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1509 - 1564

Basnage was a famous Huguenot pastor in exile. Bastingius, Jeremias. Verclaringe op den Catechisme der Christlicker Religie. This was the first major work on the Heidelberg Catechism in Holland. Bates, William. The Whole Works. Bavinck, Herman. De Algemeene Genade. Blijven of Heengaan? De Ethiek Van Ulrich Zwingli. Godsdienst en Godgeleerdheid. Hedendaagsche Moraal. Pedagogische Beginselen. The Philosophy of Revelation. Roeping en Wedergeboorte. De Welsprekenheid. De Zekerheid des Geloofs. Baxter, Richard. Aphorismes of Justification.

The Practical Works. The Reasons of the Christian Religion. Benoit, Elie. Edited by Raphael Eglinus. Heppe, Heinrich. Theodor Beza. Binning, Hugh. Contains sermons on the catechism, Romans 8, 1 John, and several other texts. Blondel, David.


Bochart, Samuel. Bochart was a famous French Reformed theologian in the 1st half of the 17th century. He is probably most famous for his work on the animals of the Bible. This is a book of three sermons that he preached preliminary to a sermon series on Genesis. His famous book on the animals of Scripture. Smith, Edward Herbert. Whittingham, William. Bolton, Robert. On the Employment of Time. Boston, Thomas.

Human Nature in Its Fourfold State. The classic summary of theology from the great Scottish preacher. Boyd, James R. The Westminster Shorter Catechism. This is basically a catechetical commentary on the subject. Bradstreet, Anne. Redelijke Godsdienst. It includes his commentary on Revelation. This has been recently translated into English by Reformation Heritage Books. Los, Franz Johannes. Braun, Johannes. Id est , vestitus sacerdotum hebraeorum sive commentarius XVI aliaque loca S. Scripturae quamplurina: liber secundus. Bridge, William. Brooks, Thomas. Complete Works. Buchanan, James.

The Doctrine of Justification. Bullinger, Heinrich. Confessio et Expositio Simplex Orthodoxae Fidei. The Decades. The sermons of the great Zurich reformer, setting forth the basic doctrines of the Protestant faith. The first two are in the first volume, the third in the second, and so on. Deux Sermons de la Fin du Siecle. Bunyan, John. Burgess, Anthony. The True Doctrine of Justification. Burman, Franz. Synopsis Theologiae.

Burman was the greatest student of Johannes Coccejus and a firm supporter of his system. He also appreciated and interacted with the philosophy of Descartes. He wrote this work organized around the doctrine of the covenant. Burroughs, Jeremiah. An Exposition of the Prophesie of Hosea. Lectures on the Beatitudes. A Sermon Preached before the House of Commons. Buxtorf, Johannes. Buxtorf-Falkeisen, Karl. Johannes Buxtorf, Vater. Cameron, John. This work includes a discussion of Mt. Caryl, Joseph. A Directory for the Afflicted.

This work contains abstracts from his famous work on Job.

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Cartwright, Thomas. Metaphrasis et Homiliae in Librum Salomoni qui inscribitur Ecclesiastes. Case, Thomas. A Treatise on Afflictions. Cassaubon, Isaac. Chalmers, Thomas. On Natural Theology. Posthumous Works. Sermons and Discourses. Select Works. This is a link to the Internet Archive search page. A one volume edition. The 1st volume is available in several editions with different works in each. Chamier, Daniel. A short English biography of this leader of the French Reformed Churches in the first part of the 16th century.

Read, Charles. Charnock, Stephen. The Complete Works. Discourses Upon the Existence and Attributes of God. Chouet, Jean-Robert. Vie de Jean Robert Chouet. Clarkson, David. Claude, Jean. A Defence of the Reformation. According to Bayle, one of the best works on the subject. See also the original French. An Essay on the Composition of the Sermon. This is basically Vol. He discusses in great detail all the matters involved in composing a sermon. Several editions of this work are available on Google books.

La Parabole Des Noces. Les Fruits de la Repentance. Les Oeuvres Posthumes. Mostly French, some Latin. Jean Claude was one of the most famous French Reformed theologians of the latter half of the 17th century. It met with great success, convincing many of the Reformed position and helping confirm the faith of the Reformed Church. Sermon sur Eph. Cloppenburg, Johannes. Cloppenburg exercitationes super locos communes theologicos.

By een gebracht, ende grontelick wederleyt in de Nederlantsche Tale. Coles, Elisha. Comrie, Alexander. Brief over die regtvaardigmakinge des zondaars. On justification.

