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The former Elven estate has fallen under the power of the Dark Master who controls the former inhabitants and monsters through a cursed poison and causes strong arousal in the elven women. She has however caught the eye of Mistress Malia, an elven noble and a nearby dark elf guard, and the antidote will not protect Lorelei completely from the pleasure they will force her to feel.

Tara and Sayako had met just recently, instantly clicked and became girlfriends. Despite all of this Tara blew off the friendship, in her mind she was conflicted over even contemplating a relationship with a girl… especially a girl with a huge cock, plus the fact she has a boyfriend.

She invited herself to a party that she knew Sayako would attend and as soon as she laid eyes on her, she knew she wanted more. She took Sayako by the hand and lead her to a place where they were alone. Sayako faces one of the difficult choices in life, whether to blow her own cock or leave Tara with the honors. Original Girlfriends 4 Ever comes with a flash based video clip player and contains the following scenes and features:.

DLC1 to be installed. If you want to see the flip side purchase Girlfriends 4 Ever incl. In the desolate land of Cronus, a world devastated by war and terror, roams a warrior who has been molded by the ways of the land. This warrior has dedicated her life to eradicate all who crosses her path. She seeks to avenge her loved ones and takes great pleasure doing so.

She fights for justice… She fights for love… But most of all, she fights for pure lust. They call her Frazeta the destroyer. So, thus our princess and her redhead servant had become sex slaves for a demon from Hellfire Peninsula. Will they escape or will they remain here forever? After an exhausting orgy, three goblins decide to make a special gift and bring the chosen High Priestess for Goddess Elune to their boss.. On the quest to recover some stolen magical artifacts, a young sorceress has an intense encounter with a powerful and horny guardian! Hallow Eureka, one of the most promising students at the Academy of Magic, recieves an assignment to recover a stolen artifact.

Jumping headstrong and arrogantly into her quest, she leaves the Academy with little preparation. Venturing far into the dark and mysterious Marywyrm Forest alone, she finds a long lost covered entrance into a vast underground lair. Unaware of the dangers that lurk inside, Hallow ventures in. Discovering that her magic has little or no effect inside the labyrinth, Hallow must survive with wits alone when she encounters the monstrous and horny sentry guarding the chambers within! Hallow finds herself the object of the creatures lust and is hapless against his sexual advances.

Despite her years of training she will find herself pushed to her sexual limits as the monster begins to have its way with her…. Two sultry agents explore the remnants of an old manor in search of an elusive doctor. They both discover what it means to feel the curse of the wolf. Kayla has come back from her trip to Russia, and finding herself home alone uses her free time to unwind.

Vikki has a surprise for Erin. Natalie then turns to Rachel who is bond the inter session while Natalie has her way with her. Set in the victoria era, Velna is going on a mission where she is required to assassinate an unscrupulous politician. What she has thought of an easy task has surprisingly turned out to be very tough. And she will be doing whatever it takes to accomplish the mission with her cool mind. Sarah is a young, blonde dickgirl who works as a maid for the wealthy Rebecca.

In fact, Rebecca is her favorite client, especially when Rebecca gives her cock a nice spitshine. See what happens when these two fuck in various ways! This is a image set containing image series and several animated loops, each captured from several angles. Contains anal sex, blowjob and multiple cumshots. Long time ago, the beautiful ice princess was caught by the enemy. Anna wants to be famous by any means necessary. Soon enough, Anna notices Theresa is getting turned on as her cock start poking out from underneath her dress, which leads to the next phase of the session….

Clara emerges from the shower refreshed and clean. Having just returned from an expedition to Loughcrew, Ireland, she unwinds by doing a little research on the artifact she recovered from the trip: A mysterious urn adorned with ancient celtic runes. After an examination of the artifact and a bit of research, she succumbs to the exhaustive efforts of the day and decides to go to sleep. She leaves the artifact resting on the coffee table in her bedroom foyer, intent on doing further research in the morning.

As Clara sleeps, the light from the moon pours through her bedroom windows, striking the runes of the urn and igniting the magic within one of them. Suddenly, mischievous little imps known as Boggarts spring from the urn and immediately begin wreaking havok in her bedroom. The tumult awakens her. As she turns on the lights, she is surprised to find three little monsters tearing her room apart. Having seen Boggarts before, she instantly recognizes the little creatures, and looks for a way to get rid of them.

But the only known remedy is a hard pill for her to swallow. Lorelei impatiently waits for her minions Bokka and Shaka to return to the mansion, but where are they? The two orcs are still enjoying their lovemaking with the fellow elves Saeri and Saera, but the orcs soon notice Syndori and two minotaurs approaching them. That is until Bokka and Shaka remember they need to get back to their task for the night, leaving the two elves all alone…. The sex slave trade is alive and well in Sylvania, New York. Warehouse busts all over the city have turned up half-naked and completely afraid young women whose bodies are sold to the highest bidder.

The cops chalk it up to the local gangs, but Helen Black knows better. She follows her intuition to a local graveyard where she finds fresh graves filled with young females. Helen enters the mausoleum and finds an ancient vampire — Parris, the Abductor. As Helen confronts Parris, she becomes faint — poisoned from the scratch. She wakes up, chained to a coffin in the center of the mausoleum where Parris and an unexpected guest let Helen know what a sex slave really is!

The Voluptuous Kae must traverse the dangers of Skyrift to find her lost sister. Danger and naughty action lurk around every corner. Days go by and mystery of the Sepyroth artifact still remains unknown. Hidden in dark places of his tomb, the memoirs of Sepyroth finally found the way to Laura Cruz. It was one of those lazy summer afternoon when Professor Laura Cruz came after long day at university.

The long awaited package with the artifact finally arrived from Cairo. Laura was excited for this package and wanted to share the news with her friend Nick Anderson. After showing him the artifact, Laura leaves to prepare a special surprise for him. But Mr. Anderson has prepared a surprise for her too…. The LoveGame includes soft bondage, blowjob, deepthroat, anal sex, vaginal sex, pussy-slide, creampie, footworship and footjob.

After peering through the window of her hotel room, she notices a crime being committed as a young thief pickpockets a group of priests. Elayne goes to the scene and stops the pickpockets, returning the stolen items to the priests. They thank her and want to reward her for her deed. But little does she know that these priests are not who they seem to be. Alyss been through a couple of adventures since she has begun a journey in hope to see the Queen, she just fell down from the sky with her magical clock.

She been rescued by a group of undead pirates with a magnificent Mermaid as their captain, Alyss is then unfortunately about to become the sexual slave of the zombie crew. But wait, what if her madness comes back again? This might turn into a confrontation between Alyss and the captain Mermaid. Yani, a 18 year old Andrii girl, is travelling with her sister Floreigh and Torian to Anderyll, the capital city of the kingdom Hekaria. During the trip, Yani has her first time with Torian and experiences a side of herself she never would imagined.

Jaina is in trouble! This is a longer comic than Triangle! This comic is drawn high-res full color. This package has 24 total pages. For the English version, we added pronunciation guides to the original Japanese sound effects. You will find real Japanese ecchi sounds! Advancing on the work of his previous sets, Haneto explores intimacy in a distinct way with three stories.

Featuring both straight and lesbian sex, Haneto demonstrates a closeness with his subjects that few have. It shows how much erotica is about the intimacy as it is about the sex. A random day on the Normandy. The commander and his crew of super special agents is on another ground mission, while the rest of the regular crew gets to have some RNR time. But this can get boring pretty fast when you are used to being in combat all the time… until the asari technician has an idea on how to make good alternate use of her Omni Tool.

Since the shuttering of the LCK Website in September of , we are making available the entire catalog of more than 14 years of work available to newfound fans. This is everything that LCKX subscribers had access to, for the same subscriber price. A tale of two orphans growing up in a magical kingdom and their struggles with things that go bump in the night.

On one such bumpy night they experience an encounter with a dread succubus that did not count on quick wit of Samel and his poor constitutions but lovely tastiness and Nathaniel, who holds a dark secret that threatens to overwhelm him. After being outnumbered and captured by a gang of mutants, Akira experiences a full day of non-stop hardcore fucking.

Mistress Furiosa immediately begins to train Akira into total submission. What kind of play will she do this time? Police Officer Sita Smith is called in regarding a noise complaint at an apartment building. Upon arriving at the scene she finds two college students who have set up a live podcasting and web cam show in a make shift studio. The two web cam stars find their viewership increasing with the presence of the sexy cop and they invite her to stay.

