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This is a new novel from award-winning author Pete Johnson that taps into the very current interest in vampires - done with Pete's humorous, accessible touch. Click here for book 1 in the series, The Vampire Blog. Click here for the last one, The Vampire Fighters. On my thirteenth birthday, my life changed for ever. That's when I learned the shocking truth: I'm a half-vampire. Think that sounds cool? Think again! I've been attacked by an evil vampire bat, had huge cravings for my best friend's blood, and nearly died from eating a pizza half-vampires aren't great with garlic.

Writing my secret blog is the only thing that's kept me from going completely crazy. As if life couldn't get any more complicated, there have been some vicious attacks in the local woods. Vampire-mad Tallulah definitely not my girlfriend thinks a super-vampire is behind them - and she's desperate to prove it, with a mysterious chain that's supposed to glow red-hot when a vampire is close by.

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But her plans go askew when a run-in with bandits brings her face-to-face with the very last man she wanted to meet. Ten years later, Cole returns home, and the old feelings resurface, but can they forget the past and come to terms with the events that tore them apart? But, Tommy Ferrano also lights my body on fire with passion. He will love me. He will kill for me. He refuses to give me up for any price. She wants to work on serious assignments — and what better way to prove herself than to uncover something new about the mysterious Krinar, the aliens who took over the Earth just two years earlier?

But when she meets Vair, the dark and sexy owner of a Manhattan x-club, she may get more than she bargained for…. He has to spawn a dragonling or face the death of another mate. When he rescues a beautiful woman, he has to seduce her without losing his heart, and before he turns feral forever. I refuse to be burned again. A moving and sexy story of an emergency room doctor who is too busy for love. But when Dr. Lisa Johnson opens her heart, the man she loves becomes the enemy.

With her heart and career hanging in the balance, which will she choose? From the ballroom to the emergency room, this fresh romance will keep you turning the pages. With help from her friends, and a lot of Merlot, she takes him down by any means necessary. Hilarious hiccups and crazy calamities along the way turns her ridiculous plot into unexpected friendships and a chance at real love. And if dreams were real, Elana would have the courage to approach him.

But is his possessive side too much for her to handle? Can he open his home to her and keep his jeans closed? If he has his way. But to the staff at The Golden Mail, Wes is just an ordinary, workaholic editor. Wes is sure that nobody can ever get close enough to uncover his secret. That is until he hires Julia, one of the best journalists. Boxed set of three full-length, award-winning paranormal romance novels. Enjoy this suspenseful romance novel with recipes including Hummingbird cake and Bourbon Peach pie.

Amazon bestselling author Emmaline Wade chronicles the lives and friendships of the wealthy Carrie family. This first book installment is a delightful beginning to the splendor of what is going to be a dynamic tale. Lose yourself in romance, adventure, and Happily Ever After. Over pages of five clean and wholesome, inspirational romances for free! Full-length contemporary romance.

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Kindle Echo Canyon Brides Box Set by Linda Bridey: Immerse yourself in the Echo Canyon Brides series that critics describe as a powerful spellbinding blend of mystery, romance, and humor showing strong women in difficult situations. But what happens when his lifestyle conflicts with her faith? Would he give up his lifestyle for the woman who has stolen his heart?

Turmoil follows as a powerful and influential matriarch causes upheaval. A previous violent act causes tensions to explode at a high profile fundraiser. Love and marriages are threatened — the secrets of long ago have a very public climax in their world of wealth and privilege. The only people who can stem its advance are the Silver, a vampiric race who offer a simple exchange: protection in return for blood and subservience.

And both of them are keeping secrets. Fall in love with this royal friends to lovers romance. That should have been my first sign — I write about guys like him for a living. Writing romance novels comes with its perks, but Ethan Rochester enters my life and rearranges my preconceived notions about writing what inspires you. When the two are thrown together as part of a challenge, Sam sees the chance to win her back. As their passion heats up, will it be enough to knock down the emotional wall between them?

Hallmark movie fans will love this sweet contemporary romance with a touch of magical realism. Rather than idly lingering on Earth, she focuses on finding her killer. Uncovering the truth means asking for help from her psychic ex-boyfriend. High in the Rockies, she feels secure, especially when love begins to bloom with the local veterinarian, Rick. What happens when her past catches up with her? Will she find answers or simply more questions? How far will she go to fulfill her kinky, taboo fantasies with a younger man? Vampires who more than likely murdered her twin sister. Includes books one through five!

