressing "a clenched, driven urgency". It is seen as a seminal event in the evolution of Rock and Roll. It reached 1 in the United Kingdom, a position it achieved on October 20, , staying there for two weeks out of a total of 24 weeks spent on the UK singles chart from 28 July The band were signed to the label within a week.

Songwriter and Kinks singer Ray Davies later stated that the song was originally entitled 'Liverpool Sunset', after his love for Liverpool and Merseybeat. It will reach 2 in the US and top the chart in the UK. John Lennon claimed in that "there's some underlying thing about Yoko in there"," claiming that Paul McCartney looked at Yoko Ono in the studio every time he sang "Get back to where you once belonged.

It peaked at on the Billboard Top LP's chart. The single 'Love Me' reached 95 on the Billboard Hot His unique finger-picking style influenced many other artists. Louis, Missouri. At the time, the show set a record for the largest paying crowd at an American rock concert. The band played for two and a half hours without an intermission.

Album Chart for the first time with 'Aladdin Sane' which spent five weeks on top of the chart. It reached 17 in the U. They would later become Blondie. It's their 4th studio LP the 5th to be released in Australia. It's his 10th studio album and 2nd with The Silver Bullet Band. It goes on to peak at 4 on the Billboard Album Chart and sell six million copies in the U. It reached 5 on the Billboard Top Albums chart. Its original working title was 'Benmont's Revenge. The album's release was delayed while Petty and his distributor MCA Records argued about the list price.

Petty voiced his objections to the price hike in the press and the issue became a popular cause among music fans. Non-delivery of the album or naming it Eight Ninety-Eight were considered, but eventually MCA decided against the price increase. During the recording of the album John Lennon was scheduled to be in the same studio at the same time. Tom Petty was looking forward to meeting him when he came in.

The meeting never occurred; unfortunately, John Lennon was murdered before he could ever make it into the studio. The album's title comes from a line in the chorus of 'Insider. The weekly version of the show ran from January 1st, to July 30th, He was just 46 years old. It stays there 4 weeks and 14 in total in the top It reached on the Billboard chart. It spends 17 weeks on the chart. Even so, it's sales are among the lowest in U2's catalog. The growth turns out to be benign. The station received calls after the show from angry listeners, mostly from people saying they were glad Nugent was taken off the air.

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  • Jethro Tull (band) live albums.

During the live interview, he had been warned once for his language but continued with his racist diatribe. The two DJs said Nugent came on the show about three times a year, but won't be back any time soon. The comments cost Nugent a gig at the Muskegon Summer Celebration. His first gig back with the band is in Atlanta. The self-titled release reaches on Billboard. On the same day, they start their U. Neil created the charity event in memory of his daughter, who died in of stomach cancer at age four. Proceeds go to combat childhood illnesses. Adopt The Arts was created following the district's decision to eliminate all funding for elementary school arts programs.

Welch left KoRn in to focus on his sobriety and his faith. Plant said that the woman had been harassing him for over three years and believed that they are in a relationship, even though Plant insists the pair has never met. Electric Light Orchestra land at 2 with Yes at 3. The ceremony takes place in Frederick P. A Stones spokeswoman says Trump did not ask for permission to use the songs. Keith Richards said he fell asleep and woke up in the middle of the night with a guitar riff in his head. Half-asleep, he recorded the riff to his tape recorder; it would become the basis for 'Satisfaction.

After giving birth to a son on November 10th, Marianne would leave her husband to live with Mick Jagger. It was the first single from the US version of their 4th album 'Aftermath. The song features the then-unique sound of a reversed guitar duet played by Harrison who perfected the part with the tape running backwards so that, when reversed, it would fit the dreamlike mood.

After disc jockey Murray The K played the record on the air, local Boy Scouts correctly interpreted the chorus and phoned in a complaint. It reached 72 on the Billboard Top LP's chart. It will reach 6 in the US and 2 in the UK. It's the longest title of an album ever at the time. Recordings from the tour were later released on the album, 'Live Rhymin. The song would eventually climb to number one, win Grammys for record and song of the year and established Turner as a major solo star.

