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2. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

There was a dinner party and I think the queen was there with a pomeranian. And at the party at some point there was a conga line… There was a scene when the people were on horses and they were riding through the English countryside hunting. And somewhere towards the end I think there was a wedding… This has been driving me crazy for a really long time, please help. Cassia, I watched that one when I was young aswell. Come to think of it, I cant remember the name either. I really want to figure out some move i saw about a year ago.

Its about boy who meets a girl and the boy has some tree house thats out in the woods and they get lost in the woods. Its called something like Golden retrevers idk. I need an aswer fast! I reemember that the dog is put in a dog Kennel and this young man hear the trainers talking about putting the dog down.

The young man is taking care of the dogs and starts training the dog after work, to rescue the dog from death. They become friends. Do any of you know the name of this movie? I remember a movie where a golden retriever named alex helps a man and woman defeate a monster. Anyways, the dog has some kind of microchip he cant talk thats really valuable and some bad guys kidnap the kid and take him to a place some kind of factory and tape him up and hang him from a hook and rope thats hanging from the ceiling.

They make the kid call for his dog the dog has super-hearing because of the chip and the dog saves the boy when the bad guys lay him on a conveyor belt that leads to a large blade. The dog saves him just in time. I really want to see this movie again but I just cant remember the name.

Hope you can help! It begins as a real movie but turns into animated cartoon.. One pale red and one pale blue, maybe.. I really hope you can help me! All i remember is that there was a Boy and a Dog. Once the Dog became sick or something and was about to die. The family took the dog to a doctor or some kind of scientist or something. This Doctor guy injects something into the dog and the dog not only becomes normal but also get some powers, the doctor then checks the dog by throwing a very bouncy ball and the dog calculates what is going to happen and catches the ball.

The movie end by the Boy throwing a frisbee high up in the air and the dog jumping and catching it. I can remember seeing a movie animated on xmas eve about 15 years ago in Australia that had a little dog in it, but the only scene I can remember was the dog urinating in front of either a large, angry cat or a large, angry dog that was either trapped in a cage or in a pound. I remember watching an animated movie n the 80s about a man and his dog who go on adventures in their house in outer space.

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Any help would be greatly appreciated! I am trying to find a movie been looking or a couple months now. I am looking for a movie about a girl lost on an island and finds an injured yellow lab which is wild and the leader of a dog pack. She helps the dog and they become great friends. Anyone know the name of the movie. The animals in the hotel with a Jack Russell in a wheelchair is Babe: Pig in the City not so much a dog movie as an animal movie. Get ready for this. The Fox and the Hound I happen to love the sequel, too. The two live-actions are also good. HI, I will add my name to this list of needing to find a movie for my mom.

Its in the Yukon era, they have a cabin by a lake. The man that owned the dog had another man there and i guess they found some gold and the one man killed the other and stole the Gold. The man that did kill his master also thought he killed the German Shepard but only nicked him. She said it was heart warming and is good for 10 year old to see, shows how one dog that is loved can do anything to avenge his master.

But its a good dog lovers movie and worth seeing she said. Anyone seen this movie before? Any help would be great. Mans best friend: this one is one of thoe thriller ones, its about a nosy reporter woman who breaks into this lab where they test animals and she opens the cage on this killer dog but instantly the dog gets attached to her then she gets caught so she runs out and the dog follows her and she ends up keeping the dog and the dog ends up killing a few people, like the postman and he even tries to kill the womans boyfriend, in the end the lab owner finally finds the dog and tries to get him but the dog tries to kill him and the lab owner shoots him.

The dogs can talk. I only remember one seen and it was a little girl dog I think she was a chiuahuah!?!?!? Also I think the house was a little ran down. The young boy tirelessly searches for his beloved dog, to finally find him in the middle of a busy city square sitting along side an old man. The boy realizes the elderly man is frail and blind. The boy observes his dog from a distance while the old man and dog walk together. It is so heart breaking, since the boy selflessly allows this strange old man to keep his dog for his needs.

