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A collabortion with several labels from Britanny. Out in December MP4 - More infos. This is a digipack CD edition in collaboration with two labels from England and one from Ireland. Out January MP4 - More infos - Band website. Celebrating 10 years of Beer Beer Collaboration with Abracadaboum and the band. MP3 to listen - More infos - Band website. Collaboration with labels Tous des Malades! Collaboration with Casual Records. This is their first demo out on CDR only on few hundred copies during the first years of the band. English punk-rock with female vocalist, one of the best young bands in UK!

Briton punk-rock between Burning Heads and Anti-Flag UK punk-hardcore at his best! Recorded with a mobile studio in Rennes in septembre Street-skate-punk from our area Britanny!!! This band from Birmingham in England was formed in with Stupid at the drums. Stu reformed in 95 singing. Now they are living in Spain in Alicante This is their 5th album! To celebrate the th record of the label! Two songs per band All those songs were repressed this year on vinyl on Une Vie Pour Rien label.

To celebrate Mass Prod number , this is one of the most crazy punk band from UK with his original singer Wakey. Be careful friends : if you listen those 15 songs, your brain could finnish with Damage, don't ask us any explainations, thanks. Young boys from Wales coming back with 4 killer new tracks. This is no punk music but rock, soul, fusion, metal, reggae. Another Mass Prod' mission is to help the local scene helping production and distribution. This compilation is organised by Tonio bass player in the punk'n'roll band Gang Bang Therapy. Do it yourself ska-dub-punk from Manchester UK, 3rd record.

Old school ska and 60's reggae - 14 songs for the biggest and hottest skank! The first vinyl from the hardcore french band! Coprod with HardcoreTrooper. Coprod with Break the silence. Out 15th of June. Two bands from Amsterdam for a crazy punk split! Out on the 13th of July. MP4 - More infos -. Third album for the Londonian band, between streetpunk and hardcore , and surprises Distributed in Germany by Break The Silence records. French punk with drum machine. A side: 1. U-TURN, 6. CD1: 1.

CD2: 1. BONZ; The track is the Kunte Kinte rhythm originally by The Revolutionaries, but our own version of it, we will have a vocal cut on side A, and a dub cut on side B, we have been getting to know Nucleus Roots, one of the best dub sound systems in the world, and they have mixed and produced the tracks for us!

MP4 - More infos - Band website - Myspace. Sortie le 15 novembre. Old school hardcore from Rennes - Out on the 25th of october. MP4 - More infos - Myspace. Hardcore-punk from our town of Rennes - out in september with labels General Strike and Piketos Prod. MP4 - More infos - Band website -. Fifth album in 22 years for the band from north of Brasil, a mix of hardcore - punk - reggae - etc MP4 - More infos - Official website - Myspace.

A good mix of streetpunk and hardcore , coming from Germany. Out in may MP4 - More nfos - Official website. MP4 - More infos - Official website. The Skacore-punk-dub band from Hambourg propose a Dub-punk 7'' : one unreleased song and one dub version of "city of transgression" a song from the album. MP4 - More infos - Myspac e. Filthpact - www. Out on the 9th of march Three members are in both bands. Punk-rock in french with accordion. Their second album. Hybrid Industrial-machines-punk-hardcore in French from the east of the country. Good street punk from Limoges with female and male vocals in French and English.

Third studio albnum in 16 years for the famous ska-punk-dub band from London town. Classic speed punk from north London, their 5th album in 15 years, continuing the work-collaboration between label Brain Damage and Mass prod to release Sick on the bus on vinyl, the CD version of this album is self-released by the band. I MG "Interdit de cracher gallo! The title says "Intediction to speak Gallo" because this language was prohibited in the first part of the 20th century. Cover and Artwork by Uri. Total fucking old school hardcore!

Total fucking hate! Spanish Punk-rock with female singer coming from Vigo in the north-west of Spain.

Freely available

Rock-surf-psycho-rockabilly-punk , a great mix! Punk-hardcore ols school with female singer, furious and fast! Punk-rock from La Reunion Island with female singer , rock'n'roll and ska breaks. Release date: summer Exactly 20 years after their first album "Eructation Agronomic" Motocultor Prod. Out on the band's label Motocultor Prod and Mass prod.

