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Prohibited Contractual Provisions - CC Rescission - CC , Refund of Downpayment - CC Venue - CC Code et seq. Definitions - FC et seq. Exemptions - FC et seq. Licensing - FC et seq. Regulations - FC et seq. Consumer Loans - FC et seq. Revocation and Penalties - FC et seq. Contract Cancellation - CC Contract Requirements - CC Remedies - CC Limits on Fees - CC Accord and Satisfaction - Com. Defenses to Payment - Com. Presumption of Payment - Evid. Stop Payment - CC b , Com.

Unauthorized Signature - Com. Wrongful Dishonor - Com. Credit Card Disclosures - CC Contracts - CC Cosigners - CC Credit Reporting Agencies - CC Denial - CC Marital Status - CC Obligation to Dispose of Properly - CC Home Solicitation Sales - CC Cooling Off Period - CC Rescission - CC Duress defined - CC Elements - CC Fraud - CC Liquidated Damages - CC Menace defined - CC Mistake - CC Language Translations - CC , Statute of Frauds written contract required - CC , Com.

Unconscionable - CC Undue Influence - CC Unlawful - CC et seq. Address Change - CC Billing Error - CC Cancellation - CC Cardholder's Claims and Defenses - CC Discrimination Prohibitions - CC Issuance to Married Women - CC Late Charges - FC Personal Identification - CC Unauthorized Use - CC Prohibited Conduct - CC Interest as Damages - CC et seq. Measure of Damages - CC et seq. Punitive Damages - CC et seq. Death or Disability of Buyer - CC Relocation of Buyer - CC Remedies - CC et seq.

Price Gouging - PC Unruh Civil Rights Act. Right to Cancel - CC Lien - CC Sale - CC Employment Counseling - CC Job Listing — Nurses Registry — Fees - FC et seq. Financial Record Privacy - GC et seq. Properly Payable Items - Com. Consignment - CC et seq. Sale of - CC et seq. Unfair Competition - 15 USC Unassembled - CC a 11 , a Sales Presentation.

Death or Disability - CC Arbitrator's Disclosures - CCP XX, 1. Rate Tariff 4, 49 CFR Paying by Check - CC c. Paying by Credit Card - CC Amendment to Record - CC Exemptions from Disclosure - CC Inspection - CC Limits on Disclosure - CC Granting - CCP et seq. Penalties for Violating - CCP et seq. Contract Claims - CC Not Stated in Contract - CC b. Grey Market Goods - CC Habitability - CC et seq. Innkeeper's Liability see Innkeeper's Liability. Landlord's Right of Entry - CC Notice to Terminate Tenancy - CC Periodic Tenancies - CC , Repair and Deduct - CC Residential Hotels - CC Retaliatory Eviction - CC Security Deposit - CC Amount - CC Bad Faith Retention - CC Commercial - CC Purposes and Uses - CC Return - CC Service of Summons - CCP Unlawful Detainer - CCP Untenantable Dwelling - CC , Meters - CC Non-Interruption - CC Service Deposits - PUC Telephone Jacks - CC Credit Unions - FC et seq.

Finance Lenders - FC et seq. Industrial Loan Companies - FC et seq. Pawnbrokers - FC et seq. General - CC et seq. Mechanics - CC , et seq. Affiliation or Association - CC a 3. Benefits of Goods or Services - CC a 5. Certification - CC a 2. In General - CC Ingredients of Goods or Services - CC a 5. Obligation - CC a Quality of Goods or Services - CC a 7. Quantities of Goods or Services - CC a 5. Duty of Care - CC Duty to Repair - CC Leases - 15 USC et seq.

Lost - CC et seq. Tenant's - CC , et seq. Commercial - CC et seq. Unclaimed - CC et seq. Assistive Devices - CC Discrimination - CC 54 et seq. Wheelchairs - CC Gouging Post Disaster - PC Automobile Black Boxes - VC Bank Account Numbers - FC Business Records - CC Consumer Records - CC Domestic Violence Victims - CC Driver's License Information - VC et seq. Driver's License Scanning - CC Financial Records - GC et seq. The first UK shop opened in after Moss Brothers purchased the franchise.