Getting turned on by all the unseen eyes on her, Officer Sita lets her voyeuristic tendencies get the better of her and agrees. What happens next not only raises the popularity of the two internet stars, but also the temperature of Officer Sita! Will their internet service provider be able to handle the increased bandwidth? A brand new never released series of 33 beautifully rendered images. During a night out, Sheeara and Sheeari finds themselves confronted by two giant orcs. While her city been destroyed by the powerful Succubus the heroic, and determined princess Tanya sadly fell down under the malicious, charming, erotic control of the beautiful monster as she was attempting to protect what remained of our people.

The good princess Tanya is however fortunately saved by her protector Tommy, when the cruel Succubus appears to be defeated she uses the full potential of her abilities to bring Tanya, and Tommy on the most dangerously sexy road they never saw before. Young girl Carol comes to the interview to her future boss. Featuring erotic threeway action, Secretary is sure to be one to file under hot! Three weary travelers take shelter in the ruins of an enchanted temple and re-discover the lost art of Elven Love. Starring Elayne Chiana and Ezri.

Melisa voluntarily agreed to participate in the experiment. Thus we expects to save an endangered species inhabiting the planet KJ…. This series features Sci-Fi themes, monster sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, tits, oral sex, vaginal creampie. Snowy White was taken away from her home and left alone in the deep dark forest. She wandered through the bough and brush trying to find her way home, and by chance she came across a small house.

Who could could be living in the little cabin far from her home? Yelena Tatarinova, the elder sister, stayed behind in native Russia. When the younger blonde returns to her country of birth to catch up with the raven-haired beauty, neither one can keep her hands off the other. On a remote lunar base two sultry workers come across a strange anomaly. Hayli realizes her alien partner has a cock hidden in her suit and she is more than willing to explore it. Strangely, Hayli feels as if they are not alone in such a desolate world.

Clara Ravens takes a step back through time and becomes the sexual plaything of the mythical Batutut, fierce ape-like hominids who dwell deep in the jungles of Vietnam. An unannounced arrival of a very large mutant takes the outpost by surprise. What will this voluptuous defender do for him to leave? A sexy, world renowned cat bugler takes a job to steal from one of the richest heiresses in the country. The two women find out that they have more in common than they thought and begin to scheme to steal from the heiress.

Figuring that they were alone and turned on from their recent grapple, they two engage in some heated one on one naked wrestling on the bed. Eralin and Meralin recently uncovered some old scrolls of erotic spells. As they start playing around with them, their desire for each other grows. And as something sprouts from their loins, they stop casting, and let the real fun begin…. While on her route back to home, a strong storm forces Elayne to seek shelter from an old abandoned farmhouse.

Something else lurks in there too…. In this faux superhero porno shoot, Lana Liberty, hero of the people, has been captured by her enemy The Mistress played by Krissy. Join Delidah in her quest to sex all the things in this compilation of five whimsical comics, featuring her futa best friend, a load of conjured cocks and a sweet student of magic about to lose her innocence. Velna is on her vacation while she received a messege of mission, at the top of a hill.

Before she could go on the mission, she has to go through a test. And a reckless goblin is waiting eagerly to test her. Side-by-side stereo images can be viewed by naked cross eyes. The crew from One Hot Mess is back! This time it is Brooke, Claudine and Jake on a summer vacation in a beautiful summer house in Greece. Here they meet with some new friends and when Brooke decides to get some supplies for a BBQ, things get wild and steamy! After the adventure Alyssia had with Elaviel, she now gets a new costumer, with some supersize extra. Celine, a very well hung futanari, has a coupon from Elaviel for a full body massage and told her to ask for Alyssia.

Celine is sure that Alyssia really massage her full body. After the events with the Orcs in previous chapters, the Stone Lady Karen journeys through the land, looking for any male who can satisfy her lustful craving. She eventually wanders into a church where she meets Markus, who is mourning the loss of a friend. Impressed by his physique, Karen offers to ease his mind by offering her body for the night, which Markus obliges. From there, Karen takes his massive cock, letting him fuck her pussy to his hearts content. But Karen has other plans for him. Orcs and Elves: Dark Magic features futanari, yuri, paizuri, trap, anal, bondage, oral, face sitting, and more!

The scenarios come complete with alternate versions in many cases to represent a variety of races, some human and some non human. Expect to see classic fantasy races and classes displayed for your sexual viewing pleasure. Character sheets for several of the leading ladies are included complete with stats, traits, organizations, and backstory that fleshes them out in great detail.

Prepare to take adventure to a whole new level! In her travels, she finds the magic crystal. Instead of fighting him, Naura uses her charm to get the orc under her control, making it easy for her to get the crystal. Luckily, Naura has time to fuck and decides a huge orc cock is just what she needs to celebrate her victory. Stumbling across an alien adversary, she figures the best way to be taken to his leader… is to take him in the rear!

A lone adventurer sets out to locate a lost tomb. She is confronted by an ancient guardian of the jungle. Now the adventurer must decide whether to confront the monster or escape. Alyss continues her adventure to look for the far away Queen. She then meets a pair of mechanics who are also twin brothers.

Needless to say, the twin brothers happily bring Ayss along to travel in the air. And once again she is going through the journey of danger and excitement…. Lately, Elaviel had a lot of work to do and after another long day of work she finally has the chance to get some relaxation. Alyssia, who runs a small massage parlour, were so generous to arrange an appointment outside her usual business hours.

Lori is investigating details about the demons she found in her last expedition, but an envy rival sorceress traps her in a predicament with several demons. Lori will have to find a way to defeat these creatures, lest she becomes their slaves…. Onagi continues on his quest only to find a damsel in disress. Danger and passion around every corner in Kunoichi Harem 2 EX! Fantasia continues to dominate her kingdom and her hunger for power and lust wreaks havoc throughout the land. She sends her Orc minions to hunt for more slaves in an attempt to quench her thirst for fresh souls and sex.

And this special trooper has a very special tool with her…. Haruka is the girlfriend you started dating a few months ago. She just turned 20 years old and is going to stay over for the first time. The time has come for her to lose hervirginity. Haruka has prepared her body and soul, but everything is far above her expectations…. Three girls find themselves in the dark with only a glowing light and each other to keep them company. Within a short time, their urges gets the better of them and find themselves in the throws of pleasure…. Fleeing a lewd suitor, elf princess Rubithia seeks refuge in the forest — and finds unexpected release for all her animal desires.

Features haughty elves, big boobs, rude groping, landing strip, fingering, licking, oral, vaginal, anal, deep throat, cum-shots, and cat-creature sex. Naura explores an abandoned temple magic. She wants to know that there behind the mysterious door. She has no idea what awaits her there…. The third entry in the Elven Desires series! After an intense battle with the orcs, Syndori is knocked unconscious. When she comes to, she finds herself in the old courtyard she had visited in her younger days. But things are not what it seems as the statues come to life and give her more than she anticipated….

He meets an artist who specializes in uncommon paintings and gets more than he bargained for. So many, that I asked her to be in my story. She agreed, so here we are. This series has vaginal, anal, oral, double penetration, lesbian, and strapon sex. The entire comic is original art rendered in Octane.

Aisling the peasant girl gets her own vampire experience in this CG collection, with vampire Shay from Vampire Halloween! Aisling had planned on keeping warm in her cozy cottage, but vampire Shay is out braving the cold… looking for a warm-blooded victim. A Halloween Special starring Shay the Adventuress!

In this CG image series of 27 cute and sexy poses, she is shy at first, but you can make her undress. Happy Halloween! Her work in sleep science has lead to breakthroughs throughout the medical community, thus she has been given substantial leeway in how she conducts her experiments.

With a natural talent for machinery and electronics, Polly is an expert at all things industrial, and is hands down the best mechanic on-staff. With her pet alien Jester in tow, Polly takes a ground transport across the icy surface of Eylen to one of several sensor relays that make up the matrix of planetary defense the base has against passing ships.

This particular relay is malfunctioning, and Polly has been enlisted to make the repairs. However, during the repairs, something goes horribly wrong. A simple, unintentional mistake causes both an explosion and a gas leak, prevening her from escaping the relay. As a last ditch effort, she radios in an S. A nearby pilot picks up her distress call and manages to reach her just in time. Krissy returns in this all-new title that will surely get your blood pumping! Krissy is also there, looking to get a quick jog on the treadmill. Not only that, but Workout also include a mini set featuring Rylee giving herself a different kind of workout routine.

Eralin and Meralin, twin sisters identical in almost every way, love walks during the night time. The glow of the moon illuminating the sky as the two stroll through the city streets with their cock hanging out. They want to make sure they never forget this moment…. The evil succubus has come and demolished the city while Tanya, the princess, stands firm ready for a fight to defend her kingdom.