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Coquerel, Athanase. Eight sermons in French. Cotton, John. The Keyes of the Kingdom of Heaven. Crocius, Johannes. Crocius was a German Reformed theologian. He wrote this as a refutation of the popular anti-Protestant manual written by the Jesuit Martin Becanus. Cunningham, William. The Reformers and the Theology of the Reformation.

Dissertatio Philologico-Theologica de Melchizedeco. Korte Schets der Godlyke Waarheden. Dabney, R. A Critical Commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews. The Christian Sabbath. Sacred Rhetoric. The Sensualistic Philosophy of the 19th Century Considered. Here he shows the worship of religious objects was unknown in the early Church.

This includes other essays as well. De Imaginibus Libri Quatuor. An Exposition of Philippians. Excellent sermons, well worth the read by this learned Huguenot theologian. See also the original French version, Part 1 and Part 2. Sermon de la Foy de Saint Pierre sur Lc. Sermon sur 1 Cor. Vingt Sermons. Daneau, Lambert.

Aphorismi Politici et Militares. Daneau was a lawyer turned pastor and theologian. He studied under Calvin. He wrote books on subjects ranging from warfare to witchcraft to theology to friendship. This is his book on politics. De tribus graviss. Domini Coena Demonstratio Antithesis s. Andreae, De persona Christi. The first is on witchcraft.

Explication de l'epitre de Saint Paul aux Ephésiens

The second is on playing cards. The Latin edition of the book on witchcraft is also available. Ethices Christianae, Libri Tres. Examen libri de duabus in Christo naturis a M. Kemnitio conscripti. In Petri Lombardi Episcopi Parisiensis qui Magister Sententiarum appellatur librum primum Sententiarum, qui est de vero Deo, essentia quidem uno: personis autem trino: Lamberti Danaei Commentarius triplex. Liber de Haeresibus. Orationis Dominicae Explicatio. The Wonderful Workmanship of God. Lambert Daneau. Davenant, John.

This essay is appended to his commentary on Colossians but is not included in the Banner of Truth edition.

It defends an Amyraldian view of the extent of the atonement. Exposition of Colossians. A Treatise on Justification. John Davenant, bishop of Salisbury, famous for his commentary on Colossians, also wrote a massive defense of the Reformed doctrine of justification. De Dieu, Louis. Animadversiones in Acta Apostalorum.

De Imputatione Primi Peccati Adami. De la Placette, Jean. Read the English translation here. De Larroque, Matthieu. De Moor, Bernhardinus. Commentarius Perpetuus in Johannis Marckii Compendium. De Superville, Daniel. De Superville was a French Reformed preacher in the latter half of the 17th century. Derodon, David. Derodon was a Reformed philosophy professor in France in the 17th century who also wrote on polemical topics.

The Reunion of all Christians. Dick, John. Lectures on Theology. Dickinson, Jonathon. Diodati, John. Vie de Jean Diodati. Drelincourt, Charles. Drelincourt was a French Reformed pastor and wrote mostly on practical theology. Compendio di Controversie. Drelincourt wrote a popular compendium of controversies in order to help the French Reformed people to deal with their Roman Catholic adversaries.

This is a translation of at least a part of it. This is a historical work defending Calvin against a book by Cardinal Richelieu.

Sermon sur Rom. Tu es Pierre ou Sermon sur Mt. Drusius, Johannes. Animadversionum Libri Duo. Interpretations of various passages of Scripture. Du Bosc, Pierre. Du Bosc was an eminent French preacher who was eventually exiled by the revocation of the Edict of Nantes. This work contains a biographical sketch and a few sermons on the 1st chapter of Ephesians.

La Vie de Pierre Du Bosc. Du Moulin, Pierre. Anatomy of the Mass. Bouclier de la Foi. Though written in the 17th century, it was republished in the 19th century in Paris. This is the edition available here. Le Capucin. Du Juge des Controverses. A treatise in which Du Moulin defends the authority and perfection of Scripture. The 1st volume deals with logic. The 2nd deals with moral philosophy. De La Vocation Des Pasteurs. Essai sur la vie de Du Moulin.

A short biography of Pierre Du Moulin in French. Du Plessis Mornay, Philippe. Avertissement aux Juifs sur la Venue du Messie. A book by the famous Huguenot on coming of the Messiah addressed to the Jews. De Sacra Eucharistia. Mysterium Iniquitatis, seu Historia Papatus. Memoires de Phillippe Du Plessis Mornay. Mornay was one of the political leaders of the Huguenots. He also founded the Academy of Saumur. Du Plessis Mornay, Philippe, and others. Duffield, John, ed. The Princeton Pulpit Miller, Hodge, Alexander, etc. Durham, James. Eadie, John. Edwards, John. A Preservative Against Socinianism.

