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I guess I better shut up because my wife of 57 years just caught me writing this negative letter. But no matter what I am a positive thinking person. I am known to my family as old stupid ron, but to my way of thinking they are the stupid ones.

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Related: 5 Undeniable Reasons to Leave a Legacy 1. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you. Alder 3. Lydia Sweatt. Related Articles. Norris W.

Seeking the Eternal Inheritance

Except for the style of writing, there is not much deviation from one translation to the next in terms of meaning. Sanskrit is a rich language. However, its meaning does not get lost in translation if one knows the language very well. Obviously, all of the translators know Sanskrit and hence have translated the text as best as it can be translated. However, there is a difference in the translation of Duneja's Geeta. Her work is accompanied by commentaries at the end of each chapter.

Although this is also the case with Swami Prabhupada's monumental work, his work has the hallmark of a missionary quality, which may not be suitable in an academic setting. I find Duneja's book extremely valuable, because she writes from her personal experience in very simple and plain language without using academic jargons such as epistemology, ontology and soteriology most books on religion are full of. She proves that one can still write a book and convey the meaning of profound wisdom without using terms that seldom relate to the general reader. It is clearly a book written for the general readers, whether that reader is from the East or from the West.

As long as the reader is genuinely interested in learning the meaning of the Geeta this is the book I would recommend highly. From the moment I picked up Prabha Duneja' s translation of the Bhagawad Geeta, I knew that this was an inspired work. Not only is her rendition an academic contribution in clear English, but it retains the power of the original Sanskrit. Her commentaries further enhance this edition for both beginning students as well as for scholars.

I immediately called to order this book for my world religion classes at Yuba College. It was just what I was looking for. I am grateful to Prabha Duneja for bringing forth this wonderful work. Sujan Burgeson, Ph. My own intention as a scientist is to understand the whole of nature, including both physics and humanity, and then to define a beneficial and harmonious role that I should play. Prabha's descriptions of constant awareness and focused, intent concentration are a rich and personal description of the processes of observation and integration that I would like to master.

The Spiritual-Ethical Will: A Legacy Letter

For her this yogic activity is fundamental to the development of knowledge and the determination of right and selfless action, and is the key to harmony and the ultimate universal unity, or for me, being in accord with my personal and the grander universe. Prabha's exegesis is detailed and scholarly, but also personal, readable, and modern. She gives very helpful instructions on the process of meditation. She discusses selflessness and its essentialness in achieving unity with the ultimate universal principles. She discusses the senses, which can discern or distract, and the mind, which can chatter like a monkey or find calmness and knowledge.

She leaves no doubt that attaining the goals of yoga, considering our humanness, requires constant effort, but she also finds in the Geeta that we can define destiny and affect good. Since I have heard Prabha speak, the words that I hear when I read her writings are her soft and intelligent voice encouraging me to selflessness and harmony. Gilmartin, Ph. The Legacy of Yoga in the Bhagawad Geeta is a true spiritual treasure.

I so admire the spirit revealed in your work — a scholar who loves and honours the word the Lord combined with the spirit of a true pastor who loves and honours all people. The constant invitation to Divine Union which I find in the pages of your book is leavened with common sense, clear explanations of very complex concepts, and highly evolved philosophical observations all together. I particularly appreciate the tremendous compassion for human nature and the human condition that I find both in the Geeta itself and iIi your commentary on it.

I believe that this book would serve as a fit companion for a lifetime. It is' a monumental work, the fruit of a good and wise life spent in our Creator's service. I am filled with awe at the beauty and sense I find within it, and am deeply honoured to know you as my friend. Thank you for sharing such a treasure with me. I know I will be studying it for many years to come. Carol L. Cook MA, M. Although scholarly, her book contains a wealth of practical information to inform and assist all people on their spiritual journeys.

One need not follow an established religious tradition, either eastern or western, to understand and apply the wisdom contained both in the basic text and in Prabha's comments.

For example, the text contains instructions on some basic meditation practices such as how to sit and how to concentrate. In addition Prabha gives her own thoughts and suggestions for leading a productive meditative life. Later in the text, the question is raised about the relative values of the two spiritual paths, faith in the incarnate God or living a pure life and seeking the "Unmanifest", "Self' within.

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Sri Krsna states that the former is better, but the latter will also lead to Him. Prabha adds that as "the worshipper advances in spiritual growth from less awareness to increased awareness the 'One' being worshipped also changes until the individual reaches the divine within his' 'own self. The basic text can be read as a guide on how to lead one's life.

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  8. Additionally Prabha's comments provide practical answers to many of life's concerns. They also may satisfy the more ardent spiritual seeker's curiosity regarding the text's more difficult points. I would recommend this book to anyone who would like some assurance that peoples from different countries and of different faiths have a wonderful commonality of spirit. If a student of religions were only to read one book on the Bhagawad Geeta, this should surely be it. Its commentary reads as an act of scholarly devotion.

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    Any journey into a land as rich as the Bhagawad Geeta requires a guide. With Prabha's commentary and translation at your side, your journey promises to be a rich one, indeed. Baines, M. I wanted to be sure that what I was writing and teaching was universally applicable, not just for educated, privileged women. I asked her why this group.

    This group was no exception in their need, she said, but in many cases their families never communicated or visited, actively worked to forget them, and even denied their existence. I facilitated legacy writing with these women for months; they found it healing; they felt reconnected to the human race, and their heartfelt legacies were moving and beautiful.

    The Spiritual-Ethical Will: A Legacy Letter - LegacyConnect

    More broadly, many of us realize that life is fragile, that we do not control the number of our days. We feel a sense of urgency to document our legacies to help shape this unfolding new world. As we fulfill the individual responsibility to preserve our values and love, we simultaneously participate in strengthening the fabric of our communities and culture.

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    4. Click here to see a powerful example: Barack Obama's letter to Malia and Sasha. May your spiritual-ethical will be an eternal link connecting you to generations past and yet unborn, and may all your legacies be blessings. More at www. A pioneer in family-centered care in life-threatening and chronic illness, she founded Minnesota's first hospital-based program for families of the dying, and is the author of Heartmates: A Guide for the Spouse and Family of the Heart Patient , providing resources for the emotional and spiritual recovery for families of heart patients.

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