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No-Churn Vegan Pistachio Ice Cream | Feasting on Fruit

So basically that means more ice cream for your blending efforts. However, if you are serving to others who might be turned off by moss-colored ice cream than maybe go the maple route. Extra green. As long as you only add a little bit, the ocean-y flavor will be masked by sweet nuttiness. I added about half a teaspoon, but you can taste and adjust for yourself or skip it completely. Save Save. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.

This looks absolutely stunning! That colour!! So beautiful! I LOVE pistachios, they are one of my favorite nuts. They are so darn creamy and delicious. I think I even like them as much or more than pecans now and can eat a bag of them. I am so weary of avocado in desserts because I always have tasted them in the past but maybe this nutty concoction that I love so much would totally erase those fears!

5 Whole 30 Sweet Snacks (Vegan + Gluten Free)

I love the color. Great recipe Natalie! And yes, you are on quite the ice cream roll lately, I think you should rename your blog to Feasting on Ice Cream, hahaha! Ooooh you lucky ducky with a freezer full of Nadamoo! I seriously considered matcha with the avocado base, but pistachio is much more of an ice cream classic if you ask me. Plus, the fact that you used pretty green avocados as the base is so genius. First — how much maple syrup? Second I only found roasted and salted shelled pistachios — can I use?

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Hi Jennifer! And yes, roasted pistachios will be fine for taste and texture it will just make the color slightly more brown. Looking forward to trying it later. This turned out really yummy…I used a big FL avocado and followed the recipe except I added 2 bananas and doubled the almond extract. I ended up adding some dried cherries before freezing and that really gave it great texture! I am so happy to hear it was a success. Great idea, and the pistachio chunks sounds delicious too! Cashew butter or another nut butter would be the best substitute, or coconut cream would work as well.

Not sure what 1 cup of pistachios would amount to in grams..?? Would you be able to help please? But according to the back of the pistachio package, 1 cup is approximately g. And for the dates, 1 cup is approximately g. I hope that helps, and for this recipe in particular small variances will certainly not ruin it! One cup of pistachios feels like a truckload when you have to shell them though…. Whoa sounds absolutely lovely with the rose extract!

Haha it makes for a pretty yummy pudding too. And I feel you, my fingers were protesting too.

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Although check the baking section sometimes you can find them there already de-shelled! It had great flavor, but was very icy. Even when it thawed a bit, it was still icy. I blended it, and it was still off. I put it in the food processor on a few pulses, but it was still off. Not sure what I did wrong, but I followed the recipe to the T. What kind of milk did you use? And what type of blender do you have?

I used vanilla almond milk. The milk should be fine, and as long as the blender is powerful enough to get rid of all the pistachio chunks then that should be fine too. Not enough avocado could defiantly cause a lack of creaminess next time. Hope that helps! Looking forward to trying this recipe! Kind of made me laugh when you talked about the color! Thank you.

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  • Hi Christina! Made it today as follows: used regular sweetened almond milk, cup Medjoul dates, 2 small avocados, grams shelled pistachios and teaspoon and half vanilla extract. Colour was really nice light green. Taste incredibly good! Thanks for the feedback Christina, I am so happy it turned out well!

    Oooh that sounds so yummy, especially if you added chocolate too! I would recommend raw hazelnuts or any kind of nut for this. Hi, Thank u for the recipe. I made my own almond and cashew milk. As it is home based it has no thickner in it. Another i tried to make it less but it was very thick so i added more milk to get the consistency like ur video. That might have been a cause of a bit ice. I think next time it ll come better…. I am so happy you tried it!

    That homemade nut milk combo sounds delicious. This was delicious! Also added a touch more almond extract but this was unbelievably good! I am so happy you liked it Stacy! Yep, adjusting the sweetness to your liking is always the way to go. Hi do you reckon this would work put in to ice lolly-pop moulds to make a creamy lolly?!