Follow Angie Prouty as she unravels a murder mystery on Nantucket!

Best book series for 3rd graders — ever

Get the freebie today on Amazon. Thriller Fast paced stories that just might have you keeping the lights on at night. Tales rife with action, intrigue, or psychological suspense, thrillers rarely keep the gritty details hidden. Mystery Stories that make Agatha Christie proud, weaving characters and clues into page turning tales of whodunit and suspense.

Cozy Mystery All of the whodunit fun of a mystery without the gruesome details, often with a dose of humor or sweetness. Romantic Suspense Equal mix of Romance and Suspense, for those who like a little action in their love stories. This is the recommended genre for most New Adult books. Historical Romance From Knights, to Dukes, to early 20th century lovers, the lovers in these tales must find a way to be together before the age of the internet!

Erotic Romance Is your book focused on the fulfillment of physical desire between the protagonists? If so, erotic romance is the genre for you! Science Fiction From cyber thrillers to space operas, your stories of genetic engineering, aliens, futuristic tech and more belong here. Young Adult Recommended audiences is 6th grade and up. Not the category for New Adult. I was stumped! I was also stumped by who and what was going on in the city of Houston.

Time to MoveOn! View all 12 comments. Favorite Quotes: The rent is surprisingly high for such a crummy place. A small mercy— my subconscious would have made Freud vomit. The government was paying her to feed and clothe us, and she was making quite a lot of money, because she never bought any food or clothing. Most people know that pigs feel stress and that cows grieve when their calves are taken away. They might feel guilty, but they still eat bacon and drink milk. So what use is the guilt? Heart disease is the number-one killer in the USA, but you still eat donuts.

Your diet is killing you, too. I drive just above the speed limit. Anything less is considered suspicious in Texas. The field office director comes on the radio. The news anchor is back. Despite the disturbing issues, I was enthralled, mesmerized, and riveted to my kindle. I was on edge and biting my cuticles while more than a bit distressed about being so deeply invested in such a gruesome tale — what was wrong with me? The writing was simply stellar while brilliantly paced, intriguing and unpredictable, action-packed, and unexpectedly laced with wry levity.

Jack Heath is most certainly an evil genius; I would advise his family to keep him happy as well as to either sleep in shifts or with one eye open. View 1 comment. Jan 13, Krystal rated it liked it Shelves: carnage-and-mayhem , jan-feb , owned , aussie-authors , crime-suspense , freebies , from-the-publisher. Overall, not as exciting and fast-paced as the first, but definitely more gruesome. He'd broken off contact with the love interest, Thistle, because he was too worried about hurting her. Oh yeah. He also had that nasty habit of snacking on human flesh.

Do you know how much it killed me to not menti Overall, not as exciting and fast-paced as the first, but definitely more gruesome. Do you know how much it killed me to not mention that in my review for Hangman?! Not even in spoiler tags! Because it is such a massive twist and made the whole story a thousand times more exciting. It hooked me real good, coz I've never read anything like that before. Sadly, because this is the sequel, I've now read something like that before.

What I mean is, that's the twist that grabs you right away and keeps you hanging on, but to get that same kind of attention in this book we really needed more to sink our teeth into ha ha because it's no longer a surprise. This book opens with Blake working for the bad guys, disposing of bodies in his highly unique manner. Then he stumbles across a body that's not one of his but he takes a bite out of it anyway. This part kind of disturbed me - I mean, wouldn't that kind of be like stumbling over a cheeseburger in the gutter and deciding it looks tasty?

Seemed a bit unsanitary to me, to be honest. But how would I know, really. Not like I make a habit of eating people. So then there's drama because our favourite FBI lady, Agent Thistle, asks for Blake's help on a missing persons case and you'll never guess who they're looking for. The cheeseburger. What follows is a lot of chaos that involves scumbags and dead bodies and violence and gore and one super confusing investigation that just doesn't seem to add up. All the while, Blake has to deal with his feelings towards Thistle, and that niggling bad habit of eating human corpses.

Poor guy. I had a few issues with this book that didn't crop up in the first. In Hangman , Blake is super intelligent, he puts things together really well, and he figures things out logically. In this book, it feels like his IQ has dropped significantly.

Game of Thrones/ASOIAF Theories - Will Dany be Crazy in the Books? - Part 2

Maybe he ate too many idiots, I don't know. Whatever the reason, he just doesn't seem to have his head in the game this time around. I won't go into detail as I don't want to reveal anything too interesting before the book drops in March.

