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Fun Drama Games and Activities

Also a great game for getting to know each other.

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Two students improvise a scene suggested by the audience. After a minute or so, a student from the audience might yell "Freeze! The student from the audience replaces one of the actors, assuming that same pose. That student must now begin a new scene, based on the pose he is in. This game helps a student to explore their physical world and how it relates to acting.

It also stretches their imagination. Question Scene Two students improvise a scene where the all lines must be questions. If someone hesitates or fails to ask a question, another student takes their place. The scene continues. This game forces a student to think on his feet and trust their instincts.

Backwards Scene Two students are selected. The class makes up the last line of an imaginary scene. The students must then improvise a scene backwards. And if you want to make it harder, add more actors. This acting exercise forces an actor to think on her feet and use her imagination. Party Quirks One student plays the host of the party.


Three other students are each given a wierd quirk. For example, "thinks he's Madonna". One by one, the students enter as guests at the party. It's up to the "host" to guess their wierd quirk. The students with the quirks are forced to get their idea across using only their behavior and speech.

Public Solitude The student will play out their morning routine in the studio as if they were alone. Wake up, brush and floss, call a friend, make their bed, etc.

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It should be as close to reality as possible. Have them bring in their posessions and set up their living space. In the interest of time, limit each student to 20 minutes. Public solitude is the artificial sense of privacy. Humans don't behave the same way if other humans are watching. The goal of this acting exercise is to forget the audience exists.

Repetition Two students will stand on opposite sides of the room, facing each other. One makes a simple observation about the other: "You're wearing a blue shirt. They must keep repeating. Don't let them stop and think of something to say, just repeat. Repetition helps a student to "get out of their head. It also trains the student to pay acute attention to their scene partner. Observation Observe a complete stranger for few minutes. Describe his or her behavior. Are they sitting, standing, walking? Who do you think they are? How are they feeling? What are they doing? Reading a book, waiting for someone, having a conversation?

Note: Don't let them notice you. It will ruin the exercise. Acting is behavior. Matt Brewer Feb 26, at pm Reply Wow awesome tips! As a recent theatre graduate I am so exciting to get started with a career in directing! This really helps! Zoe Sep 1, at pm Reply This sight is amazing! Drama is a new subject for me and I think I just stepped on gold with this site!

Drama 10 Improvisation Activities

Thank you for making it so accessible and helpful to planning. Amanda Noronha Sep 4, at am Reply Kindly keep me updated on drama games. I am using quite a few for my 4th grade theater enrichment class. I usually have students per class. I am a teacher who is serving a voluntary in Monastic schools and private shcools in Myanmar.

So, to make my children smart, i definitely need your help. I hope you find our site helpful. Can you recommend to me some games that fit in? Hope this helps! Meagan Mapson Mar 5, at am Reply These are such great games! Do you have any recommendations for a Mystery Theatre themed class? Will have to try these out with my kids sometime! Nice work! Vanessa Byrne Mar 23, at am Reply Hi there,. Your site is so useful. I was wondering if you could help me or point me in the right direction.

I am a drama teacher and am trying to organise our end of year performance. I cannot find a suitable short play mins for my year old group.

Have you any ideas at all!! Rayford May 15, at am Reply If you are going for most excellent contents like me, only go to see this website all the time because it offers quality contents, thanks. Laura Jun 1, at pm Reply Hey there! What a great web page! Thanks for sharing such Great ideas. Lloyd Jul 8, at pm Reply I love your site also. Thank you for your help in advance! This website has been a wonderful tool in helping me find and recollect simple to intermediate theater games.

Do you have any suggestions or tips? To get them to start speaking, Introductions and Applause, or any other simple names games or repetitive games. Hope this helps, best of luck with your first year! I certainly appreciate this site. Stick with it! Maria Dawson Nov 18, at pm Reply Hi,. Your website is really informative. I thought I had seen it all until I came upon your website.

I love your site. It really is helpful. I am about to start teaching a group of 5 — 9 year olds. Which games would you suggest?

Acting Exercises: For High School Students and Beginners

If the class is mostly older, you may find the younger ones able to step up to some more advanced activities. If the class is mostly younger, chances are that will be more difficult. Awesome site. You can start the presentation with some warm-ups and games, even having the kids lead a few of them. Whether your teen is shy and introverted or is always hyperactive and extremely outgoing, drama games will help channel all her energy into a positive action.

We at MomJunction have compiled a list of brilliant improv and drama games for teens.

Blocking Activities or Games

Let your teen pair up with a partner for this fun game. The aim of this drama game is to try and improve the facial expressions. Your teens will have to master the art of convincing and maintaining their expressions, whether they are lying or are being truthful. Here is a fun way to introduce your teen to new friends, or just throw a challenge game amongst friends. It will help build concentration. In this fun acting game, your teen will have to keep his focus on high alert and put his fast thinking skills to use.

Here is a fun improv game that will help your teens concentrate on what others are saying, and come up with a made up answer to that in an instant.