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Washington Bike Everywhere Month Whether you're a longtime cycler or a relative newbie, Bike Everywhere Month invites you to you guessed it ditch all other modes of transportation for your faithful two-wheeler for the entire month of May. To keep you motivated, there will be plenty of celebrations, challenges, and group rides throughout the month, including Bike Everywhere Day on May Not that the intention is to spite the original—Byrne joined Kidjo on stage for a "Once in a Lifetime" duet at the show's Carnegie Hall premiere.

Barbara Ehrenreich: Natural Causes The author of the brilliant Nickel and Dimed and Living with a Wild God returns with an inquiry into the deeper physical and moral ramifications of trying to strive for well-being against the backdrop of capitalism, mortality, and the health industry. Chuck Palahniuk: Adjustment Day Here's a perfect gift to give the Fight Club quoter in your life: This ticket includes a copy of the new book, which has some tagged and severed ears on the cover.

Chucky will not be reading, only signing. Mechanismus Festival Did you know Seattle hosts a vibrant industrial-music scene? Bands like Mixed Messages and Webdriver Torso remain mostly under the radar, as this genre is wont to do. Both acts are, however, playing the four-day Mechanismus Festival. Proceeds benefit Save Our Wild Salmon. Yet whether he finds himself in a soft Americana setting or heavy stoner metal, his gravelly, beautiful-like-an-oil-slick voice is one that can take the air out of any room.

Rainbow Kitten Surprise, CAAMP Chart-topping North Carolina group Rainbow Kitten Surprise employ a Southern folk inflection in their indie alternative rock more subtle than their name, with neat harmonies and expansive instrumentation standing out as key methods. If you want to see how an avant-garde legend has adapted to 21st-century club environments, hit Kremwerk tonight—and get there early for the outstanding supporting acts.

Shania Twain When I was a kid making up choreographed dances to "Man! I Feel Like a Woman! Re-listening as an adult to what was one of the first CDs I owned and the bestselling country album of all fucking time , I was shocked and delighted by the Canadian country singer's sexual politics, especially compared to the "get-in-the-truck, babe" themes that pervade pop-country radio.

She's still the one. Alan Cumming: Legal Immigrant The man who almost singlehandedly reinvigorated the musical Cabaret with his extroverted take on the role of the emcee in the Roundabout Theatre Company revival in the s, Alan Cumming went on to host the Tony Awards, design a perfume, make films with Stanley Kubrick, appear in a Jay-Z video, voice a Smurf, and more. Translations Film Festival Here is something that Seattle should take pride in.

The festival is called Translations, and this year it features a bunch of films from places that do not have the largest trans film festival. One film that caught my eye immediately is Man Made , which concerns the only transgender men bodybuilding competition in the world. Of course, this subject opens and examines a society that, for the most part, has yet to come to terms with this significant group of its family. Feel fresh as a shot of rum at this Grease -inspired, Parisian-style cabaret show celebrating the hot tish Seattle weather.

Crypticon Crypticon will fill the DoubleTree with hundreds of gorehounds, bloodsluts, zombbros, and creepazoids. Seattle Metropolitan Fashion Week See exclusive work from fashion and costume designers at this glitzy runway show. In the United States, it's also a day to celebrate Mexican American culture. See details about all of these here.

When the very few guests showed up—modest talents Rihanna and U2—they merely served as well-utilized bit players in service to a deceptively linear internal monologue. Thank you, Kendrick, for bringing it back West. Club , and the Guardian. Stores will be giving out the special Free Comic Book Day issues, and some will also have special deals on other comics.

Many of these free issues star favorite pop-culture characters—Doctor Who, the Avengers, Transformers, Tank Girl, and Spider-Man—but the day is also a chance to check out lesser-known material, like Strangers in Paradise , Silver , and Fantagraphics' World's Great Cartoonists. The book is funny and well-written, and Lowe seems constitutionally incapable of not being charming.

Series: Lambert and Hook Mystery

And yet, he remains both human and engaging. Watch from the shore as adorned vessels boast live bands and giant floats—and watch out for water balloons. The official parade will be preceded by the Windermere Cup crew regatta. New Nordic Grand Opening The Nordic Museum has moved out of its quaint Old Ballard digs, a schoolhouse, and into a modern 57,square-foot building on Market Street to continue to expand its mission of education on Nordic and Nordic American art, community, and history.