Boundary Mill Shops. Founded by Richard Bannister in Colne, Lancashire as a women's clothing shop, [31] an extension to the family weaving mills business that supplied Marks and Spencer. Founded by Theo Paphitis, the name is inspired by a French waitress who served Paphitis when holidaying with his family in France. The retailer opened its first shop in Spring Norwich based shoe retailer based in London Road for over years. Bowleys Fine Shoes. Small footwear chain operated by larger chain Johnsons Shoes. Formed by Sarah Tremellen and Hannah Griffiths as a mail order business in In they opened their first shop in Ealing.

Founded by Frederick Ellis Brigham started out by making walking boots and cycling shoes, opening his first shop in Harpurhey. The business continues to be owned by the Brigham family. Founded as H. From to the business was owned by Marks and Spencers. John Brown Menswear. Independent menswear shop based in Plymouth.

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Luxury fashion brand started by Thomas Burberry in Basingstoke, Hampshire in The business opened its first London shop in , and changed its name to Burberrys due to the colloquial use of the Burberrys of London name. The business stayed in family hands until Great Universal Shops bought the business in In the business changed its name back to Burberry, and in the business was floated on the London Stock market, with Great Universal Shops selling their final share in Founded by husband and wife team of Joshua Byrne and Emmeline Burge.

Founded in as a tailoring brand, the business opened its first shop in Italian lingerie retailer that opened its first UK shop in In Moss Brothers relinquished the Canali franchise and re-branded the shops under other brands they operated. Chadds of Norwich [45]. Founded over 50 years ago, the shop is located in Bedford Street, Norwich. Founded by Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, also known as Coco.

Opened boutiques during the s. Charlies Stores. Formerly an Army surplus shop with branches in Newtown and Welshpool, the business changed to an outdoor retailer in Founded by Con Donovan in Hadleigh, Essex as a catalogue discount shop, the business moved over in the s to selling discounted lines from Next. Founded in Romford in Owned by JAB Holding since First shop opened in Motcomb Street in Also operate concessions within department stores. Founded by Thomas Church and his three sons. Owned by Prada in the late s, the business was expanded internationally.

Supplied shoes used during Pierce Bronsan's tenure as James Bond. Ciren Jeans. Independent jeanswear shop based in Cirencester. It started retailing its own products in using initially the Peter Lord name. Charles Clinkard. Founded by Charles and Eveline Clink in Middlesbrough. The business has expanded to 33 shops and is still run by the Clinkard family.

Went into administration in but was purchased by JD Sports Fashion plc in early Cloudo Kids. Designer clothing shop for children opened by Fei Yuan in Birmingham. The business opened its first UK shop in Sloane Square in the s, as well as a shop in a shop inside Harrods. However this was not successful due to the weakness of the pound and the business pulled out of the UK. In the first standalone shop was opened in New Bond Street, London. Founded in , the chain was purchased by Oasis. In Mosiac went into administration. Bought out by another management team under Aurora Fashions. Founded by William David Coe in , the business flagship shop is in Ipswich, with the remaining shops located in East Anglia.

Cole's Menswear. Founded by William Edgar Cole in Owned Tissimans, year-old tailors in Bishop Stortford which claimed to be the oldest men's clothing establishment before its closure. Colton Footwear. Founded by Charles Potter in Berkhamsted in Collection of Style was first shown at a Royal Academy catwalk show in , with the first shop opening in Regent Street, London in March of the same year.

Founded in a garage next to the Cotswold Water Park selling basic camping equipment. In Next purchased 33 percent share of the business, but this was bought back by the founders in Founded in West Yorkshire, the business was purchased by the Regatta group in The business operates four outlet shops. Founded in Edinburgh as a menswear designer boutique, which has expanded to include ladies' clothing. Founded as S. Simpson by Simeon Simpson was a manufacturer of bespoke tailoring based in London. In Alexander opened the first Simpsons shop—Simpsons of Piccadilly—to sell the company's clothing.

