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For those looking to play through these areas with their characters on PS3 or , they're scheduled for release via the "Artorias of the Abyss" DLC, though at an as-yet unannounced date.

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For the time being then, this new PC version will be the only way to experience this new content. During our hands-on with this edition at Namco's offices, we're given free rein to explore any levels that comprise the main campaign and up to 15 minutes of the extra areas. The gut reaction is to start with the new stuff, which will be immediately accessible to players via a portal hidden on the perimeter of Ash Lake.

Accessing this cues a short transitory cut-scene, and then you're thrown straight into an area filled with mossy temple ruins named Sanctuary Garden. It's immediately apparent that From Software has lost neither its ability to realise some fantastical visual designs in-game, nor its token standard of difficulty. Within 60 seconds the crimson red "You Died" message fades in, yours truly having just rolled straight into a vicious barrage of head-butts from a now-airborne Chimera [ Corrected ]. For an experienced player, we're told the completion time for this extra area is around eight hours, and this opener serves as an appropriate wake-up call to those who've been out of the Dark Souls loop for a while.

In fact, the strength of this creature suggests that you should have played at least halfway into the game before even attempting these extras. Even with the use of a level 63 Knight, it takes 16 more attempts before managing to scrape through - brutal! It's a relief to see that every area that follows feels consistent with the rest of the game's brooding visual tone, and yet unique enough to warrant returning to Lordran.

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Later highlights include flowery woodlands filled with ragged scarecrow-like creatures, hell-bent on chasing after you with pitchforks until you find the safety of a stone bridge. The progression is exciting, too; it starts clear, bright, and beautiful, but the further you run, the foggier and more grossly luminescent the forest's details become.

It's more of the same surreal goodness, and it manages to recapture the buzz of jumping into Dark Souls' initial 10 hours - whereas perhaps the latter half of the main game suffered in focus. Conveniently, once a bonfire is reached within this new realm, an entry is added to the list of warp destinations in your menu as well, making life a bit easier. At its best, an area in Dark Souls can convince you that the world of Lordran was at one stage an inhabitable, lovely place to be, since horrifically overshadowed and twisted.

Thermidor Repoast: Devil’s Bargain: The March for Life and the Novus Ordo Church

This logic definitely holds true for the Sanctuary Garden and the following areas you will see. As belated as it is, this is a worthy encore. But the extra content is only half the story of this PC release. In recent weeks, celebrations surrounding this version's announcement have fast turned to worried speculation over how the game performs. This has been spurred on by comments from series director Hidetaka Miyazaki suggesting that From Software's inexperience with the PC format might have an impact on how well the game's been optimised overall.

To cut to the chase, the frame-rate on consoles has always been a major area of complaint among Dark Souls fans, and the notorious Blight Town or New Londo Ruins areas are usually singled out as the big offenders.

The late Nemo D. Keane, Esq., 2003 - 2016

The implication of a PC release is obviously that all these problems can be tackled by the brute force of a faster CPU, and though there are very light hitches here and there, it's a relief to say Blight Town now plays without all the constant chugging. The improvement is staggering to those that endured the treacle-like pace of the area on PS3 and , already making this version a winning proposition.

There is bad news which could hit PC gamers pretty hit hard, though. While the frame-rate's rough edges have been filed down, you're still going to be playing at 30FPS out of the box, as widely rumoured. A graphics menu has been added in, but there are no obvious ways to raise the bar to the preferable 60FPS mark. In fact, options are pretty meagre overall on this front; you have the standard resolution and refresh rate settings it does nothing to solve this , and also check-boxes to remove anti aliasing or motion blur.

Barebones and to the point. There's also something curious about the resolution too in that there's no change in clarity when attempting to crank up the settings.

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On close inspection, it appears that Dark Souls PC uses the very same x internal framebuffer as the console versions, regardless of which resolution has been set in the menus. The option provided is for output resolution only; a simple courtesy to allow the game to play on most monitors, but the image quality will always remain the same. In short, PC gamers will very much be getting the genuine console experience here, right down to the pixel.

From Software has admitted in advance that there have been technical issues, but this is still quite surprising. Buy on: Amazon. Not only does Ian not mind, her encourages Emily to see Ray again outside of work and respond to his advances.

Kirsten McCurran – Hotwife Books

The married couple goes down a dangerous road and Emily fears where it may end. Kevin does not have the expected reaction when his wife, Sydney, tells him her old office crush, Nick, made a pass at her during a company Christmas party. When he peeks through a bedroom window he is astonished by what he sees.

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When she heard those 3 little words, Emma began to question everything and she fled her perfect little life to regroup with her sister in California. At that moment she saw a group of gorgeous guys, who thoughtfully offered to take her in and help her through her grief. Maybe it was time for her to start living it like one! With her new friends, Emma discovers a sensuality she never knew was inside her and finds that the limits of her old life were meaningless. After a week with these guys, Emma will never be the same! Wearing a plain white coverall and carrying a box of paints, Cassie let her friends entertain themselves all night painting her-everywhere.

All that touching and drinking has an effect, leaving her yearning for a more intimate touch, and her fiance, Don, is nowhere to be found.

Devil's Bargain

Enter Sonja and a mysterious, who seem to know just what Cassie needs. But when Don unexpectedly turns up at the party, Cassie fears her forbidden encounter will be discovered! But the drinks flow and the flirting gets serious, decisions are made and lines are crossed. Callie and Brandon join the group fully for the first time, but will that one crazy night change their relationship forever? Two stories in one book! And she thinks she has the perfect candidate for it—her good friend Brianna.

Brianna agrees to join the couple for their night of fun with one caveat. Jen has to engage in a threesome with Brianna and her boyfriend, the hunky Frankie, and anything Brianna does with Caleb, Jen will have to do with Frankie.

But when faced with the ultimate temptation, can Caleb really hold back?