When Tina left her husband and former band mate Ike Turner in , she was carrying nothing more than thirty-six cents in change and a gas station credit card. They also peaked at 13 on the Billboard Hot Singles Chart with 'Cult of Personality' which was their first top 40 single. Department of Justice claiming that Ticketmaster has a monopoly, which led them to cancel their scheduled tour that summer. It was the first single to be released from the Manchester bands second album ' What's the Story Morning Glory? President Bill Clinton and his wife Hilary were the hosts for 'In Performance at the White House,' which was later broadcast on public television.

She apparently wanted to avoid the media hoopla over her reunion with the daughter she gave up for adoption 32 years earlier. He claims it's all a misunderstanding. He says his wife shipped the package containing the drug after he asked her to send him 'medication'. He was Dimebag Darrell made a guest appearance on this album.

The film makes its premiere in Beverly Hills, CA. Limited national release follows the next day. Lennon art work, a Vox Kensington guitar and a leather collar are sold. An estimated 50, attend the free gig in Havana. Audioslave then travels around the island meeting musicians and young people. The retailer, which stocked CD's at its branches in the US said it would be promoting other albums instead. It's a type of early-onset Parkinson disease. Ozzy is put on daily meds to treat the ailment. The institution hands out special degrees annually to individuals who "have achieved successes that are an inspiration.

The Police are also presented the key to the city. He joins executives from Sun Microsystems to announce plans to release his long-awaited archival box set via the Blu-ray format, fueled by Java technology. The interactive set offers music, movies, videos and photographs. It's Dylan's second consecutive studio effort to top the chart, following 's 'Modern Times,' and the fifth 1 of his career. He also serves as the week's music mentor. He joined the band in following the passing of Leon Wilkeson and remained with them until his death. The school's music program is supported by Ten O' Clock Classics, a nonprofit organization that provides free lessons and instruments to Catholic-school students.

Joel is a Ten O' Clock board member. Directed by Alex Courtez, the clip features the U2 performing in and walking through the streets of Fez, Morocco.

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Pop-wailer Celine Dion tops the list. Elvis Presley and The Beatles are tied at 3. The poll of 2, adults was conducted the previous March by Harris Interactive. It's 3 on the Billboard They share their thoughts on writing before a crowd of Gahan, a former heroin addict, almost died a handful of times during the '90s. Vans Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman is also honored.

Paramore and Jane's Addiction are among the performers. Proceeds benefit the MusiCares MAP Fund, which provides members of the music community access to addiction recovery treatment regardless of their financial situation.

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  7. Clark's three children spoke first, followed by his widow Kari, who read a list of "65 reasons I love Dick Clark. Gym members voted from a pool of 64 songs. Their mission is to stop preventable child deaths. The forward is by legendary Queen lead guitarist Brain May. The scientists who looked at more than 17, son gs found three music revolutions - in , and In the invasion of British bands introduced a radical new rocky sound. Synthesisers, samplers and drum machines, drove a second major style shift in The third, in , came about when rap and hip-hop went mainstream.

    The team also refuted claims that pop music was starting to sound the same. The court acknowledges that this the first time it's had to decide a case centered on the rights of a child during the time it is a fetus. Elvis Presley covers the song and The Beatles make it a pre-fame show staple. During its eleven week chart run, it peaks at 3. In the cabin, he comes across the band's horn player Elton Dean and lead singer Long John Baldry, and asks them if he can appropriate their names to concoct a new one for himself.

    They agree, and Elton John is born. The album went on to sell of 25 million copies. The name was inspired by the Pink Floyd song, 'Arnold Layne. The entire tour was released as a CD box set. In , the album was ranked 7 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the greatest albums of all time, the highest of any Stones album on the list.

    Other label signings including, Scottish singer Maggie Bell whose album 'Suicide Sal' was the labels fourth release , and Bad Company also attended. The track peaks at The song's guitar solo is ranked 8th on Guitar Magazine's Top Guitar Solos and was voted the best solo of all time by readers of Guitarist magazine. The final score was Girlschool opens. In November, it rises to the top in the US. Pickett was charged with drunk driving and threatening to kill the mayor.

    Police seized a knife and a baseball bat from Pickett's van. The threatening charge was dropped after Pickett agreed to perform a free charity concert. He was later sentenced to a year's probation on the drunken driving charge to run concurrently with a one-year jail term for a later drunk driving incident in which Pickett hit and seriously injured an year-old pedestrian.