In the business was sold to Sankyo Seiko Co. Danish Wardrobe Company. Ladies' clothing company based in Leamington Spa that specializes in Danish and Scandinavian design. Dapper Fox. Founded as a menswear shop in Bury St Edmunds in Dapper Men. Menswear boutique based in Huntriss Row in Scarborough. D'Artagnan Menswear. Independent men's boutique opened during the s in Chichester, on the corner of St.

Johns Street. Founded in Hanover Street in , it moved to its current location in Savile Row in Aubyn Davies. Independent menswear shop opened in Bury St Edmund in Founded as J. Men's bespoke tailors based in St. The business opened its first UK shop in Designer brand launched in by Diesel, with its first shop opening in Conduit Street, London in Founded as a fashion house in Paris, the business has five standalone shops and several concessions spread across London.

Donalds Menswear. Founded by Donald Rooke in a former Hepworth's shop that he had started working in during Founded in as H. Newman, the shop changed its name to Dorothy Perkins in Purchased from the Farmer family in by Burtons. Founded as a shoe design by Dr. Griggs Group Ltd who anglicised the name, changed the heel and added trademark yellow stitching. In the business opened its first shop in Covent Garden. In the business was purchased by Permira. Founded by Michael Drake as a scarf manufacturer.

They went on to make ties, pocket squares and shirts. They opened their flagship shop in Clifford Street in Founded by Dean and Dan Caten with funding from employers Diesel. The UK shop opened in March Founded by Mitchell Jacobs in Suffolk as a cufflink brand. Opened first boutique in Notting Hill, London in In Mitchell Jacobs sold the business. Founded by Edward Ducker in Oxford, where they are still based.

Appeared in the film Atonement and has many well-known customers. Started as a concession in Oxford Street in , [74] The business operates 50 stand alone shops in the UK as well as concessions. In it purchased the brands of Shoe Studio from the administrator of Baugur. Founded by Ben Dunne in Cork, Ireland as a drapery. Became a full line department store opening its first UK store in the s. Founded on the Fulham Road, London as a small independent boutique.

This left 37 shops and various concessions across the UK. Danish footwear manufacturer and retailer started in Bredebro by Karl Toosbuy. The company was founded in by William and Martha Shudall. The present name dates from and is a result of the inheriting of the business by Joseph Ede and then merging with wig-maker Ravenscroft. They have three shops in London, and also in Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh. Edge of the World. Incorporated in , [80] the business has shops in Cumbria and Derbyshire.

Edinburgh Woollen Mill. Created by the Langholm Dyeing and Finishing Company. First shop opened Randolph Place, Edinburgh. El Ganso. Founded by Alvaro and Clemente Cebrian [81] in Eleven Paris. French designer clothing brand that opened its first UK shop in London in Known to provide suits for the Prince of Wales. Italian designer brand started by Gimmo Etra. The business opened its first stand alone UK shop in August Welsh bespoke tailor and designer who started out on his own in , opening his first shop in London in Started as a high end fashion label within French Connection.

In sold by French Connection to Opengate Connection, but in the business went into administration. Thomas Farthing. Fashion Wheel. Small chain located in Norfolk. Founded by Tim Slade and Jules Leaver as a business selling T-shirts at ski resorts, the business opened its first retail shop in In the business was acquired by Bridgepoint Capital. Founded in Rome by Edoardo and Adele Fendi as a fur and leather shop. Since the business has been part of LVMH. Founded in Newcastle by John James Fenwick.

Founded in , the outdoor clothing and camping specialists had expanded to 11 shops when Sports Direct purchased 60 percent of the business in George Fisher. Keswick based retailer located in the famous Abrahams Photography shop and equipping early expeditions to Everest. Purchased by Tiso in Set up by Neil Prosser in Knutsford, Cheshire in as a menswear shop. In they expanded into womenswear. Founded by Anne Fontaine, with her first boutique opening in Paris in Famous for white shirts.

