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Spiritual Dreams of a Heavenly War

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Readers also enjoyed. About Eddie Georgonicas. Eddie Georgonicas. Demons screech and Dark Angels fall from the sky when they fly into the brightness. An all-out devilish borne, retaliatory plan evolves where the heavens will succumb to the invading demonic terrors. The hostility between Angel and Demon will rage on for far longer than ever before, ultimately ending when the demonic army is forced back into the diminishing darkness of fire and brimstone.

Lucifer then plans his vengeance by interjecting the natural order of the heavenly processing and reclaiming of souls, turning it directly to hell. After their divine mission, the two friends are returned to Earth to live out their lives as it was meant to be. They hold no memory of their journey through Hell. Tony survives his attack however Johnny is given a first class ticket straight to Hell.

When Johnny returns to a battle worn Heaven, Archangel Michael immediately engages him to seek his revenge on Lucifer. It is an immeasurable undertaking and Johnny will need his friends help, he cannot do it alone. It is only when Tony finally comes to terms with his own crisis of faith, that he will be able to possess the spiritual insight to assist the spectral visitant, Johnny, in his battle to defeat Lucifer. I have set up my website so that links are provided for all of my books purchase links off AMAZON, off my publisher or directly off me saves you searching!!!

Please check it out. Will always be appreciative of any feedback. Other books in the series. Anarchy of Angels 2 books. Books by Eddie Georgonicas. Trivia About Spiritual Dreams Welcome back. I honestly enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to reading the first book soon as well as what transpires next in this series.

It's that good! Feb 10, Sapphyria rated it really liked it. I enjoyed Book 2 just as much as Book 1. Now that Megan has chucked Satan back to Hell where he belongs, she can concentrate on healing her wounded heart after the death of Matt, salvaging her friendship with Erin, and spending time with her now-grounded Heavenly Angel, Guy. Even the best laid plans have bumps in the road. Megan still has the The Book of Calls--the tool used to defeat Satan. There are very typi I enjoyed Book 2 just as much as Book 1.

There are very typical teenager moments in this book it is YA after all. After Matt's death, the Poplarati invite her to The Explosion, a "ditch day" tradition. She is then accused by the Principal of the school and threatened with expulsion from the school unless she gives up the names of everyone else that was there. She refuses, not wanting to be the snitch. Guy shows up to a basketball game with a beautiful angel at his side and Megan fears the worst--he is breaking up with her for this beauty.

Of course, there are tears, accusations, and miscommunication. Discord between her and Suze her mom , which is a typical teenager problem I was a teenager once, a typical one at that. Megan's former friend, Erin, transfers to another school and refuses to talk to Megan at all; angry because she blames Megan for Matt's death. She also befriends some ruffians from her new school. This particular plot line isn't explored in Book 2 but I hope it is in Book 3. Guy, now that his wings are clipped and he's grounded to earth, spends as much time with Megan as possible.

Since Suze isn't fond of him, it's mainly at school. Megan never reveals that she is in possession of The Book Of Calls to Guy but he eventually finds out The demon obsessed with finding The Book Of Calls has tricks up his sleeve, requiring Megan to save the boy she loves. We got to know Megan and Guy a bit better in this installment and it really helped me connect better with them. Book provided by book tour promoter in exchange for an honest review. May 22, Kate rated it liked it. Her formerly angelic boyfriend Guy Matson is heavenly and is everything she could want in a boyfriend but his former life as an angel is starting to take its toll on Megan.

When it comes down to it she will sacrifice all she has in order to help those she cares for. And the evolution of her romantic relationship with Guy is fun to read. I would have loved to have seen more Guy in this story — but completely understand why he was on the down low. The romance was sweet and I liked where the author is taking this couple. This is a quick and fun read where the angels are sinfully delightful and the heroine is trying to save the world whilst still muddling though high school. The third book in the trilogy, Heaven Sent, is available now.