It was such an emotionally moving film. It stays in your heart. Does anyone recall this film? It would be so amazing to see it again. I remember watching a movie a couple of years ago.. It was about this guy I think he was a scientist, not sure that brought home a beagle puppy for his son.. He had a choice of these little doberman puppies who were being forced by their dad to try to be adopted or something… But he chose the beagle.

I remember one bit where he injected the dog with some vaccine.. Ok, just remembered, I think he was allergic to the dog, so he kept sneezing. But yeah, all this stuff happened then there was this one bit where the doberman pups grew up and were all evil.. The dogs in the movie could talk btw. I reaaalllyyy need to know the name of this movie. The niece and nephew were tall, and had purple tinted skin. They wore purple outfits and had short brown hair. Please help! Remember watching on TV. An alsation with a computer implanted in his brain escapes from a research facility, and makes friends with a man.

Cant remember or find the name, was it K9? Looking for a movie about a girl and her dog and the girl gets a stuffed bear as a gift which makes the dog jealous. He then hides the bear then tries to find it for the girl. There was a movie I watched around and it was about a boy who adopts a dog collie i think named zorro?

He enters the dog into a dog show. He goes to his aunts house, and she makes pottery and he brakes one by accident. Him and this girl go on a picnic in the woods with the dog. It was about a small dog that gets abandoned by its owner out in the rain Perhaps by accident , and he is after adopted by a warren of rabbits. The rabbits teach him how to live like one of them. There is an old castle that has other malevolent animals in it, and the rabbits have to face them. I do remember however, that one rabbit used to sneeze a lot.

I have just thought of this film now, and it has been irking me to find out what it is since then. Some help would be greatly appreciated. Found movie I was looking for. In case anyone else was searching for this one. The Journey of Natty Gann. Natty Gann played by Meredith Salenger is a twelve year old Depression era girl whose single-parent father leaves her behind in Chicago while he goes to Washington State to look for work in the timber industry.

Natty runs away from the guardian she was left with to follow Dad. She befriends and is befriended by a wolf that has been abused in dog fights, hops a freight train west, and is presumed dead when her wallet is found after the train crashes. Dad gets bitter and endangers himself in his new job. Meanwhile Natty has a series of adventures and mis- adventures in various farmhouses, police stations, hobo camps, reform schools, and boxcars. A scene I remember is that a young boy probably left home alone and the dog is in his house and he is afraid of the dog, the boy tries to hit the dog with a baseball bat but the dog correctly catches the bat with its mouth.

Another scene, the leading man probably tries to calm the dog by showing the palm of his hand which the dog starts to lick. Im looking for an older movie. It has a kit of dobermans in it that r highly trained. But at the end a bad guy kills this young guys relative. I believe it was his grandpa. Hey, people, I am trying to find a film that I started to watch maybe 15 or more years ago — did not finish it, dunno why. It was about a man who got somehow implanted with a microchip and than he was able to understand one dog.

I remember a scene when the dog tries to identify an object that is unknown to him — actualy it is a hydrant. Can you help me out? I am looking for a movie about a dog that i think lives with a rich family. Maybe in the early to mid 90s? I am looking for a film where Dogs were trained to robe a bank and were successful. Otherwise, I appreciate your efforts to entertain us. Thanks again. I am looking for a movie about a dog that gets kidnapped.. I think it kinda goes like this: The owner of a dog is walking with the dog and meets another man, gives the man the dog think he was only going to watch the dog while the owner did something anyway the man steals the dog..

And that is all I remember.. Does anyone know this movie?? Hello, I was wondering if anyone can help me. I am trying to find the name of a film I used to watch when i was small early-mid 90s. I think I also remember something about a fire in the building? I think the dog was grey. Thanks for any help! And I was adding a lot of none facts in the movie also lol horrible memory I have but thanks I actually watched it last night on net flex thanks guys. There are two boys talking one is the main character the other his friend. Well his friend is showing the main character a talisman that he got and the main character wants the talisman.

His friend tells him to be careful with it and to make sure to look in the mirror before going to bed because he will turn into the last thing he sees. During the night there is a dog barking in an alley and the main character shoos it away. When he wakes up in the morning he is turned into a dog. His mother calls him down for breakfast and he heads down the stairs. She calls animal control and in panic is throwing random things and hitting him with a broom.