American chain opened in as Fashion First UK shop opened Founded in the s, the men's tailors operates from Petersfield in Hampshire. French Connection. Founded by Stephen Marks as a ladies' mid-market brand, the business expanded into menswear in Gallyons Country Lifestyle Clothing. Independent country clothing shops based in Norwich [98].

Founded as a shirt manufacturer in America, the retail business was started by the former Swedish franchise owner Pyramid Sportswear. First UK shop opened in [99]. Handmade men's footwear manufacturer who opened their first UK shop in Savile Row in Founded in Italy by Mario Polegato. The second largest shoe manufacturer in the world after Clarks.

Started out as a fashion label, it was purchased by Kevin Stanford and investment company Arev and went on to have 32 shops across the UK. It now operates three shops and several concessions in department stores. Founded as two separate companies — Gieves and Hawkes Based at No. Go Outdoors. Founded as Camping and Caravanning Centre in Sheffield, the business was purchased by a management buyout in , and in the business opened its first Go Outdoors shop, eventually re-branding the business.

Founded by Jane Lewis as a designer knitwear brand, the business opened its first shop at Conduit Street, London. Gray Palmer. Great Outdoors. Independent outdoor clothing and camping equipment shop based in Chester. Great Outdoors Supershop. Founded as an outwear shop over 30 years ago in Shiremoor. Greaves Sports.

Rebranded name for the Clysdale Rubber Company, the business purchased their Glasgow rival, Lumleys in before rebranding that as Greaves in the s. Founded by William Greenwood as a hatters shop. At its peak in the s the business had over shops, but after entering administration in it now has 80 shops. The business opened its first retail shop in Liverpool Street, London in Grosvenor Shirts. Shop is located in Jermyn Street, London. Founded in Florence, Italy by Guccio Gucci. The business operates eight stand-alone shops in the UK and several concessions in department stores.

Guess re-entered the UK market in with a shop in Covent Garden. Originally traded as Hennes in UK. Operates 13 shops in UK plus concessions, which is a total of 77 shops across 16 countries. Hansfords of Chichester. Founded by Benjamin Harvey as a linen shop within a house on the corner of Sloane Street and Knightsbridge. In Dickson Concepts purchased the business from the Burton Group, and expanded the business to 14 shops across the world. Harvie and Hudson. The company was founded by two outfitters, Ralph Hawes and Freddie Curtis, who opened the first shop in Piccadily Arcade at the corner with Jermyn Street, in London in Outdoor wear shop opened in Hawkshead Village.

Bought by Burtons in Sold to Rubicon retail in , who sold the business off in to Retail Variations. Went into Administration in , before being purchased by Vertical Acquisitions. Operates stand alone shops and concessions within department stores. Anthony J Hewitt. High and Mighty. The business opened its first shop on Edgware Road, London in During the s the business changed its name to High and Mighty.

In the business was purchased out of administration by J D Williams. American designer brand that opened its flagship shop in Brompton Road, London in August Stephen Hitchcock. Founded as a shoe brand, the business has expanded to sell a full range of clothing. Independent sports retailer based in Cambridge owned by Jarrolds department store. Hobson Shoes. Department store chain founded in Torquay. Expanded to take in three former department stores across the UK. Hopscotch Shoes. Small chain of shoe shops for children. Hotspur Based in Alnwick, the shop was unsuccessfully asked to stop using the name by Tottenham Hotspur.

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Started as a concept by Stewart Houlgrave in his parents business Beaconsfield Footwear. The started selling by mail order catalogue direct to customers in , opening their first retail shop in Southport in the year Department store chain founded in Glasgow by Hugh Fraser. In it was listed on the London Stock Exchange. In the business was purchased by the Al-Fayed family, but returned as a public company in In it was purchased by the Highland consortium, before being purchased by Sanpower.

Founded as a print based brand of homewares, the founders Javvy Royle and Frieda Gormley moved into clothing. The British made goods brand opened its flagship shop in Shoreditch High Street in Founded as a small shop on Liverpool's London Road, in the business was offered the former Owen Owen shop for part ownership of the business. In the business was floated, before being purchaed by JJB Sports in The business expanded to 57 shops however in the business was sold to Endless LLP , a turnaround specialist but they put the business into administration in June Six of the shops and the trading name were purchased from the administrators by Lewis's Home Retail.