Before finishing off Tanya, the succubus decided to unleash her craving sexual desire to the charming princess. Or is she…?

Sex and Death in Victorian Literature | SpringerLink

Cuffed at first, she presents us all with her incredible body in all of her favorite sexual positions… and then walks away with a smile. Clearly, she loves it! Agent Sara Hart is called back into action after a mysterious outbreak occurs. She embarks on a secret flight out of the city.

She awakens to find two passengers who would like to share a seat. Christy was cruising in her brand new sports car. But then her car broke down in the middle of nowhere. However she was lucky! A nice guy came long and offered his help. Nicolas and Joan are a wealthy couple, married for more than 10 years. His position as a representative of a global company means that Nicolas needs to travel alot, leaving his wife alone at home for quite some time.

Guardian of The Castle is starting feel so lonely on her post, so she decided go down to prison, and and she will face some unpredictable consequences…. After making her escape from the dungeon, Anaria travels through the forest, enjoying her freedom. After a stroll through, she notices a strange girl sitting all alone on a tree stump. Anaria is turned on by this sight and starts to finger herself.

Instead of running away, she invites Anaria to also enjoy her cock. This elusive sensei is a selective master who offers his training to only those pupils showing the most promise. Upon their first meeting, Clara impresses Ryujin immensely, and he immediately offers to train her and help her earn her black belt. Mary had it coming. Seriously, sitting all night in a London pub and having only US dollars on her? It was time to pay up, and she was fucked. It turned out to be the win win kind of situation.

She loved huge black cocks, and the bartender with the huge black cock loved watching her tight white ass all night. Everybody was happy! Shari and Leala are back and up to no good. Nova discovers that someone is using his name for their own nefarious ends! Watch as Mandy and her well endowed partner, Candace, give it their all for the camera! Sorceress Lori is on her first solo Mission for the Mage Academy.

She was sent out to recover some magical items from an old and long forgotten Tomb burried deep in the woods. But it seems that not only those magical items are waiting there for her to be discovered…. CluB G. Featuring oral, vaginal, anal and DP. This 65 image set features Arche and her lover in romantic bliss as their two bodies converge with each other. Erin is still shy about her Futanari status; she tries to keep her secret as best she can.

As the other students watch on in a mix of emotions ranging from horror to pleasure they too eventually succumb to the lust filled classroom. This set contains futanari, multiple cum shots, anal, oral, tit fucking, spanking, DP, group, and voyeur. Alyss wakes up and finds herself captured by Mr. White in a deep cave. In order to get the answers, Alyss will have to fulfill Mr. Nibiru wants more! But once another girl enters the library, Nibiru puts a little magic spell to get herself another dick to fuck her!

See what happens when Nibiru gets some double futa fucking!

Zoey Loves delves into the head of Zoey, looking at what she loves, her recollections of the past and of her wild imaginations. Huge Cocks? You bet! Clone Fucking? That too! Gender Bending? Sierra and Rihanna discover an unknown creature in a container that JEN found in space and try to bring her back to life. Captain Coxxx takes a well-deserved rest, or does he? And what better girl to get the ball s rolling than the most erotic LCK babe of them all: Exotica… and friend!

And as a bonus, 6 promotional renders of the cast of LCKX, and 2 previews of even more hardcore action from newcomers Zoe and Kim. Our young Thief Ezri is roaming around the village roofs to find some valuable things to steal. She finds a quaint blacksmith shop filled with three hard cocks, consequently attached to three strapping blacksmiths.

Jessenia enjoys the craftsmen in all manners. This title contains vaginal, oral, anal, double penetration, airtight, squirting and bukkake. At the magic academy, Nibiru and Arilet are learning new magic spells in the magical library. With all the spells that she could cast, there was one spell Nibiru could not resist using. She just needs a test subject in order to make it happen. After deceiving the Orc King and consequentially consuming his soul, she becomes the self-proclaimed queen of the Orcs.

With the Orc army at her disposal, it seems nothing can stop her. Monster Sex Trilogy features 3 different girls, three different monsters and 3 different settings. Each mini set has a 1 page text description to lay out the story for you, and then the girls get right to the action. Part 1: A Blood Elf has been taken prisoner after losing a battle with dark orc like monsters.

She is subject to a prison cell fitting a sex toy for these creatures, a soft bed, candle lite and loads of cum daily. Part 2: Little Red has always been jealous of the relationship between the village protector Lycan and her grandmother. Part3: Nadia has been taken, as so many beautiful village girls before, by a winged creature some call a god. This god however requires his captors to service him high atop its mountain castle. Nadia serves it but will she ever be back home again?

After Elaynes little incident on the River she had done a few other missions successfully. This time Elayne was summoned to meet her home regions priest, who deals with affairs of the Church in that region. But something in the Priory seems different this time…. While driving to the hospital because of a long lasting erection, Richard gets into an accident and was placed in a full body cast. His delighted niece, Portentia, find every way to take advantage of poor Uncle Dick. She has yet to know how diverse the infection is…. After this tiring year, Elfy take some rest on a dreaming isle.

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She awakens to find herself startled by a curious Orc. Welcome St. By night, the girls are free to pursue studies of a more personal intimate nature…. A pretty girl who lost her memory, has met some friends in a dreamland. The playful friends accidentally unleashed the inside madness of the girl and tragedy happened. Things got worse when the madness brings to her sexual desire. She wants to make sure that the infection is gone. But she did not know what trials await her…. Jessica had hoped to spend a quiet weekend at her home alone trying to track down some lead on her demonic tormentor who calls himself Lord Dominus.

But Jessica discovered to her dismay that her stepsister Ellie was also crashing at the house for the weekend. Lord Dominus has some very special plans for Jessica and resents anyone touching his property, which leaves Jessica with a choice…. An end of summer romp!

See what happens when Gigi sets out to take extra special care of her well hung friend Annie during their spa retreat! After taking care of the situation in the Tavern, Elayne continued her mission to check this remote region. It felt like she was all alone out there, but she was wrong…. Kayleen is enjoying the sun at the pool of a hotel. Only one other guy is also at the pool. So she decides to use her chance and seduce him. Kayleen is frustrated and falls asleep in the pool chair. In her dreams Jaymes is unhesitant and they have hot sex.

But when she wakes up again, it gets even better…. Looks like Kiara has hit the jackpot! Weeks of diligent research proves fruitful as Clara discovers a forgotten storage room deep beneath the sprawling Egyptian ruins at Karnak. Inside the wine cellar, Clara notes the heavy structural damage and surmises that this storage area was buried in an ancient earthquake. Noting that these men are clutching amphoras and appear to have died of natural causes, Clara also surmises that these Medjai were buried alive during the earthquake, possibly after having snuck into the wine stores to sample some of the festival wine.

She raises a toast to the doomed Medjai and takes a hearty swig. They will, however, still use the DCV software bundled for free with every purchase … and contain some of those features. Azura comes to the magical forest in search of a lover from her past: Alicent the demoness with a huge futa cock. Azura, whose intimate feelings for Alicent never died, wants to rekindle their relationship.

Alicent feels the same way as they both embrace each other. See what happens when these two lovers begin their romance again! Deep in the rural countryside, a young couple spends a quite evening at the Shangrila Mobile Home Park. Watch the chases, escapes, fighting, and sex as these two formidable and beautiful women face off! Undress the Prince with 6 clothing levels, choose your camera angle to watch Prince Meris or Athropos the Dark Elf, and save your favorite images to your computer.

Julia is a maid in the service of a goblin lord called Gorlucca Gobbovicz. It does not take long until the two get it going, while being thrilled by the danger of being caught in the act…. Elf Carolyn has been captured by an ancient tribe and enchained. She should be sacrificed to make the dragon friendly again. In the very last moment Wyloran can save her. Carolyn is of course very thankful! Taking some redshirts along for protection, they encounter Polypenis, the One Eyed Terror, whereupon Jessenia deals with the predicament in her usual fashion.

This series has vaginal, anal, and oral sex. Tentacles, tentacle double penetration and bukkake are also included. The House of the Paramours on Earth was designed to satisfy the sexual desires of the galaxies most notable and wealthy inhabitants. Though there are many U.

His Eminence is also known for being a ghastly-looking person in general. And so it was with great sadness that Callisto or Callie, as she is most often referred to learned that The Beast had decided she was one of his favorites. Her position at the House does not allow her to choose her clientele, so she finds herself servicing this disgusting pig of a man quite regularly. Get the first three releases of the immensely popular Dossier Series for one low price!