The main character escapes and is adopted by a blind musician. Later the musician hears about a procedure that could help him get his sight. He starts to play his music in the park with the main character holding the hat collecting money from people. It is there that he runs into his mother as she is getting ready to donate money she recognizes him as the dog that escaped her house and animal control takes him away.

This is practically how the plot went. In the beginning, there is a serial killer who only killed five year olds. The movie started by showing him enter a house and kidnap a little girl. The police woman was trying to track down the killer with her 5 year old German Shepherd. However when she thought that she had him on the run, she found her dog trying to disarm a bomb — I think it was attached to a bike. When she showed up, she had accidentally distracted her dog and the bomb went off killing her German shepherd.

In the end she was able to track down the killer, after he stuffed a little girl into a barrel and pushed her out into a river to die, and thanks to her dog was able to bring him to justice. Iam looking for a movie that has a dog looking at it offspring through a fence,he please to see that all the puppies look like him and their mother. That untill the last puppie came out the dog house looking like the dog the next fence over.

I would love to get a laugh once more in my life time!!!!! Such funny movies! Thanks for the list anyways! The dog had then come back to life. Hachiko s always d best…. I was cryin for a whole day watchin dat one movie… I jus cant stand seein such a lovable and faithful dogs getting screwed and dying… its sooooo sad…. He is taught sign language. At the end of the movie there is a court scene in which he gives testimony thru sign lang and the case is solved and his master is released. It was a lovely movie. The court scene was superb. I ve become mad…searching for one movie, where the army guy trains the dog and for some reason i just cannot recall the name of the movie and also the dog whch becomes the bone of contention to many, eventually , help the army contingent to find an army officer who gets lost due to an avalanche and then the dog would be felicitated with a army officer title.

It would be nice to know the name of the movie, whcih is drivin gme crazy for somtime now….. Johanna says: March 27, at am Hi! Great dogmovies listed! Have anyone seen or heard of this movie? Young Joey Cramer is determined to enter his dog—played by a canine named O. In the opening scene dog lost in the forest and in the climax , dog master find his dog from helicopter after dog save two baby tigers from wolf. I am looking for a movie which i wantched long time back. I can recall few scenes out of it. Please help me in finding that movie. I remember that there was a lady and her dog who gets lost in jungle.

Please help!! Om looking for thos movie about a girl and her german sheperd dog went with her grandpa or dad to a water wale up in the dessert and the girl went for a walk with her dog and got lost in the dessert amd found a mexican guy that was wounded so he helped her get home. Can someone help me. I was looking for a thriller movie where dogs chases a group of people in a resort. I need the title. I was looking for a thriller movie where dogs chases a group of people in a kind of rest house.

And there was a scene where 2 people rode a car and the dog came chasing after them and one dog jumps in the window of the car and almost bit the guy.. I am trying to find the name of a movie I saw on television a few months back. It involves a girl hitching a ride on empty train cars going to Alaska to find her father I think, she gets off in a town and witnesses a Malamute or Siberian Husky in a dog fight, the dog escapes and she finds it in a train car.

The two become friends until she is placed in a school for girls and the dog is taken away in a crate. Later I think she falls in with a group of orphans. This is all I know, any suggestions on the name of this movie? I was trying so hard to look for it and now I have found it! Sierra, is this what you were looking for?

There is a movie about two orphan sisters who have puppy and they get adopted and their father is allergic to dogs so they secretly raise him. The older sister runs away with the dog later in the movie. I have read every single response on here and none are what I am looking for. I remember a movie, it went to theaters because I specifically remember watching it on a movie screen as a child.

It was an animated film, old style animation before CGI. I remember very little, there was kind of a leader dog, I think a young boy dog and at the end of the movie there is a giant dog. A huge sheep dog who is about the size of a house or so, I think he was a legend or something.

It is not oliver in company. Can anyone help me? Movie with lots of different trained animals If i remember correctly a little black dog with a red collar i do believe it was a terrier was tied up in somebodys back yard which was connected to a forest. It rains and thunders and the little dog escapes. Somehow he ends up in an animal land controlled by a dictator monkey spidermonkey I believe whom all the other animals were scared of. There were birds, bunnies, cats, dogs and a wide assortment of animals.


