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Open Your Heart, Listen to God

Wishlist Wishlist. Advanced Search Links. Product Close-up. Add To Cart. Jesus Calling for Easter. Jesus Calling: The Story of Easter. Experience peace in the presence of the Savior! In this day devotional journal, Young's personal reflections are based on Jesus' own words of hope, encouragement, and guidance within Scriptureand are written as if Christ is speaking directly to you.

Each reading also features verse references, reflection questions, and journaling space. Includes a ribbon marker. Related Products. Sarah Young.

3 Ways to Keep a Devotional Journal

Paul White. Gary Chapman , Dr. A devotional and journal in one that encourages a close relationship with Jesus every day of the year. Have a question about this product? Ask us here. Ask a Question What would you like to know about this product? Following the success of the author's 80 Creative Prayer Ideas, this ready-to-use resource book contains 80 further ideas on setting up reflective and creative prayer stations or responses.

Claire Daniel shows us how to pray with our whole being - our senses as well as our voice, our hearts as much as our minds. Tried and tested, these ideas will enhance the praying of small groups, churches and individuals. She is passionate about encouraging others to use creative prayer methods and speaks at conferences and leads workshops on the subject of prayer. If you're a church leader or childrens' worker or anyone who plans times of prayer for a group of people, the ideas in this book are simple and easy to do and, with a little preparation, you could create take-home versions to inspire family prayer at home.

I particularly like that many of them use nature. If I was planning to make take-home packs, I'd be tempted to shorten the instruction text, maybe picking one or two of the suggestions for reflection to make it quicker to read and get on to actually praying. I find families tend to have less time to read instructions, and things which are 'good to go' are best.

It would be fab to have a colour photo of each activity, but that would be a pricey book I guess.

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Prayer remains a vital part of Christian discipleship. Following the success of the author's 80 Creative Prayer Ideas, this ready-to-use Not this one! Because we are all different, we need to find the prayer life that fits with who God made us to be. Lyndall Bywater explores twelve different types of prayer, helping us to find the ones which best suit us and our lifestyles. She certainly challenges us, but leaves us ready to talk confidently with God.

She is married to Phil. For some, the tools will be familiar but the methods outlined in the book will help you to use them in ways which are possibly new, innovative and grounded. For those who may be somewhat familiar with the tools, but have not known how to use them, then Lyndall's insights will help you explore and experiment in order to become more comfortable using different ways of praying personally as well as corporately.

I wouldn't normally rush to buy or read a book on prayer. However, having read this one I find myself both encouraged and inspired. I really appreciated the practical aids that are found in every chapter and the sense of grounded reality. I liked it a lot. Lyndall lives and practices what she preaches; the messenger incarnates the message. Condemnation quickly weighs on our hearts. But here, Lyndall writes from the heart about relationship, not performance.

Love, not law. Grace to be ourselves and enter into the discovery of how and where God might meet us in our own personal, unique way. Acceptance by Jesus beats failure and condemnation any day. Read this book and enjoy being a Life in the Making. From the author of Faith in the Making Books on prayer can so often make us feel challenged but guilty This book offers 80 imaginative and creative ideas for setting up 'prayer stations', practical ways of praying that involve the senses - touching, tasting, smelling, seeing, and hearing, rather than simply reflecting, as we bring our hopes, fears, dreams and doubts to God.

It is wonderfully creative, helping us to engage with all of our being in the whole business of listening to, walking with, waiting for and talking with God. It provides biblically based ideas to make prayer accessible to an individual, small group or church congregation in ways that are engaging, stimulating and fun! Often this is because we rely solely on using verbal tools to 'pray'.

And while that does work for some of us, others need to engage more actively in the doing and so be able to connect with the Bible passage, themes or issues in more interactive ways which enable our praying to flow for ourselves and for others. Jesus clearly showed us what our responsibilities are as his followers: to pray for his kingdom to come and for his will to be done in and for our families and our neighbours; in our communities , our nation and our world. Let's use these creative methods of prayer and see where God leads us as we sense our own prayer journey developing and reaching up to God and out to those he puts on our heart to pray for and about.

She is passionate about encouraging others to explore different ways of praying and supporting groups and churches to use creative prayer ideas in ministry.

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When the words won't come - because you feel inadequate or don't know what to say, you can do something and physically give it to God. The book features prayer ideas and approaches that involve all the senses. Each prayer idea is built around a bible reflection. It is not just about a list of requests, thanks or things you've done wrong, it is listening to God.

There is a place for liturgical prayer, but also something significant in doing things a different way. Prayer stations are firmly something for adults, not just children. Our youth fellowship can't wait to get their hands on it. I came to this book wondering what could be said that has not already been said and what new ideas might be included.

The book is divided into various sections looking at different areas of walking with God - walking with the Bible, walking in our world, walking as a church, walking together with God and our personal walk with God. Each idea is then divided into a prayer focus, Bible reflection and personal reflection.

There is also a section highlighting what materials you would need to have ready in order to make your prayer session interactive. There is a wealth of different ideas here and for GBP8. Co-founder and Chair of the Sophia Network. Prayer is a vital part of the Christian life but people often struggle with actually getting on and doing it As they begin to explore the people and places significant in the early centuries of Christianity in the British Isles, they find an expression of faith that weaves together strands of being and belonging, worship and witness in a unique and powerful way.