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But he has changed, and it makes me a little sad. There's also some questionable puzzles that really don't make sense when you think about them More on this post-release. I'm not big on feelings. I was mostly just waiting for her to discover she'd sucked face with a cannibal. Still, there's the drama of him trying to hide it all, so even though the dynamic has changed I enjoyed that aspect of it. You think you have relationship issues. The crime investigation itself was incredibly messy because there was so much going on, and so many clues that just didn't make sense.

It was kinda good because it was unpredictable but then it was also kinda bad because I lost interest a little bit. It jumped around a bit too much for me to follow, and there was a bit more focus on Blake's personal life, I felt. I did really love The Gore Factor , though. This one got hella messy compared to the first book. Finally we are getting some Silence of the Lambs savagery. I don't know what it says about me that I prefer reading about people getting their faces chewed off more than people talking about feelings but there you have it.

Gruesome is way more fun. Maybe it was a little gratuitous here, but I am grateful. Hooray violence! I'm actually not a psycho in real life, I promise. Look I got a bit frustrated with the riddles this time around because they were hard LOL. So many went unsolved because I wanted to read on instead of wasting actual brain power trying to figure out the hard ones. I'm still keen for that Solutions page. In general, I liked it, and I'm so glad I got early access to it coz the first book was such a win.

This one has to work harder now that the big surprise is out, but I think it maybe tries a little too hard to be impressive so all in all it feels a little jumbled. I think fans of the first book are still going to enjoy this one, but there'll be mixed reviews depending on what drew you in in Hangman. I'd still recommend it, though! Apr 10, Amanda - Mrs B's Book Reviews rated it really liked it Shelves: first-reads , review-book , books , aussie-male-author-challenge.

Featuring Timothy Blake, an unusual but highly intelligent lead, this underdog character returns for another thrilling adventure. A whirlwind of high octane action and plenty of plot twists, this one will get your heart pounding! Those who read the first novel of this series, Hangman, will know a little more about Timothy Blake.

It is a precarious and dangerous trade. When Blake finds a body that is not part of his job description he takes the opportunity to inflict his uncontrollable habit on the victim. Blake then realises he must do something with the body that he has now touched and he hides it on his own property.

When the FBI enter the equation, Blake is torn between letting them know about the body he discovered , which is now in his freezer, or continuing to hide the evidence of his hobby. With more bodies and murders occurring, the matter becomes more pressing for Blake. There is mounting pressure on all involved to crack this case, including the FBI agent Blake has become close to.

The situation becomes more dire for Blake as he must do all he can to solve a complex case, while at the same time protecting his own dark secrets. A fellow blogger encouraged me to read Hunter by Jack Heath. I got the feeling that Heath likes to put on a good show for his readers. After reading Hunter I feel that Jack Heath has created a very good balance between darkness and slightly offbeat, tongue-in-cheek style humour. I was quite taken by the warning at the front that Hunter is not suitable for children and some adults. There is an accompanying alert that Hunter does contain themes of suicide, and violence of a sexual nature.

As Heath is a popular novelist for young children and the young adult market, this precursor is probably a good warning to take on board. It took me a few moments to gain my composure after I read the big reveal about Blake. However, once I got my head around the whole concept, I raced through this novel. The latter stages of the book were particularly intriguing and well paced. I do want to read Hangman at some stage in the not too distant future. I did find that I was constantly theorising about Timothy.

How Tia Lola Came to Stay (The Tia Lola series)

I really wanted to know more about his background, upbringing and possible social issues. He sure makes life interesting! In terms of the story itself, the plot is quite convoluted and full of mind twists. There is a good combination of friendship, trust and connection between Blake and FBI agent Thistle, which was one of my favourite aspects of the book. What I also appreciated about Hunter was the themes, particularly the focus on sexual exploitation and women in this industry. It is a puzzling novel, defined by some top notch writing. I certainly had no idea where Blake was going to take me.

As for the riddles at the opening of each chapter, I have to admit defeat, I was stumped! You are too clever for me Mr Heath! Fans of high voltage crime thrillers, featuring a non conventional lead, do need to take the time to investigate Hunter by Jack Heath. A little off the beaten track, it is good to see a villain with a cause seize the day! Jan 18, Marianne rated it it was amazing. Half of the police force is looking for you, the other half is looking for me. When his unconventional arrangement with the last FBI field office director ended, cannibal Timothy Blake took up a new position as body disposal expert for Houston crime boss, Charlie Warner.