Of reasons unknown, the monkey dictator would put animals on a train, and something bad would happen. No humans were in this movie, only animals. Not animated. If anything of this rings a bell please let me know, after searching and asking every person in my age-range with absolutely no luck, I am starting to think it was my imagination running loose. Bit vague but if anyone can remember seeing it etc please let me know as the the dogs were the spit of my childhood pets xx.

I think a movie that was left out was Love Leads the Way. And even though the dog is sick, she still guides him around things and in and out. I wish it were on dvd. Hi I saw a movie of a Dog movie when I ws a child. It was call: Kelly and me only way I found it thought being on a poster of that movie. Hi all, I am trying to find the name of a movie for my mum, all she can remember is that there is a family with a dog at the airport, a kid lets the little white dog out of its cage and it runs away.

She said it meets another dog along the way that gets hit by a truck and dies. At the end the old lady is then getting in her car when the dog comes running down a hill and they are reunited. Anyone know the title?

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  7. Please help me find this movie from several years ago about a man that gets left in a Dept store after closing hours and has to stay a step ahead of a doberman or two until morning. Can anyone help w a title? I wanted to add the movies Miracle Dogs Cute puppies bring health and happiness to the denizens of an Ohio hospital in Miracle Dogs. When young Charlie Logan Josh Hutcherson and his parents Kate Jackson and Ted Shackelford accidentally run into a stray Springer Spaniel, the injury is minor but the dog turns out to have cancer in one of her forelegs, which has to be amputated.

    To save the dog from euthanasia, Charlie smuggles her into the Cleveland Clinic, where his parents work, and keeps her in the basement with the assistance of the cantankerous custodian Stacey Keach. But in no time the dog, now dubbed Annie by Charlie, starts wandering through the hospital, miraculously healing the patients and Miracle Dogs Too A boy stumbles across two lost dogs who appear to have otherworldly powers, but his plans to keep the cute canines lead him into a devious criminal underworld. Both excellent movies.

    Okay— I need to figure out what this movie is called or I might go crazy!! I saw this movie when I was really young.. So I only remember some parts. Or maybe it was a puppy that was new to the homeless dog clan -there was an older, nice female dog -a really mean, rich dog who loves in another home.. Somehow is part of the story by the end -I remember a scene at night where there is this car on a bridge looking thing and a mean, rich guy is inside the car making a deal with a smaller man that is smoking and clearly scared of the rich guy.

    Basically, the rich guy in the car starts rolling up the window and choking the smoking guy, causing the guy to cough and wheeze. I am looking for a movie… This movie is about a dog I think a german shepherd. I would add all three movies of Balto, Hachiko, and the other movies that tells about Buddy, the main dog character in the movie Air Bud. And also there are more Lassie movies so add those too, as well as the other movie about the air buddies.

    Looking for a black and white movie where a dog and a racehorse become human to solve the murder of a human possibly their owner. It was the best movie, but I only saw it once. Does anyone else remember this? The movie is about a dog whose owner dies and leaves the dog to a young man to watch after. Parts of the movies I do remember is where the guy took the dog to a pet shop a bought him tons of toys. Anyone have any guesses?

    It was a Christmas movie about a stuffy little white-ish dog maybe a West? Not sure though. Any ideas??? Please help me find this movie I watched when I was about years old. No comments mentioned this. One was close though. They had babies when the mom pretty sure it was the mom was still alive and had to sell them. Every pup got bought except this different color girl pup. She grows up to a teenager? The mouse helps her somehow.

    I think something glows blue? The only next part I remember is the ending. The girl tells her dad that she belongs with the wolf pack. She floats away on the iceberg with the wolf pack and the mouse spirit appears and waves then disappears again. I think that the dad talks to the mom again. Please repeated help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Set in a post-apocalyptic future, features a telepathic terrier. Looking for the name of an animated christmas movie starring an old stray dog named Chauncey. He befriends a doll and a teddy bear that were thrown away by their children when they got new toys. He takes them to a homeless man in the junkyard Santa who fixes them up and Chauncey then takes them to a school. At the end of the movie the doll and the teddy bear get picked up by children, are looking out the back end of a bus and Santa comes and takes the old stray dog with him.

