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They really did not. It would not have phased me at all. My daughters partner recently passed away, she is being so brave, but my question is that I want to write something in her Christmas card conveying her bravery and that we are always there and proud of her. Please any ideas, she has expressed that she wants to receive a Christmas card, but would like to put my own verse or message in. My uncle died on Christmas day I rarely get to see my cousin. I know that she will probably not have a very merry Christmas, but I feel that I need to acknowledge her since I always send her a card.

Should I send a card, if so, what type of card?

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Would a phone call be better than a card to let her know that I am thinking of her? My daughter past away in Aug. I feel it is so insensitive to send me a Christmas card with your form letter, telling me how fantastic your year was, Hope is amazing for you as Obviously she knew them and there was enough of a relationship for them to send a card.

How do I respond to this card? So what should I do? Drake, My mother died in mid December, 2 years ago. Last day i was searching blog for New year then i searched this Best new year greetings. I was mainly talking to myself in the search bar. I found the card that was for Mom last year. Though I was on the phone w her constantly, days cane and went. The day we would have taken our drive to look at Christmas lights was somehow the hardest. I brushed it away because I thought I was being overly dramatic given our circumstances and surroundings.

I was able to bring her friend home. But Florence passed in March. My brother found mom on the floor in May. She fought so hard to regain her…everything… until a final infection took her on August 25, Thank you! Valentines Day is here. I would always make a fun time with my wife during this holiday including a homemade silly poem and card or some other expression of love. She passed in April This is the first year when I have done nothing.

Well, maybe I will send a poem to her old e-mail address that is still active. Or maybe, I will continue to do nothing. Sometimes it is painful to dwell on her passing for a long period of time, and I am pretty slow about putting together a poem. Maybe, I will do something on her birthday. To Steve who may never see this note. Valentines note, What a sweet relationship you had with your dear wife.

Even though there is such deep loss, you have never lost the loving gentle thoughts of sharing with her. Someone shared with me to write, then keep the note close to my heart. When I was ready, find a way to release the note. I lost my Father, and your note helped….. My uncle passed away on December 6, About two weeks after, he received a Christmas card with a monetary gift enclosed.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. My son died in , I sent cards that year because a few months before he past I made everyone take a family picture for the Christmas card while we were on vacation. No one wanted to do it they complained the whole time, but it was the last picture of all 5 of us.

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I felt that even though my son did not want to take the picture he did for me, so I needed use it for the Christmas cards. On the back of the card I had a picture of him with a message of how we missed him and the dates. The following year we did not send any, but this year we did.

Since my daughters had big milestones this year, I felt that they deserved to have a card celebrating their big year, so I sent them. I picked a card that had plaid on it, since my son wore a lot of plaid, I still signed his name with the gold dove, and on the back I put a picture of my kids when they were little and a quote from Charles Dickson, God Bless Us, Everyone.

Irene, my son died in also.

Healing Grief Card Deck: 55 Practices to Find Peace – David Kessler.

What Charles Dickens quote did you use? I did send a card the year my son died as I felt I needed to but havent sent one since. I like your idea of including a quote! My mother always fussed over finding subdued cards to send. She knew Happy and Merry were unwelcome. I can think of two I plan to send. One to someone who needs all the support he can get. Simply Stated 23 There are 23 cards are available within the Any Man filter. Sweet 1 There are 1 cards are available within the Any Man filter.

Thanks 1 There are 1 cards are available within the Any Man filter. Uplifting 41 There are 41 cards are available within the Any Man filter. Filters Close menu Clear All Done. Shop by category. Condolences for After Lengthy Illness 3. General Loss of Child Loss of Parent Loss of Pet Loss of Relative Loss of Spouse Military 1.

Miscarriage 5. Remembrance 5. Thank You 9.

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Unexpected Loss 1. Faith Formal Heartfelt Lighthearted Positive Thoughts 3.

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Simply Stated Sweet 1. Thanks 1. Uplifting English French 2. Spanish 8. DaySpring Lyla Press 2. Mahogany 4. Signature 5. Someone who saw me clearly as I was and who looked past my faults to the possibilities of goodness. Someone who believed in the person I could yet become, long after I had left his religion class behind. But I am old enough now to have lost most of the beloved adults in my family, and I know what a gift a few words of shared sadness can be.

When my mother died, I saved every card, every letter, every enclosure that came with every flower arrangement or potted plant. I printed out every email. I even copied all the Facebook messages into a Word document and printed that out, too. I was desperate to hold onto any shred of evidence that her life mattered, and to far more people than just my brother and sister and me. I needed to keep learning about her from others, now that she was no longer here to keep revealing herself in real time. I needed to be reminded that my own memories were not the only ones keeping her in the world.

On the very worst days in the months that followed her sudden death, I pulled out those reminders and read them again and again and again. The shock of grief made me lose track of all manner of kindnesses in those first impossible days. I completely forgot that five of my neighborhood friends had driven all the way to Birmingham for the funeral. I had hugged them, I had cried on their shoulders, and then I had forgotten they had come. Their notes of love and remembrance, when I pulled them out later, helped me remember again.