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Scholarship Prize may not be assigned, transferred, or changed, except at the sole discretion of Sponsor. No cash equivalent prize will be awarded. Kyle wants Brad to break free of the bitchy two-timing sister Cassie, and despite his first impression of Lanie being a complete psycho, she rattles him and he finds her a fun challenge. Their plan to make Brad notice her could work, if only she wasn't so dumpy and frumpy! How about a little help, huh?? Lanie The romance between Kyle and Lanie was super hot!

Their game of deception turns into a game of self-denial as the 'fake dating' routine turns into true friendship and more. I loved how Kyle went from thinking Lanie a complete psycho to something he couldn't let go of. And the dialogue between these two was awesome! This book was more than just a fun romance comedy with a great deal of steam, it is also had great bit of depth to these characters.

We learn more about their family lives and everything that shaped them into the people they now are. Lanie's story of why she was so un-noticeable and reserve blew me away, and made me really get who she was. Kyle had his own demons, and I enjoyed the way he slowly had to deal with them. If I had any niggles it is the lack of an epilogue, which is because I didn't want to let these characters go. I wanted to know how life went on for them, what happened to Brad and Cassie, and everything else about their well deserved HEA.

Otherwise, this book was pure fun which I highly recommend. I will definitely read more by this author, I am a big fan now. View all 47 comments. You have hot journalist, playboy Kyle. You have Lanie's awful wench of a sister, Cassie. And you have Cassie's boyfriend Brad, who is also Kyle's friend, Lanie's co-worker and love interest. Lanie thinks Brad would be the perfect life partner for her. They have similar goals and work together and he is her ideal man.

Unfortunately Brad is dating mega bitch, moocher Cassie. Lanie knows a break-up is inevitable since Cassie is a serial c 4 Funny Stars You have frumpy, year old virgin lawyer, Lanie. Lanie knows a break-up is inevitable since Cassie is a serial cheater so she wants to be prepared for Brad when that happens.

When Brad sets up his friend Kyle on a date with Lanie, she decides to enlist his help on "Operation get Brad. I absolutely loathed Cassie. Someone needed to tell her But unfortunately her mom blew her head up and made her think she was top shit for selling cosmetics. The whole book I wanted Lanie to punch her in the twat and tell her There was quite a bit of humor that came along the way of her trying to get with Brad. A few sad parts and a few small annoyances that caused eye rolls and WTF's She comes first time during sex and Kyle thinks its the best sex he ever had blah blah blah even though he was previously like a male whore hide spoiler ] but for the most part a cute, nice read.

View all 12 comments.

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Feb 11, Catarina rated it really liked it Shelves: perfect-book-boyfriend , funny-as-hell , cat-heart-these-books , cotton-candy-romance. Kyle is a journalist and a ladies-man. So they make a deal: They will pretend to date and meanwhile Kyle will help her improve her image and be more confident of herself in order to make Brad notice her and in return she will give him the exclusive of a very important story.

This was a sweet and funny book. I loved the banter between the main characters and this book completely hooked me on, despite having minor quibbles. One of those great books for when you need a light and fluffy reading. Rating: 4 stars. Storyline: Very predictable but equally enjoyable. I got the message, I did. She stayed genuine to herself but more confident and with more self-esteem. But why did she had to change at all? Funny and additive writing. Character Development: Both of them were great characters and impossible not to love. A little broken, indeed, but it was nice to read how they worked their problems around it.

Cassie, her sister, was, putting it mildly, a total bitch. Steam: Some real hot moments. HEA: view spoiler [Yes. View all 41 comments. Shelves: contemporary-romance. Yes, it's fairly predictable what romance isn't? But, it's still fun with two very likable protagonists. Can't add much more to what's already been said in other reviews. Steam: View all 42 comments. It's adorable and it's a great way for the readers to see the man slowly fall in love with the woman.

Everyone who hasn't read this book should. Especially those of you who are romantic to the heart and in the need of a funny, sweet and adorable story. They are great characters who everyone should met. New Rating: 3. Lanie kept him off balance, but not in an uncomfortable way.

Kyle had no desire to be the hero, but he felt drawn to the story of her and had an incredible craving to be a supportive character at least. Lanie also have a crush on said lawyer. A bitch to the core and quite verbally abusive. A horrible mother; like mother like daughter Cassie. She got quiet for a minute, swallowed, and then said barely above a whisper, "I tried but it didn't work. That's why I have you. It was awesome, and the characters were great. Not Lanie family though.

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Hated them. Lanie and Kyle on the other hand Specially Kyle. I loved how Kyle was with Lanie, how he made her feel beautiful. For those who read this book, and didn't fall for Kyle; you have no heart. He was amazing. Specially if you are looking for a sweet, easy and funny book. Will I read this again in the future? Rating - 4 stars. View all 10 comments. Feb 07, Jennifer Kyle rated it really liked it.