Apr 22, June Luu rated it it was amazing. I have to say that I really enjoyed reading the first book, and I had to get my claws on the second. And I have to say, there wasn't a moment that I regretted. Megan thought everything was over, since her mum's "boyfriend" is actually Satan and her boyfriend is a fallen angel. Megan wasn't the type of bad-ass girl I was accustomed to, but she wasn't the showing off type either, so she was really likeable from the start. I love the relationship she had with her mum, sometimes I feel jealous towards their relationship.

I mean, who wouldn't want to talk to your mum like you're best friend? I would!! I would totally want to talk to my mum about boys!! I have to say, Guy wasn't the most hottest fallen angel ever Megan's boyfriend , but again, he was really likeable. I can tell that he wasn't one of the main characters in the book, but that was ok.

I still enjoyed it. In the first book, Guy put up a bad-boy act to kind of win Megan over, but in this book, he has his own voice, he shows the true him, so I really enjoyed that. Even though, I'm a total romance lover hehe , I like how the romance didn't totally consume the whole plot of the book, so that was a real change.

A lot of humour went through in this book and I find myself laughing a lot. I read this while I was on a school trip and I have to say, I laughed out loud a lot that everyone looked at me like I was some crazy person. So this book definitely had humour. I totally enjoyed this book and the first one, and I can't wait to get my hands on the third. You will NOT regret it!!

A few months ago, I read the first book in this series, Boyfriend from Hell and I loved it, so when I found out Earth Angel was coming out I had to sign up. Sometimes sequels though good are not as good as the first book. But this one was even better than the first if it was possible.

We pick up where we left off in the first one, Megan coming to terms with all the events that happened in the first book, battling Satan, falling in love with her Angel, Guy and making a new best friend. Besides nig A few months ago, I read the first book in this series, Boyfriend from Hell and I loved it, so when I found out Earth Angel was coming out I had to sign up.

Besides nightmares that have been plaguing her, life is good. Until all Hell breaks loose, literally over a certain item she now has and has kept hidden since her battle with Satan. What I loved about the first book and continues in this book is that I could honestly relate to Megan, even though I haven't seen my teen years in what 20 plus years, I still felt I could relate to everything Megan was dealing with.

It brought back memories of some of my not so great times as well as the good times. I have to thank the author for making it so believable for me I could feel this way.

The Eternal Flame (Merlin Saga, #11) by T.A. Barron

So not only does she have to deal with normal teen issues she has to battle evil again to save the angel that she loves. This book is a fantastic fast read and I urge you if you haven't read the first book then you should. If you have and liked it as much as I did, then you have to read the sequel its even better than the first. The only thing I didn't like is I have to wait a whole year to find out what happens next, Heaven Sent is scheduled to be released in December May 20, Jasmyn rated it liked it Shelves: ebook , young-adult , paranormal.

In book two of the Fallen Angels series Megan is trying to get her life back to some version of normal. After death of one friend and losing the other to jealousy, she finds that Maudrina and Guy are the only people she really has left to talk to, especially when it come to her supernatural adventures from book one. While Megan may believe that her adventures are over, things ramp up again pretty quickly when they discover a low-level demon has been tracking her.

We get to meet a lot of supernat In book two of the Fallen Angels series Megan is trying to get her life back to some version of normal. We get to meet a lot of supernatural types in this one, more angels, a nephelim, and a few demons. And they all want something that she ended up with in the end of book one.

But Megan isn't ready to just hand it over, until Guy gets kidnapped and taken to hell. That kind of changes her perspecitve on things a little. I love the way the author portrayed the other angels and demons. They were each unique with very different motivations for helping or huring Megan.

A lot of times things seemed to just sort of work out magically for the best. Information would just pop up at the right time or people would suddenly be more willing to help - this made parts of the storyline a little unbelievable.

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  2. Sons of the Soil.
  3. The Reverse Is True: A Reflective Journey.
  4. Earth Angel;
  5. San Marcellino: educazione al lavoro e territori (Sociologia urbana e rurale-Sez. 1) (Italian Edition)!

