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Growing innovation and beyond innovation

Rethinking financial support instruments. To promote risk-taking and stimulate markets for private risk capital, policymakers should evaluate support instruments and develop new ones based on international good practices—such as matching grants, minigrants, loans, and venture capital.

Facilitating trade, FDI and entrepreneurial start-ups and spinoffs. For reforms in innovation to make a difference, governments need to improve the ease of doing business in ECA in measurable ways—with a special emphasis on those aspects that are vital for FDI, start-ups and spinoffs, such as starting a business, protecting investors, and getting credit and enforcing contracts.

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The report examines lessons learned from public institutions and programs for innovation, both successful and failed, from emerging Europe and Central Asia as well as China, Finland, Israel, and the United States. It identifies policies that have an adverse affect on innovation as well as policy gaps that, if filled, could have a catalytic effect on private sector innovation. The World Bank has accumulated a substantial amount of operational and analytical experience in the region, including technical assistance projects that are currently being prepared in Poland, Bulgaria, and Romania.

The results and recommendations offered by the report are intended to contribute to the discussion about the role of government in innovation policy, and how to make innovation and technology adoption a central part of the development and growth strategies of post-transition countries. Ronaldo in Uzbekistan Measures on Qoqand development Uzbekistan in figures. Art Week Style.

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At the same time, survey evidence suggests that the health sector is the top priority for additional investment among populations across the region. The experience of high-income countries also suggests that popular demand for strong and accessible health systems will only grow over time.

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Yet these aspirations must be reconciled with current fiscal realities. In brief, health sector issues are a challenge here to stay for policy-makers across the ECA region. This report draws on new evidence to explore the development challenge facing health sectors in ECA, and highlights three key agendas to help policy-makers seeking to achieve more rapid convergence with the world's best performing health systems.

The first is the health agenda, where the task is to strengthen public health and primary care interventions to help launch the 'cardiovascular revolution' that has taken place in the West in recent decades.

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The second is the financing agenda, in which growing demand for medical care must be satisfied without imposing undue burden on households or government budgets. The third agenda relates to broader institutional arrangements. Here there are some key reform ingredients common to most advanced health systems that are still missing in many ECA countries. A common theme in each of these three agendas is the emphasis on improving outcomes, or 'Getting Better'.

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