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At first, she was the little face I saw in pictures when her mother and I began dating.

Nothin’ But A Good Time: When Hair Metal Ruled The Sunset Strip

When the time was right, she was the tiny body standing cautiously in the corner of the living room — wondering, waiting. Before long, she was the small hand in mine as we crossed the street, the smile to prove she had brushed her teeth and the curious voice whispering until we fell asleep.

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It began to feel as if she were mine. Now, six months after the split with her mother, I realize she was not mine.

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But I loved her. After dating too many fellow lawyers, men unduly concerned about whether I was smarter than them yes , made more money rude or was funnier duh! Then I met Bert.

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  7. With so little for him to prove, our income differential was like a height variation: inconsequential when lying down. Friends since childhood with a little crush, until one fall evening when it became too much. A lingering hug led to a kiss — that turned into passion, compounded by bliss. For 35 years we ignored each other I a procurement agent, she a mother.

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    Stephen King. Bibliography Short fiction Unpublished and uncollected Awards and nominations. Heroes for Hope American Vampire Book Category. Categories : short story collections Short story collections by Stephen King. Namespaces Article Talk.

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    Hair Metal History: Nothin’ But A Good Time On The Sunset Strip

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