I still very much enjoyed it and while I won't be chomping at the bit for book three - I definitely want to know what happens next - the ending was a killer cliffhanger. May 21, Brandee un Conventional Bookworms rated it it was amazing. Oh my! Earth Angel is even better! It picks up where Boyfriend From Hell ended and doesn't slow down! Megan, having dealt with the aftermath of defeating Satan, is trying to put her life back to normal. However, Erin is not speaking to her. And although Guy has declared his love, he reveals a secret that could destroy their budding relationship. And, as if that wasn't enough, Megan must also deal with the fact that she's being stalked Earth Angel is a richer experience.

We get to kno Oh my! We get to know the characters in depth and it is very rewarding. Lowe's paints the characters as much more complex in this installment. And that, coupled with the action of the story, made for a more satisfying read. Megan learns more about herself and about true friendship and loyalty.

I also love that she attacks problems so logically - like a true mathematician. And they must also deal with plain old high school drama. Again, I liked the combination of realistic high school issues intertwined with the paranormal. Fallen angels, Nephilim, demons, plus the poplarati all combine for a great read. Earth Angel was a deeper story and I think even more enjoyable. I'm anxious to read the conclusion to this series! Dec 28, Tammy rated it it was amazing. Now that Megan has defeated Armando and sent him back to hell, she can start picking up the pieces of her life.

Dealing with the death of Matt and the loss of Erin's friendship is taking its toll on Megan. Her mom is also hurting over the sudden disappearance of Armando. All the popular kids are being nice to her now and trying to include her in their events. Erin is at a new school and wants nothing at all to do with her. Megan finds friendship in Maudrina, a dog-loving outcast with a heart of Now that Megan has defeated Armando and sent him back to hell, she can start picking up the pieces of her life.

Surrounded by Angels

Megan finds friendship in Maudrina, a dog-loving outcast with a heart of gold. Don't forget about Guy. He has given up everything to be on earth with her. Things are starting to settle back now, maybe? We have some new characters to show up in this book such as Harrison. I have not made up my mind about him. He has a good heart and is loyal but he can turn on you in an instant if it benefits him. Rocky is the gorgeous angel who was supposed to marry Guy until he fell in love with Megan. There is more to Rocky and she ends up being fiercely loyal and a huge help to Megan. Megan must once again fight the forces of evil.

This time she has Maudrina on her side. With the help of her loved ones she must one again face the dark side. I think I liked this book just a little bit better than the first one. The characters were familiar and developed. I love this storyline and can't wait to read book 3! I have to say that this book blew me out the water. We get so much more action and development of the characters and even new characters come into the picture and I just could not put this book down.

Lord I started reading it at work and then when it was time to leave I switched over to my Kindle and kept reading it. That is how much I loved this story. Megan has defeated Satan and everything should be good right? Well no actually it is about to get a lot worse because Megan has something heaven and hell want and no matter what she does or what she says she is about to have the battle of a lifetime. At least one thing is good well maybe two because she gets a new bestie and she gets Guy.

Lord I can't say enough about Guy because we get to see what is really going on with him and what I saw I love more and more. I love him as a bad boy but he really is the perfect match for Megan. There is so much action and changes in this second book that I don't want to spoil it but Megan will gain new friends she will lose old friends and most importantly she start to see that she has something that is very valuable to both good and evil. What side will she chose? Will it be good or will it be evil?

You will have to read it to see and by the way I need book three like yesterday! It was awesome and had shocking twists I did not see coming! The ending Oh my gods! I want more! I need more! I sooo cannot wait for book 3! Earth Angel had awesome descriptions, tons of actions, and lots of emotion. Megan's character has really grown and developed, while Guy Love it! I was really glad to see more of him and Megan in this book.

