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Chief Oolooteka welcomed him warmly. Houston attempted to forget his sadness by working hard. But work did not make him forget. Houston drank too much alcohol, and was drunk for months. Then he got a letter telling him his mother was sick. Houston went home. Before she died, Missus Houston told her son that she was sure of his strength and that he would succeed in life.

Sam Houston

They wanted him to go to the western area called Texas. Houston liked this idea. Many Americans had been moving to Texas for the past few years. The area was then part of Mexico. However, the Mexican government had opened the area to Americans who wished to live there. Houston talked to the bankers, but got no immediate decision from them. He went to Washington to see President Jackson. The President offered him a job. He asked his friend to go to Texas to negotiate peace with the Comanche Indians. He met with the Indians. The talks were successful, and the Indians agreed to have peace.

People told him that a spirit of rebellion was spreading across Texas. The Mexican government had made a number of laws that the Texans did not believe were fair. Houston went to San Felipe de Austin, the capital of a colony of Americans. Austin feared that Houston had come to lead a struggle against Mexico. Austin did not believe that a war was necessary.

He thought new leaders would come to power in Mexico. He believed they would make changes in the laws. Austin was partly right. The Mexican dictator, Anastasio Bustamante, was ousted. General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna seized power. An old picture of the entrance to Fort Sam Houston. They asked him to change the cruel laws ordered by Bustamante. Austin agreed to carry the letter to the new Mexican leader.

Months after Austin left, the Texans learned that he had been arrested in Mexico City and put in prison. They now felt that Santa Anna was no better than Bustamante. Finally, the Mexican leader freed Austin and let him return to Texas. Austin now believed that peaceful methods would not help the Texans. There was a deep split among the delegates.

Many believed the only answer was complete independence from Mexico. Others believed Texas should fight for a democratic Mexican government.

Proposal For The City Of Houston

After much debate, the delegates decided to try to keep Texas a Mexican state. They quickly wrote a new state constitution and agreed to meet again. A temporary governor was elected. Sam Houston was chosen commander-in-chief of the Texas Army. There was little time to get an army ready. A group of Texas volunteer soldiers wanted to go to San Antonio to fight the Mexicans.

Houston opposed this idea. He believed the soldiers needed more training. However, the volunteer soldiers left for San Antonio.

There was a violent five-day battle. The small Texas force won a surprise victory.

Solider found dead at Ft. Sam Houston

But Houston knew Santa Anna would not give up Texas so easily. Houston continued to build an army.

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He believed the planned attack on Mexico was wrong, so he resigned. But before he did, he ordered Texans in San Antonio to destroy the old Spanish fort called the Alamo. Houston did not think the Alamo could be defended against a strong Mexican attack. That will be our story next week. Our studio engineer was Sulaiman Tarawaley. Search Search. Audio menu. Learning English Broadcast. Previous Next. November 12, Richards was instrumental in building the film industry in Texas and strongly believed that a thorough knowledge of history is critical to understanding who we are as a people and for charting our direction into the future.

She was diagnosed with esophageal cancer four months after her interview for this documentary and passed away on September 13, Lamar Alexander U. Senator from Tennessee 45th Governor of Tennessee. His knowledge of Sam Houston is well known and he considers Houston to be his favorite figure from American history.

Sam Houston

After serving as the Governor of Tennessee Alexander became the president of the University of Tennessee and then served as the U. Secretary of Education under George H.

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He made two unsuccessful runs for President of the United States and was elected to the U. Senate in John Cornyn U. Senator Cornyn is a graduate of St. Elected as a state district judge at age thirty-two he served six years before rising to the Texas Supreme Court in In Mr. Cornyn was presented with the James Madison Award by the Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas for his efforts to promote open government, and he was elected to the United States Senate on November 5, Kay Bailey Hutchison U. In she was elected to be the first and only woman to represent Texas in the U.

Thomas J. Rusk of Nacogdoches was the first Texan to hold the seat she currently occupies when he came to the Senate with Sam Houston in Senator Hutchison's great-great grandfather, Charles S. He also funneled money to the Texas Army to purchase weapons during the Texas Revolution and his first four children died during the rigors of the Runaway Scrape.

She lives in Dallas with her husband, Ray, and their two children, Bailey and Houston. Upon returning to Huntsville he worked as an administrator for the city, ultimately serving as Huntsville's city manager for nineteen years. Passionate about Texas History, he has been the Curator of Education for the Sam Houston Memorial Museum in Huntsville since the year and oversees its educational outreach to some 80, visitors each year.

In the early s the Alabama Indians who relocated to Texas supported Texas Independence, and in gratitude Governor Sam Houston recommended that Texas purchase land for the tribe when their existing land was overtaken by settlers. They merged with the Coushatta to become the present day Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas and live on over 4, acres of beautiful forest land in eastern Polk County, Texas.

James L. Haley Biographer of Sam Houston. James Haley is an independent scholar living in Austin, TX. He is the winner of numerous awards including the T. Susannah Ural Dr.