What a funny, sexy, enjoyable, light read! It starts with a set up All the while there is terrific humor, several horrible women and one blossoming relationship. Lanie Carmichael was breathtaking. View all 33 comments. Shelves: sexy-suit-and-ties , favorites , heart-breaking , jackass-heroes , super-steamy , dual-pov , virgin-heroine , fav-book-boyfriend , friends-to-lovers , lol-funny.

Then I guess we have an understanding. I'm glad to say that this book didn't disappoint me I loved it!! The story starts off with the womanizing journalist Kyle Manchester, having a few drinks with his best friend Brad. Kyle is a total player. He doesn't do serious relationships.

He is quite successful in his career and likes the way things are going. Things change for him when Brad asks him to take out his girlfriend's sister for one date. Brad's girlfriend, Cassie, has a sister that is also his co worker and fellow lawyer, Lanie. Lanie isn't the most gorgeous woman ever, but she is very hardworking and a great person. Kyle is very reluctant to go on this date, but he finally agrees.

I know what I want," Lanie answered simply.

In fact, I'd say you're not like any other girl I've ever met, and just so we're clear, that's a compliment. But, that only made things more interesting for me because I couldn't wait to see how he would grow by the end of the book. I loved how shocked and intrigued he was by Lanie. I was rubbing my hands in anticipation for what was to come. You see, Kyle had no idea that Lanie wanted to meet with him because she wanted his help. She's been in love with Brad since they met, unfortunately her evil sister Cassie had to ruin things for her.

After an awkward yet entertaining conversation, that leaves Kyle wanting to know Lanie a bit more, he agrees to her scheme. He soon comes up with the idea of them being a fake couple in order to get Brad to notice her. Lanie is a strong, independent woman who works hard for what she wants.

She is kind hearted, quirky, and successful. But I will admit, I did cringe a bit at how self deprecating she could be. It really saddened me how she believed she could never attract anyone because of all the hurtful things said to her by all the women in her life, including Cassie and her mom. But, she was also really endearing to me. The fun chemistry between Lanie and Kyle had me hooked. I would giggle like a school girl, and smile like a dork at the both of them.

It was just awesome. I loved seeing her shed the layers figuratively and literally. I liked how confident she became just being herself as the makeover continued. I laughed at all the funny banter. I loved the mounting tension and feelings that these characters shared. I loved how it was written, the pace in which everything took place, and I loved the hero and heroine, both. I think all of us women have our Lanie moments where we put ourselves down, so you can really relate to her.

I loved seeing their friendship bloom into more. My heart melted and swooned at Kyle's sweetness towards Lanie. They were just so perfect for each other that you couldn't help but root for them to end up together.

If we could turn back time...

And even with all the do-overs you've had, you're my hero too. It was a heartwarming romantic comedy with some good emotional moments. It also had some hot steam and silly funny moments. I loved Kyle so much I loved seeing him fall for Lanie, and the jealousy LOVED it!!

He went through one hell of a makeover while Lanie learned how to shine. It was awesome and can't stop saying how much I really enjoyed this one. You should read this one for yourself. View all 46 comments. I'm not going to go into any type of detail about anything I'm just going to give you the emotion that pretty much sums up my thoughts on this book.

So here you have it That feeling when you finish watching a movie, a romantic comedy would suit this book the best, and immediately go buy the DVD so that you can add it to your collection because you know you're going to watch it over and over again. But also know that when you're flipping thru the channels on any given day, if it's on, you're going to watch it View all 37 comments. Jan 29, Baba rated it it was ok Shelves: dnf , rolls-eyes.

Not my cup of tea. I won't even bother reviewing this. View all 28 comments. I love seeing all of the books and personal comments from my friends and their friends updating my page. My page is a window to so many things I have learned who has similar tastes to mine and also have been pushed out of my comfort zone time and time again by other friends with welcomed results.

This book, though, was a no brainer for me I tracked it down and dove right in. This was such an easy read This was not a class warfare issue, it was something all together different. We meet Lanie, Cassie, Brad and Kyle. Lanie, our main interest in this tale is an extremely accomplished attorney.

She knows she is good, has a keen sense of human nature, uses it to her advantage and has successful negotiated hundreds of cases with incredible results with never stepping into a courtroom. She is cloaked though in bland Where she has the confidence to come up with an agenda to claim the one man she loves Kyle is the player, handsome with dark hair, stunning green eyes and charm for days Brad is the object of Lanie's desire.