We all know that Megan sent Satan back to where he belongs, right? But, the bad news: she is still in possession of a book all sorts of supernatural beings i. So Megan finds herself being stalked, thanks to the stupid book. The question is: who is it? Megan also really wants to repair her friendship with Erin, but that doesn't seem to be going so great. And Guy has this friend Yeah, Megan kicked the devils butt, but her problems are far from over.

Mar 13, Nilsa rated it really liked it Shelves: review-coming-soon. Earth Angel is the second book in the Falling Angels Saga. I normally don't like to read a series out of order, but in this case I did, and I feel that E. Van Lowe did a wonderful job in making it easy to follow. At the begining of the book, Megan seems like your typical teenage girl.. As the book progress, her character begins to take a whole new turn, from a model Earth Angel is the second book in the Falling Angels Saga.

As the book progress, her character begins to take a whole new turn, from a model student to someone who is about to become expelled from school From the ideal, trustworthy daughter to someone her mother can't trust. And just as Megan thinks the Evil she once defeated has given up, Hell turns up again. This time with demons, that'll stop at nothing to get what they want.

Even if it costs the lives of everyone Megan holds dear. Van Lowe's Falling Angels Saga! Lowe has done an incredible job of writing the characters in this book. Megan, the main character, starts out as this incredibly self absorbed teenage girl that continues to grow into an amazing kick-ass, selfless heroine. Megan's mom, Suze, both impresses me and infuriates me all in the same book.

Read PDF Eternal Flame (The Angelic Saga Book 1)

Guy is perfect and then, well That's what I love about these characters, they are wonderfully and perfectly flawed. Boyfriend from Hell and Earth Angel are both quick, fun reads packed with romance, action and humor. This is definitely a book you will want to start early because you won't want to put it down once you start. I do have one giant complaint Mr. Lowe, I can't believe you left us hanging the way you did at the end of Earth Angel!!!!

If you haven't read the Falling Angels Saga you are seriously missing out. I can't recommend these books enough. Jul 29, Crystal's Quirky Reviews rated it it was amazing.

Packed to the brim wirh action,drama and magic that will have you sitting and gripping the edge of your seat! I know you're probably sitting there thinking but it's just a YA. No matter what your age, you're going to love it as much as I do. I'll give ya just a tiny bit of it this time.

Guy can not keep Meghan out of trouble and danger. Only this time she's gotten in way over her head and has some of the most evil,trickiest and powerful demo Packed to the brim wirh action,drama and magic that will have you sitting and gripping the edge of your seat! Only this time she's gotten in way over her head and has some of the most evil,trickiest and powerful demons ever known after her and Guy and that's not even the apex of the story.

I don't have the words really. This is my favorite YA series and author rhat I've found. And I can not wait to read the orher two already sitting in my kindle! I got this book free with no strings attached, I'm lea ving this review because I want you you all to know him and his work. I had the pleasure of reading this book prior to posting a review and promotion for an upcoming Cyber Monday Giveaway. I must say I was impressed with the story and characters. For all the YA, paranormal, fantasy fans - this book is a great read. It kept my interest from start to finish, made me wonder what would happen next; and actually kept me in suspense for most of the book.

I personally struggled with a few of the story's details and situations; but I don't want to put any spoilers in this I had the pleasure of reading this book prior to posting a review and promotion for an upcoming Cyber Monday Giveaway. I personally struggled with a few of the story's details and situations; but I don't want to put any spoilers in this review, so you'll just have to read them for yourself! Mar 25, Annabelle Blume rated it it was amazing. Earth Angel is a fast paced and fantastic YA novel that will leave your hearth thumping in your chest.

As always, Van Lowe brings his readers a vibrant cast of character who are endlessly charming and entertaining. From Aunt Jaz to Maudrina to the newly introduced Harrison, and of course, the teenage-embodiment-of-perfection, Guy. Meg is just fabulous as a heroine, always pushing through her fears and subtly flawed. In all honesty, Aunt Jaz is my favorite, as I believe she is keeping bigger secr Earth Angel is a fast paced and fantastic YA novel that will leave your hearth thumping in your chest.

