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By Carola Dunn

Seeing Daisy, he trudged towards her, trundling a handcart across the cobbles. Without another word, he set off. Daisy scurried to catch up. In her usual friendly way she attempted to chat, but not only was he taciturn, when he did speak his Cornish accent was nearly impenetrable. She had the greatest difficulty understanding a single word and soon gave up hope of advance information about the household she was about to encounter.

In any case, before they reached the top of the hill she had no breath to spare for talking. Reluctant to arrive panting, she paused at the top. The gardener plodded on regardless, between a row of huge sycamores and a long, low building of lichened granite. It looked pretty ancient, though in excellent repair. A barn, perhaps, or stables? A faint odour of farm animals hung in the air. The Dowager Lady Dalrymple would not appreciate being forced to walk. Looking ahead again, Daisy saw the house. The three-story crenellated gatehouse with its tiny windows and narrow entrance arch looked fit to withstand a seige.

It begged for a photograph. She hurried to the handcart and abstracted her camera and tripod. The youth looked vacantly up at the blue sky, from which even the slight haze had cleared. Daisy moved back and took several shots. She was getting better at it. Her editor no longer made ominous rumblings about sending a professional photographer with her. Not that the money mattered now she was married, but she had her pride. Folding camera and tripod, she followed the gardener under the arch. The tunnel-like passage was cobbled, narrow enough to be easily defended, with two doors in the right-hand wall.

Daisy wondered whether to knock at one—or both? There was nothing to distinguish one from the other, though, so she went on and emerged into daylight in a courtyard, with more archways and doors to choose from. Boy, barrow, and baggage had vanished. She took the path of least resistance, straight ahead, and banged with the iron knocker on the great double doors.

After a few moments, one door was opened by a tall, lean man, slightly stooped, who blinked at her puzzledly through wire-rimmed glasses. He wore a shabby tweed jacket over a green knitted waistcoat, a grey and pale blue woollen muffler around his neck, and navy blue trousers. Not the butler, then. Daisy stepped over the threshold into a baronial hall some forty feet long by twenty wide.

The whitewashed walls were hung with banners and arms, from pikes and swords to muskets and horse pistols. A long table, black with age, ran down the centre of the room, and chairs with the uncomfortably carved backs of a more stoic age stood along the walls. Stained glass in the leaded windows depicted heraldic emblems and fleurs-de-lis. The roof, its timbers set in decorative patterns, rose high above the stone floor. To her surprise, his sallow face brightened. The contents are quite as wonderful as the house itself, if not more so.

Any good historical fiction recommendations?

Allow me to introduce myself. I shall give you a tour, and then you must ask me any questions you like. Any questions at all! This is an excellent place to start. Yes, yes, I dare say that will be in order. I wonder where Mrs. Pardon would be at this hour? Cathedral of the Sea Spanish novel translated. Medieval setting - Site: Barcelona politics, inquisition, society, building of the cathedral.

Nineteenth Century Europe

International Best Seller. Diana Gabledon's 7 volume adventure beginning with "Outlander". Unfortunately it's usually shelved with "Romance" books, but don't be fooled. This is not one of those trashy "potboilers" although a little too much sex in my opinion it's well done. Starts with a woman in Scotland looking into local witches group who is pulled through standing stones back into the 18th century. What follows is a galloping adventure story through Scotland, France, the british colonies.

Wars, political intrigues, past lives tangled with the present. Lucky you! You don't have to wait for each one to come out. Just go ahead and buy the first You're gonna get hooked. Outlander to me was exactly that: a bosom grasping trashy potboiler. So I guess it's all in what you like. Add me to the list who love Wolf Hall. Checked it out from the library but am now looking for a good used copy from our local resellers. From my experience, anything by Edward Rutherford is an excellent choice. His Princes of Ireland is wonderful. If Princes of Ireland gets your interest shifting to the Emerald Isle, Morgan Llewelyn has written some truly wonderful books about late 19th century and 20th century Ireland.

Try the Brother Cadfael novels. Anything by Jude Morgan , but I particularly like his novels based on literary figures. I just read and reviewed The Secret Life of William Shakespeare , which was, despite the chessy and inappropriate title, really good. I have to agree with post 32, Pillars of the Earth is one of my all time favourites. And post 38, Cathedral by the Sea was also excellent! I like everything I have read from Sir Walter Scott. It is good to make sure there is a glossary along with his novels, but it has always been worth the effort. Right now I am reading Quentin Durwood and enjoying the book.

If you are into historical mysteries I highly recommend two authors CJ Sansom with Dissolution being the book to start with. Also read Peter Tremayne an alias to Peter B. Ellis and his series on Ancient Ireland in his Sister Fidelma Mystery series starting with Absolution by murder which I have yet to read. Both authors are excellent. Dionne Edited: Feb 6, , pm. I've greatly enjoyed the Outlander series and can't wait for 8 to come out.

Any ideas? I'm not a huge Gregory fan, in any case. Not sure I recall him as a character in anything else I've read. Alas, the only thing I know that has even a remote connection to Philippa Gregory is a spork of a movie that has some connection to one of her books, so I think I'll pass Could anyone give me some tips on historical novels set in Canada, especially Quebec - mOntreal? Voyageurs by Margaret Elphinstone is set mainly in in Canada along the U.

