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Word Count Targets - Non-fiction

Stories that are off the beaten-track, diverse, and are a positive representation of queer culture will be prioritized. No simultaneous submissions, please, or submissions of stories currently carried or soon to be released with other publishers. In addition, please do not send in multiple stories at once. Give us a chance to read your submission then send in your next one once we've gotten back to you.

MCB is a full-service publisher. We handle all the editing, covers and offer a three year contract. Contracts offered are royalty-paying contracts. In addition, any series will have to have a series proposal, arc, and timeline for completion. We would love to read it. And what's wrong with that? I have some semi-fic and maybe a potboiler, both novelette length, so this helps.

I seem to remember that most people read faster than I do, something like words per minute with the average around I am at the low end of those numbers as I read at approximately the same speed as an ebook plays, since I hear the book. I don;t have to reread what I study or ebven outline.

I make notes of thought while studying, and sometimes copy a section to a notebook both electronic e. THat is mostly when I research and need to capture citations. For me, I think reading time would be a good measure. Since I mostly listen to all but non-fiction, that is actually a useful measure, along with word count. Very interesting. I have been having a hard time determining the lines between novella and novel. And I never even heard of novelette! Post a Comment.

Novelettes, Novellas and Novels What's the Difference? - #IndieAuthor #WritingTips

Most people these days are used to two definitions for length in a story. It's either a novel or it's a short story. There are longer and shorter versions of each, but nothing in between.

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It wasn't always this way. People used to know what a novella or novelette were. This was back in the days when magazines and newspapers would print all sorts of lengths. And book publishers were also more flexible. However, the cost of printing and paper make it more expensive to produce those shorter lengths, and they have slowly died off as the big distributors and big box stores began to dominate the publishing industry. With ebooks, all those odd lengths are back. And some report they are thriving.

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  • So maybe it's time to define some terms, and explain a few things about "length. You could have anywhere from to words on a page in a printed book.

    Word Count Targets - Fiction

    In the publishing industry, they need a standardized way to measure things, and they use word count. Yes, word count does vary too, but not nearly as much. Plus the way you used to figure length included calculations for all those variables. It's one of the reasons why standard manuscript form used to use Courier font, and why Hollywood scripts still do -- it's a standard, mono-spaced font. The standard length for a manuscript page is words -- and that's pretty much the ONLY standardized measure in length out there.

    That's what Apple appears to use to estimate page count on ebooks in its iBookstore. Mass market paperbacks are a little higher, but not always. Trade paperbacks and hardbacks vary all over the place. Because is a nailed-down standard, I think a good argument could be made for authors to use it in their book descriptions to help the reader know what the length is. It's reasonable to describe a 25, word novella as about pages.

    Book Smugglers Publishing: Open Call For Short Stories Submissions (, Awakenings) |

    However, since most readers don't know the standard, I'm a little torn. In a regular paperback, 25, words probably wouldn't take up quite pages, so would it be deceptive to say that? But since there is no standard, how is any number not deceptive? George R. This is to demonstrate that long does not equal boring or poorly written. Short is okay, too. That gives readers a chance to try out the author without too much commitment.

    Once an author is established, longer tomes are more acceptable i. Once again, storytellers have the freedom to write the story that needs to be told. Rather than worrying about the economic feasibility of word counts, we get to focus on things like plot, character development, atmosphere, and satisfying endings.

    Book Smugglers Publishing: Open Call For Short Stories Submissions (2018, Awakenings)

    We get to focus on the reader. A solid novella if ever there was one. Your email address will not be published. Sign me up for news and updates about upcoming books.

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    Send me email updates about new releases. Based on the formatting for Gift of the Phoenix , the SFWA guidelines translate into the following page counts: Short fiction: up to 7, words or up to 22 pages Novelette: 7, to 17, words or pages Novella: 17, — 40, or pages Novel: 40, words and up or pages and up Gift of the Phoenix is pages Now, I gotta say, 40, words for a novel seems awfully slim to me. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.