    They used to show it on the 25 days of Christmas on the Family Channel before Disney bought the station and changed it. The boy is always joking around and ends up having his team pull him into his school in only his underwear. I think he also tries to race a 16 dog sled team in the movie and one of his fathers best dogs may have been put down. Does this sound familiar to anyone? And the dogs fought to keep their home. The dogs could talk to each other. For whoever was looking for the movie with the little dog that was travelling and met another little dog who he made friends with which later was killed and had an old lady in it.

    Sounds a lot like Hambone and Hillie. Was a fave of mine but so sad. Okay, a shot in the dark here! I vaguely recall the plot, these kids make a fancy collar for the dog that spells out Poundcake and the neighborhood bullies steal the collar. I cannot find any evidence that this movie existed anywhere, does anyone else remember it? Was a very sweet story of this loving dog animated that can kind of float through the air. Cant remember more, but it was really inspirational and touched your heart.

    Cannot find any trace of it on the web. You can find it on the IMDb website. It is based on the Albert Payson Terhune novels about a collie. There was a scene when that parrot got in hands of a fat boy in a swimming pool in a shopping mall I think. The main character is later caught by the police somehow and captured in the police department.

    He is ordered not to leave and even had his father guarding him. But his dog rescues him by secretly going there and makes thousands of empty copies to keep him busy and unguarding to rescue him. The main character and his dog also made floor of some room slippery to further escape from the hunting cops in there,and managed successfully. But someone later found out it was dog after licking that passenger. The boy later finds his parrot when that fat boy earlier returns it to him.

    Thanks in advance. IMHO of course! I remember that they somehow end up in court near the end. I am trying to find the name of the movie where a dog takes the role as a babysitter. My daughters teacher has given them the tasks of finding this movie name. I think the movie you are talking about could be called Chomps! It is a robotic dog who takes orders from the guy that made him! Does anyone remember a kids movie about a family that has to get rid of their dog because the snooty neighbor ladys dog dosnt like him!

    The little boy who is about 10 decides to run away with his dog to save him from the pound! There was a song on there that kinda goes like this , The dogs name have to be toghther! They end up finding the boy because his sister finally decides to tell her parents because she knows her brother could get hurt! The dog does nit get sent away! Please help me find this movie!

    If someone know something adout it, please help me. An old man has a dog that does tricks, a spoiled rich girl wants that dog, the old man will not part with him…finally the old man dies and somehow the little rich girl gets the dog, but the dog will not do tricks for her…. I have been searching for years to find this movie or show to no avail…. I am looking for a movie which i saw years back i guess. All i remember is that there was a lady and a dog who gets lost in forest. When the rescue team comes to save the lady, they pull her up through ghe chopper but leaves dog behind. Few days after, lady finds her dog coming out of forest nearby and coming to her.

    These are the only scenes i remember…. Courtneyj I think we might be looking for the same movie. Do you remember a dog therapist? You Never Can Tell with dick powell and peggy dow. I found it on a site called raremoviemart. For all those looking, its a bout a dog who inherits a fortune and is poisoned for it. This has been bugging me for years.

    82 no-sew world book day costumes and outfit ideas - MadeForMums

    I saw this movie a while ago where there was this boy who spent a lot of time on this dog shelter farm thing for some reason. I think the opening scene was at an ice rink and there were kids playing hockey and he got in trouble… but anyways, he fell in love with this girl at the shelter, but at some point he left some door open and the dogs all ran away. They came back, but one got hit by a car and died. I just remember the girl being angry with him and running away and telling him to go away maybe? Kay- your welcome!!!! Daniel and the superdogs- a troubled boy works at a kennel where he trains a dog for an upcoming contest.

