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Guidelines for the Journey

One of the most remarkable and tender experiences recorded in holy scripture is the account of the visit of the Savior to people in the Americas following His death and Resurrection. When the Savior descended from heaven, the people twice fell at His feet. The first time occurred after He pronounced, with divine authority:. Blessed be the name of the Most High God!

Earlier this year I was on assignment visiting a stake in the western United States. It was a normal Sunday, a normal meeting, with normal members of the Church. I watched as people entered the chapel and reverently moved to available seats. Last-second, whispered conversations echoed throughout the hall.

The Blessings of Mortality - A Maui Weekend Workshop Series – Ram Dass

But then, before the meeting began, words inspired of the Spirit came into my mind. These members had not come just to fulfill a duty or listen to speakers. As the meeting progressed, I observed various members in the congregation. They had an almost heavenly expression, an attitude of reverence and peace. Something about them warmed my heart. The experience they were having that Sunday was something quite extraordinary. And I rejoiced and worshipped with them. And as I did so, the Spirit spoke to my heart. And on that day, I learned something about myself, about God, and about the role of true worship in our lives.

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Latter-day Saints are exceptional when it comes to serving in Church callings. But sometimes we may go about our work routinely, as though we are merely performing a job.

Present Day

Sometimes our attendance at meetings and our service in the kingdom may lack the holy element of worship. Far from being an accidental, happy occurrence, worship is essential and central to our spiritual life. It is something we should yearn for, seek out, and strive to experience. When we worship God, we approach Him with reverent love, humility, and adoration. We acknowledge and accept Him as our sovereign King, the Creator of the universe, our beloved and infinitely loving Father.

We lift our hearts in mighty prayer, cherish His word, rejoice in His grace, and commit to follow Him with dedicated loyalty. Worshipping God is such an essential element in the life of a disciple of Jesus Christ that if we fail to receive Him in our hearts, we will seek for Him in vain in our councils, churches, and temples. In the first part of the 19th century, the Christian world had all but abandoned the idea that God still spoke to man. From that day on, a stream of remarkable visions, revelations, and heavenly appearances have bathed the earth, endowing its inhabitants with precious knowledge regarding the nature and purpose of God and His relationship with man.

Every day, but especially on the Sabbath day, we have the extraordinary opportunity to experience the wonder and awe of heaven and offer our praises to God for His blessed goodness and overwhelming mercy. On the blessed day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit entered into the hearts and minds of the disciples of Christ, filling them with light and knowledge.

Until that day they were at times unsure of what they should do. Jerusalem had become a dangerous place for a follower of the Savior, and they must have wondered what would become of them.

Several Exciting things happening on the Clean Water Front!

But when the Holy Spirit filled their hearts, doubt and reluctance vanished. Through the transcendent experience of true worship, the Saints of God received heavenly light, knowledge, and a strengthened testimony. And that led to faith.

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From that moment on, the Apostles and Saints acted with determined direction. With boldness they preached Christ Jesus to all the world. When we worship in spirit, we invite light and truth into our souls, which strengthens our faith. These too are necessary elements of true worship. Share the Blessings Education Program.

The primary objective of our Education Program is Child Education. We keep students in school!

The Blessings of Mortality – A Maui Weekend Workshop Series

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Several Exciting things happening on the Clean Water Front! First we have a new Clean Water Chair - watch this space for information about our new clean water chair! Second we are sure that spending a year in Uganda will give the Carney family an unending treasure.

Well the Carney's gave an unending treasure as well. They the Carney family in Uganda and those here in the States are the first to raise funds and construct a well in their family name with us! So while Jay and family may be on the home stretch of their year in Uganda, they are leaving families in Uganda with a most precious gift - clean water! Finally our new clean water chair came on board and is already helping us to finalize approval for a well - St Jude Wakataama Primary School. We will have more information on that well once the approval is finalized.

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The first attempt of approval had some challenges but appears we are well on our way to approval with the help our new chair! Our Basic Goals Print Email. Education Spotlight Print Email. Providing clean water. Educating students. Building hope.