    They first met when Smith was only As a result, he is airbrushed out of a Rolling Stone magazine cover shot of the band. The guitarist rejoins RHCP six years later but departs again in Rush were on tour in support of their 15th studio album 'Counterparts. The record would only last for two years. Due to tension and conflicts within the band, Phil Anselmo records his vocals in New Orleans while the rest of the band lays down tracks in Dallas. It peaks at 4 and spends sixteen weeks on Billboard's Album Chart. He is replaced with the similar-sounding Steve Augeri.

    Drummer Steve Smith also left the group. Investigators did confirm that Townsend had accessed a site containing such images in and as a result, he has been listed on a national register of sex offenders. Taking their name from a popular hair style of the day, the quartet formed in Toronto and went on to have several hits in the US, including the number one 'Sh-Boom' in and the number three 'Earth Angel' in Guitarist-singer Daron Malakian screams an expletive that is broadcast uncensored.

    Even so, western civilization remains intact. Daltrey sings 'Highbury Highs,' after Arsenal plays its final game at the venue. No details are released. The guitarist was fired from the band in February But LeCompt says he was fired "without any warning. Later, Lee returns to the subject adding, "They didn't really care about Evanescence at all and just stayed around for the money. Selling 55, copies, the album is the band's 11th straight release to reach the Top That is "something we've never done before and you're not gonna see anywhere else," claims The Boss.

    The computer company had rejected the app update due to objectionable material, but Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor responds arguing that Apple's decision is hypocritical because its iTunes store sells NIN albums with expletive lyrics. Andy Sneap produced the album. The Eagles were the first major act Azoff managed on his way to becoming an industry legend. They composed the song 'Beneath The Savage Sun' after witnessing the devastation of the elephants first-hand. King's 11 surviving children lost a bid in a Las Vegas court to take control over their father's affairs after they said they suspect the year-old Blues legend's manager of stealing his money and neglecting his medical care while blocking them from seeing him in home hospice care.

    Rose steps-in for Brian Johnson who suffers from severe hearing loss. The concert takes place in Lisbon, Portugal. Rose gets good reviews. With his music unavailable on most streaming services and download distributors, physical albums are in many cases the best way to get his music.

    May 8 Teen heart-throb Ricky Nelson officially changes his name to 'Rick' on his 21st birthday. Actors in the background were Allen Ginsberg and Bob Neuwirth. The original clip was actually the opening segment of D. In the film, Dylan, who came up with the idea, holds up cue cards for the camera with selected words and phrases from the lyrics.

    While staring at the camera, he flipped the cards as the song played. Unfortunately the show ran past its twelve o'clock curfew, contrary to the guidelines set out by the American Federation Of Musicians, and The Doors would be banned from returning to Cobo. A recording of the concert would be released in as 'Live In Detroit. The opening act was Genesis. Others to soon follow will include David Bowie and Mountain. At the time of his death, he allegedly believed he was the son of occult figure Aleister Crowley. It peaks at 11 in the US. Oddly enough, it even reached 93 on the Billboard Country Chart.

    The series was originally called 'Kotter,' but after Sebastian wrote the song, the title was changed to accommodate. Sebastian tried writing a song called 'Kotter,' but could only rhyme that word with "otter. Casablanca Records signed such acts as Kiss, T. The album went on to sell over 20 million copies worldwide as well as winning the band two Grammy awards.

    It's the band's first 1 album. It spends an impressive 92 weeks on the chart. The group and Yoko Ono had gone to court to stop the release of these live, bootleg recordings. It was the first single by the band since the return of vocalist Bruce Dickinson and guitarist Adrian Smith in It's the second time they exchange vows. The couple initially wed when Cornell's divorce became official but decided to re-tie the knot in a more traditional manner.

    The 62 year-old guitarist suffered "mild concussion" when he fell out of a coconut tree on holiday in Fiji. He was expected to make a full recovery. A London court rules that the computer company did not breach a contract involving the "Apple" name and logo, because its iPod and iTunes services are involved in selling music rather than creating it. The miners passed the time listening to the Foo Fighters on their iPods.

    As a result, lead Foo Fighter David Grohl promises, "there's two tickets to any Foo's show, anywhere, and two cold beers waiting for you. The year-old Cabo Wabo ships 70, cases annually. He's recognized for his contributions to the charity, which provides support to musicians with substance-abuse problems. It gave the Rock 'n' Roll icon back-to-back chart toppers as 's 'Modern Times' also started in the penthouse.