    There was a movie about a family moving frame the city to their ancestors farm and on the way there was a truck accident where a collies owner was killed and the collie went to live with the family who later started a sheep farm. Does anyone know the name of the movie? The movie Scruff is a little kid movie but, I really liked it when I was younger and, my little sister is 4 and she likes the movie pretty good so, maybe other kids her age will like it to!

    I remember watching a movie when I was either 6 or 7, so it was probably around , I only remember one scene from the movie but I loved it and it was sad. So I think it was a robber that broke into the house where the dog lives and then the dog tries to save the family but is stabbed in the side with a shard of glass. I think the movie started with an A but Im not sure. Because Millionaire Dogs is the first thing that jumps to mind.

    I loooove that film. Scruffy is pretty good, and certainly worthy of the list. And perhaps Cinnamon. I am looking for a movie for my grandchildren. I cannot remember the name. Maybe, it had the name Nikita in it. I know the dog was a Chinese breed. A man befriend the dog and for years they were best friends. Every day the dog would walk the man to the train station in the morning on his way to work and every evening the dog would meet him at the train station.

    This went on for years until the man died of a heart attack. After the death of the man every day the dog would walk to the train station through town in the morning, as he had for years with his master, and lay there at the station and waited until the evening train showed up. Rain, sleet, hail or snow the dog was there everyday for years until he died. Thanks for your help. The statute at the train station was the unique component.

    A little syrupy, only because the movie dragged out the predictable ending. Wish I could find a woman as loyal as this dog…lol. The dog with a microchip is K, I was looking also for the title of the movie a long time ago. I rented it in the early 90s! Really cool dog and I think he surfed?!?!

    Big flashy neon letters too! Someone please help me find this movie!!!!!! It may have been late 80s to early 90s movie!! What is the name of the Disney short film that has a hunting dog, as a puppy is raised by Racoons, discovered by a farmer who raises it with other coon dogs? On a hunt for racoons, the dog defends a racoon on a fallen tree. Anyone remember this cheezy Disney short? It is not animated. Of course, I listed scores of them last year, so…xD. I am trying to this movie i saw as a kid.

    Probably 80s or 90s. Also the closing scene is the cop with his new girlfriend and this dog at a beach where he asks him to just be a dog for now. I am really looking for it and cant find it anywhere. Help please. Can someone help me I saw this moive back in middle about this girl who waked up as a dog Becaues her freind put some type of spell or coures on her cuz she was upset that she broke a promrss to her to go hang out something like that. I saw this moive in back in middle school were this girl wakes up as a dog. Becaues her freind put some type of spell or coures on her cuz she upset that she broke a pmoriss to her can anyone help me.

    I am looking for a movie about a German Shepherd. All I can remember is a mean old man put the dog in a bag and threw it in the river. I just remember crying so hard I was sick. Its about this girl who wakes up as a Dog one day, Because her friend put a spell or cures on her. Sykes and his two Dobermans….

    I believe. I believe one of the owners was a girl? I really want to see this film again if someone can help would love it! The pets Shadow, Chance, and Sassy escape their carries and flee the airport. Shadow rescues a little boy from a house fire, and Sassy saves his kitten. In the end, it is believed that a truck hit Chance while he was standing in the middle of the road mourning the fact that he had to leave his new crush in the city.

    I remember watching a movie when I was like 8 about a sheep dog.. Misty or something. Im looking for a movie that i watched when i was a kid 90s , but the only think i can remember is the end of it. He was in the forest meeting with his wolf friend, they had puppies i think. As far as i recall the guy died and that was the end of movie. I saw a movie years ago when I was younger. I think it was 1 or 2 dogs that get lost in the forest of a mountainous area. He eventually finds them at the top of this mountain and I think they were on the run from this cougar or something like that. Thats all I have I am sorry hopefully someone can help.

    I remember watching on TV a movie about a lady who gets a job at a home for children and she gets a dog Skeeter I think and this dog becomes an excellent dog for the children and the dog is a small shaggy tan dog, found at the pound. I think this search for old, mostly pretty poor dog movies is rather pathetic. I am looking for a cartoon movie about a blue dog who wants to be a man and gets his wish but he then regrets it and get broke soon after the boy and his dog go and travel around. Hi, I remember watching a movie a long long time ago, probably before or It was about a couple of dogs, I think one was a beagle and a golden retriever, I could be very wrong.