And see Callie suffer mentally as she does her best to satisfy sexually a perverted client in House of the Paramours. The Dossier Series is a label applied to image sets, which feature character and story tie-ins to the Epoch Art comics. To gain a full appreciation for the story behind the sex there is once again text based images viewers can choose to follow along with text file for easy non English translation.

Out on the busy streets, Eve walks with her girlfriend Anastasia before taking a breather. Eve is turned on by what she sees. Stopping by a secluded tavern Elayne is enchanted by magic gone awry, and once again she falls victim to the creatures of darkness. Her lithe body again a plaything for their foul sexual desires. Her aching cunt eagerly accepting the ghoulish cocks that thrust deep inside her. Helplessly clinging to her ravagers, orgasming as they use her one after another.

The stories and characters are taken directly from real life … only the names have been changed. Episode I gives you the first look at Nova himself, and his new naughty neighbor, Cassidy, in their first carnal adventure. Additionally, she has agreed to join Clara at her home in England to serve as part of her treasure hunting team, expanding the group to three.

A United Planetary Alliance abandoner, Kole has come to this hidden outpost to meet with old friend and brother-in-arms Samuel Talbish. His friend, a previous U. Commander, now is a powerful contraband dealer and has helped Kole acquire an item of exceptional illegality. While reminiscing with his old C. Not interested in risking a chance encounter with the military force he abandoned, Kole sets out on a path leading him towards the constellation Centaurus, far from where most U.

Serving together for years in the U. The two young officers have a healthy competitive rivalry between their ranks that carries over into their personal time together. Both fiercely competitive, Ember and Andrei can often be found engaged in various sporting rivalries in their freetime. Their matchup might be a simple physical activity, such as a foot race or a pull-up competition. Or military-related, like a skirmish or targeting competition. Or even simple one-on-one games of dexterity, such as table tennis or billiards. In a slump, Ember had lost nearly ten matchups in a row to Andrei, and his non-stop gloating was really getting on her nerves.

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Also Napoleon, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Mao as highly mind controlled British Agents whose instructions were to use war to destroy and create poverty in Europe, Russia and China, thus allowing the British Empire to become the most powerful block. Since that time the Cold War and the Iron Curtain of sanctions prolonged the separation and poverty. Now Ukraine is a cause for furthering that separation - creating poverty in Europe and Russia - essentially continuing the year policy of divide and conquer of the Babylonian dynastic families, though the Roman Empire, the Venetian Empire onwards to the British Empire and the British American Establishment.

Satanic Dr. John of Jerusalem, Dame of a sovereign foreign power, the Maltese Order. Dame Margaret played a leading role in fostering primitive Dionysiac cults as expressions of the "real inner self' of modern civilized man the principle, since antiquity underlying the propagation of the Isis cult. The forked Staff which she carried constantly, is an official icon of the Isis priesthood derived from the Egyptian Uraeus serpent.

We know that Dame's role in Germany during the postwar period. We know the fraud she has peddled to the witless and credulous as "anthropology," - the colonialist doctrine of the old British foreign office, a doctrine of biological cultural inferiority of colonial peoples entitled "cultural relativism.

Professor Noam Chomsky, former associate of the Rand Corporation and heir of the late high priest of Isis. Aristotle's Peripatetics during their reign in Ptolemaic Egypt, following their expulsion from Athens. In its original form, the cult of Isis and Osiris was the Phrygian cult of Dionysus syncreticalIy introduced to existing Egyptian pagan cults.

Subsequently, the Stoics, a semisecret cult created by the Egyptian Peripatetics during the third century BC, attempted to subvert Christianity with the cult of Isis and Osiris. The same Aristotelian syncretic methods were employed as had been employed to insert the Phrygian cult of Dionysus into Egypt. The worship of Isis under the cover of certain Coptic cults today is a direct relic of the insertion of Isis cults into Byzantine episcopal Christian bodies following the establishment of the Emperor Constantine.

Down through the ages, the worship of Isis has been continued by Implant Agents of the Secret services, Satanic Pagans, "Christians who are not Christians" and through a secret cult within Judaism - Frankism - associated with usury practicing families of the Mediterranean, down into the allies of the House of Rothschild during the present day.

Hence, the New Testament gives the name, the Whore of Babylon, to the form of Christianity for which schismatic Archbishop Lefebvre is exemplary today. The ancient Roman families, Pallavicini and Colonna, are exemplary of those patrons of Lefebvre who maintain the kernel of Isis worship into the present day. The Aristotelian Society of Britain of which Bertrand Russell was formerly a high priest, is a guardian of the doctrine of Isis.

Another word for Fowl is Owl - like the 40ft Statue of an owl at Bohemian Grove overlooking the Altar where every year in front of Presidents, Prime Ministers, Master of the Universe Bankters and assorted heads of dynastic families they sacrifice - stab and burn - the image of a child in the Satanic Ritual, "The Cremation of Care". You have to be invited to get in.. Leviticus Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel, Whosoever he be of the children of Israel, or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel, that giveth any of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones.

Leviticus And I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people; because he hath given of his seed unto Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name. Leviticus And if the people of the land do any ways hide their eyes from the man, when he giveth of his seed unto Molech, and kill him not: Leviticus Then I will set my face against that man, and against his family, and will cut him off, and all that go a whoring after him, to commit whoredom with Molech, from among their people.

Jeremiah And they built the high places of Baal, which are in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire unto Molech; which I commanded them not, neither came it into my mind, that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin.

Courtesy of Edward W. Carter deceased. Lawrence Berkeley reporting on the Manhattan Project to create the Atomic bomb, lunching with future president Eisenhower and past president Hoover at Bohemian Grove, July 23, The figure associated with this enterprise was the Scottish Ashmole, proponent of the so called Scottish Rite of "reformed" Freemasonry.

During the middle of the eighteenth century, the head of the Edinburgh branch of SIS was Satanic David Hume, under whom served Satanic Adam Smith, whose Satanic Wealth of Nations was written as a lying polemic against the associates and allies of Benjamin Franklin and other founders of the United States. The chief successor of Hume at Edinburgh was Sir Walter Scott, another liar whose so called "historical novels" were fraudulent exercises aimed to promote the cult of feudalism through popular romantic fiction.

Table of contents

The Satanic subversion of Freemasonry by way of Scotland has a special importance in U. The secret networks which Benjamin Franklin and his associates developed to organize the American Revolution were largely Freemasonic allied to Catholic circles in the United States and elsewhere through the Bishop of Maryland. This arrangement interlocked with the faction of Freemasonry which Franklin led in Paris, opposed to the corrupted Freemasonry of the Duke of Orleans.

Therefore, the Edinburgh branch of SIS had a prominent role in the attempted subversions of the United States during the first decades of the nineteenth century. It was through Edinburgh that corrupted Massachusetts Freemasons otherwise associated with the revival of the slave trade into the United States created the Transcendentalist circles of Emerson, Longfellow, et aI. It is consistent with the character of that Edinburgh branch of Freemasonry that the families associated with the New England slave traders became the most violent current of Abolitionists. The object of "Beecher's Bibles" and the organization of John Brown's Raid was to nourish the division of the United States into two nations.

This was a British intelligence operation intended to feed into British intelligence's control of the secret organization, the Knights of the Golden Circle, which, in cooperation with Rothschild interests and the B'nai B'rith, were working to trigger the establishment of the Confederacy. The faces of Isis: from left Roman frieze showing Isis cult followers of antiquity in their characteristic garb and cult paraphernalia;. It is also consistent that the British Intelligence created and controlled cult of Bahai conducts its operations in connection with international terrorism with British currents within international Freemasonry, including the attempted overthrow of the Shah of Iran by terrorist means.

Three organizations are exemplary of the problem: Freemasonry, the Maltese Order, and the Jesuits. For Freemasonry, the case of the composer Wolfgang Mozart is exemplary. Mozart was drawn into Franklin's networks by his father, Leopold, from about Mozart's connections to Franklin are illustrated in part by a piece for the glass harmonica, an instrument invented by Franklin, and by the derivation of the French Marseillaise from a movement of one of Mozart's piano concerti.

The connection of Ludwig van Beethoven to the same networks via the same associations of Bach Leibniz followers linking the Bonn Beethoven to the Mozart of is reflected in the opera Fidelio, dedicated to the great Marquis de Lafayette and his courageous wife, and the Franklin themes of the Ninth Symphony. Poe's "Pit and the Pendulum" is based on the same themes as Beethoven's Fidelio. It is more or less conclusively indicated that the poisoning of Goya which caused his temporary blindness and his deafness, and the deafness of Beethoven were precipitated by the use of the same, then popular method of poisoning used to kill Mozart.