He is part of her firm, two years behind her on the partner track. He is the for all intensive purposes a Dudley Do Right in everyone's eyes It is a closely guarded secret; he has some very ugly skeletons in his closet. He best friend is Klye She is freeloading off Lanie It seems he didn't appreciate her doing other workouts with her trainer Cassie has her hooks into Brad with her blond hair, big chest and tiny waist Kyle agrees only because Brad had a marker he was holding over Klye's head.

Lannie meets with Brad at a sports bar; proceeds to shock the hell out of him because she is not shy of self effacing like described She comes across as confident Because Lanie doesn't care about Kyle being into her She knows her sister's track record Lanie wants to ready for Brad. The interview is too good to pass up Lanie has Klye on her team and we are off and running. We go through all of the stages of this plan.

The Do-Over review – Adam Sandler misfires in identity-theft yukfest

We see how Lanie blossoms under Klye's care and in turn how Klye becomes more aware of Lanie and all of her strength and beauty. Klye also gets a first hand vision of the past hurts Lanie must have endured by her family. He sees how they talk to her, treat her and how she lets it take place. The author gave us glimpses of how people cope and adapt The man also had their own issues and we were treated to their reckoning and learning, too.

It was a very fast read for me and although it reminded me of another book I had read last year I was fine with this specific story. There were additions which made this different and totally satisfying. So thank you my GR Friends I have now met M. Schiller and will look for more tasty tidbits in the future.

For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways. View all 23 comments. Shelves: hero-totally-hot , reads , favorite-treasures , g-contemporary-romance , heroine-i-loved , humor-and-steam , heroine-with-backbone-smart-strong , keeper , best-this-year. Humor and steam are two of my favorite combinations and this book delivers! It's very well written and the mixture of passion, romance, tenderness and laughter is served up in spades.

Lanie Carmichael is an intelligent, young attorney whose appearance can only be described as frumpy. Her outdated, mismatched, baggy apparel leaves much to be desired and while her outer shell may have you thinking mousy as well as uninteresting, looks can be deceiving. As the physical lay 4. Kyle Manchester is an intelligent, successful journalist with his eye on the Pulitzer.

He easily defines the term Player, and has no plans for a committed relationship. One of the best things about this story is watching this arrogant, lovable man fall! Lanie loves Brad, she knows his relationship with her sister is short lived and for the first time in her life she wants to be appealing and ready if and when Brad shows an interest. Lanie is a total paradox and Kyle quickly finds himself wanting to understand this complex, intriguing character.

The unearthing brings both pleasure and heartache as well as surprises. Schiller is a new to me author and with her production of this clever, poignant, steamy read she now has a new fan. As Lanie sheds both her inner and outer layers the secrets from her past reveal the utter pain that has defined her choices. The only quibble I had was I wished for an epilogue. Do-Over has much to offer its readers in this fun, sexy read and the delivery is captivating. Highly recommend. View all 30 comments.

Exactly what I needed at the moment! Brad is Kyle's best friend and asks him as a favor to go out on a date with his girlfriend's sister, Lannie. Kyle is the typical selfish, manwhore, avoiding commitment and having only one night stand with girls, so he doesn't want to accept, but Brad makes him accept in the end. Kyle meets Lannie and he is surprised by her personality. She doesn't act in the way he thought she would do and not only that, but she asks for his help. Lannie is in love with Brad and asks from Kyle to help her win his heart.

But Lannie doesn't want to steal Cassie's boyfriend, she just knows that this relationship won't last and wants Brad to notice her when he'll be available again. So she offers a clever business deal for Kyle in order to help her. Kyle considers the offer and eventually he accepts.

He suggests to her that they should pretend to be a couple. But what happens when fake starts getting blurred and turning into real? I really enjoyed this book! It was so much fun! I loved their banter, I loved Lannie's personality, how she wasn't the Barbie edition, but a real tomboy. She didn't care to look nice, she loved watching sports, she loved fast cars etc.

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Kyle was also amazing. I loved how he seemed to slowly change around her, without really realizing it. View all 29 comments. Lanie is a very successful lawyer, living in Chicago and supporting her nasty sister. Lanie is a wallflower at best Her sister, on the other hand, is tall, blonde and dates every successful man around Cassie treats Lanie like garbage and Lanie takes it. If anything will drive you crazy in this book, it's Lanie's ab Lanie is a very successful lawyer, living in Chicago and supporting her nasty sister.

If anything will drive you crazy in this book, it's Lanie's ability to take all the criticism and bullying from people and keep going forward. Kyle is a hot, successful journalist and total man-whore. When his best friend Brad asks him to take out poor Lanie on a date, he's quick to turn him down. He doesn't do or need fix-ups. The girl is surely single for a reason He owes Brad the favor. When Kyle sets eyes on frumpy Lanie, the show is on! Oh, but they are! With Sandler and Spade.

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