    Either the beagle or they both got captured and sent to a science laboratory and got experimented on. The golden rescued the beagle but the beagle was blinded temporary from the experiments. Then I think the golden got shot. Sorry, these are just pieces of memories.

    I hope you can help me with it. It was the good old school voiced over dogs. The dogs can talk to eachothe and the male dog wears a tie. Does anyone know what movie this is. I have 2 Weimereners and was told by a co-worker dog lover about a movie where a Weimer saved 3 boys. She said the name of it was Touch of Evil, but the only movie I can find by this name is with Orson Welles from way back when.

    Any idea of what movie this might be, maybe she was just off a bit with the name of the movie. I am looking for an old movie about a boy and a dog. Its likely to be from before the s. Maybe before color movies. All I can remember is the boy leaves to get his dog that might have been sold or sent to live somewhere else. I might be remembering the details wrong. Anyway, the boy gets his dog. He meets up with an old man who is traveling who also has a dog. I believe he talks the boy into going back home. Hopefully I have this right and someone knows the title.

    I saw it on TCM late several years ago and dozed through it because it was so late. Hi i am trying to work out what this movie is! Its a cartoon but i just cant remember what its called! Hello I am looking for a movie I watched when I was like 5. All I remember is that there were 2smallish dogs mabey stray and that they found this house and a way to get in through an airvent? One of the robber kicks what I think is the girl dog and sends her flying into the wall. I also rember crying cause she died.

    Plez help me! Trying to find a movie where a father buys his son a puppy for Christmas but the son does not want it. The father then leaves the puppy in a box along the road in the rain. It was from quite a few years ago. Looking for a movie that prob came out in the late 80s. It was a cartoon about a big shaggy dog that sees a falling star while he is outside at night. I think he is next to a campfire.

    He goes to investigate and there ends up being these alien guys with crooked faucet shaped noses and they are trying to get this little star thing. There is also a puppy that looks just like the bigger dog. At the end the big dog wakes up and it looks like the whole thing was a dream, until the smaller dog comes running up and then it makes you wonder if it was real. Im looking for a movie about a little boy and a german shepard. The boy has to get rid of his dog because his got a new job in another state. The apartment complex or hotel will not allow dogs.

    So the boy and his dad take the dog to a zoo. The boy leaves a picture and something else I believe it was a note saying where he was going, on the boys collar and says goodbye. As the boy drives aross country he throws treats out the car window so the dog could find him. Needless to say the dog finds him, and at the end I believe the dog gets hurt but ends up being a hero after taking down a bunch of bad people.

    I cant think of the name of this but I saw it a couple years ago on Netflix with my 4year old. This was on of his favorite, would love to find it somehow. Thank you to anyone that could help me with the name. Greatly thankful! Hi I wos wundering whut movie is the one about a kid namd Josh and he has a weak hort and his docter said no running arond.

    Please, help me find this movie- I last saw it in , a mean neighbor has a mean, ugly looking dog and this young boy really wants to tame it, and he finally gets the old neighbor to give it to him. I remember a scene where the whole town was having a celebration by a lake and the kids where planning their trip- the dog may have run away. The dog looked like a wiry-haired mutt or Irish Woldhound, something like that. Hi , I just need to know the movie name.

    So , Movie synopsis is as such. Being a new Place dog feels very ackward and it s a huge Dense forest which makes dog to fear every leaf sound. So due to some reasaon which i forgot dog left the place and runs for the owner. Meanwhile, Fox and thier gang tried to chase this White dog wicih is newly came to their den and Film will be more on Black fox with a bunch of foxed trying to chase this white fox.

    Mean while a Tiger and its cubs are seen.. The entier movie is on one day i. Full of chases and runs and BGM is mind blowing. I would be Very thankfull if you can help me on this movie name. Thanks in Advance. Great to see a bunch of response for this thread. The gy gives his hat to the little guy to keep for him when he gets back.