Herder, a member of the same networks as Mozart and Beethoven, reports the British intelligence campaign to extirpate the influence of Franklin and Franklin's allies throughout Europe during the period from the early s into the early period of the nineteenth century. Circumstantial evidence also indicates that two U. Whig Presidents were assassinated by the same method of poisoning employed to murder Mozart. These latter incidents are related to the murder of the American writer and Whig intelligence operative Edgar Allan Poe by the same agencies responsible for the attempted assassination of President Abraham Lincoln and the actual later assassination.

The faces of Isis: from left Knights of St. The Society of Jesus was created by the worshippers of Isis during the sixteenth century, and, after the banning of the Jesuits by the Papacy, the Jesuit order was re-established under sponsorship of the British monarchy during the nineteenth century. The Jesuits performed a crucial participating role in the assassination of President Lincoln, and were prominent in operations of the Knights of the Golden Circle as weIl as in the recreation of the treasonous Knights as the Ku Klux Klan both in intimate cooperation with the B'nai B'rith in the United States and with Rothschild networks generally.

However, it should not be overlooked that the Catholic Church has accompanied periodic efforts to ban the Jesuit Order with efforts to neutralize it. Cardinal Richelieu's efforts are exemplary. Numerous Jesuits have been won to Christianity away from worship of the Isis cult through Vatican and allied efforts. Jesuit is no more an axiomatic designation of evil than Freemason; courageous forces for good operate under both names. John of Jerusalem is historically the core of the forces of Satan the Whore of Babylon throughout the Mediterranean region.

John of Jerusalem, is the "mother" for today's "fascist international. John of Jerusalem. The British branch of the Maltese Order is also represented, since , by a Zionist branch, the Jerusalem Foundation. The British and "fascist" Maltese interface the branches of the Maltese order controlled by the Dutch royal family Prince Bernhard and the German branch, and penetrate into the French and Rome based branches of the Order. However, leading figures within both the Rome based and French branches of the Order are courageous humanists, bravely engaged in fighting the evil represented by the British monarchy and its allies.

The Maltese Order is technically the international secret society of the Mediterranean region's aristocratic families. However, since Charlemagne, the European aristocracy has been divided between forces of good and of Satanic evil. Certain, "white" currents of the European aristocracy continue the humanist prince traditions exemplified by the Marquis de Lafayette.

Just so, the "black nobility" of Italy, the house of Hapsburg and the ruling, Satanic Black Guelph family of Britain represent the continuity of evil, a continuity which stands unbroken since ancient Satanic Babylon. So, neither Maltese, Freemason. Jesuit, nor Zionist represent in themselves an inclusive designation of evil. It is necessary to distinguish under those names those factions which do represent evil. The hallmarks of worship of the cult of Isis - designated in forms both of belief and practice - are the means for distinguishing what the late Pope Paul VI designated as the living forces of Satan in the world today.

The "cult of chicken soup" - the fowl of Isis - in Jewish family culture exemplifies one of the important ways in which the susceptibilities for conversion to the Isis cult are maintained in those quarters. Thus one uncovers the secret of the current alliance between Hitler's Nazis and the government of Israel. Let there be no evasion of cold facts. The Lebanese Falange was and is a Nazi party created as an extension of the Nazi party of Germany during the s. The present leader of the Falange. Pierre Gemayel. The rest of the leadership of the Falange has the same qualities. The government of Israel is fully informed of this and other, correlated qualities of the Falange, justifying the alliance as a matter of "geopolitical" expediency.

After all. So much for the Israeli myth of the Lebanese Christians. The majority of Maronites look to President Assad's Syrian peacekeeping force as the principal source of aid against Falange Nazi butchers and as the principal defender of Lebanese unity and sovereignty against both Henry A. Kissinger's threeway partition project and Israeli 'butchery within Lebanon.

Let us inquire into the cases of Chamoun and Charles Habib Malik. Let us consider what degrees of distinction exist in fact between the Nazi Falange and the Chamounists generally. The case of Chamoun is simple. The Edde family exemplifies those Christians who have represented the interest of the Lebanese as a whole, a point exemplified by the composition of the bodyguard forces the Edde family has employed and justly trusted.

What is the Cult of Isis. The Satanic cult of Isis is the fount of more than two millenia of evil in the form of occult sects and orgiastic pseudo religons espoused and employed by Satanic oligarchists of the ancient and modern world. In the form in which it was propagated in the Roman Empire, the Isis myth tells of the murder of Osiris, the brother and incestuous husband of Isis, by the serpent Set or Typhon , who symbolized pure evil.

At a dinner party convened for the purpose of the murder, the myth recounts Set lured Osiris into a coffin built precisely to his measurements. Set then slammed the coffin shut, sealed it with lead, and hurled it into the Nile. The bereaved Isis found the coffin containing the body of her murdered consort and hid it, but Set discovered the hiding place and tore the body into fourteen pieces, which he then scattered throughout Egypt to ensure that Osiris's resurrection could take place only among the dead. Left to right: Horus. Osiris, and Isis wearing a cow's horns.

Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris, battled and defeated Set, but was not permitted by Isis to destroy him, the goddess. Osiris, meanwhile. Charles Habib Malik exemplifies the truth of the matter. He was formerly Maltese ambassador to the United States, not of the island principality of Malta, but the sovereign Maltese order. The Falange itself was created not only by Hitler, but by the Eastern branch of the Maltese order, the "fascist international. There is no difference between the Falange and the other Chamounists; they are siblings of the same mother, the fascist international.

Within Maronite Christianity, as within the Egyptian Coptic order, the forces associated with Chamoun are in fact a branch of "Christians who are not Christians," worshippers in fact of the Whore of Babylon, of the pagan goddess Isis. The Zionist forces controlling the present government of Israel are also worshippers of the pagan cult of Isis.

The cult of Isis within Judaism does not usually take the form of direct worship of Isis as such, but represents a resurrection of an older form of the same belief, the form of Judaism opposed by Philo of Alexandria during the first century AD. This form of Judaism has no connection to the outlooks and beliefs of the Israel of King Solomon, but is a later, syncretic creation of the priests of Babylon.

These priests invented a corrupted religious doctrine and Jewish history which was embedded into the sources of the modern Talmud under supervision of the Babylonian priesthood and later Ptolemaic Peripatetics. This corruption was the target of Philo's cleansing efforts in his commentaries. The same corruption, carried over into the Old Testament of today, was the basis for various efforts to create.. The rites of the Satanic Isis cult, which swept the Mediterranean in the Hellenistic and Roman periods, were closely akin to the Dionysiac rituals which had earlier been introduced into Greece by the same cult of Apollo which directed the Peripatetic formulators of the Isis cult.

In the Roman period, in fact, the Isis cult itself was installed at the chief shrine of Apollo, Delphi. In both the Osiric and Dionysiac ceremonial orgies, the lost phallus of Osiris was commemorated in priapic ceremonies and processions. The Satanic Dionysus cult was largely directed toward the recruitment of women around a belief structure catering to intense, hysterical sadism. The Satanic Isis rite itself incorporated chants and dancing, as well as asceticism and bizarre initiation rituals and requirements.

The Satanic Isis cult was reworked into "Gnosticism," a first through fourth century AD deployment against Apostolic Christianity which merged the Isis cult's mysticism, hermeticism, and deification of evil with a synthetic, "Christological" tradition. Through this group and its successors, the Satanic Manichaeans, are sustained the traditions which insinuated the Isis cult practices into Coptic "Christianity," a major repository of Isis worship down to our own time - an "Old Testament" perversion of Christianity in agreement with the cult of Isis.

Notable is the lurid secret cult associated with the late seventeenth century British Royal Society into which Isaac Newton, among others, was initiated, along with his principal preoccupation with attempts at sorcery. Certain strains of "Old Testament Protestant Fundamentalism" designed for backward rural and slum populations of the present and past centuries are products of that same effort.

Christianity proper rid itself of this problem, as Philo's efforts could not accomplish adequately, through the doctrine of the "New Dispensation. Paul's epistles are the most explicit outline of this point. Christianity is not an outgrowth of "Old Testament" doctrine, but an overthrow of that doctrine. The essence of Christianity on this point is that "God's only Son" intervened to free man from the evil of the "Old Dispensation" - the Old Testament.

The order outlined by the Old Testament is for Christianity the order of evil from which Christ saved mankind. The only key point on which Judaism finds an ecumenical intersection with Christianity, and with the Islam of the Prophet Muhammad, is the doctrine of the Messiah, the need for the "New Dispensation," God's own appointed Prophet to overcome the evil left unremedied by the old prophets.