In all honesty, Aunt Jaz is my favorite, as I believe she is keeping bigger secrets than she lets on. Hold on to your hearts, because the end is full of love and sacrifice. This one is not to be missed. Great book, the ending leaves you definately hanging in for the next book. When their duties are not punitive, angels are beneficent to man. When their duties are punitive, they are known as avenging angels and are mentioned inverses such as II Sam.

These avenging angels are used by God to punish men for their sins. An angel is a divine being created by God , able to manifest physically on earth by occupying a vessel. During God's long absence, angels became the caretakers and rulers of Heaven. The Nephilim Jack Kline has shown the ability to forge new angels from the souls of humans. God has been absent from Heaven for a long period, and in his absence angels manage and power Heaven, as well as the watch over the souls within it, according to Ash.

Much of angelic hierarchy appears to operate like a military organization, broken down into smaller units and factions called garrisons. While in Heaven, all angels can communicate with one another via an Enochian language. For millennia, angels were not allowed to manifest on Earth or take a vessel, though angels had been known to do so on special circumstances, but chose watch over humanity from afar. The archangel Michael appeared to have been the leader in Heaven prior to his imprisonment in Lucifer's Cage.

Raphael , another archangel, was also a powerful force taking the reigns of power in hopes of freeing Lucifer and Michael and restarting the Apocalypse. The other archangels were not involved in the Host; Gabriel left Heaven soon after Lucifer was cast out. Archangels are the eldest angels, having been God's first creations made from pure primordial creation.

They are "fierce", "absolute", and are "Heaven's most terrifying weapon", according to Castiel.

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  • Unquestioning obedience is expected of lower members of the Host, and those who question orders may be tortured to force compliance. Disobedience can be punished by death. Anna explained the situation to Dean:. Anna: Dean, do you know how many angels have actually seen God?

    Seen his face? Dean: All of you? Anna: Four angels. And I'm not one of them. Dean: That's it? Well, then how do you even know that there is a God? Anna: We have to take it on faith Which we're killed if we don't have. Anna and Castiel are both subject to torture during seasons four and five. Angels who rebel and leave Heaven become fallen angels. In the only archangel that remained alive and active was Raphael, as Lucifer supposedly killed Gabriel, and both Lucifer and Michael were restricted to Lucifer's Cage.

    Heaven would fallen into major disarray as a civil war, with Castiel and a number of other angels tryied to prevent Raphael from becoming the paramount leader of Heaven and restarting the Apocalypse. Castiel managed to defeat Raphael by taking in souls from Purgatory. He slaughters Raphael and his followers, but Castiel cannot contain the power for long, and must return the souls. In his absence, the leadership of Heaven was unknown, though angels still appeared to have a hierarchy. Among the hierarchy is Naomi who holds an unknown rank, but works in intelligence and is clearly very high-ranking.

    Metatron reveals that she is a major player in fighting over for the right to rule Heaven. After Metatron expelled all angels from Heaven to Earth using a spell, he declared himself to be the sole ruler of Heaven. Both Bartholomew and Malachi wanted to unite all of the angels and retake Heaven under their leadership and Rebecca and her faction wanted to coexist with humans.

    Bartholomew killed Rebecca and wiped out her faction while Castiel killed Bartholomew in self-defense. Currently another faction is forming under Castiel's leadership that wants there to be no more unnecessary bloodshed between angels. Castiel's faction comes into conflict with one led by Metatron and Gadreel who kill anyone who refuses to join them including Malachi. Metatron eventually manages to unite all the angels under his command and attains God-like power with the help of the angel tablet , but with the help of Gadreel, Sam, Dean and Castiel destroy Metatron's power and overthrow him.

    Metatron is locked in Heaven's dungeon and all the angels look to Castiel for leadership. However, Castiel declines the leadership and a quorum of angels is formed to run Heaven by committee, of which included Hannah in a high ranking position. After Hannah's death, Heaven's leadership is indicated to have fallen apart.

