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Since the flame is always burning back to the fuel source, the flame is always in motion. This motion allows the intensity of the flame to vary across a flame flicker frequency spectrum. Very interesting article!

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This reminds me of the quote "How much can the ripples tell us about the object that fell in the water? Flicker Hive.

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Marya Apr We light a candle with the fervent hope That this shall not be the end of our rope, That there is still more in us we can give- There is a better way for us to live. We wonder if we'll ever be good enough Delicate diamonds within the rough. Much as we wish that we can find a way There is a time, a place, for a new day.

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As we crave feeling in bodies struck dumb, So we shall wait, for good things yet to come. Dan Beyer Jan 6. Dance swaying candle Lo, enchanting flames Dive into unblinking gaze And erase my pain Blow ever with me You the eastern wind Entwine with soul and body Die and live again The stars that shine above me With abiding glow Though we be so far apart They too must flicker so. CK Baker Mar Peter J Jul Estuary lights dim and flicker in the distance while closer to shore Mermaids sing on the breath of a storm.

From a flicker to a flame

And they sing with a drowning charm as fishermen launch vessels under a shawl covered wife's watchful eye. And yesterdays widows weep, face rained bright from navigational lights. While the Heron has long fled this great swell. No cries now from gulls nor mothers hurrying their little ones to the safety of their coal fired warm homes.

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Just the rage of wave riding mermaids that will have their bounty the heart and souls from a fisherman life. Amaris Oct Nicholas Mercier Coulombe Sep A Zippo lighter with a smoker's cough, propositions the ladybug clinging to a flannel pocket, You can always trust a tealight to warm the neglected beetles, that cling to your chest. The spirits linger; we stumble into entanglement birch trees weaving baskets from our branches I'm known to cave on integrity, for the taste of freckles, flickering tealights in the hearthstone, with a smokers cough.

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Solitary Soliloquy. Dropping flower petals into the water voices merge, lifting in song and prayer, I wish that I could join them, instead I whisper my prayer very quietly, hoping that God might hear me. Brief deceptive gleam of sun on water that catches the eye, now hollow as dried driftwood, light as foam, everything conspires against me even the weather; Tumultuous sky, the squally wind squeals through wires, rattling flags.

The Flicker of a Flame

The sea is glaucous with strange phosphorescence; I sit watching rabbit tail grass flicker and bob palely in the wind, the insects hum and the grass whispers. When emotion comes to your face for just a moment but then goes away, this is an example of flicker. When a light is running out of electricity but blinks off and on, this is an example of when the light flickers. An irregular sequence of frames in a movie or video image.

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The first flicker effect came from movie projectors that were out of synchronization with the film frames. See judder , interlace and flicker fusion rate. Sentences Sentence examples. By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Please set a username for yourself. People will see it as Author Name with your public flash cards.

A flicker is defined as a tiny movement of light, or an expression of emotion that comes and goes quickly. The definition of flicker is to burn or shine in an unsteady way, or to flare up and die down, appear briefly or flutter rapidly.