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It was awful and I got very sick.

Then my new mommy found me and brought me to the doctor, who made me all better. Cloudy has lots of toys and a cozy bed. Now they are mine.

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I bother Cloudy a lot, but she just growls at me and wags her tail, so I know she really likes me. Sometimes, I even get my very own human boy to play with. Search for:. No matter the environment, Uno was right at home from the Manhattan high-rise apartment owned by Frei and his wife, Cherilyn, to his rural Texas digs. While his celebrity and cuteness are widely known, the tricolor Beagle was at his best-eliciting laughs and smiles from ailing patients of all ages.

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Joshua Bleill, a Marine who lost both of his legs in military action in Iraq. Bleill attended the Westminster show as a guest of the club. The day before he and Uno went to the Ronald McDonald House New York and visited with pediatric oncology patients, some, like Josh, had amputated limbs.

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The audience responded on its feet for Josh, with extended cheering and shedding of tears for the wounded warrior and military hero. It was like a homecoming for the Beagle, who had won Best in Show there a year earlier and been in the limelight ever since. Louis, Los Angeles, and Milwaukee. I was blessed to have been the guy on the other end of the leash for much of it.

He was fine with the females, however.

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He knew he had it made in the shade because of all the care we provided for him here. He had his own queen-size futon to sleep upon with bedding changed daily.

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Uno was sterile, so breeding was never a concern. Everywhere we went, people wanted to take his picture or be in one with him. And, on top of that, his Beagle companion, Mattie Ch. Full Moon Holiday at Onion Creek , who snuggled on pillows on the same futon with him every day for five or six years, died just a few days later of cancer, too.

Right after we retired him and brought him home to the ranch, he discovered a young potbellied pig along the fence line with a neighbor.

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The two would run up and down the fence, peering through the knotholes looking at each other and having a ball. Compare Breeds Compare up to 5 different breeds side by side. Dog Name Finder Browse our extensive library of dog names for inspiration.