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Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Desarraigo By: Ilka Oliva Corado. Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist. Language: Spanish Ships in 7 to 10 business days. Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. How cute it is to fail. Is not or will not be anymore How cute it is to fail. Life of so much swimming to die on the shore.

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The terrestrial mantra Your pharynx three times hot. With the fear under your eyes And your pulmonary artery The face of the virgin Incest they ask for. Deception of pardon, asphyxiate the dreams Ignore your interior, vapour of solution. Desirable way to live and to die Desire burns you when dying to live. The teachers of the saints Whom dominate violation The time is a cross street In her we lose sense of home.

Innocence does not remember. Posted 02 October - AM These lyrics seem pretty desperate, bitter and woeful to me.

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  • I think it'd be interesting what kind of lyrics Omar writes in english. Posted 02 October - PM Sangrando detras de los ojos is an instrumental, the lyrics for Amanita virosa are there. Posted 03 October - AM what about the last song?

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    Posted 04 October - AM what about the last song? Posted 04 October - PM hmm Pretty good translation overall, but I think "solo un recuerdo" here might mean "just a reminder. Definitely translations of this type are based on interpretation, and especially when you have no contact with the original author.

    Posted 09 October - PM Thanks! Posted 10 October - AM Thanks. Some lyrical nods to the FTM single. If I could understand that, I might uunderstand this!

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    Posted 10 October - PM Monkey in Orbit could probably do a better job, but here's my stab at translation. To Lose the Art of Reason without Lifting a Single Finger A Flowers among the Weeds B Maria Celeste you don't let what makes you unfaithful be seen the illusion and the kidney's molars son born of the same face that your mother hated from her feet mother who hung from her feet daughter of the lonely where will you be?

    Posted 06 November - PM no matter the translation or the spanish version of the lyrics i can not help but say that only one word wanders through my mind every single time i listen to that masterpiece Translating the lyrics into English really loses the power and the meaning. Awesome Spanish writing from Omar. That may be true, but that doesn't mean there is no point in translating them to English; the translation helps people like me learn just enough of the language to be able to listen "in Spanish", and enjoy the work as it was intended.

    Me voy del pais: Sabras afrontar la soledad y lo duro de emigrar?

    I absolutely agree that translating any lyrics to a different language changes the value of them, but I am not a Spanish speaker and I still want to know what the lyrics mean. I obviously don't substitute the translated lyrics for the original Spanish lyrics, I simply compare the translation to the original and continue listening.


    Of course I would rather be a fluent Spanish speaker than reading translations, but I'm not, so yes there is definitely a point in having translations. En el En Colombia se estima que entre y existe un acumulado de 3. De otro lado, se estima que en Colombia, a cada hora son desplazados dos hogares por la violencia. Franco apunta que solo en el fueron desplazadas Estos hechos no les permiten afrontar de forma adecuada la supervivencia en los lugares de reasentamiento, donde se suma el abandono del Estado, la hostilidad por parte de las comunidades receptoras y las precarias condiciones de vida.

    Particularmente el desplazamiento tiene un grave impacto en la salud. Estos espacios "ofrecen la posibilidad de mimetizar la identidad en medio de la diversidad, mayores oportunidades de supervivencia" Por lo tanto, se configura un nuevo orden de relaciones a partir de los procesos de desplazamiento forzado. Linajes mayores del genoma mitocondrial trazan antiguas expansiones humanas. Genetics , O bom, o mau o promissor. Velasco JR. Cali: Facultad de Salud, Universidad del Valle; World migration report Cost and benefits of international migration.

    World Migration Report Series, volume 3. Geneve: IOM. Adelman H. International Migration Review ; 35 1 Norwegian Refugee Council. Internal Displacement: Global Overview of Trends and developments in Geneva: ICMC; Rueda Bedoya R. En: Consultoria para los derechos humanos y el desplazamiento - Codhes.

    Las migraciones forzadas por la violencia: el caso de Colombia

    RUT sobre desplazamiento forzado en Colombia. Teitelbaum M. Inmigration, refugees, and foreign policy. International organization ; 38 3 Bennet J. Revista Migraciones Forzadas ; 1 Desplazamiento forzado en Antioquia Oquist P.

    una especie de desarraigo

    Pasado y presente de la violencia en Colombia. Boot JA. Rural violence in Colombia: The Western Political Quarterly ; 27 4