Reflecting on their lives and works, we can find powerful inspiration for our own walk with God and rich resources for the ministry of the local church. It does not purport to be academic theology or history but is in fact something much more interesting. It opens the world of the Celtic saints and shows us how their way of understanding and living a life based on the Gospel aligns with and is different from our own. He tells the story of the saint with additional background and reflection; then gives a Bible reading, questions for meditation, and a prayer.

I would read them as poetry rather than history: they tell a different kind of truth. I have never been to Lindisfarne, but Iona I know well. Mitton quotes in full a beautiful poem by Columba which takes me back to Iona immediately. Mitton praises the cultural sensitivity of the Celtic saints who went to live alongside the people they wished to convert, respecting their beliefs.

He cites the custom of well-dressing in Derbyshire as an example. Wilfrid was not content with an austere life and went in for rather grander things. The chapter on Boisil emphasises the importance of the Bible, especially the Psalms and the Gospel of John. In the chapter on Cuthbert and respect for children, there is the story of a three year old boy who prophesied to the eight year old Cuthbert to give up idle play because he was to become a most holy priest and bishop. I would be cautious today about encouraging children to prophesy, but we do spend a lot of time attempting to heal the Inner Child in the adult.

I like words myself, and art. I am less enamoured of digital projectors and flags. There is a challenging chapter on Death and the Dead which begins with the story of Drythelm and his after-death experience. The final chapter is on John of Beverley and healing experiences. The ability to heal was then seen as evidence of holiness, as was the concept of the uncorrupted body. Michael Mitton wears his learning lightly and has made it eminently accessible to the lay person. I have found the prayers both beautifully phrased and useful. Although I am not particularly charismatic in my own devotional and spiritual life, I hope to include the Celtic strand in future and to restore the woven cord in myself.

When they discover Celtic spirituality, many Christians feel that in some sense they have come home. As they begin to Gifts for new parents View all. She has written a large number of books for children, including several retellings of well-loved Bible stories. Married with four children, she lives just outside London.

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Combining favourite Bible stories and prayers with a baby record book and family tree, this beautifully illustrated keepsake Bible is Providing undated Bible reflections and prayers, plus space for personal journaling, it makes an attractive gift for an expectant mother and also an easy-to-use resource for couples to use together as they prepare for parenthood. Arranged so that it can be read chronologically or thematically, it begins with the earliest days of pregnancy and continues into the first months of parenthood.

She is author of '80 Creative Prayer Ideas,' is passionate about supporting other parents, and speaks at conferences, churches and workshops on prayer. So, I'm delighted to be able share with you a fantastic resource that can help you on that journey.

Your Daily Quiet Time Guide (A Reflective Journal Through the Bible in a Year)

It's a devotional guide with Bible reflections, prayers and space for writing your own notes. You could work through it from beginning to end or use the contents and pick and choose themes. They go from the first positive pregnancy test throughout the journey of pregnancy, or preparation to foster or adopt, right into early parenthood.

They are such good, relevant themes and wonderfully written devotionals, and I know I would have loved to have had a linked Bible verse and prayer guidance to look at each day throughout my pregnancy. Things like, 'Is there someone you can invite to pray for you and your unborn baby at this time? This book provides opportunities to think deeper and explore faith in relation to pregnancy and parenthood, and gives guidance on where to look in the Bible and ideas for what questions to ask yourself or what to reflect on.

Prayer Reflection Journal -- War Binder -- November Travelers Notebook

It could be done individually or could be used for couples to pray together. Particularly if you're like me and love having a little prompt to reflect but don't always manage to find consistent time to do it. This is the perfect resource for sitting down for a more leisurely moment with a cup of tea baby bump stage , to have a read or for reading whilst you brush your hair early parenthood stage, if you're lucky enough to find time to brush your hair!

Also, practically, it's spiral-bound which is a big tick for me as it can be written in easily and it can be left open on a page to come back to later. Pregnancy and new parenthood are some of the most exciting and challenging times of life, and this book forms a Full of nuggets and practical insights it will help your children to connect with God as an overflow of a growing relationship with Him.

It should be found on every Christian parent's bookshelf. All the chapters are short and extremely readable.


Rachel Turner has a very accessible style, with plenty of stories and examples to bring her points to life. I would recommend reading it from start to finish as I intend to in more depth, over the coming months , because Rachel introduces frameworks and patterns which she then refers to in subsequent chapters - but you can find plenty to inspire you if you only have time to dip into a chapter now and then. After nine years of parenting, I feel I am only just scratching the surface in terms of understanding how my kids respond to events, and how I respond to them, and how that may or may not be affecting them.

I'll be honest and say that, just right now, I'm feeling pretty negative about my ability to nurture the four precious souls God has given me. And maybe you do too. As intentional as I am about my parenting, this book opened my mind to so much that I'd never even considered. I'd kind of assumed, rather arrogantly, that we were teaching them all the Right Stuff. But we're sinful - they hear our words, and they see our actions, and these don't always match up.