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Front cover by the famous Mr Denzzz from Rennes. Their first album was self-released on their label WAF! The idea is to not publish two times the same band but some musicians played in several bands! The group turned 5 times in Europe and especially in the Balkans, that is why the label Koolarrow takes out their albums. The album takes out on the label Une Vie Pour Rien? Illustrated by Allison Theuss. MP4 - More i nfos - Official website - Myspace. Taken out in July, in ex. Clip of presentation. Skacore-punk-dub from Hambourg, co-produced with Dirty faces Germany , Mass prod' France , Rumblefish Russia , de Pumpkin records Angleterre et de 5 feet under Danemark , out on Cd and vinyl en octobre cd et vinyls.

The first album of 4 inhabitant of Bordeaux went out of it aout on on Mass prod' and Trauma Social. Of the voucher punk street in French. Edition ex. Second album of the hardcoreux of Stockholm! SIX-8 "place your bets"; Taken out in April, in ex. They marry savement the punk musics, hardcore, dub, salsa!!!

Taken out in April, in ex vinyl red. It will take out 33T at the beginning of with it more the label Guerilla Vinyl France. Taken out in March, to copies. Edition ex in Fifteen years of existence, more than concerts in all France, two exhausted albums but republished in casket there is little , the keupon combo Confederate is of the definite kind.

Heir of the heroes of the alternative rock of the 80s, actor of the revival of of 90, Gilbert And His Problems remains faithful to his principles with this third full of life and one-liners. Melodic punk-rock in Polish, which reminds Post Regiment. Also available 33T. Edition ex coprod with Rebel Records. Every group presents two titles.

Edition ex vinyl green. Pleasant surprise that this well played and omnipresent accordion, for a folk song-punk rather powerful, square, and very close to RAISONS. It is folk but really punk, texts are worked enough and approach subjects rather original, the musicians are good, and of Dinan moreover, I consider good that it is the first time when I hear a group of this Breton town. And more the fusion of the musical genres which makes the sound of the combo, it is the roll side of the rock which leads the dance.

Done well and presented in a digipack attractive with a consequent notebook. Texts are engaged, on the religion, the immigration, the video surveillance, the government, etc. A coprod between 6 French, English and German labels. September, More infos - Official website - Myspace. November, The trio of brothers and sister formed by Klee song guitar, Jeneda in the bass and by Clayson to the battery advocates the environmental protection and the self-determination of the peoples to have them even.

MP4 - More infos - Officil website - Myspace. Meeting between Fred Ka and Mass prod ' was made there is indeed for a long time around the collective reggae which shared the same premises, Mass prod ' give the help on the occasion of the exit of the Fred's 2nd album to distribute the album in the network Coop Breizh which distributes albums Mass prod' with the stores of the northwest. Coproduced by the band and the labels Trauma Social and Mass prod ' - Edition ex in October, It is more powerful, very square, produced well, that strips in everything go, with varied riffs and tempos which change non-stop; punk-rock, punk, hardcore, even a chouilla of ska and of fusion merger here and there.

A good disk, unadorned. Svahn played during ten years with one of the key groups of the alternative rock of the 90s. He kept this punk side hard-hitting. He knows so to touch the public with melancholic ballads. To him, vessels are intergalactic and the words tinged with a biting black humor with drawers.

Tonus, fun, and " traumatic accordion ": Svahn, that moves! It had never gone out and is " the album-manifesto of the entertaining song of leisure! Edition: ex. Hellscrack or the crackle of the Hell of the rock and roll! Powerful, nervous and hoarse as one pleases, This rock trio of Nantes takes out a 2nd album forged in the blast furnaces of the hell by Red admiral he even!

Taken out in may at ex dress handkerchief. For this e dition, position in the young! Taken out in january - Edition : ex. Everybody knows the much rarer, Breton traditional music are the ones who know that there is a rock sung in Breton. Certain recordings became the real rarities and with this record you can discover the rock side in the broad sense of the term of the music in Breton language.

