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Not just about architecture, it is about developing new ways of thinking about the business and its aims. Rapid technological change, market uncertainty, and for many, the need for a mobile workforce, have added to a sense of urgency. Deloitte has made a lavish statement about being at the cutting-edge of sustainability and innovation with its new shared headquarters The Edge in Amsterdam, with offices looking down in to a storey atrium.

The financial services sector has long been characterized by a dichotomy of open plan offices and hidden hierarchies. This was done simultaneously with a financial restructuring, a change in staff working, and a preparation for a digital revolution in banking.

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At Credit Suisse, the Smart Working programme has a mandate for all non client-facing areas: eliminating assigned desks, reducing the emphasis on job titles, installing a floor with project zones, quiet, home and garden zones— which have more plants, and privacy, with space intending to foster collaboration. Guard with halberds!

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Ay me, it is my husband! Witness you, That he is borne about invisible: Even now we housed him in the abbey here; And now he's there, past thought of human reason. Justice, most gracious duke, O, grant me justice! Even for the service that long since I did thee, When I bestrid thee in the wars and took Deep scars to save thy life; even for the blood That then I lost for thee, now grant me justice. Unless the fear of death doth make me dote, I see my son Antipholus and Dromio.

Antipholus of Ephesus. Justice, sweet prince, against that woman there! She whom thou gavest to me to be my wife, That hath abused and dishonour'd me Even in the strength and height of injury! Beyond imagination is the wrong That she this day hath shameless thrown on me.

Discover how, and thou shalt find me just. This day, great duke, she shut the doors upon me, While she with harlots feasted in my house. A grievous fault! Say, woman, didst thou so? No, my good lord: myself, he and my sister To-day did dine together. So befall my soul As this is false he burdens me withal! Ne'er may I look on day, nor sleep on night, But she tells to your highness simple truth! O perjured woman! They are both forsworn: In this the madman justly chargeth them.

Steve Martin's Journey to Happiness - Interview

My liege, I am advised what I say, Neither disturbed with the effect of wine, Nor heady-rash, provoked with raging ire, Albeit my wrongs might make one wiser mad. This woman lock'd me out this day from dinner: That goldsmith there, were he not pack'd with her, Could witness it, for he was with me then; Who parted with me to go fetch a chain, Promising to bring it to the Porpentine, Where Balthazar and I did dine together. There did this perjured goldsmith swear me down That I this day of him received the chain, Which, God he knows, I saw not: for the which He did arrest me with an officer.

I did obey, and sent my peasant home For certain ducats: he with none return'd Then fairly I bespoke the officer To go in person with me to my house. By the way we met My wife, her sister, and a rabble more Of vile confederates. Along with them They brought one Pinch, a hungry lean-faced villain, A mere anatomy, a mountebank, A threadbare juggler and a fortune-teller, A needy, hollow-eyed, sharp-looking wretch, A dead-looking man: this pernicious slave, Forsooth, took on him as a conjurer, And, gazing in mine eyes, feeling my pulse, And with no face, as 'twere, outfacing me, Cries out, I was possess'd.

Then all together They fell upon me, bound me, bore me thence And in a dark and dankish vault at home There left me and my man, both bound together; Till, gnawing with my teeth my bonds in sunder, I gain'd my freedom, and immediately Ran hither to your grace; whom I beseech To give me ample satisfaction For these deep shames and great indignities.

My lord, in truth, thus far I witness with him, That he dined not at home, but was lock'd out.

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But had he such a chain of thee or no? He had, my lord: and when he ran in here, These people saw the chain about his neck. Besides, I will be sworn these ears of mine Heard you confess you had the chain of him After you first forswore it on the mart: And thereupon I drew my sword on you; And then you fled into this abbey here, From whence, I think, you are come by miracle.

I never came within these abbey-walls, Nor ever didst thou draw thy sword on me: I never saw the chain, so help me Heaven! Why, what an intricate impeach is this! I think you all have drunk of Circe's cup. If here you housed him, here he would have been; If he were mad, he would not plead so coldly: You say he dined at home; the goldsmith here Denies that saying.

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Sirrah, what say you? Dromio of Ephesus. Sir, he dined with her there, at the Porpentine.

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He did, and from my finger snatch'd that ring. Saw'st thou him enter at the abbey here? As sure, my liege, as I do see your grace. Why, this is strange. Go call the abbess hither. I think you are all mated or stark mad. Most mighty duke, vouchsafe me speak a word: Haply I see a friend will save my life And pay the sum that may deliver me.

Speak freely, Syracusian, what thou wilt. Is not your name, sir, call'd Antipholus? Within this hour I was his bondman sir, But he, I thank him, gnaw'd in two my cords: Now am I Dromio and his man unbound. I am sure you both of you remember me.

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Ourselves we do remember, sir, by you; For lately we were bound, as you are now You are not Pinch's patient, are you, sir? Why look you strange on me? I never saw you in my life till now. O, grief hath changed me since you saw me last, And careful hours with time's deformed hand Have written strange defeatures in my face: But tell me yet, dost thou not know my voice?

Dromio, nor thou? No, trust me, sir, nor I. I am sure thou dost. Ay, sir, but I am sure I do not; and whatsoever a man denies, you are now bound to believe him. Not know my voice! O time's extremity, Hast thou so crack'd and splitted my poor tongue In seven short years, that here my only son Knows not my feeble key of untuned cares?

Though now this grained face of mine be hid In sap-consuming winter's drizzled snow, And all the conduits of my blood froze up, Yet hath my night of life some memory, My wasting lamps some fading glimmer left, My dull deaf ears a little use to hear: All these old witnesses—I cannot err— Tell me thou art my son Antipholus. I never saw my father in my life.

But seven years since, in Syracusa, boy, Thou know'st we parted: but perhaps, my son, Thou shamest to acknowledge me in misery. The duke and all that know me in the city Can witness with me that it is not so I ne'er saw Syracusa in my life. I tell thee, Syracusian, twenty years Have I been patron to Antipholus, During which time he ne'er saw Syracusa: I see thy age and dangers make thee dote.

Most mighty duke, behold a man much wrong'd. I see two husbands, or mine eyes deceive me. One of these men is Genius to the other; And so of these. He and his wife are known for their vibrant dinner parties, which mix old friends and luminaries from art, literature, music and theater, including Lorne Michaels, Sean Connery and Eric Fischl. Asked to describe his life now, Martin does not hesitate: "Very, very happy.

I mean, it's actually the perfect shape of a life. Except for the hard parts in the beginning — the disharmony, panic, pain, with occasional moments of great affection and comedy success. Not as a human being, not in any real way. Since that lesson, he says, "it's been a gentle uphill slope to a real, real happiness. You are leaving AARP. Please return to AARP. Manage your email preferences and tell us which topics interest you so that we can prioritize the information you receive.

In the next 24 hours, you will receive an email to confirm your subscription to receive emails related to AARP volunteering. Once you confirm that subscription, you will regularly receive communications related to AARP volunteering. In the meantime, please feel free to search for ways to make a difference in your community at www. Share with facebook. Share with twitter. Share with linkedin. Share using email. Robert Trachtenberg. Robert Trachtenberg "I worried all these years that I was going to die, and I never did.

Robert Trachtenberg "Often when I'm standing onstage, I believe I'm trying to get my father's attention".

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