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Curse of the Goebbels Diaries | Hoover Institution

Among his aides was Louis Lochner, one of two American journalists at the time expertly informed about Nazi Germany the other being William L. For more than twenty years, during the rise of the Nazis from obscurity to absolute power in Central Europe, Lochner was chief of the Berlin bureau of the Associated Press. For many years he was president of the Foreign Press Association in Berlin and for six years president of the American Chamber of Commerce there, and his reporting from Germany won him the Pulitzer Prize in In accompanying Hoover to Germany in February , Lochner was to use his native German and familiarity with Berlin to help interpret the scene for Hoover, and also to continue to help separate the wheat from the chaff among the recovered manuscripts, records, and rare books.

Lochner was initially skeptical, mostly because the document—typewritten, and in extra-large typescript at that—hardly fit the traditional description of a diary. But as he began to read, his conviction mounted that the diaries were authentic and of inestimable value. Lochner noticed that there were gaps in the narrative, pages missing, as well as other forms of distraction, as when diary pages bore the imprints of trampling feet.

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The product itself indicated that the diarist was someone special: the author used an especially heavy watermarked paper and large German-Gothic script of a sort rarely found on typewriters. Moreover, there was triple spacing between the lines, and the margins were wide. Lochner is particularly struck by the frankness of the passages having to do with the physical and moral toll exacted by the Allied bombing raids on cities such as Essen, Dortmund, and Berlin.

By the autumn of , Goebbels reveals, Hitler and his inner circle are reluctantly considering the possibility of seeking a peace settlement with either Stalin or Churchill. Was their discovery too good to be true?


It certainly sounded like the man Lochner had come to know personally, in public events and private conversations: the free-and-easy abuse of everybody who disagreed with him, the thuggish language into which he frequently lapsed. There, in midtown Manhattan, Lochner read the —26 diary entries as corroborative evidence.

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A genius. Leave-taking from him. He waves. By , Goebbels had become notorious as the master propagandist for the Third Reich, even after the war began to go badly for Germany. Once Lochner confirmed the authenticity of the diaries, Frank Mason set about trying to sell them for publication.

Ultimately, Mason decided to bring the diaries to the attention of another man who had served on the and Hoover missions: Hugh Gibson, a longtime Hoover associate and career Foreign Service officer, the former U. Gibson arranged a publishing contract at Doubleday, with Lochner hired to translate and edit a selection of about one-seventh of the —43 diary entries and write an introduction for the published volume.

Lochner would remain at his desk with the Goebbels diaries day and night throughout the summer of The Doubleday book had just gone to press at the beginning of October when gossip king Walter Winchell got wind of it. He made several references to it on his broadcasts and in his news column. Posted by:. The letters and numbers you entered did not match the image. Please try again. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. This prevents automated programs from posting comments. Having trouble reading this image?

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At this point, we can only consider what is known so far. This is a technical story, of course. First, is the detected signal really coming from the direction of HD ? At the wavelength of the reported signal, 2. Second is the question of the characteristics of the signal itself.

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The observations were made with a receiver having a bandwidth of 1 GHz. The strength of the signal was 0. Just as a potpie, incorporating lots of ingredients, can make guessing the individual foodstuffs more difficult, a wide-bandwidth receiver can dilute the strength of relatively strong narrow-band signals. Now note that we can work backwards from the strength of the received signal to calculate how powerful an alien transmitter anywhere near HD would have to be.

Secret Origins of the New Russians (Russia’s Alien Nations)

There are two interesting cases:. This will reduce the power requirement, but even if they are using an antenna the size of the foot Arecibo instrument, they would still need to wield more than a trillion watts, which is comparable to the total energy consumption of all humankind. Enter the Allen Telescope Array.