Without Rock 'n' roll no Brittany! Taken out at : ex. Of the punk-rock, which fires towards the punk 77, the punk not roll, and the melodic punk. Taken out there aout in ex. Coprod with labels Punks Shadow and Prod Mass and the bands. CD 29 bands taken out in ex. In December, Chronicle in Addictif-zine. Takenout at ex in bound dress handkerchief. Lionel's chronicle - fanzine eme rue N Brittany has again just struck a big blow with Wek who meets pilpwal, geographically and musically speaking, in full center of a triangle which connects Detroit, Stockholm and Melbourne, is, you will have understood it, 3 HQ of a rock 'n' roll to which we can decently, and meeting no resistance, add the qualifiers of " power " and " high energy ".

They do not claim proudly the putative sponsorings of pistoleros of 6 ropes as Supersuckers, Hellacopters, Radio Birdman and the other Gluecifer. When we spread the list, we almost said everything, the rest would only be superfluous. With this first one 6 titles briochins inhabitants of St Brieuc, and not amateurs of brioches, even though 2 are not incompatible have just supplied us an explicit business card, of the genre of those whom we guard affectedly in his larfeuille history to remember itself in their good memory in some near future.

Two bands which sing in French. Taken out at ex. Punk as fuck of England! A best! Addictif zine. Taken out at ex in May, The third album of the gang of Mantes-La-Jolie, always without title! Punk-rock in French with accordion. A maxi first one 6 titles very well produced after a first already promising demo. Hardcore old school of the region of Rennes. Taken out at ex - co-prod. Taken out in ex. The energy of the punk associated with the groove of the reggae gives a hot vitality.

MP4 - More nfos - Official website - Myspace. Taken out in ex in March, Bound format. Chronicle of Yann on www. The artwork of this Cd is made a success, as well as her its title, as for the music she stays rather in the same lineage, although doubtless more noisy than before. It is squared, heavy, dirty, sometimes speed, sometimes oppressing, with a little bit black texts. The image is good and the sound is very correct also on all the titles. Concerts are filmed by the bottom of rooms, in halls, and we see "never" the public.

Personally, I prefer the videos which retranscribe the atmosphere of concerts punks in the small places, the heat, the conviviality, the underground. It is of the rock 'n' roll in the big tradition of the OTH and the other Sheriffs. The difference it is because the song is in the feminine thus we also think of Heyoka! Taken out there coprod with Tracklar and Gabba disks at ex. Rock-punk in the feminine song in Spanish. A coprod with 20 labels of which Los Tres Puntos who turns in Galicia regularly and Mass prod for the distrib in France.

Edition: at least ex. Taken out in Septemb er, in eg. Chronicle by Lionel in nd rue: devastating street-punk of the English-Spanish of Sensa Yuma, about ten hymns so wild as committed. Sensa Yuma it is pirates' beautiful bunch punks taken by a psychopathic clown, the troop having decided to leave to the assault of the turpitude of our split and declining world. The punk of Core Y Gang, hard, abrasive, hard-hitting, puts himself in the service of texts without concession "Trahison", "Insociable", "Hold up mental", "Victimes", "Coupe la joie", "Intox de pub" , as so many punches in a wall of indifference and intellectual languor on behalf of most of our contemporaries.

The album is belched as a series of uppercuts and hooks capable of knocking out a decerebrate bovine as well as of waking the troops of Breton goblins and sprites who will come to save us from the generalized apathy. A punk-rock which has for peculiarity to give a good place to a circling, swirling and talkative violin, a violin which plays not at all the role of room brought reported in all this electric general store but which, on the contrary, brings a lightness and a madness appropriate for the beings-fairies of the legends.

Moors and Breton coast are well and truly the last refuges of the common people. Taken out in February, at ex. Taken out at ex in March, Taken out there co-prod on labels Maloka, Crash disks, Gestalt, Stonehenge, Fancy and Mass prod ' cd ex and vinyl ex. Also published in the USA vinyl. Chronicle by Lionel in nd rue : the multiple tours of the group worldwide the Eastern Europe or the USA in particular prove that it is always possible to address to these distant public.