This Messiah aspect of Judaism is associated with the doctrine of the Diaspora, that Jews are punished for their evil until the arrival of the Messiah shall purify them of the old evil. It is the Christian view of Christ as the promised Messiah which is, uniquely, the sole ecumenical connection between any form of Judaism and Christianity or Islam. This reversal of Christianity opens the door to syncretic insinuation of the Isis cult into the nominal forms of pseudo Christian beliefs.

Hence, like the more flagrant reflection of the Isis cult within branches of Coptic Christianity or Maronite branches of the Maltese Order, that sort of "fundamentalism" invariably feeds into such by products of the Maltese cults as the Ku Klux Klan. Hence, it is not astonishing at least, not properly astonishing that Judah Benjamin, a Baruch otherwise Bernard Baruch's grandfather, and a Jesuit priest were key in the creation of the Ku Klux Klan, or that top circles of the B'nai B'rith are key controllers of both fascist organizations and the Shelton version of the Ku Klux Klan today.

The B'nai B'rith was created, during the s, in the United States as a Satanic British intelligence cover coordinating with the Ku Klux Klan's predecessor, the Knights of the Golden Circle, in the plot to create the breakaway Confederacy that itself only one prominent element of a larger plot intended to accomplish British reconquest of all North America. The parallel in gender of Isis to the Whore of Babylon is key to the character and efflciency of the Isis cult as an arm of the oligarchical faction down through the centuries to date. This same distinction is key to the two, opposite currents in Jewish culture, the opposition of the Messiah orientation to the "chicken soup Judaism" - Fowl of Isis - of Moshe Dayan et aI.

The original cult of Dionysus is politically allied with the doctrines of the bucolic reactionary cultist, Hesiod. Just as Greek philosophy is divided between the irreconcilable, antagonistic currents of Plato and Aristotle, so Greek culture generally is divided between the traditions of Hesiod and Homer. The oligarchists were a political force of aristocratic, parasitical landlords feudal nobility allied with usurious, tax farming interest analogous to the modern Rothschilds and Warburgs. These rural and pastoral forces were supplemented by cults created to seduce urban lumpen and youth forces to serving the oligarchist cause.

The Phrygian cult of Dionysus is the outstanding model for such latter cults to the present day. The basic form of the Dionysian cult runs as follows:. The mother of Dionysus assembled the parts, and restored life to the body. The assembly of the fragments of the body of Dionysus is symbolic for the recruitment of susceptible youth into a bucolic retreat, where they are lured into various forms of sex play, including sodomy, and into the use of psychotropic drugs. Through this erotic psychedelic cult the urban youth so recruited are converted into a terrorist cult then launched to murder the city builders "in revenge for the killing of Dionysus.

The British intelligence networks' creation of the "environmentalist" and related international terrorist movements today has no mysteries, respecting either purpose, methods, or deployments, to one who understands the cult of Dionysus and the manner in which that cult has been perpetuated. Let us look into the mind of the mother of Dionysus or Bacchus and her guise as the syncretic pagan goddess Isis. Let us study her mind in respect to those qualities of susceptibility among adolescents which are crucial to the development of modern "environmentalist" and terrorist cults.

There are two polarities in the moral images of mothers into modern times. One is the model of Isis. The other is the model of Adrienne Lafayette, celebrated by Beethoven in his Fidelio. Complementary to each of these models is the adult son or husband of such a woman, and also the adolescent youth on the way to becoming an adult of one of the two types. Dante AIighieri's Commedia understood as, unfortunately, few scholars have been able to comprehend it so far, is a guide to understanding how the adolescent mind is sent either into Hell, the Earthly Paradise of Purgatory, or Empyreal self realization.

The polarities are otherwise exemplified by the sort of modern feminist who converges on the one time WITCH organization or the doctrines of Tigrace Atkinson, and Madame Curie. Both are "liberated" women, but to diametrically opposite effects. What is "liberated" in the follower of Ti-Grace Atkinson is pure irrationality, "liberation" from morality and Itas What is "iiberated" in the instance of Adrienne is the woman's power to triumph through reason, her power to become the equal of any man in the achievement of not only reason.

To the infant. The infant triumphs over reality by controlling a mother which the infantile mind conceives as a powerful witch. The mother who fulfills that image of motherhood. The epitome of this maturity is the creative scientist whose individual discoveries transform the entirety of human practice, and which in that way become individual acts of universal importance to the human species. This maturity is not limited to scientists. Everyone who transmits or applies assimilated knowledge from the standpoint of the same sense of individual social identity is also a world historical, matured adult whose existence is also of world historical value to the universality of human existence.

Two polarities for the modem mother image: left scientist Madame Curie; right radical feminist Ti-Grace Atkinson. The child whose image of his mother approximates Madame Curie's commitment to reason and science is far less susceptible to Dionysiac drug and sex cults than the child whose mother image corresponds to the irrationality of "radical feminism.

Isis cultism in Israel: Kibbutzniks dancing the "hora, " a Romanian peasant dance. The "kibbutz"movement was originated as a variant of the German Oppenheimer family's "Settlement" policy for Slavic lands in Eastern Europe. This same principle is embodied in a religious form in the New Dispensation of Christ, in the notion of the Imitation of Christ.

The Passion and Crucifixion and the crucified Christ's relationship to his mortal mother are the centerpiece of Christianity. Each person must undergo his own passion and crucifixion of his or her old, infantile self the self of Dante's Inferno and Purgatory in order to achieve the proper, Empyreal destiny of humanity.

The models of Hobbes and Locke, are exemplary of the world outlook of infantile mankind. The stages of pride, envy, egoistical wrath, avarice, gluttony, and lust, which are the steps of progress to the earthly paradise of Hobbesian and Lockean society, are mirrors of the soul's progress into the Inferno's depths in Dante's Commedia. The Hell of the bucolically imbecilic environmentalist and terrorist cults today is the complement to the pursuit of earthly paradise by the suburbanites of the Os.

The parent who recoiled in horror at the discovery, during the s, that the child had become a drug addicted sodomist and so forth during that period, reflected what that parent should have learned from the Commedia. The prostitute is the exemplification of the kind of mother the degraded infantile mind demands. She is nothing, has no soul, but the power of delivering egoistical sensual gratifications. She is an object to be propitiated, and so properly propitiated, exerts her magical witch's power to deliver the sought forms of egoistical sensual gratification.

To know that one is the offspring of a whore is one of the most terrible things the childish or adolescent mind can confront. Such a fact brings the ugly truth directly into consciousness, an unbearable conscious knowledge of the truth of the infernal destiny of the infantile way of life, the infantile identity in the adolescent or adult. Hence, the profound psychological truth of the New Testament's designation of the Whore of Babylon for the cult of lsis and its sibling forms of belief.

Erotic Faculties

The nature and origin of the cult of lsis is expressed in a unified, concentrated way in a single characterization. It is not the mother as a person whose nature determines the development of the child. Siblings of the same mother may pursue opposite courses of moral development in life, the one toward world historical morality and practice, the other towards the most degraded forms of infantile egoism. What is crucial is the practical relationship between the child and the mother, the way in which the child conceptualizes the connection. No mother of any moral depth is unaware of this fact as her children develop.

Her judgment has no authority in and of itself; she may regret a good child's development and prefer the child whose "success" is nothing but the double progress toward Purgatory's earthly paradise and the soul's Inferno. However, the mother who regrets the development of the evil child does express rather exactly the point we are making. It is not the mother as a person who determines the child's image of "mother," but rather the image is that which the child adduces from his or her relationship to the mother.

The promotion of Homosexuality. The promotion of feminism. The appearance of a single feminist woman or homosexual male as a dominant figure in the life of the adolescent which evokes the Isis image of the child's perception of an ideal mother figure is the crucial feature of the Dionysus or Isis cult's mechanics.

This applies not only to actual homosexuals, but to men who project the image of a latent homosexual. Jesus says, "Stay away from Evil" and on the path of, "The Energy Enhancement Mastery of Relationships" be aware that bad people project energy blockages connected with the deepest satanic evil into all who meet with them. Having sex with these evil people, anyone at all evil, with any degree of evil, injects these evil, Addiction, Psychopathic, Energy Blockages even deeper. In the same way being in the presence of good people who can project Angel Talents into your psychic body and who can dissolve your Evil Energy blockages is a very good thing Get rid of the man, single mothers make the state the father!!

