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Honegger then wrote a third version of Judith H. Croiza sang the French premiere of this version at Toulouse on 20 January , Honegger conducting. In January she returned to London for two recitals and during the ensuing years returned to England four or five times a year, appearing in recitals and on the radio. In she became a professor at the Paris Conservatory and at about the same time, at the Geneva Conservatory.

Croiza made her first recordings in after she had been singing twenty-two years. The voice in was in fine condition and there was very little change in it by when she made her last recordings. Three of them Columbia D, D and D are probably among the most elusive recordings in the world, vying with many of the fabled acoustical rarities made twenty-five years earlier.

Mélodies et chansons du XXe siècle : pour chant & piano.

D and D appear to exist in single copies now in private collections, while two copies of D are known to survive, one in a private collection, the other in an institutional archive. The U.

Mireille Mathieu - Ma melodie d'amour (Bobby Vinton - My melody of love)

Columbia issue used the first coupling only: [W]LX was never published in America. Some were made in Paris , others in Brussels in at least two different recording sessions and , despite the fact that all were labeled as accompanied by the Antwerp Coecilia Chorus and Nouveaux Concerts Orchestra under Louis de Vocht. Because of this disparity, the recordings from Judith have been transferred here in score order. Esther learns from her relative, Mordecai, that a plot is afoot to assassinate her husband, King Ahasuerus.

Mordecai demands that Esther inform the king of the plot, but she is terrified because, in doing so, she will have to reveal that she is a Jewess. Her prayer to God, not mentioned in the Bible, was the invention of Racine. But, unknown to Athaliah, Jehosheba spirits the child away to safety until he can be king. Nothing is so beautiful as a child who falls asleep saying his prayers, God said. My creation overflows with beauties. Well I tell you this. For generally we are in disagreement.

O night, o my daughter Night, you who know how to be still, o my daughter of the beautiful mantle. A dream should I trouble myself with a dream? Her sense of style, and talent for expression, are legendary.

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What is less known about Croiza is that the first fifteen years of her career were dedicated to opera. This two-CD compilation contains Croiza's complete recordings. Not only do Croiza's recordings provide very beautiful singing and exquisite artistry, they are exceedingly rare historic documents.

Ma mélodie d'amour by Mireille Mathieu, SP with dom88 - Ref

Three records are probably among the most elusive recordings in the world and appear to exist in single copies now in private collections. CD 1 1. A la musique [An die Musik], D. October [W]L D 3. Les berceaux, Op. October [W]L D 4. Clair de lune, Op. October [W]L D 5.

October [W]L D 6. Prison, Op. October [W]L D 7. Romance [Voici que le printemps] Bourget-Debussy ca. October [W]L D 8.

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L'invitation au voyage Baudelaire-Duparc ca. Deux rondels attr. Van Hertbruggen, soprano Invocation; b Act II, no. Fanfare; c Act II, no. Soir, Op. July WM 31 LF63 5. L'amour de moy trad. Tiersot ca. July WM 32 LF61 6. Lamento Gautier-Duparc ca. July WM 33 LF59 7. Jardin d'amour trad. Pictures of You by The Alpacas. The radiant pop songs from this London band pull together elements of country, classic rock, and more. Explore music. Laure's been crafting this stylish dreamy retro-pop sound for a while, but this is arguably her best album to date Jean Lalonde.

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