    It's Jane's Addiction's first tour with their original lineup in eighteen years. Snider and Cyndi Lauper duet on 'Big Spender. A spokesperson from the award committee said: "In the course of three minutes he conjures up an image of the everyday life and dreams of a teenager, often with the focus on cars. Chuck Berry, born in , was the first to drive up onto the highway and announce that we are born to run. The appearance includes an impromptu acoustic performance, with the band in disguise, at the 42nd St. The first stop is Tulsa.

    May 9 Alan Freed quit his job at radio station WINS over what he says is the station's failure to support him after he was indicted for causing a riot in Boston. All four members of The Beatles were in the audience. It was the 2nd and final record released on the Beatles' short-lived Zapple Records label, a subsidiary of Apple Records. The song was born by accident when guitarist Randy Bachman was playing a heavy riff on stage after he had broken a string and the band had taken a break.

    The other members joined in on the jam and Burton Cummings started singing the first thing that came into his head. A fan in the audience had it all on tape and presented it to the group after the show. It was quickly developed into a full song in the studio and ended up spending 3 weeks at the top of the US singles chart.

    And on a night when I needed to feel young, he made me feel like I was hearing music for the very first time. Everyone figured it was just part of the show. Boomtown Rats lead singer Bob Geldoff was inspired to write the song after hearing about the tragic shooting spree when year-old Brenda Spencer killed two people and wounded nine others when she fired from her house across the street onto the entrance of a San Diego elementary school. This livens up the day. I read it as it came out. Not liking Mondays as a reason for doing somebody in is a bit strange.

    The single reached the top 30 in the US but is notable for being the first single by the band to miss the UK Top Four shows in Germany are canceled. He performs three songs to promote his two recently-released albums, 'Lucky Town' and 'Human Touch,' which were not selling as well as had been hoped.

    He has a combination of heroin self-inflicted and bupreorphine injected by his wife, Courtney Love. The song sampled the guitar riff from Led Zeppelin's song 'Kashmir. Charles, Illinois. The musicians perform several songs under the name High Maintennance. Previous services included tunes by Evanescence and U2. Pearl Jam's self-titled CD is 2 moving more than , units. The guitarist abandoned his education back in the '70s for a career in music.

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    • What Love what it is not.
    • Rock ballads.
    • Julius Caesar The Commentaries Volume 2 (Julius Caesar Commentaries).

    At London's Imperial College, May focuses his studies on interplanetary dust. It's the group's first album in five years. The Velvet Revolver guitarist receives the MusiCares From The Heart Award at the event, which raises money for the organization's efforts to help musicians fighting addiction. Sixx is recognized in part for helping to launch Running Wild In The Night, a fundraising initiative for the youth homelessness charity. During the groundbreaking ceremony the Bon Jovi frontman is recognized for his contributions.

    The album's guiding force, Pete Townshend, is involved in the production. Apparently, judges identify Dylan with the principles that led them into jurisprudence. The Ronnie Wood Show is broadcast in Britain. The video sees Bowie performing in a basement bar, surrounded by religious figures, while Oldman, dressed as a priest, punches a beggar before dancing with a prostitute, played by Oscar-winner Cotillard. YouTube admitted making the "wrong call" in removing the video, and reinstated it with an adult content warning. Thanks to pre-sales, over a quarter of a million pints are produced for the U.

    Robinsons employees have to work a six-day week to keep up with demand. The Ukraine, riff with political and ethnic strife, is also under threat of a Russian invasion. Sixx: A. Shain had previously dated Dylan's tour manager before the star swooped in and stole her away. They reconciled shortly after. Parnes was also looking for backing group's for his lesser-known acts, and The Silver Beetles were selected as backing group for singer Johnny Gentle's upcoming tour of Scotland. This was the bands first release - issued on the June 7, by Decca Records. They record their version of Chuck Berry's 'Come On.

    The group re-recorded it two days later at RCA Studios in Hollywood, with a different beat and the Gibson Maestro fuzzbox that Keith Richards had recently acquired, adding sustain to the sound of the guitar riff. The songs appear on 'Beatles VI. Joplin had even considered becoming a member of 13th Floor Elevators. The same day, Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones was arrested for unlawful possession of drugs.