    However, her reign is short-lived as Dumah is killed by Castiel for threatening John and Mary Winchester. It is later revealed that the existence of angels is what maintains Heaven, and due to the significant loss of angels through the Fall and various wars and battles only nine angels, led by Naomi remain in existence to watch over the souls in the Heaven, and that once they are all gone, Heaven will fall releasing billions of souls on to the earth. After imprisoning Naomi , Dumah takes over Heaven to reshape it to be a more merciless place and manipulates Jack to her own ends.

    She also co-opts Jack into turning devout humans into angels. After Dumah threatens to end Mary and John's peace to force Castiel's cooperation, Castiel kills Dumah with his angel blade. Colloquially known as "cupids", they are cherubs of the "third class" according to Castiel, and represent a lower order of angels. Cherubs can manipulate the nature of human attraction, allowing them to make even the most opposite of humans fall in love.

    A cherub is first seen in 5. Another Cherub appears in Seraphim are a higher class of angel than regular angels like Joshua and Inias. The two known seraphim are Akobel and Castiel. Their powers are greater than a regular angels, being shown to smite black-eyed demons with ease. Rit Zien are a special class of angel, their name translated from Enochian means "hands of mercy. In the case of those who were mortally wounded and beyond saving, the Rit Zien would put them down, their way of smiting was, according to Castiel "so quick and so total that it rendered death virtually painless.

    The Grigori were, according to Castiel , an elite squad of some of the first angels who were stationed on Earth to watch over humanity, but went rogue and were wiped out. However, some survived and continued feeding off humans, trapping them in a dream state where they were in their ideal Heaven while the Grigori in question fed on their souls.

    The survival of the Grigori became known in when Claire Novak 's efforts to find her mother led to Tamiel 's exposure and death. Fallen angels are angels that have been expelled from Heaven on the Host of Heaven 's command. When regular angels are cut off, they loose certain abilities including, healing , resurrection , and smiting. The union between an angel and a human can produce offspring known as Nephilim. The Nephilim have the soul of a human infused with angelic grace , and like angels have many of the same abilities and characteristics such as wings and are able to perceive angels in their vessels.

    They are however, seen as abominations by angels and are seen as one of the most dangerous creatures in creation, due to the fact that they grow more powerful than the celestial parent that sired them and have the ability to destroy worlds. As the conception of a nephilim is forbidden by the oldest laws of heaven, the penalty for breaking their most sacred oath is death to the child and the parents.

    A supernatural being found in Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism and Islam. Angel comes from the Latin word angelus, which came from the Greek word, angelos, meaning "messenger". According to these religions Angels typically act as messengers from God. Though superhuman, angels can assume human form and according to the Hebrew Bible, often appeared to people in the shape of humans of extraordinary beauty. They are also described as pure and bright and are said to be formed of fire, and encompassed by light. Angels are thought to possess wings, and are depicted that way in Christian, Jewish and Zoroastrian art where they are also commonly depicted with halos.

    The archangels were created by God in order to help battle his sister the Darkness. After her defeat, God would begin creating in earnest, first making the Leviathans , whom were locked away for being too dangerous. Sometime after, God created the angels and their various classes. With the arrival humanity, God placed a high value on them. Lucifer refused to accept the position in the divine order apportioned to humanity, and defied God's word.

    After Michael cast him from Heaven, Lucifer twisted human souls to create the first demons, the first of which was Lilith. For his crimes, Lucifer was imprisoned in a cage locked with the 66 seals. This conflict had lasting repercussions, including Gabriel's descent to Earth and becoming the trickster god Loki. At some point, God also departed Heaven, leaving the angels in charge. In , the demon Azazel managed to locate Lucifer's prison and to communicate with him.

    Azazel then proceeded with an intricate plan to release Lucifer that required decades of work from himself, and the demons Meg , Ruby , and even Lilith. Of special importance was the effort to ensure Sam Winchester 's availability as Lucifer's vessel. The plan culminated in the breaking of the 66 seals. It appears that when the highest ranking angels discovered the plan, they decided to allow it to proceed. According to Zachariah, they intend for Lucifer to be freed so that Michael can finally battle and defeat him, bringing about paradise.