Language barrier is it saying is only a limitation put artificially in the internationalization of the rock 'n' roll.

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Only concession made in the notebook of this new album, the translation of the words in English, for a still facilitated access for the speech in direct drive with the everyday life of the group. Texts are finely worked for a reading on the second degree which obliges a small intellectual effort which can only be wholesome in these time of pre-chewed and pre-digested information. Behind the clear and voluntarist scansion of Magali, the Fraction mashes an effective and energetic punk-rock which does not forget the melody for all that.

We always adhere so easily to the thing, a sign that! Taken out at ex in summer, MP4 - More infos - - Myspace.

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A compil of the bands of the small price label. SIX-8 "the chance" CD - mass Second album of Inhabitant from Nantes, punk-rock between Clash and Rancid! Taken out at ex in June, Chronicle by Lionel in nd rue : Exit 2 brass instruments of the first album, and return in the compartment 2 guitars-basse-batterie. As a result also exit the touch ska-reggae which strewed "Electricity", and return in the compartment punk-rock 'n' roll the best groups and the best records of which we make the the. We do not laugh any more here, the titles are collected and concise 2 minutes of hourly average , incisive and compact, irritated and eruptive.

MP3 - More nfos - Officiel website - Myspace. The French people play irritated, committed and ultra-energetic Punk-Hardcore in the lineage of Tagada Jones with a crusty touch. As for the Welsh people, they deliver an UK Hardcore oldschool of excellent invoice, claiming, subversive, powerful, with passages eyeing downright towards California of Jello Biafra and of his Dead K! Mixed in January, 06, pocket handkerchief by Chaos. Lionel's chronicle in nd rue: take some notorious activists of the current English punk scene members of Filaments, Ex-Cathedra, Inner Terrestrials or Operation Nailbomb among others , plunge them into the roots punky-reggae genre early Clash or Ruts , let them let off stream without constraint, way free electrons on a binge, put back a little of order in the general store, and you have this Bid Suicide project which revisits the reggae and the dub with a beautiful punk spirit DIY.

MP3 - More infos - Myspace. Second album of the gang of Mantes-La-Jolie, taken out in automobile-prod with participation of Mass Prod and Gabba records. Edition : ex. And Here we are, after the chronicle below, their second album of A lot of resemblance with the first one: no title not easy for them differentiate , a hoarse voice sometimes hard to collect , and a punk-folk song the powerful with an omnipresent accordion.

A maid prod, a magnificent artistic digipack.

ADEO : magasins et franchisés univers de la maison

Texts, often concerned drugs, also speak many social problems with an original approach. No doubts, an interesting band. Coprod between Mass and Punkahontas. Taken out at CD ex and 33T ex. Chronicle by Lionel in nd Street: Norman of Dobermann I knew only a demo received in , a demo which bastonnait already heavily, just like this album returns inside in the radical, direct, rough speech. A record anti-set language which makes the good there where that hurts, which scratches in depth there where that itches, which planes engraves there where that wants to see only a head.

MP3 - More infos - Official website - Myspace. First album of the gang of the mohicans of Concarneau. The band exists for ten years, but only Ludo is member of origin. MP3 - More infos. Lionel's chronicle in nd STREET: DVD was registered during the passage of the group of London to the Festival Head of the Art d' Auxerre in , between 2 showers, he proposes the completeness of the concert, that is a hair more than one hour of militant punk-rock-reggae.

What strikes deprime access it is the mastery displayed by the trio, impressive of aisanceet of ease on their instruments. Without looking like it, without esbrouffe, Without showy, they loosen not less a communicative energy and vivifying. It is thus 15 titles which train. Filmed with only 2 cameras, the fitter nevertheless knew disregard this handicap by making best use of the best plans, what give an alive and removed concert.