    Whoever they were. The crowd got so wound up they rushed the stage, eventually destroying it. Mark Volman of The Turtles was reported to have fallen off the stage several times. It entered the US chart the following week at Now considered one of the most important debuts in rock, creating an entirely new interpretation of the rock and roll genre because of the groundbreaking music and recording techniques. The album was recorded in 36 hours. The original packaging, designed like a newspaper, claimed that the album was a musical adaptation of an epic poem by a fictional 8-year-old genius, though the lyrics were actually written by the band's frontman, Ian Anderson.

    He runs through a sing-along and a dance routine before closing the show with 'Yesterday. It reached 99 on the Billboard Top LP's chart. Bad Company and Dave Edmunds would both record for the label, which shut down in They play a lunchtime concert. It peaked at 1 on the Billboard Hot It also reached 3 in the United Kingdom.

    The song was originally nearly nine minutes long, but was edited to nearly five minutes for the album version, and to three-and-a-half minutes for the radio single. In order to properly edit the radio single without audible bumps and glitches, a separate mix was constructed and then edited for continuity. The b-side of the single was another album track, 'Far Away Eyes,' a tongue-in-cheek country and western tune sung by Jagger in a pronounced drawl.

    Sound quality issues stall the album. But with the problems solved it is re-issued the following November. The double platinum set peaks at 6 on the Billboard and remains on the chart for weeks. It reached 15 on the Billboard Top album chart. The members went on to enjoy solo success, Belinda Carlisle and Jane Wiedlin and the group reformed in the late 90's. Tommy wore a white leather tuxedo. The union will last for eight years. Simon's appearance with musicians from the country and the subsequent album introduced the sound to a global audience, but also caused problems for Simon when he faced criticism for violating the boycott.

    He also gives the commencement address. It's the second time Nine Inch Nails lands at 1. The first was with 'The Fragile' in In February , a fire at a nightclub set off by the metal band's pyro killed people. Biechele, 29, could have gotten as much as 10 years behind bars. He also received an year suspended sentence and three years of probation.

    He was the only participant who pleaded guilty. He finished fourth: Taylor Hicks won that season. Bassist Roger Waters also performs but not with the group. A sexual-discrimination suit was initiated by their former chef. The ruling labels Styler's treatment of Jane Martin "shameful" and decrees that the then-pregnant employee was unlawfully dismissed by the couple.

    Styler doesn't buy it calling the ruling an "unjust and unfair attack on Sting and me. Bennington and his friend Sean Dowdell founded the tattoo and body-piercing parlor. Belladonna was the band's vocalist from '85 to ' The LP includes the group's original lineup except for bassist Benjamin Orr who passed away in The band says the video is a "raw and emotional" and a "very personal goodbye" to him. The band had been on 'indefinite hiatus' since Ozzfest.

    Beatles fans who passed the Liverpool site on tours would now be met with 10ft high replicas. The original gates were being taken to a secret location for storage, and would eventually be auctioned off. The course, which was due to start later this year would include modules on the music business, the history of heavy metal and its role in films and video games and would show students how to compose and perform heavy metal songs.

    The memorial to the Thin Lizzy icon has been removed from its Harry Street location for repairs, and the men were later released without charge. The life-size bronze sculpture was unveiled in and had become a tourist destination and landmark since then. He tells the grads "their love of music will sustain them through the unexpected twists and turns that lie ahead. The concert is an effort to unify the community following the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody and the subsequent riots. It would finally be displaced by their follow-up, 'With The Beatles,' which was on top for another 21 weeks.

    The Daily Mirror describes them as "the ugliest group in Britain. The single entered the Billboard chart on June 6 at The single also reached 1 on the United States Variety charts on July 1. The album featured four songs that had previously been heavily imported into the US as Canadian singles. It made 92 on the US Billboard Hot singles chart. The song currently sat at 87 on the Hot , but would rise to the top of the chart by June 26th.

    Although the song's composer, Bob Dylan, wrote four verses for the song, The Byrds' rendition used only the second and two repeats of the chorus. The album would go Gold within two weeks. The real reason may have been that J. Edgar Hoover was convinced that Lennon planned to disrupt the Republican Convention by staging a number of get-out-the-vote concerts. The song turns out to be the band's final Top Twenty hit and their last Gold single.