The opening is also part of the monthlong Nordic Seattle event series.

New White Arrows Album!

We're talking more than performers, costumes, innovative sets from graffiti artist RETNA Marquis Duriel Lewis , complex choreography, and a wild story about an enslaved Ethiopian princess who falls in love with her Egyptian captor, who is himself betrothed to the pharaoh's daughter. This one is shaping up to be the production of the year from Seattle's largest opera house, and it's not to be missed. Kentucky Derby The Kentucky Derby is by no means a localized event—here in town, there are several opportunities to sip mint juleps in your floppiest hat and watch live screenings of the year-old horse race.

Eric B.

A Cultural History of Nobrow Literature as Art

Nothing in the genre more evocatively captures what it feels like to move through hiphop's birthplace at night with every synapse firing maximal awareness of your overstimulating surroundings. His flow, vocab, rhyme schemes, imperial demeanor, and countless brilliant expressions of braggadocio make most other MCs sound like stammering weed carriers.

With three classic albums upon which to draw for this surprising comeback tour, Eric B. LeVar Burton Reads Live! Good God, can anything be more comforting than this in our anti-intellectual times? LeVar Burton of the beautiful, long-running kids' show Reading Rainbow will take you back to your bookwormish childhood—well, except that the short story he'll read to you will be more suited to adults.

Past selections on Burton's eponymous podcast have included tales by Elmore Leonard, Laura Chow Reeve, and Neil Gaiman, but we don't know what he'll select this time. Apple Blossom Festival This annual festival, which started in , showcases the beautiful blooms of Wenatchee Valley. It includes a carnival, a golf tournament, a food fair, multiple parades, and more.

He'll be joined by Noah Kahan. The detainment of both journalists ended after five months when President Bill Clinton visited Pyongyang to speak with Kim Jong-il, who ultimately pardoned Ling and Lee. Nguyen strongly believes we need to hear the story of the American invasion of Vietnam from more Vietnamese people's perspectives, and his work is certainly making headway in that direction. His latest is a book of short stories, The Refugees , about the lives of immigrants coming to America following the war.

He has since published several other hilarious, globe-spanning novels and one hilarious, globe-spanning memoir, Little Failure.

The 150 Biggest Arts, Music, Food, and Cultural Events You Need To Know About

He was born in Russia and lived there as a young child, so he ought to have fascinating things to say about our new overlords, and about the role satire plays in authoritarian societies. Kyle Kinane The comedy world teems with schlubby, self-deprecating, bearded white guys, but Kyle Kinane ranks near the top of the heap of this species. His gruff-voiced, everydude observations are extremely relatable, which could result in eyerolls or yawns in lesser-skilled hands, but Kinane accomplishes the tough trick of turning the loser persona into a winning proposition.

He also can cook up some tasty food jokes, e. Editors Big name British mope-rock rehashers Editors are back in the Emerald City for one night only to promote their recently announced album, Violence. He'll play new material on this H1ghr Records tour through the United States. Steven Wilson For most of the s, Steven Wilson led the progressive music revival as the singer-songwriter behind Porcupine Tree.

In , Wilson disbanded the outfit that made him an underground phenom and struck out as a solo act that embraced shoegaze, goth, minimalist electronica, and alt-rock. Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor Writer and activist Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, who was forced to cancel several book tour appearances last May due to threatening emails, will discuss contemporary black activist movements and explore the history of black politics in America using interviews with the founding members of the Combahee River Collective. He's also received critical acclaim from the New York Times and owns a Michelin-starred restaurant.

You can try his celebrated cooking for yourself at this six-course dinner, which he'll create with the Matt's in the Market kitchen based on market-fresh ingredients from Pike Place. She's perfected a blend of snark and sincerity, so if you like smart lyrics and sunny hooks, go check her out. Now, at 94, Freeman Dyson will look back on his fellow giants of the 20th century and on the worldwide turmoil he's witnessed over his lifetime.

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The new Lambert and Hook mystery - When the committee members of the Oldford Literary Festival all receive anonymous letters telling them to resign or die, it marks the start of an unusual case for Chief Superintendent Lambert and DS Hook. All of the members identify one man as being capable of such a thing: Peter Preston, a self-important snob who is in disagreement with the head of the festival over what he sees as the dumbing down of the events programme.

But could such a disagreement lead to murder? It's not long before Lambert and Hook have their answer. My Account.

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