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All-in-all, an enjoyable historical fiction. Nothing earth-shattering, but certainly not terrible. I would recommend this novel to someone looking for an easy read in the sun this spring! While a disabled woman and her infant are sold to traveling performers by superstitious seventeenth-century Italian townspeople, a grieving gambler makes plans for a priceless blue diamond in the hopes of recouping his fortunes.

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Authors from England No current Talk conversations about this book. I received this from Goodreads' free book giveaway, and as requested, I dutifully put it at the top of my to-read list so I could review and help publicize it. Absorbing story of a traveling troupe of women acrobats to take on a near-dead "mermaid" baby and its catatonic mother. I enjoyed this more than The Aviary Gate, in part because of the lack of the back and forth between modern day and history. CarriePalmer Mar 22, Smits Aug 9, As to The Pindar Diamond, this is a sequel to The Aviary Gate, which I read in December but never got around to reviewing as the backlog was horrendous.

You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. The Aviary Gate 2. The Pindar Diamond. The Pindar Diamond: A Novel. Paul Pindar.

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Celia Lamprey. John Carew. Ambrose Jones. Francesco Contarini. Cavaliere Memmo. Venice, Veneto, Italy. Santa Clara Convent. This book is to my daughter Maddie. A'az ma yutlab, my heart's desire. They say lots of things - don't they? John Carew stumbled out into the rain. References to this work on external resources.

The Pindar Diamond: A Novel

Wikipedia in English None. Book description Het is het jaar In het rijke, maar woelige Venetie gaat een gerucht over een spectaculaire diamant. De Engelse koopman Paul Pindar raakt bezeten door het verlangen de kostbare steen te bezitten en zet alles op het spel om hem te bemachtigen. Ook al omdat de diamant " vreemd genoeg " te maken lijkt te hebben met zijn vroegere verloofde Celia, die hij een paar jaar geleden verloren heeft aan de harem van Constantinopel..

Katie Hickman woont met haar man en twee kinderen in Londen.

The Pindar Diamond - Historical Novel Society

Haar debuutroman in het Nederlands, De Vogelpoort, werd een internationale bestseller. Haiku summary.

She is crippled, mute, and clutches a bundle to her chest—a baby the townspeople insist is a real-life mermaid. It can only bring bad luck; they pay a troupe of acrobats to carry mother and child away. Although it was not until the final book of my trilogy, The House at Bishopsgate , that I came to write about Ralph, Paul Pindar himself, an otherwise obscure seventeenth-century Levant Company merchant, has dominated my writing life for the last ten years. I was living and researching in Istanbul at the time. Much as my present-day character, Elizabeth Stavely, would do at the beginning of The Aviary Gate , I went there every day to research in the English-language library.

I had gone to Istanbul knowing that I wanted to set a novel in seventeenth-century Constantinople, but beyond this my canvas was a blank. I was looking for an historical event on which to hang my story, a kind of springboard, as it were, into the past.

The Pindar Diamond

With amazing serendipity, I soon found it. At the tail end of the sixteenth century, Dallam accepted an extremely strange commission. He was charged by a group of Levant Company merchants to make a wonderful gift for the Sultan — the Great Turk — in Constantinople.

I was looking for an historical event on which to hang my story, a kind of springboard into the past. The etiquette at the Ottoman Court was that before any negotiations could take place they were required to present the Sultan with a gift. This could not be just any gift; it had to be something so marvellous and unusual that they could best their trading enemies, the Venetians and the French.

Dallam more that delivered on his commission. He designed a wonderful mechanical toy, part musical instrument, part clock: a miniature organ topped by an enormous timepiece. When the clock struck the hour it triggered a device by which not only did the organ play a tune, but also two angels on either side of it sounded on their trumpets.

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Most amazing of all was a bush atop the clock, on which perched a crowd of artificial songbirds, which shook their wings, opened their beaks and sang a little tune. Wikimedia Commons. It features, rather wonderfully, a shopping list of the things he packed to go with him, which included two viols — presumably for whiling away the long voyage. All the merchants, who had been cooling their heels at the Sublime Porte for more than two years, rushed to see it, including Paul Pindar, who was now secretary to the ambassador.

The boxes were opened, but — horrors! Their gift was ruined. There was nothing for it but for Dallam to repair the organ. What happened while he was there is a famous story amongst Ottoman scholars. At the first sighte of them I thought they had bene younge men, bt when I saw the hare of their heads hanging done on their backes, latted together with a tasle of smale pearles hanginge in the lower end of it, and by other plaine tokens I did know them to be women, and verrie prettie ones indeed… that sighte did please me wondrous well.

When I read this I knew immediately that I had found my story. What would have happened if Thomas Dallam, or someone with him, had recognised someone amongst the ball-playing concubines?

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It was this way that my character of Celia Lamprey was born. I imagined Celia as the daughter of an English sea captain, whose ship had been attacked by Ottoman corsairs on her voyage to Constantinople to marry Paul, and was then taken into captivity and sold to the Sultan an event which given the prevalence of piracy and the thriving slave trade throughout the Mediterranean was perfectly plausible. Besides which, the Ottoman sultans in this period did not marry, but selected a number of different concubines from women who were all, without exception, non-Muslim slave girls from a variety of different Mediterranean countries — they would only later have been converted to Islam.