The British, university educated male most frequently projects just such an image to the extent that the psychosexual difference between British officers and enlisted men in respect of central tendencies is striking on this point. For related reasons, British officers with active or latent homosexual tendencies make the best assassins. The same principle holds for Israeli military and intelligence personnel. The point was illustrated by a documentary televised on West German television this past spring.

In one section of that documentary, an ultra environmentalist encampment in the United States was represented. One element of the film footage was a section of an address by the camp's spiritual leader, a faggish British type asserting that the Ionian city builders had been the root of all the evils civilization had suffered.

Another element offered film footage of the terrorist training camp Longo May. In fact, the camp is a principal terrorist training camp, decminated by sadistic homosexual criminal and Foreign Legion types of trainers. Here, in both cases, one witnessed the identity of the environmentalist and terrorist movements today. Both camps are classical models of the cult of Dionysus, exemplifying all of the essential psychosexual features of the development of terrorist cults according to that model. To those of us who know the innermost convictions of the British oligarchy and the Mont Pelerin Society's inner circles, the environmentalist and terrorist movements are mirror images of the British monarchy's hostility to generalized scientific and technological progress There are differences, the age old differences between the ruling aristocratic financier strata of the oligarchy and its expendable Dionysian battering ram forces.

What is to be deprecated is not that achievement, but the psychosexual concomitants of the social instruments used to effect that accomplishment. The Isis cult in Lebanon: Blackclad Falangist soldier guards Muslim prisoners preparatory to their mass execution during Lebanon's civil war. Escape from reality: bodily contact sports such as football have been fostered in the United States by British linked financial circles on the model of the Roman "bread and circuses" policy.

Preoccupation with sports transfers an adult's concentration from the problems of real life in which there are no fixed rules and success depends upon an individual's creative employment of reason to artificial contests having fixed predictable rules and which many books have detailed - all such contests are fixed by bribing the Referees - thus Oligarchs obtain kudos, maintain oligarchic control, launder money and fix the gambling.

Deprecated is not that achievement, but the psychosexual concomitants of the social instruments used to effect that accomplishment. One element is the "inverted pyramid" doctrine developed within Zionism. It was argued, rather false to fact, that the Jewish problem was that the Jewish population was characterized by bankers and professionals, without a social basis in a working class and farmer population. The reality of Eastern European Jewry or the social assimilation of Jews in the United States refutes such arguments however, it is true that notable Jews are all either bankers or professionals.

It has been rather characteristic of Zionism to 'overlook the non notable Jew, except as potential political cannon fodder of the Zionist cause,. It was argued, with the indicated specious factual premise as foundation, that a new Israel must be established, in which the proper proportions of the social pyramid were established.

The second element, which was more to the point of actual Israeli practice, was contributed prior to the first World War by the Oppenheimer family of Germany', This was known as "Settlement Politics," and was incorporated in the Kaiser's policy for settling German families as agriculturalists in conquered Slavic territories.

The same. Oppenheimer shaped policy was the kernel of Hitler's Eastern policy, and was taken over entirely by Zionism in the form of the kibbutz policy. Instead of using Jewish settlers in the Middle East as mediators of technology, for lifting the Arab farmers out of enmiserated conditions of marginal productivity, the Arabs were cruelly displaced and replaced with the kibbutzim.

It is sheer nonsense to argue that Arabs must be driven out of Palestine to make Lebensraum for Jews. There is plenty of room for both a substantially increased Arab population and five or more million Jews as well, on condition that the fecundity of the land is adequately developed through high technological transformation in industry, agriculture and infrastructure.

Fears and Fantasies of the Late Nineteenth Century

The kibbutzim have been to a large extent a "back to the land" movement with glaring similarities to the current rash of "environmentalist" camps. It is those similarities which account for the psychosis inducing effects of kibbutz life the convergence of kibbutzim mentality upon the cult of Isis. This has not been, immediately. However, the Isis cult has been an included, strong vector within the process, with the kibbutz itself serving as a controlled psychological environment of hideous psychosexual implications.

The kibbutz has converged on the model of the mother image of Isis. The kibbutz. Isis has carved out a cross-border swath of influence in Syria; from al-Bab, east of Aleppo, through the lawless eastern deserts and into Anbar province, Iraq". Most notable is the extent to which Bronfman linked financial circles have taken virtual control over professional sports in the United States. It is not properly astonishing that the same circles moving into such control of professional sports also control legalized gambling and exert financial control over the bulk of the international illegal drug traffic.

A rigorous psychosexual distinction must be made between children's sports and the continuation of children's forms of sports as adult professional sports. The former is more or less "normal" to the infantile childish process of transition toward adulthood; the latter is the reinforcement of the infantile element in the individual among adult spectators. The connection to gambling is direct, and most significant.

The connection through financial linkages to control of U. Children's sports represent a substitute for reality. The play is circumscribed by pre-given rules, whose "fairness" is that no child shall be penalized for reason of actions taken according to those rules.

Adult reality is real, in which no fixed rules actually prevail, in which people are unjustly injured for actions variously within and outside the assumed rules governing their actions. Furthermore, the essence of adult life is a process of modifying the rules of general social behavior in a lawful way.

For related reasons, certain competitive forms of play especially bodily contact sports ought to occupy a diminishing portion of a child's activity as puberty approaches and arrives. Physical "education" should not be deemphasized, but rather directed to man's challenge of conquering nature, to the use of innovative powers for discovering new solutions to the mastery of nature, and to the principle of developing and discovering new capacities for endurance in that struggle.

Sports not primarily "bodily contact" sports such as baseball or track and field events, involve the least problem; wrestling, boxing, and football exemplify sports with the less desirable psychosexual features. The psychological danger of sports arises only as the adult mind substitutes sports. The skilled worker rushing home to bury his mind in the football, boxing or wrestling events, preferring that fantasy life to the reality of the world is exemplary of the general problem. The reinforcement of the notion of fixed rules associated with the Hobbesian world of bodily contact sports is a reinforcement of the infantile moral outlook in the habituated "sports fan.

The Jonestown massacre: Rev. Jim Jones's cries of "mother, mother, mother" as he exhorted his followers to death identified the "People's Temple" cults a branch of the cult of Isis. Gambling is a more naked expression of the problem, and the popularity of linking spectator sports to gambling underlines the relevant connections. The tendency of gambling to go over into a psychosexual disorder resembling that of psychological addiction to even physiologically non addictive drugs and the obsessions of alcoholism and drug addiction generally, illustrates the point.

Pervading "spectator sports" manias, and also gambling and related psychosexual disorders, is a prominent incestuous element, an element closely linked to the "chicken soup" neurotic incestuous syndrome among Jewish males. It is a regression to the irrationalism of the child clinging to the mother's skirts. The Satanic British intelligence service, especially its Oxford, Cambridge and Sussex divisions is keenly aware of the techniques the proven techniques of the cult of Apollo over the ages. The cult of Dionysus or Bacchus , the Roman cult of "bread and circuses," and the cult of Isis have always understood the importance of bodily contact spectator sports, drug addictions, pornography, and "chicken Soup" reinforcements of incestuous impulses as the efficient method of subversion of nations otherwise dedicated to scientific and technological progress.

Dame Margaret Mead agent of an alien sovereign power, the Maltese Order, understands this very well. Her doctrine of "cultural relativism" is nothing but the British Foreign Office's determination to oppose technological progress in colonial and semicolonial nations by promoting every cult of rural and pastoral backwardness among corrupted, subjugated peoples.

Our Ministry needs one century at the most to realize this program. You must understand that in order to control the World we have offices for every Religion, every country, every race. The idea is to have multiple year plans in order to degenerate and thus control everyone on this planet!! Our Ministry has assigned over five thousand Secret Agents to this mission.

The Ministry is considering increasing this number to one hundred thousand. When we reach this number we shall have brought all Muslims under our sway and obtained all Muslim countries. In his memoirs Mr. Hempher British spy in Middle East describe in detail how, in the middle of the eighteenth century , he made contact with Adbul Wahhab Muhammad ibn 'Abd al-Wahhab to create a subversive version of Islam, the notorious sect of Wahhabism that would undermine Ottoman empire in the region and serve British colonial interests.

Wahhabism became the founding cult of the Saudi regime after the British established the Saudi monarchy in Since then, the Saudis have collaborated closely with the Americans -to whom they owe their tremendous oil wealth- in funding various Islamic fundamentalist organizations and other American covert operations, particularly the "jihad" in Afghanistan. But the Saudis simulatenously use the immense wealth at their disposal to disseminate this disruptive Wahhabi, Salafist brand of Islam to various parts of the world, categorized by some of the largest propaganda campaign in history.

