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Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy. About this Textbook This textbook describes the approaches used by software engineers to build quality into their software.

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Show all. Show next xx. It provides many benefits but also faces various challenges in control, communication and coordination due to socio-cultural, geographical and temporal distance. Scrum is increasingly being applied in GSD as it supports teamwork between developers and customers.

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Scrum method offered a distinctive feature to mitigate the effects of socio-cultural and geographical but not temporal distance on coordination in GSD projects Research Papers words 7. The requirements of the time that we live are very dynamic and there is a need for constant adaptation. A basic requirement for any new software product is to be adaptable, easy to maintain and modify This paper provides a brief introduction to software quality assurance and discuses about the software quality metrics and their limitations.

Software Process Improvement. Software Process Improvement Length: words 5. Open Document Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper.

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Need Writing Help? Components Of Software Development Process Essay - Software development process is similar to manufacturing a physical product like a car or some other electric appliance.

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Process of Improvement of Bugzilla Essay Essay about Application For Open Source Software - Open source software is software that is available for adaption and improvement by anyone. Software Maintenance And Change Control Essay - Software Maintenance and Change Control In today's world there is very unusual to have a program developed that will not have further development after release. Software Quality Assurance Essay - Software Quality Assurance ABSTRACT High complexity, invisibility of the product and opportunity to detect the defects provided the uniqueness which will meet the challenges for the development and operation of quality assurance for software.

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This paper will now explore the backgrounds and reasons behind some of the methodologies of SPI to give you an overview of the subject. For instance, [6] displays certain concerns over teaching software engineering at the undergraduate and graduate levels due to alarming lack of emphasis on models and practices that support software process improvement, such as the Capability Maturity Model CMM , ISO International Organization for Standardization , and Agile Methods and PSP Personal Software Process. It is [11] designed to bring discipline to the practices of individual software engineers, by providing a framework for measuring and analyzing their development work so that they produce programs of higher quality and in a more straight-forward and predictable manner.

Learning this methodology for the module should ensure that it introduces students to a process-based approach to developing software and how to measure, estimate, schedule and track their work. The PSP is not a magic answer to all your software problems. This in turn, serves as a guide for improving software development practices, including planning, engineering, management and software maintenance. A more interactive and pro-active environment is the key to bringing modules to their full potentials. Therefore I shall put forward the notion of students giving presentations on different SPI topics each week in groups of 2 with a literature review at the end of semester to be handed in.

There are many benefits this can bring to a module. Firstly, each student will have to present a SPI topic in front of the class while the lecturer examines them. The group will be given 10 minutes to give a background of their topic for example XP extreme programming , show the class a case study involving the topic, discuss the topic and give an conclusion to their presentation.

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  • Publishing With Us. Book Authors Journal Authors. Provides a comprehensive introduction to software quality and software process improvement Examines the various tools that support software engineering, and offers detailed coverage of software metrics and problem solving Introduces formal methods, and approaches software quality from both the project-management and configuration-management perspectives see more benefits.

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