Excellent live testimony of a band undoubtedly attaching. Title to be looked - More infos - Official website - Myspace. After ten years of existence and about sixty produced records, here is our first one compil promo of 30 current bands at a reduced price, Breton groups indeed on but also 4 corners of France, UK, Italy, Germany taken out at ex.

The violin makes Core y gang a very original group which many compared with Melmor. Taken out at ex with labels La Sauce Aux Gravos. A, expl. A, inc. C, inc. I, inc. Scott ; The lady who walked three times around the church trad. Eichmann et DuVal. Qui fame vorroit desovoir, je li fais bien apersovoir qu'avant decevroit l'anemi: au dyable a champ arami! C, expl. Le dit de Charlot et du barbier ms. D, expl.

L'autrier un jor joer m'aloie devers l'Aucerrois Saint Germain, plus matin que je ne soloie, que ne lief pas volentiers main…. Explicit la desputison de Charlot et du barbier. Li dis dou croisiet et dou descroisiet ms. Bruxelles ; Li dis du croisiet et du descroisiet ms. L'autrier entor la Saint Remi chevauchoie por mon afere, penssis, quar trop sont agrami la gent dont Diex a plus a fere…. En tel meniere vens je mes herbes et mes oignemens; qui voldra si en preingne, qui ne voldra si les lest.

Erberie De la goute en l'aine. De l'estat du monde. Per ce que li mondes se change plus sovent que deniers a change, rimer vueil du monde divers: toz fu estez, or est yvers…. Vos poez bien apercevoir se je vos conte de ce voir. Explicit l'estat du monde. De frere Denise ms. A ; Li diz de freire Denize le Cordelier ms.

Scott ; Brother Denise trad.

Humour et crises sociales: Regards croisés France-Espagne (French Edition)

Li abiz ne fet pas l'ermite; s'uns hom en hermitage abite et il en a les dras vestuz, je ne pris mie deus festus…. Or ot non madame Denise et fu a mot plus grant honor qu'en abit de frere menor. Explicit de frere Denise. La griesche d'yver ms. Explicit la griesche d'yver. En recordant ma grant folie qui n'est ne gente ne jolie, ainz est vilaine, et vilains cil qui la demaine….

Le distz des Jacopins ms. Bartsch et Horning. Seignor, mout me merveil que cist siecles devient, et de ceste merveille trop souvent me souvient, si que en moi merveillant a force me couvient fere un dit merveilleus qui de merveille vient…. Ci encoumence la complainte de monseigneur Joffroi de Sergines. Qui de loiaul cuer et de fin loiaument jusques en la fin a Dieu servir defineroit, qui son tens i afineroit…. De maistre Guillaume de Saint Amour ms. Oiez, prelat et prince et roi, la desreson et le desroi c'on a fet a mestre Guillaume: l'en l'a bani de cest roiaume….

Explicit de mestre Guillaume de Saint Amor. La com plainte de S aint Amor ms. La Complainte de Maistre Guilliaume de Saint Amor "Vous qui alez parmi la voie arrestez vous, et chascuns voie s'il est dolor tel com la moie", dist Sainte Yglise…. Ci commence le miracle de Theophile. Or levez sus! Disons: Te Deum laudamus! Explicit le miracle de Theophile. De monseign eur Encel de Lille ms. De Monseigneur Anseau de l'Isle. Iriez, a maudire la mort me voudrai desormes amordre, qui ades a mordre s'amort, qui ades ne fine de mordre….

Explicit de Monseignor Anseau de l'Isle. La repentance de Rutebuef ms. Lessier m'estuet le rimoier, quar je me doi molt esmaier quant tenu l'ai si longuement; bien me doit li cuers lermoier…. Por cest siecle qui se depart m'en covient partir d'autre part: qui que l'envie, je le les. Ci faut la Mort Rustebuef. Une chanson de N ost re Dame ms. Chanson m'estuet chanter de la meillor qui onques fu ne qui james sera; li siens douz chanz garit tote dolor, bien ert gariz cui ele garira…. Virge fu norrie, Virge Dieu porta, Virge l'aleta, Virge fu sa vie. Explicit la chanson Nostre Dame. I dist de N ost re Dame ms.

