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Hi everyone! CynAcrostics Volume 4: My Word! Here's the book description from the back cover:. Why do we call a honeymoon a honeymoon? Where did the expressions, "putting on the dog" and "all washed up" come from?

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Did you know we had dashboards long before we had cars? What's one of the shortest but most powerful words in the English language? If you love words — and challenging, clever word puzzles — sharpen your pencil, put on your thinking cap, and get ready for hours of "cyntillating" fun with CynAcrostics!

In addition to a new volume, the CynAcrostics puzzle series has a new look! Check out the new covers in the carousel above. Eclectic — and slightly eccentric — themed acrostic puzzles guaranteed to get your "cynapses" firing! Themed acrostic puzzles for every age, interest, and skill level! American history, culture, and trivia-themed acrostic puzzles!

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Easy, animal- themed puzzles for kids! Which actress carries puzzle books in her purse wherever she goes?

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I wanted to fill my life with interesting and meaningful activities and projects that I would enjoy, but was struggling with the best way to do that. Cyn is a gifted coach and an expert on everything to do with aging and retirement. I love her emphasis on growth, giving back, health, community, achieving goals, micro-steps, and living an engaged, active lifestyle. I highly recommend her program to any seniors who are interested in making sure their final decades are the best years of their lives, brimming with fun, engagement, love, companionship, caring, creativity, good health, and giving.

It was such a pleasure working with Cyn.

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I was looking to make some changes in my life and Cyn came along at the right time with the right tools I needed. I learned a lot about myself through her course and have been able to accomplish things I would never had tried before. Her one on one coaching sessions were most helpful to me.

She was always there to remind me of the progress I made, even if it was baby steps. I now have the clarity I was lacking before on how to move forward as the best possible me that I can be. I think Cyn may be an angel. For me, she created a safe space for me to do some self-analysis, dream and practice self-inspiration.

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Her gentle nature couples nicely with her subtle, thorough and sound coaching style. Cyn knew how to help me acknowledge the dam issues and then destroy the dam issues — thereby releasing a powerful flow of authority and inspiration within. Now the right actions can take place.

Thank you Cyn! I fancy myself a mentally healthy retired person with chronic illness and disabilities. For that work to be worth it, I need coaching. She has helped me navigate some challenges and fine tune my spiritual center. Much appreciated. Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Verified Purchase.

Lareesa Fonville-Willis doesn't pull any punches in this unexpected and emotionally complex story set during a pivotal time in Cynthia Evans' life. Cyn No More kept me guessing with surprises on each page; it's certainly not what I expected, but in a good way. As a true story of sadness, discovery and redemption this story is current; outlining the human condition as something to be embraced.

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In short, an awesome read. I thoroughly enjoyed Cyn No More.

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Initially, I wondered how the title came about, but after reading the book, it was very clear and very creative of the author. Cyn No More was very enjoyable. I honestly could see a part two in the works and hopefully on the book shelves soon. Really well written. Lareesa is a friend of mine, and I had no idea she had written a book. I loved it.