No, wait. Not quite. The body Agent Thistle is looking for. As with Hangman, Heath gives the reader another compulsive read, this one featuring date rape, blackmail, kidnapping and at least ten deaths, most of them violent. As well as his usual activities, Blake visits a rubbish dump and a courtroom, debates the merits of a sex-doll brothel, buries a body, solves a cryptographic code, swallows a mobile phone, tries to quit his job and vows to stop eating people.

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One of my bad habits. Heath devises another plot with twists and surprises and non-stop action to keep the pages turning right up to the utterly perfect last line. Again, each chapter begins with a riddle, clues to which often follow in the story. Fingers will be crossed that Heath is working on Timothy Blake 3. Truly clever and blackly funny, this sequel does not disappoint. View all 3 comments. Typically after a stellar first book in a series, the second book tends to lag or become a filler book. That is not the case with the Timothy Blake series. Now that the base has been set with Hangman book one - that I actually typed Handman instead initially, which ironically seems appropriate for this book - we get deeper into Timothy's mind set and his hungry ways.

If there is such a thing as a cannibal procedural genre, then this would be it. Every thing about them individually and together, along with this case, is a bit morbid but strangely delicious. How is it that you can fall in love with a cannibal who just wants to do good?

Who doesn't really have anyone and anyone he does care about he needs to keep at arms length - not only for their safety, but really for his as well. This book is darker, more gruesome and let me just tell you, Mr. Heath, I do love your gigantic, crazy ass mind. Maybe some will think this isn't quite the impact of the first book where we get to know about Timothy's secret, but in my opinion, this one was a crazier and more fulfilling ride. Way to keep me hungry.. In a gist, this book is more filling AND tastes great. I'd like a third helping now please. Thank you Hanover Press for this copy.

View all 4 comments. Hunter is the second in the series to feature Timothy Blake and which began with Hangman. I was a huge fan of Hangman and some of you might remember I published a recipe style review last year. Since then, I've been eagerly awaiting the next novel in the series but had no idea an excerpt of my Hangman review was going to be published in the praise section at the beginning of Hunter!! The riddles at the Hunter is the second in the series to feature Timothy Blake and which began with Hangman. The riddles at the beginning of each chapter are back and continued to do my head in, although I think I had a better solve rate this time.

Blake is officially no longer a consultant for the FBI and when Hunter opens, we find him involved in body disposal for a local crime lord. He still sees FBI agent Reese Thistle, but when he stumbles across a body that has nothing to do with his new 'role' he finds himself in quite the predicament. I enjoyed Blake's character development in Hunter. He continues to develop feelings for Thistle and vows to be a better man so that she never has to discover his dark secret.

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  • Blake remains the likeable bad guy protagonist, and Aussie author Jack Heath does an astonishing job of continuing to make the reader root for the cannibal detective. Hunter is a solid follow up to the first in the series, with no perceivable drop off in writing, tension, action or body count.

    Highly recommended. Feb 28, Andrea rated it really liked it Shelves: australian-author , fiction-foreign-locale , series , from-publisher , rehoming. Having lost his literal meal-ticket with the FBI some months earlier, Timothy Blake has found a replacement on the other side of the law, working in body disposal for Houston crimelord Charlie Warner. It's going well for both of them, but then one night while waiting for his latest delivery, Blake stumbles across a recently deceased, naked, middle-aged man in the forest.

    Against his better judgement he interferes with the body, and then of course he has no choice but to take it home to his freez Having lost his literal meal-ticket with the FBI some months earlier, Timothy Blake has found a replacement on the other side of the law, working in body disposal for Houston crimelord Charlie Warner. Against his better judgement he interferes with the body, and then of course he has no choice but to take it home to his freezer. The FBI needs help tracking down a missing person and the new Field Office Director has heard that Blake might be able to help them get a breakthrough.

    Blake is a bit half-hearted about the idea; he still has feelings for Thistle and wants to spend time with her, but is disheartened by her apparent lack of interest. However, when he realises the person they are looking for is the body in his freezer, he realises he has no choice but to take the case. I really enjoyed this sequel to last year's Hangman. Blake still makes me feel a bit queasy, but I'm warming to him more and more. In this book he's trying to be more like a normal person, and although his efforts are hit and miss, I think it made him a little more likeable for me.

    Whereas most of the tension in Hangman came from Blake trying to hide his true nature from those around him, in this book it comes from something we can all relate to - relationships. While I would not recommend reading this book if you have not yet read Hangman , I do wholeheartedly recommend you read both!