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All members shall use a convention card and only General Licence conventions shall be allowed. There shall be no smoking within the club premises either in the playing area or in the kitchen at any time.

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If on any Club evening there are more people present than the committee considers can reasonably be accommodated, priority will be given to members, provided that they have arrived by 10 minutes before the time specified for the start of play. Subscription rates and table money for the forthcoming year shall be fixed at the A.

The committee shall have the power to vary the amounts of table money and to fix additional charges for special events.

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The accounts of the Club shall be audited prior to the A. All Committee members shall retire at the A. Nominations of members to serve as Officers or Committee Members must be made in writing, at least 14 days prior to the A. If there is more than one nomination for any office, the voting shall be by secret ballot. The meeting shall then proceed to the election of other members of the Committee. If the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacancies, voting shall be by secret ballot. The Committee may at its discretion co-opt members on to the Committee either a to fill a vacancy or b without limit in numbers to undertake a specific function.

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If any Officer ceases to hold office, the Committee shall have the power to fill the vacancy until the next A. Such appointment shall be made at the A. The President shall receive notice of and be entitled to attend all meetings of the Committee but shall not have a vote. The dates for Committee meetings shall be set at the preceding meeting but can be altered if a majority of the Committee agree.

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  7. At meetings of the Committee, all decisions shall be by a simple majority. The quorum shall be one half of the Committee and include at least one Officer. In the event of equality of voting the chairman shall have a second vote.

    The Committee shall arrange and encourage participation by the members of the Club in:- Weekly club duplicate bridge sessions. But all the aspects that make the PNT more difficult than other trails also make it more adventurous. A thru hike on the PNT is not just a very long walk through the mountains, it is an exploration into the unknown. This is the first documentary about the Pacific Northwest Trail and I am very excited to share this incredible experience with more people.

    I expect its popularity will soar in the next few years so hike it while you can before it gets too crowded! View More.

    Five Aces Duplicate Bridge Club, Maidenhead,Berkshire,England

    Shoe Souls We are trapped by conformity and a need for money. It has become such a normal part of our society that we are blind to the consequences of it. All it takes is one soul to start the transformation for a better world.

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