However, in a new shop was opened in Regent Street, London. Huntsman, Savile Row Tailor. Founded by Henry Huntsman, from previous business H. Huntsman, a breeches maker. One of the founders of the Savile Row Bespoke Association. Founded in Australia, the designer brand opened its first UK shop in John Ives Footwear. Founded as a currier business in Cratfield, Suffolk by the Ives family, by Walter Henry Ives had started making boots with his brother Charles selling them direct. In the family closed the factory to concentrate on retail of footwear, with brothers John, Herbert and Jack running shops in Leiston, Halesworth, Diss, Bury St.

Edmunds and Littleport. John Ives died in with his children Fay and David running the shop which now has two locations in Woodbridge, Suffolk. Founded as Popular Merchandise, Inc, during the s the business expanded into the catalogue market with Popular Club Plan. In the business became J. Crew and opened its first retail shop. Its first UK shop opened in Regents Street in Online brand of N Brown Group, which opened its first physical shops in Dual branded shops with Simply Be. Jacks The company's flagship shop opened on Regent Street in the s. Marc Jason Shoeworld. Discount footwear shop founded by importer Florentine Shoes that is based in the South East.

Started in Bury by John and David Makin. Became a plc in In Pentland Group bought out the Makins. Johnsons Shoes. Small footwear chain based in the south east. Independent boutique that opened in based in St. Stephens Street, Norwich. Owns the Ginger boutique in Norwich. First large scale retail shop opened in Sloane Street in , designed by Norman Foster. It has been owned by Onward Kashiyama since Small chain of childrenswear shops in Hampshire and Dorset. Named after the owner's children Josh, Tom and Hannah.

In the business rebranded as Joules, and in launched its own clothing collection. In the brand opened its first shop, in Market Harborough and has since opened 92 branches and several concessions across the UK. Ladies' fashion shop, which was in the news in for an offensive response to a message on Twitter. Founded in California, initially as Travis Jeans. Kevins Menswear. Founded in February [] in Westbury, Wiltshire and specializes in small, tall and the big sizes. Owned by Fung Group since Started by the Elisha brothers in Paris, the first UK shop opened in Michael Kors.

American designer brand started by Michael Kors in Founded by former French tennis player Rene Lacoste. Founded by the German fashion designer of the same name. Lagerfeld has also been the head designer of Chanel and Fendi. His boutique on Regent Street, London, opened in November Founded as a dressmaker in France by Jeanne Lanvin. The menswear shop opened in London in In the s the business expanded into department stores offering outdoor clothing and footwear.

In the s the business started to expand by opening its second shop at Lime Street, London.

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John Lewis. In was incorporated into John Lewis Partnership. Largest department store in volume of revenue. Founded by the Lillywhite family in Haymarket, London. Moved to their current location at 25 Regent Street, London in Opened shops in numerous city locations. The business struggled in the competitive UK sports market and in was sold to Sports Direct. Shops were changed to Sports Direct or closed between and , leaving the Regent Street shop as the sole location. Created by Phillip Lim, an American designer in The London shop opened in Linzi Shoes.

Ladies' shoe shop based in around the M25 in Essex. The company, founded in London, began trading as a wholesale fashion brand in , going on to open concessions in department stores. In the management team purchased the business, before selling it on in to Next plc, the same year as their first shop opened in Brent Cross Shopping Centre.

Endless Chain 2012 AD

The Little Shoe Company. Claim to be Nottinghamshire's only dedicated children's shoe shop. Operates its own shops and concessions in House of Fraser. Long Tall Sally Clothing. The business is a clothing and shoe brand for tall women 5'8" and over. Started in the 19th century by the Loro Piana family as wool fabric merchants.