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S border. So I can't say anything about quality. I second Edward Rutherfurd. I've read a few of his and they're always very well written. I'll add Charlton Daines to my recommendations. Just started reading Jack Dawkins today and really enjoying it. Rec me please! It is ostensibly a story about a horrendous crime, set within the confined environment of a small and quiet Royal Canadian Air Force base, although given the time of its setting, at the height of the Cold War, it takes on a much wider impression of a world in flux.

I read it last year after some good recommendations. I've not read anything else by MacDonald but I was very impressed. I was entering Junior High then Don't feel like Methuselah yet :. Sorry Lynxear - didn't mean to suggest anyone was Methuselah! But the Cuban Missile Crisis, for example, was modern history right?

I suppose I was suddenly facing my age and did not like it :. I hear the Bride of New France is supposed to be a decent read--it's set in the 17th century.

Sarah Kerrigan

I also hear the already mentioned The Heart Specialist is very good and was nominated for the Giller Prize. I haven't read these, so I can't personally vouch for them. My favourite novel set in Montreal is Lullabies for Little Criminals , but I don't think you'd call it historical fiction set in the 80s?? If you do not like the blood and the gore that usually accompanies Bernard Cornwell Sharpe's character and want to read a book about the English Army that goes beyond its subject then Allan Mallinson Matthew Hervey serie narrates more context sensitive stories and are very well researched.

Less action packed and more interested in the political context behind military interventions, they treat lesser known theaters such as Burma and the Bay of Bengal. I see by the reviews in LT he gets marks for research but loses marks for making his characters "likeable" Do the books have a lot of flashbacks and go back into Napoleonic times a lot? I've only read Galloping at Everything , so a 'novel' version would be great!

Shadows on the Rock is not bad. Not much happens, so you have to read it for the place, time period, and the high quality of Cather's prose. I wasn't impressed. Pretty dull stuff. For a really intricate yet intense read of a more literary nature one should try Porius by John Cowper Powys. It's set in Wales nearly immediately after the Romans lost control of Britain in the 4th or 5th century. It's pretty thick. Someone previously mentioned Sir Walter Scott. His stories are excellent and while not specifically about historical events, such events do play a tangential role in most of them.

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He is excellent at painting a picture of life as it was lived by various strata of society in the time he sets his work. Much of it is set around the various attempts to return the Stuarts to the throne of the United Kingdom. A glossary would be helpful, at least for his novels set in Scotland, after a reading a few you ken muckle more tha' lang syne. Ian Fletcher 's historical fiction or is it a history book? May be you should review it.

I did not know this author. I am also most impressed with Bernard Cornwell's work but it is often with the help of LT that you find different viewpoints of this time period. I don't have the same appreciation for those books than I do for the Sharpe series or the Grail series or Azincourt. You must read them in order to understand the Sharpe series properly as there are flashbacks and his Dick Sharpe character develops as the novel's progress. Read Sharpe's Tiger which is the first of the series I'll bet you finish the book in days at most!

If you like ancient history, check out Robert Harris' Pompeii. The entire novel is set over just two days: the day before Mt. Vesuvius erupted and the day of the disaster. It is told much like a mystery novel. The main character is an engineer sent out by Rome to investigate why the aqueduct at Pompeii has stopped working. While he is conducting his investigation you learn quite a bit about daily life in ancient Roman times. His descripton of what happens during the volcano is fascinating. There's a new star on the historical fiction firmament and his name is Robert Wilton ; check out his two novels Traitor's Field , set during the English Civil War, and Treason's Tide , previously published as The Emperor's Gold , set during the Napoleonic Wars.

Both novels are very well written and utterly engrossing, the characters entirely believable; both use a mix of authentic documents from the period and fiction to transport the reader to a different time. This is intelligent historical fiction at its best. You have no library of books this message of yours is simply blatant advertising of your products and as such is contrary to the rules of LibraryThing.

It is set in 1st century Judea and follows the lives of four important contemporaries of Jesus of Nazareth.

I just finished Child of Vengeance by David Kirk. It was a very good book about samurai Japan. A book with intrigue, violence, cultural components and coming of age. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I have read every one at least a dozen times and it inspired my interest in Republican Rome as distinct from Imperial Rome. Surpassingly brilliant, the only minor annoyance being McCullough's painfully obvious infatuation with Julius Caesar and portraying him as Rome's No.

Transatlantic by Colum McCann is the best novel I've read all year. While a very small part of it takes part in the 21st century, most of it definitely fits the genre of historical fiction. Wonderfully drawn characters and stunning writing. I can't recommend it highly enough--and I'm a pretty tough critic. I just noticed the first two books by Maurice Druon, original French title "Les rois maudits", have been translated again?

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All cudos to you for making this so much easier! Now, if I could only find out what the Entbrat likes You're welcome annatar. This is exactly what I was looking for. Why isn't it in the FAQ? This list needs to be a sticky IMHO. Wow FishyKC , Thanks for putting this list together! I've been wondering about this myself. I'm going to go ahead and sticky this list so it's easy for everyone to find! Havilynn Seahorse 21 Posts. What does "sticky to a list" mean? Your list is incorrect. I bought a "Meldablend" for a Congle and no pink heart and no increase in happiness.

Only cost me coins. I'll be careful and cautious with your list. Doesn't the unity tree make them all happy? I have that on all islands and making good money or does it take all in combination to make better money? DeAnna Clownfish Posts. How cool thank you soo much for taking the time to put this together and sharing it I am just learning the ropes with this game and this will be such a big help.

I'm having trouble with Clamble on Plant island. Are the likes different in our version? Good luck!