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Step-by-step walkthrough for Chapter 22: Dragon's Hideout.

Blaming the polar vortex and dips in the jet stream on global warming and Arctic amplification is incorrect.

But the entire, brilliant Northeast votes Democrat religiously. For centuries, cities were covered with the soot from the burning fires, industrial and manufacturing plants and heating systems, filtering the sunlight hitting the ground. I remember flying back into the US from Europe in , and you could see the dirt in the sky that would block the heat as we approached the US shores.

What could it mean? More fluctuations in the ground temperature. We are in the midst of an Ice Age. The current Ice Age began about 2.


Ice Ages are characterized by glacial periods of extreme cold when northern glaciers expand well into what are currently temperate regions. These cold periods are separated by relatively brief and warmer inter-glacial periods. The last glaciation, ended a little over.

Before this, for example, the area where Boston and NYC are now was buried under about a half mile of ice. What causes Ice Ages and their glacial and inter-glacial periods is not entirely understood. This latter is responsible for the variations in weather between summer and winter. There are very long term, long lasting changes in the inclination of the earth called Milankovitch Cycles. These seem to be at least partly responsible for Ice Ages. Within Ice Ages, glaciations and inter-glacial periods are most likely due to large variations in the output of solar radiation.

During the current inter-glacial period temperatures were much warmer about a thousand years ago, a pleasant period, referred to as the Medieval Climactic Optimum. Many scientists think this Little Ice Age was associated with a period of very low sun spot activity, called the maunder Minimum, somewhat like that we seem to be experiencing now.

Why these temperatures are rising is an open question. Compared with the effects of variations in solar output and still poorly understood, natural terrestrial cycles, human effects on climate are orders of magnitude smaller. All the variations in weather and climate just discussed occurred independently of and well before current small increases in CO2 and other heat trapping gases, which some choose to associate with human activity.

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We are fortunate to be in an inter-glacial period which began about 12, years age. However, this is around the average length of an inter-glacial period. The last thousand years have been colder than earlier times in this inter-glacial period. They have also been characterized by periods of extreme cold. Despite some rise in average temperature which has occurred since the Little Ice Age we seem likely to be entering another period of low solar activity, which presages colder average temperatures. Even more concerning, geological records suggest that we can expect the onset of another glaciation sometime within the next few thousand years.

If and when this occurs it will have a far more deleterious impact on human life and civilization than the putative few degrees rise in temperature hypothesized by the computer models of some climatologists. All the above is well established science. Any who doubt this can check the facts against any decent text on geology, meteorology, or climate history. He made hundreds of millions of dollars and the American people got raped. There is no man made warming but there is sun cycles that can cause cooling periods that are going to cause many millions to die of starvation. It has been looking like one of those periods is just about upon us and we are not prepared thanks to the likes of Al Gore.

I live just north of Concord NH. More than average, but not what the Boston area got, the storm track was far enough south. But we sure were!

Snowy Forest Path on Round Bald

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The Snowy Path

Scattered Storms With Damaging Wind Gusts Possible Saturday Keep a watchful eye on the sky as eventual rebuilding clouds morph into a new round of scattered showers and storms in the muggy air. Weather Alert: Downpours, Thunderstorms Overnight There will be a raucous night of weather with numerous downpours and thunderstorms, some potentially becoming severe. Suffolk Downs, New England's Last Thoroughbred Horse Track, Hosting Final Live Races New England's last thoroughbred horse track, Boston's Suffolk Downs, is hosting its final live races this weekend, but it's not clear what comes next for the industry, which continues to receive millions of dollars in casino tax subsidies.

These are his 8 favorite places where you can get a little bit of both. We are talking chocolate. Phantom Gourmet: Avenue In Medfield There is a beautiful new neighborhood restaurant in Medfield named Avenue, and the crowds have been coming since the day it opened.

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Excausted we met with the rest of the company, the Landbeyonders, for a nice lunch at Astra restaurant in Papigko. Climbing up to snowy Astraka refuge - 9th April Climbing up to snowy Astraka refuge - 9th April We started off at Share this.