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I kept waiting for the call telling us that it would be occupied during graduation. The call never came. We had the whole place to ourselves and right on campus.

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No traffic for graduation, no parking It was incredible. God is so good to us. And I highly recommend the Oaklands for any event. It's so beautiful and very reasonably priced--even for graduation!! If you'd like to see more photos of the inside, see my previous blog post on it here.

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Graduation was not our first visit. Thursday, May 16, Graduation!

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My youngest daughter has graduated from college. What a joyful day it was. For well over 20 years my husband and I have spent a large chunk of our income on tuition--Catholic grade schools, Catholic high schools, and college. Now we are finished. There is a certain joy in that, but the greater joy is knowing that Liz has accomplished what she wanted to accomplish. And child number six is launched. This is the night when Jesus was betrayed by one of his own.

His friends asleep, he prayed in agony that this cup might be taken away.

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He did not have to allow this torture. And yet he did, out of love for us. And as our friend Stephen Rouhana describes in the beautiful poem below, Jesus knew exactly what was going to happen to him. The image was so horrific that he sweat blood. Still, he chose to die in this way out of love for us. Amazing love.

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You knew all these things, before You ever said yes, yet, You still went ahead. Popular Posts. The Engagement Surprise! Elle was the only one who did not know that Jim was planning to propose to her this year on Mackinac Island. Mackinac Island is in th From this morning's Magnicat reading: Psalm At the end of a long night of sleeplessness or suffering, sunrise brings joy More Wedding Shots The grace of God is all over weddings! They were two very female-centered events.

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Three midwives collaborated. The father dutifully worked, ready to help. In the process, he was becoming a better human. I love you so much! For a man, that is something that we might find hard to understand. That baby was just born! Poor men! The birth of a child is only the beginning hopefully of a long and winding road for that new little person.

What kind of a mother or father will that newborn have? Yolita helped to give me birth into an infinity of ways: she taught me to read and write by age four, she rode us two at a time on her bicycle to school, she taught us to ride a horse… the list is infinite! Yolita was thirty eight years old when she left with her brand new husband, to form her own home. She is still very much alive today, at age 96, her spirit very much intact.

She never left our hearts and we have stayed in hers. It is to all mothers, those who birth us physically and those who help us to grow into the world, that I dedicate the above thoughts. Leave Your Reply. Latest Print Issue. Subscribe to El Tecolote and receive 25 issues of original community journalism.

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