Hempher memoirs are interesting reading in light of the role that the state of Saudi Arabia has and continues to play with regards to supporting and advancing Western power in the Middle East and elsewhere. Especially astounding is the very dubious and virulent form of Islam, that Wahhabism and Salafism represent, which is currently wrecking havoc on Islamic traditions, and dividing the Muslim community in petty squabbles over trivial details, allowing the War on Islam to proceed effectively unchecked.

Ibn Saud, was British proclaimed ruler and went on to the plan of unite the tribal leaders of the interior and lead them in the conquest of the rich cities and holy centres of Medina and Mecca. Ibn Saud did so not only in the name of the House of Saud, but in the name of a new puritan brand of Sunni Islam - Wahhabism.

By Saud was putting into plan an ambitious scheme to forge the disparate and eternally warring Bedouin tribes of the interior into a united and ideologically committed force. With the tribesmen having no common national identity beyond their tribe, the zeal of Wahhabism would act as the unifying glue that held the new state together in place of nationalism. In he founded the first Ikhwan Brethren colony with Bedouin from all tribes in new model settlements where they would undergo education and indoctrination by Wahhabi clerics along with military training.

In time this would forge an unstoppable new military force that would sweep accross Arabia to destroy from inside and conquer the Ottoman empire. The Brotherhood was formed to comfront the Egyptian challenge to British empire hegemony in the region -Egypt's declaration of independance -, using as motto jihad against Egypt secular constitution of Since the early years of the twenty century till our days, Anglo-American sponsored Wahhabism led a reign of terror not only in the Middle East but all around the world, that claimed already millions of lives, and some of the most savage violence and brutality the world had known.

Ibn Saud and William A. British Secret Agent Hempher says: It was on one of those days when Muhammad of Najd and I had become very intimate friends that I received a message from London ordering me to leave for the cities of Kerbelaa and Najaf, the two most popular Shiite centers of knowledge and spirituality.

So I had to put an end to my company with Muhammad of Najd and leave Basra. Yet I was happy because I was sure that this ignorant and morally depraved man was going to establish a new sect, Wahhabism, which in turn would demolish Islam from within, and that I was the composer of the heretical tenets of this new sect. The city of Koofa, which was a distance of one fersah league , i.

When 'Alee was killed, his sons Hasan and Huseyn buried him outside Koofa at a place called Najaf today. In the course of time, Najaf began to grow, while Koofa gradually fell into decay. The Shiite men of religion came together in Najaf. Houses, markets, madrasas Islamic schools and universities were built. The Khaleefa in Istanbul was kind and generous to them for the following reasons: 1- The Shiite administration in Iran was supporting the Shiites.

The Khaleefa's interfering with them would cause tension between the states, which in turn could lead to warfare. Although they did not have much significance in terms of weaponry and organization, it would be unwise for the Khaleefa to run the risk of getting into trouble with them. If the Khaleefa disturbed them, all the Shiites would rise against him. Huseyn bin 'Alee, the Prophet's grandson, i. The people of Iraq had sent for Huseyn in Medina and invited him to Iraq to elect him their Khaleefa. Huseyn and his family were in the territory called Kerbelaa when the Iraqis gave up their former intention and, acting upon the order given by Yazeed bin Muaawiya, the Umayyad Khaleefa living in Damascus, set out with the intention of arresting him.

Huseyn and his family put up a heroic last-ditch fight against the Iraqi army. The battle ended in their death, so the Iraqi army was the winning side. Since that day, the Shiites have accepted Kerbelaa as their spiritual center, so that Shiites from all over the world come here and form such a huge crowd that our religion of Christianity does not have a likeness to it.

Kerbelaa, a Shiite city, contains Shiite madrasas. This city and Najaf support each other. Upon receiving the order to go to these two cities, I left Basra for Baghdad, and thence to a city named 'Hulla' situated alongside the Euphrates. Iraq's agriculture and welfare are due to these two rivers. When I was back in London, I proposed to the Ministry of Colonies that a project could be drawn up to change the beds of these two rivers in order to make Iraq accept our proposals.

When the water was cut off, Iraq would have to satisfy our demands. From Hulla to Najaf I travelled in the guise of an Azerbaijani tradesman. Establishing close friendships with Shiite men of religion, I began to mislead them. I joined their circles of religious instruction. I saw that they did not study science like the Sunnites, nor did they have the beautiful moral qualities possessed by the Sunnites.

For example: 1- They were extremely inimical towards the Ottoman State. For they were Shiites and the Turks were Sunnites. They said that the Sunnites were disbelievers. I said to myself: What a wretched sort of people these Shiites are. They are sound asleep when the whole world is awake. One day a flood will come and take them all away. Several times I attempted to entice them to revolt against the Khaleefa. Unfortunately, no one would even listen to me. Some of them laughed at me as though I had told them to destroy the earth. For they looked on the Khaleefa as a fortress impossible to capture.

According to them, they would get rid of the caliphate with the advent of the promised Mahdi. According to them, Mahdi was their twelfth imaam, who was a descendant of Islam's Prophet and who disappeared in the Hijree year They believed he was still alive and would one day reappear and rescue the world from this state of utter cruelty and injustice, filling it with justice. It is consternating!

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How come these Shiite people believe in these superstitions! It was like the superstitious doctrine, "Jesus Christ will come back and fill the world with justice," held by our Christians. One day I said to one of them: "Isn't it fard for you to prevent injustice like the Islamic Prophet did? These are scientific matters. You cannot understand this. It had a splendid yard, a gold-covered dome, and two tall minarets. Every day great numbers of Shiites visited this mausoleum. They performed namaaz in jamaa'at in it. Every visitor first stooped in front of the threshold, kissed it, and then greeted the grave.

They asked for permission and then entered. The mausoleum had a vast yard, which contained numerous rooms for men of religion and visitors. There were two mausoleums similar to that of 'Alee's in Kerbelaa. One of them belonged to Huseyn and the other belonged his brother Abbaas, who had been martyred with him in Kerbelaa. In Kerbelaa the Shiites repeated the same practices as they did in Najaf. The climate of Kerbelaa was better than that of Najaf. It was surrounded with graceful orchards and lovely brooks.

During my mission to Iraq I met with a scene that gave relief to my heart. Some events heralded the end of the Ottoman Empire. For one thing, the governor appointed by the administration in Istanbul was an uneducated and cruel person. He acted as he wished. The people did not like him. The Sunnites were uneasy because the governor restricted their freedom and did not value them, and the Shiites felt indignant over being governed by a Turk while among them there were sayyeds and shareefs, the Prophet's descendants, who would have been a much better choice for governorship.

The Shiites were in an utterly woebegone situation. They lived in squalid and dilapidated environments. The roads were not safe. Highwaymen always awaited caravans, and attacked whenever they saw that there were no soldiers escorting them. For this reason, convoys would not set out unless the government would appoint a detachment to escort them.

The Shiite tribes were mostly warlike with one another. They killed and plundered one another daily. Ignorance and illiteracy were dreadfully widespread. This state of the Shiites reminded me of the time when Europe had been under an ecclesiastical invasion. With the exclusion of the religious leaders living in Najaf and Kerbelaa and a small minority, who were their votaries, not even one out of every thousand Shiites knew how to read or write.

The economy had collapsed entirely, and the people were suffering utter poverty. The administrative system was quite out of order. The Shiites committed treasons against the government. The State and the people viewed each other with suspicion. As a result, there was no mutual aid between them. The Shiite religious leaders, totally given to vituperating the Sunnites, had already relinquished knowledge; business, religious and worldly alike. I stayed in Kerbelaa and in Najaf for four months. I suffered a very serious illness in Najaf.

I felt so bad that I completely gave up hope of recovery. My illness lasted three weeks. I went to a doctor. He gave me a prescription. Using the medicine, I began to recover. Throughout my illness I stayed in an underground room. Because I was ill, my host prepared my medicine and food in return for an insignificant sum of money and expected great thawaab for serving me. For I was, so to speak, a visitor of 'Alee the Emeer-ul-mu'mineen. The doctor advised me to have only chicken broth during the first few days.

Later on he permitted me to eat chicken as well. The third week I had rice soup. After becoming well again I left for Baghdad. I prepared a report of one hundred pages on my observations in Najaf, Hulla, and Baghdad and while on the way. I submitted the report to the Baghdad representative of the Ministry of Colonies. I waited for the Ministry's order on whether I should remain in Iraq or return to London. I wished to go back to London. For I had been abroad for a long time. I missed my homeland and my family. Especially, I wanted to see my son Rasputin, who had been born after my departure.

For this reason, I appended to my report a petition for permission to return to London for a short time at least.