Un dist de Nostre Dame. De la tres glorieuse dame, qui est saluz de cors et d'ame, dirai, que tere ne m'en puis; mes l'en porroit avant un puis….

Imperialism: Crash Course World History #35

Explicit de Nostre Dame. Les autres diz des ordres ms. Dou siecle vuel chanteir que je voi enchanteir. Teiz venz porra venteir qu'il n'ira pas ensi…. Papelart est beguin ont le siecle honi. De Paris sunt I pou ensus, s'aprocheront de plus en plus: c'est la raisons por qu'il s'esmurent. La priere Rutebuef ms. Mon bon ami Diex le mainteingne! Mes resons me montre et enseingne qu'a Dieu face une tel priere, s'il est moiens, que Diex l'i tiengne…. Le pet au vilain ms. Explicit le pet au vilain.

Du pharisian ms. Seignor qui Dieu devez amer en cui amor n'a point d'amer, qui Jonas garda en la mer par grant amour…. Or vos ai je tel gent descrites. Les plaies du monde Rimer me covient de cest monde, qui de toz biens se vuide et monde; por ce que de toz biens se vuide Diex soloit tistre et or desvuide….

Expliciunt les plaies du monde. C'est de la povretei Rutebuef. Je ne sai par ou je coumance, tant ai de matyere abondance por parleir de ma povretei. Por Dieu vos pri, frans rois de France….

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Ci encoumence li diz de Puille. Cil Damediex qui fist air, feu et terre et mer, et qui por nostre mort senti le mors amer, il doint saint paradis qui tant fet a amer a toz cels qui orront mon dit sanz diffamer! Ci encoumence la chansons de Puille. Ne sai que plus briefment vous die: trop sons en pereilleuse vie. Expliciunt les Regles. Ci encoumence li diz de Renart le bestournei. Renars est mors: Renars est vis! Renars est ors, Renars est vilz: et Renars reigne! Renars at moult reinei el reigne…. Hom senege guerre et bataille: il ne m'en chaut mais que bien n'aille. Ci encoumence li diz des ribaux de Greive.

De sainte Eglise. Rimer m'estuet, qu'or ai matire a bien rimer, por ce m'atire, si rimerai de sainte Eglise, n'en puis plus fere que le dire…. Se Diex les a por ce esliz, por pou perdi saint Pols la teste. Explicit de sainte Eglise. Ce soit en la beneoite hore que Beneoiz, qui Dieu aore, me fet fere beneoite oevre, por Beneoit un pou m'aoevre…. Ci faut li diz, si com moi samble. Explicit du secrestain et de la fame au chevalier. C'est li testament de l'asne. Qui vuet au siecle a honor vivre et la vie de cels ensuivre qui beent a avoir chevance, molt trueve au siecle de nuisance…. Li asnes remest crestiens, qu'il paia bien et bel son les.

Atant la rime vos en les. Ci encoumence li diz de l'Universitei de Paris. Rimeir me couvient d'un contens ou hon a mainz divers contens despendu et despendera: ja siecles n'en amendera…. Si per son aveir et son tens, et c'en fait a ces amis honte— mais ils ne seivent qu'oneurs monte. La vie sainte Marie l'Egiptienne Ne puet venir trop tart a oevre bons ovriers qui sanz lasser oevre, quar bons ovriers, sachiez, regarde quant il vient tart, se il se tarde….

Explicit la vie Marie l'Egypciene. Isabelle de France, comtesse de Champagne et reine de Navarre — La vie sainte Elysabel ou: Ci encoumence la vie sainte Elysabel, fille au roi de Hongrie Cil Sires dist que l'en aore "Ne doit mengier qui ne labore"; mes qui bien porroit laborer et en laborant aorer….

Diex en soit loez! Dite Amen! Explicit la vie sainte Elysabel. La vie dou monde ms. E, inc. F, inc. Desoz une aubespine un petit m'acointai, escript en parchemin un livret i trovai— [Texte] Sainte Eglise se plaint, ce n'est mie merveille— Explicit:. Explicit la vie dou monde.