Founded in Paris, the business operates 3 stand alone shops in London and concessions within Selfridges and Harvey Nicholls. Founded in Vancouver, Canada in by Chip Wilson. Founded as a knitwear firm in the Scottish town of Hawick, the business opened its first retail shop in London in Founded by McGeoch family as pawnbrokers in Paisley, Renfrewshire. Converted to clothing in In adopted Mackay's name.

Mainline Menswear. Mark Marengo. Now one of the UK's largest clothing retailers. Founded as a men's clothing manufacturer in , the business was purchased by Inditex Group in , who expanded the range to women's clothing in John Hargreaves. Founded in London, it is now an international retailer with retail shops and an online site. Founded by Achille Maramotti in Italy. Operates four stand alone shops and concessions in department stores. Launched in as a lower price range to Alexander McQueen, the business opened its first shop in Spitalfields in Alexander McQueen.


Founded as a fashion house by Alexander McQueen, the business was bought by Gucci in and opened retail shops across the globe. Founded in [] by Lorenzo Fluxa, a member of the family that created Camper shoes. The first UK shop was opened in London in Melissa Shoes. Founded by Joseph Alexander in Cookstown as a drapery. In s bought Menary Brothers and changed the group name to this. Now operates as a department store. In the UK the business has 17 shops mainly in Northern Ireland.

Founded by Karen Millen and Kevin Stanford. First shop opened in Bought by Mosaic Fashions, owners of Oasis in Mosaic went into administration in Bought out by the management team under Aurora Fashions. Karen Millen was split off as an independent company in Founded as the young fashion section of Selfridges department store by Charles Clore.

Later opened in Lewis department stores and as separate shops. Founded by Moses Moss in Covent Garden. Has owned several brands including the UK retail arm of Hugo Boss. Harris nursery furniture chain. Became a public company in Started life as retail arm of Karrimor. Name changed to Mountain Warehouse after sale of Karrimor in Business changed hands in ; ; and finally in to its former founder Mark Neale.

Mush Clothing. Ladies' boutique specializing in Italian design, based in Suffolk. Founded in Fort William by Ian A. Pop Capital []. Founded by Elisabeth New and Samuel Lingwood in Eton, [] who became the official outfitters to the college.

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In they opened a shop in Jermayn Street which was destroyed during the Blitz. They now operate from the Piccadilly Arcade, London. Started in Taunton by Tony Singh. Purchased by Brait SA in May Nomad Travel. Founded by Paul Goodyer as a market stall in Reading. In it was purchased by Bagur before going into administration in Edinburgh Woollen Mills bought the brand and 33 of its shops, but in the business again was put into administration and bought out in a pre-packaged deal by Edinburgh Woollen Mills.

All shops were closed and the business now operates concessions in department sores and online. The firm is located at 16 Savile Row. Floated in , in business was purchased by a management buyout. A second buyout occurred in This buyout called Mosiac Fashions went into administration in Founded in by the Oldrid family, the business operates two Oldrid department stores and several Downtown shops.

The Original Factory Shop. Discounter starting life by selling soap overmade by one of founder Peter Blacks factories. Swimwear designer brand started in March Founded in America by Charles F. Orvis, the family-owned retail and mail-order business specialises in high-end fly fishing, hunting and sporting goods. Opened by Sears plc in Reading, the shop sold the brands of Sears plc in out of town locations. Founded by George Pakeman in Old Swindon in Now operates in Cirencester, with a department within McEwans of Perth. Founded by Gianfranco Barizza and Aronne Miola and named after an ancient building in the historic centre of Vicenza.

Family owned business started in York by Catherine Paver, initially as shoe parties. First shop opened in Scarborough. Started as Peacocks Penny Bazaar in Warrington. Went public in , before a management buyout in Went into administration in before being purchased by Edinburgh Woollen Mill.

In the business was purchased by Adam Holdsworth and Nick Falkingham in The business opened 50 shops in 50 days. Pilch Sports. Founded in the early s by Pietro Negra and Cristina Rubini, the business operates one stand alone shop and concessions within Harvey Nicholls and Harrods. Moved to Cork Street in before returning to Savile Row in Founded by Mario Prada in Milan, Italy.