    Can you help me. Jason i think ur talking about the film fluke both retriever dogs tho but the plots what ur saying. Also, White Fang TV series was great. You can find it on Neflix and I recommend it if you like dog adventures. Bernard in the mountains of Switzerland, I think, who goes out in a storm and saves some children, I think!

    Charlie Bear! A Pool Full Of Zuru X-Shot water Balloons! + more toys

    Anybody else here that old????! It was a great movie. Jessica Jenkins your thinking of the movie the 7th brother or in hungarian a hetedik testver.


    The puppy is named Tiny in 7th brother and in hungarian its Vacak, who has 6 rabbits as friends. I remember the picture on the VHS cover showed the dog standing on the backs of 2 sheep within a herd.. Does anyone know the name? When I was younger, there was this animated film about dogs that I used to love..

    Somehow a horse, reincarnated as a woman, factors into it. I remember a lot of it, but one memorable scene; the woman reincarnated horse is running alongside a bus but you here the sound of a galloping horse. Mollie: The animated movie you want with the bird, the city, and the headphones is Millionaire Dogs. So, the general seeing the heroics of the dog allows the dog to go back with the soldier. Help please!! Reading through the posts, and doing a little sleuth work slow day! I found this wiki link. I watched that show religiously, from pilot, before reruns!!

    Hi all! I am looking for a dog movie that puzzled me for years, had it on an old drive that died and that made me very sad. Its about a dog, that lives only about 7 years, I cant remember the name or the plot really Only that the movie made me cry to my bones when it died I think it might have been a great dane though, because I remember the dog being really big when he grows up. Anyone can point me in the correct direction, then I would be forever grateful since I am longing for this movie after my own dog died last year out of age after 14 years together, RIP Zelda, I miss you my belowed dog.

    I keep thinking of a movie. Had puppies in a box being given away but this 1 puppy never gets picked. A lil boy stops and the puppy saying pick me take me u smell like cookies and dirt. They go on. Dog ends up jumping out and running off and was a stray. That line cookies and dirt cookies and dirt sticks out in my head lol anyone know this movie? The old man is very poor. He dies I think he was hit by a horse? The dog lays on his grave but then returns to the farm. I use to cry every time I watched it.

    The name of the movie described in the first comment is scruffy. Can someone help me find a movie where a dog is in a car with its family but something goes wrong where the dog gets out of the car and is left behind. The dog then goes into the woods and starts a new life with the animals there. I also remember a frog gurgling water in the movie.

    What is the title of this movie??? The German shepherd was a search and rescue and he gets killed. Bernard to be a search and rescue and he was better than the German Shepherd. Digby the Biggest Dog in the World is my all time favorite dog movie. Man, I have watch this film more than I can remember. A Dog of Flanders although not the movie version but the cartoon series made me cry. Thanks for the list.. I saw the movie about about a St Bernard in the Alps rescuing a young girl named Susi. I would really like to find it and show it to my sister Susi whom we named after the movie character. Please assist!

    Does anyone know the breed of dog in the movie little man with the Waylan Brothers — he was only in the dog in the film. Am very puzzled and restless about finding a classic movie. TONS of movies. I know the dog almost dies at one point and at the end the orphans get adopted from a family. The dog is a golden retriever Please if you know the film reply because I do want to watch it again such a beautiful film like.

    This is great! I barely remember it but there was a dog that went to a basket with balloons and it floated away and he went on all these adventures. If anyone knows I would love to find that movie again! Can someone please help me find the name of this movie? I remember watching it years ago. It starts off with a momma dog and her puppies and a dog catcher comes and takes them to the pound but one of them gets left behind.

    He ends up walking around on his own and finds another dog who takes him under his wing. There was a scene where the puppy was walking along a fountain and also one where the two dogs get captured and taken to a lab. They eventually break out but one of the dog gets shot and dies. At the end the dog reincarnated into a squirrel. I believe that the little puppy was a white lab.

    Then he and some of his friends enter a race with a different lead dog or something. I think a dog dies in the movie. Looking for a name of a movie I watched as a kid in the 90s. First scene I remember is of the boy getting knocked out in a stream and the dog unzipping his jacket to lay his head on the boys cheat until he wakes up.

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