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Hidden Histories

The service staff were very friendly and polite.

The restaurant appeared to be very busy and there was a great atmosphere. The guy behind the bar is always very welcoming and full of beans and very passionate about the place which makes the whole experience better. Amazing food. Each course came out with perfect time inbetween.

PubLove at The Green Man Hostel, London, England

I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a good quality meal, with fantastic service, in a lovely pub. We will definately be returning. Published: 4 May Published: 29 Jan Published: 20 Aug Festivals such as Wireless, Green Man and Slam Dunk have been criticised for heavily male lineups this year. Published: 11 May Published: 11 Aug Are music festivals doing enough to tackle sexual assault?

Type O Negative - Green Man

Reports of rape and other attacks are on the rise but, from grassroots groups to industry efforts, measures are being undertaken to keep attendees safe. Published: 25 Jul Festivals The best UK rock, pop and dance festivals for Published: 6 May Green Man review — from fusion to folk in the misty mountains 5 out of 5 stars.

Published: 22 Aug On an opposite wall, his stone companion wears a mask of leaves, greenery twining from his mouth.

The surprising roots of the Green Man

These are Green Men, symbols so ancient their origins are lost. Although the Green Man predates Christianity, he's often found in western European and British cathedrals that date from the eleventh century and later. Usually carved from stone, occasionally of wood, representations of the Green Man look down from ornamental carving at the joints of vaulting, watch from the lintels of Romanesque and Gothic arches, and peek from ornamental capitals high atop stone columns.

The Book of Kells, an illuminated manuscript written in eighth-century Ireland, shows a few Celtic-looking, leaf-decorated faces among its capital letters, and, centuries later, the title pages of many of Martin Luther's works printed in Wittenberg, Germany, are decorated with the Green Man's likeness.

The earliest known representation of a leaf-surrounded head dates from A. In ancient Europe and in England, individual trees, as well as whole groves, were sacred. Their worship was common, and no wonder, since trees provided shelter, fuel, and food. Many legends about them persist, and a few bridge the gap between the old ways and Christianity, as in the story of St.

Martin of Tours.

The Green Man Archetype

In his efforts to convert the tree worshippers, he decreed that a hallowed tree be cut down. The people agreed, but only if St. Martin would stand under it as it fell.

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He positioned himself in its path, and as the tree began to fall, he made the sign of the cross.