The business operates three stand alone shops and concessions in several department stores. Associated British Foods. Opened by Arthur Ryan in Dublin as Penneys. Opened first UK shop in Belfast in Founded as New Wear S. Founded in Norwich under the name Quality Discounts.

Multi-range discounter. Some shops have in shop Brantano concessions. Formed with the merger of the Braintree and Chelmsford Co-operative societies. Started as manufacturer of reclaimed canvas sailcloth jackets in Salcombe, Devon. Now operates a manufacturer and retailer of sea-inspired clothing and homewares.

Opened in with three shops in Scotland. Went into administration in but bought back in a pre-packaged deal. Racing Green. Started in London in Purchased by Burtons in Sold as part of Rubicon deal in , who sold the business to Speciality Retail Group in the same year.

Beckman, the business operates a stand-alone shop in London selling their own brand of shoes. In Reebok opened its new retail concept Reebok Fithub. Founded by the Reiss family in , the business operates 56 shops and several concessions across the UK. Fashion clothing brand that opened its first shops in Replay Jeans. In 87 percent of the business was purchased by Belgium manufacturer Van de Velde. Founded by the Italian Max Mara company as a plus size designer brand, the business operates one stand alone UK shop and concessions within several department stores.

In it merged with its menswear operation Concept Man to form River Island, with all shops being re-branded by Founded by Paul Howcroft and his wife Sarah, the business was purchased by Clarks in In [] it was sold to a management buyout, before changing hands again in Founded as a market stall in Camden Market, London. Founded in Ebbw Vale in , the business opened its 50th shop in , and th in Founded in , the southern based business specializes in country clothing and sponsors Pony Club Polo. Founded by James Buckley Thorp as an upmarket brand aimed at University students.

In they opened their flagship shop at 5 Burton Street, Bath. Founded in by the marriage of George Bromley to his employers daughter Elizabeth Russell, with the first shop carrying the name in Eastbourne. Opened its first Bond Street shop in Publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange. Sainsburys started selling clothes in its jointly run Savacentres with BHS. In it launched its TU clothing range. Saunders Menswear.

Menswear shop located in Gants Hill , Ilford but previously had a chain of shops in Essex. Men's tailors founded next door to the Savoy Hotel, which was purchased by Cecil Gee, before becoming part of Moss Brothers in In many of the Guild shops were converted to the new Code brand created by Moss Brothers, however by the Code name was dropped, and Savor Taylor Guild became the business' upmarket brand. Founded as a cloth merchant, the textile manufacturer produces and retails suits, jackets and shirts. Founded in Edinburgh by Sandy Alexander, it remained as an independent business until it was purchased by a plc.

In a management buyout occurred before being purchased by Genesco, a US footwear retailer in Dorothee Schumacher. The business now operates 45 shops worldwide. Dutch designer brand that opened its first UK shop in London in Founded in Cirencester in , the business claims to be the oldest independent retail business in the town. Scotts Menswear. Founded out of the Cornish company General Clothing Shops in , as a seaside-inspired designer brand. In Maurice Sedwell retired selling the business to his employee Andrew Ramroop.

The business moved to 19 Savile Row in Select Fashions. Started out as a value ladies' clothing retailer in the early s. Moved to a fashion brand retailer in Nutter left business in , but Edward Sexton continues to run the business changing the name in Founded by Arthur Benjamin Sugarman in Brighton, the business opened its first shop in the city in The business was purchased by Oxford Industries in from 3i and Enterprise Equities and discontinued the ladies' and children's wear ranges in Originally called Bensonshoe, the business was first renamed to Discount Shoe Zone in before becoming Shoe Zone in Shooze with Soles.

Founded by Donna Reid in Ayr, the business has expanded to three shops across Scotland. John Simons. A new shop opened in at 46 Chiltern Street in Marylebone. Dual branded shops with Jacamo. John Smedley. Founded as Lea Mills in by John Smedley and Peter Nightingale, it was in when John Smedley's son John took over the running of the business and started making clothing not just cloth.

