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Alex Woolf was born in London in He has worked as a writer and editor for over 20 years and has published over 40 works of fiction and non-fiction, mainly for young adults. His fiction includes the Chronosphere series a science-fiction trilogy published by Scribo and Soul Shadows an interactive enovel published by Fiction Express. His short fiction has won or been shortlisted for several competitions. He lives in Southgate, North London, with his wife and two children. Visit him on his website: alexwoolf. Reviews Review Policy.

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The Death Chute. Ambrose Stolliker. Jake plans to set her up in a posh new retirement community in the Green Mountains and then head back to Los Angeles to revive his career, which is now in jeopardy after his last few projects bombed in spectacular fashion. At first, Jake dismisses her story as a symptom of her dementia, but as time goes on, it becomes clear the rest home houses dark secrets and is haunted by something terrible and strange.

Sucky: Short Story. John Mantooth. A young boy finds the way to connect with his father in, of all places, the bathroom tub. From Shoebox Train Wreck, this short story is one in a collection of sixteen genre-bending tales set against a backdrop of sudden violence and profound regret, and populated by characters whose circumstances and longings drive them to the point of no return. Candy and Other Nightmares. Rod Senter. Seven cryptic journeys to the unknown, unexpected and unfathomable.

And while our expedition may not call for shiny crosses or vials of special water, packing a few probably wouldn't hurt. And a keen eye to the nearest marked exit might also be wise. Just in case The Essential Algernon Blackwood Collection. Algernon Blackwood. The Man of Science. Jerome K. This early work by Jerome K. Jerome was originally published in and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography.

Jerome Klapka Jerome was born in Walsall, England in Both his parents died while he was in his early teens, and he was forced to quit school to support himself.

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He says only Farengar Secret-Fire and Jarl Balgruuf carry the key, and adds that "nobody will notice if Farengar went missing - I promise you. At this point, it is necessary to find the Jarl or Farengar. Mephala now says the Ebony Blade does not match its legendary description, and has fallen to a lesser form due to its aging without use.

In order to restore its former strength, it must taste the "blood of deceit". For the blade to do this, the Dragonborn must kill someone who trusts them: a person for whom a quest was done, or a follower. This completes the quest, although the blade still needs "charging.

People who trust the Dragonborn can be identified based on what they say. They may say something like "It is a fine day with you around", or "You've been a good friend to me. That means something. This section contains bugs related to The Whispering Door. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Balgruuf the Greater, Jarl of Whiterun, has a troubled child. He's asked me to help the boy.

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Retrieve the Ebony blade after using the glitch to get it early 25 messages. No, weapon racks don't work.

The rack does function, you just have to put it on the rack leave it there, go get the quest do it and exactly where you put it in the rack, w If you use glitch to get inside the room early in front of the door is a cabinet and it says activate whispering lady TZ. She most certainly is. Categories :. Cancel Save. Objective Find out what's wrong with Nelkir. Mephala, the Lady of Whispers, has tasked me with releasing the Ebony Blade from its prison. Objective Speak to Nelkir. I have received Mephala's Ebony Blade, but it lacks its legendary powers.

To restore it, I must use it to slay those who are close to me. Quest complete. To restore it, I must achieve great infamy and hatred in this land.