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Fly fishing at Putah Creek in Yolo County

Yolo County

They talk about the magic moment when a perfect cast led to a perfect strike, and the way a prize fish swam away after being released. From San Francisco, take Interstate 80 east. Take that exit 0. Turn left and drive 10 miles to the access points for Putah Creek on the left..

Regulations: Anglers are required to use flies or lures with single barbless hooks, and all fish must be released from the outlet at Monticello Dam downstream to Lake Solano. No bait, no treble hooks, no keeping fish. Tips: The most common fly patterns are No. More information: Putah Creek Trout, nonprofit organization, www. Yolo County. Travel By Sarah Miller 10 steps to success, the Bogle way. Time By The River.

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Eat More Brook Trout. Show 25 Show All. Some of the holes along the limestone bluffs Mushrooms sprouting from dead tree Look kinda tasty.. If you look at fence you can see just how high creek had gotten earlier this spring. One of my favorite parts of fly fishing The Release. Healthy Brown Trout Till we meet again. Finding some time to reflect on life is another reason to visit the stream.

I love those white lips and get excited every Fall for my time in Louisiana. When the tide is rising, they coming charging onto the flats after their prey, and if you can get your 6" fly into their path in time, hold on for the hardest hit and ride of your life. Next steps: While fishing is her passion, McCord has to pay the bills.

She founded The Mad Potter, a chain of paint-your-own-pottery studios, in The company's success allows her to pursue her passion. To reach her goal of another 18 records, she must continue scouring the record books for "penetrable" records — soft targets, ones that she can break. Once she's identified a species and a record, McCord consults with the best guide and experts on that fish, determining where and when to go fishing.