    However, to maintain order, the angelic hierarchy commands the rank and file angels to descend to Earth, and even take vessels to prevent the breaking of the 66 seals. Angels aware of the master plan included Zachariah and Michael. Even some of the angels who were kept ignorant of Heaven's plan decided not to oppose the breaking of the seals, but for a different reason.

    Uriel and his fellows wanted to see Lucifer rise so that they could follow him. Most angels worked to maintain the seals, including Castiel. He was sent to rescue Dean from Hell , but did not reach him before he broke the first of the seals. It is likely that Heaven wanted Dean returned to Earth, not to prevent the first seal from breaking, but so that he would be available to be Michael's vessel.

    Eventually all of the seals are broken and Lucifer is released. However, the ultimate goal of Michael's followers is not achieved, because the final confrontation between Lucifer and himself is prevented by the combined efforts of Sam, Dean, Castiel, Bobby Singer , Gabriel, and the demon Crowley , among others. In the end, both Lucifer and Michael became imprisoned in Lucifer's Cage. Following the loss of Michael, Castiel speculates that Heaven will be in chaos, and intends to return to help if he can.

    When Raphael threatens to restart the Apocalypse, Castiel, at Crowley's urging, starts a civil war to stop him. Castiel manages to destroy Raphael, the leader of the traditionalist angels, by taking in souls from Purgatory. After which he then declares himself the new God. His first act as "God", Castiel kills Raphael's followers and a variety of humans of whom he disapproves of. However, Castiel finds that he cannot control the souls indefinitely because they are destroying his vessel. He also finds that he is host to Leviathans , who seem to be making his behavior even more violent.

    With the Winchesters' help he gives up the souls, but the Leviathans take him over, and escape into the world. Castiel becomes an amnesiac, and later mentally unbalanced. In his absence, the primary leadership of Heaven is unknown, but Hester was revealed as a ranking member. The angels would continue to perform at least some of their duties, such as the protection of prophets. Some angels resented Castiel, while others seemed willing to move forward. Castiel later discovers that his entire garrison was wiped out and says that if there are any survivors, they are now in hiding. Castiel later went on to help Dean kill Dick Roman and defeat the Leviathans.

    The angel Samandriel attends Plutus ' auction to try to get the demon tablet and stop it from falling into demon hands, especially Crowley's as he wants to throw open the Gates of Hell. Crowley kidnaps Samandriel to get the names of all future prophets , which the other angels don't even seem to notice. However, Castiel helps rescue the prophets, and ends up breaking the demon tablet in half, stopping Crowley from getting away with all of it. Naomi later orders Castiel to help the Winchesters in whatever they need and report to her periodically on their activities.

    After Samandriel manages to get a distress call off, Naomi sends Castiel to rescue him. Though he succeeds with the Winchesters' help, Samandriel has revealed the existence of an angel tablet and Naomi has Castiel kill him as a traitor, worried about what it might mean. According to Naomi the existence of this tablet is something any angel would die to protect as with it, Crowley could cause a lot of trouble for the angels, pointing out that the demon tablet shows how to seal them all up in Hell and could conceivably do the same to the angels in Heaven.

    Castiel manages to break free of Naomi's control and flees with the tablet, though Naomi says he is doing what he is meant to do: protect the tablet. Naomi aids with completing the second trial by releasing Crowley's hold on Bobby Singer 's soul and allowing it to ascend into Heaven despite Crowley's belief that if the Winchesters seal up Hell and all its demons, they will seal up Heaven and all of its angels next.

    Castiel teams up with Metatron to seal off Heaven and end the civil war going on there, but Naomi learns that Metatron intends to expel all angels from Heaven forever as revenge for his own expulsion and tries to convince a disbelieving Castiel of this.