Operates a shop in Brook Street, London and concessions in several department stores. Paul Smith. He opened his first shop in Covent Garden in The business now operates 17 shops in England.

LuLaRoe Is An ‘Endless Chain Scheme,’ Says Attorney Behind Billion-Dollar Class Action Suit

Ladies clothing store in Felixstowe []. Founded as a specialist sock retailer by Sophie Mirman and Richard P. However the business entered administration in , and although was purchased by a consortium it struggled and after another period of administration it became part of the Facia group.

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  8. This group failed in , and between then and had a further three owners. The business had closed all of its shops but has since opened a shop in the Arndale Centre in Manchester and has concessions in various Mill outlets and department stores. Founded as Top Footwear for Men in St. Spencer Hart. Founded by Nick Hart, the retail business formally operated from Savile Row and Brook Street, London before the retail company went into liquidation in Spirit Designerwear.

    Essex and Hertfordshire based boutique []. In —96 the business changed its name to Sports Soccer. In the business purchased rival Lillywhites, and in the business was again re-branded as Sports World, with a further change occurring in to Sports Direct. In it purchased the JJB brand name and 20 of it shops. Thomas Mahon left the business in and in Edward was joined by his son Matthew. The Sting. Shop Tweny One. Created by Grabal Alok, the Indian-owned textile manufacturer that had bought the remnants of QS Shops and Bewise chains that had gone into administration. Founded as a family owned business in Barcelona, the business became part of the Inditex group in The first shop in the UK opened in Westgate, Stratford in Suit Direct.

    Menswear retailer created by Baird group, after parent company Afara bought 12 of the former Suits You shops from the administrator. Sunspel was founded in as a manufacturer of clothing by Thomas Hill, and claims to be the first fashion retailer to produce the T-shirt style clothing top. During the s the business expanded into a number of UK university towns and cities, before opening their first Superdry shop in Covent Garden in Founded by Tamara and Simon Hill-Norton with one boutique in London's Notting Hill selling ladies' activewear, by the business had expanded to five shops.

    Taunton Leisure. Independent outdoor clothing and equipment shop founded in Young ladies' fashion shop located in Northern Ireland and owned by Menarys department store chain. Nick Tentis. Nick Tentis had been selling vintage suits, until he opened his first shop in selling his own clothing. He opened his shop on Savile Row in Founded as a luxury clothing menswear retailer in the North West of England, [] Fifty percent of the business was purchased by JD Sports in who added five of their Cecil Gee branches to the chain.

    The Tetbury Tailor. Founded by Keith Leaver in the Tetbury, Gloucestershire. Italian lingerie brand which opened its first UK shop in Independent menswear shop located in Cirencester. Founded in after a merger of older business. Operates in Middle Temple Lane, London. The business opened its first UK shop in in London. Founded by Graham Tiso, a mountain climber, in Edinburgh with his wife Maude. Started by Jessica and Jamie Seaton in Wales in as a mail order pyjama company. Founded in as the young ladies' fashion department in the Peter Robinson department store.

    Split off from Peter Robinson as a separate business by owners Burton Group in Department store founded in Braintree that now operates in Essex and Cambridgeshire. Founded by Stephen Kavanagh in Weymouth. The retail business was started in the s. James in West London. In they moved to their Jermyn Street location. Founded in Gloucester and Cirencester. Founded as a mail order business by Nicholas Charles Tyrwhitt Wheeler, the business opened its first shop in Jermyn Street, London in The company opened its first shop in the UK in Designer brand started by Luciano Benneton in Treviso, which opened shops around the world.

    Currently only shops in Northern Ireland are operated by Benneton. Opened as a sports retailer in Edinburgh. Bought by Sir Tom Hunter in Purchased fully by Sports Direct in Defunct retailer Republic merged into USC in Went into Administration in When Antonia Robertson left the business the brnad became Anna Valentine. Van Mildert. Founded as a men's and women's fashion boutique in Durham in a Grade 1 listed building on Elvet Bridge.

    Founded in Denmark in , [] the business owned by Bestseller opened its first UK standalone shop in Westfield Stratford in