Edwards, Jonathan. The Works of President Edwards. Endemann, Samuel. Compendium Theologiae Moralis. Erskine, Ebenezer. Erskine, Ralph. The Sermons and Other Practical Works , 10 vols. Fairbairn, Patrick. Ezekiel and the Book of His Prophecies. Hermeneutical Manual. The Pastoral Epistles.

Pastoral Theology. The Revelation of Law in Scripture. The Typology of Scripture. Fairbairn, Patrick, et al. Divine Revelation Explained and Vindicated. Farel, Guillaume. Flavel, John. Gaches, Raymond. Various Sermons. A French Reformed preacher. There are eight sermons available. Gaussen, Louis. Gaussen was a Reformed minister in Geneva in the 19th century. Among other works, he wrote this highly regarded defense of the plenary inspiration of Scripture.

Gaussen, Stephen. Disserationes Theologicae. Gaussen was a professor at Saumur. He wrote these dissertations on the study of theology in the 17th century, and this work is a reprint from the 18th century with a preface by J. Gearing, William. Gib, Adam. Sacred Contemplations. Gill, John. The Cause of God and Truth. Gillespie, George. A Treatise of Miscellany Questions. Gilpin, Richard. Girardeau, John. Calvinism and Evangelical Arminianism. Instrumental Music in the Public Worship of the Church. Blackburn, George. The Life Work of John Girardeau.

Gomarus, Franciscus. Anticosterus, sue Enchiridion Controversarium. Goode, William. The Divine Rule of Faith. Goodwin, Thomas. An overview of the civil and ecclesiastical laws of the Old Testament. Gouge, Thomas. Riches Increased by Giving to the Poor. Gray, Andrew. Oxford Tractarianism. Primarily sermons. Gurnall, William. The Christian in Complete Armour.

Synopsis Theologiae Reformatae. A brief system in the Cocceian mold by a professor from the Dutch University of Franeker. Guthrie, William. Hale, Matthew. Serious Reflections on Time and Eternity. Hall, Joseph. Works , 9 vols. Halyburton, Thomas. The Great Concern of Salvation. Harris, Robert. Heidanus, Abraham. De Origine Erroris Libri Octo. Cramer, Jan Anthony. Abraham Heidanus en Zijn Cartesianisme. Heidanus was a leading Cocceian theologian at Leiden in the middle of the 17th century.

Heidegger, Johannes Heinrich. Corpus Theologiae Christianae. Dissertationum Selectarum. Heidegger was one of the most prominent Reformed theologians of the second half of the 17th century. He taught in Zurich and was a primary author of the Formula Consensus Helvetica. Heppe used his dogmatics works more than any other in assembling his Reformed Dogmatics. This is a lengthy book that contains discussions of most of the soteriological topics including the covenant of works, covenant of grace, justification, and the legal covenant.

Enchiridion Biblicum. Exercitationum Biblicarum. Heidegger was also a scholar in Biblical studies and authored a prolegomena to the whole Bible. This works contains several Biblical dissertations. The first is a commentary on the book of Joshua. The second section is a commentary on St. Matthew up to chapter Ortiz de Urbina, Patrologia siriaca, Rome, , p.

Sur le jardin, Hippolyte de Rome, In Daniel. Bardy, , p. Benz, , p. Semera- ro, dans Lateranum, 54, , p. Jaubert, , p. Guarducci, Epigrafia greca, IV, Rome, , p. Combes, , p. Reuter, Augustinische Studien, Gotha, , p. Congar, Dogme christologique et ecclesiologie. Grillmeier et H. Brisson, , p. Congar, Concile, p. Archambault, , p.

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  • Cerfaux, Regale sacerdotium, dans Rev. Gallay, ; Augustin y revient souvent : Ep. Petschenig, , p. Thils et par Y. Congar, Jalons, p. Camelot, , p. Irenaeus, dand Adv. Rahner, Lexikon, p. Botte, , p. Ignace, Ep. Chavasse, , p. LG III. En , la collection Unam sanctam 52 , publiait, sous la direction du P. Dei, X, 32,3 Bibl aug. Bae- hrens, , p.

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    Gerlo, , p. Aubineau, ; Jean Chrysostome, De virginitate S. Musurillo et B. Grillet, Voir R. At the end of the introduction, the author includes a detailed bibliography for further reading. Hoehner then delves into the text of Ephesians verse by verse, offering the Greek text, English translation, and detailed commentary. He interacts extensively with the latest scholarship and provides a fair and thorough discussion of every disputed point in the book. Pastors, students, and scholars looking for a comprehensive treatment on Ephesians will be interested in this commentary.

    Hoehner's interaction with the latest scholarship combined with his detailed exegesis will make this new commentary the only resource they will need to consult.